Gay porn Bored while waiting for his hottest pal to get home from

Gay porn Bored while waiting for his hottest pal to get home from
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__My fondest memory was something that happened when I was younger. My older brother Wil, had built a clubhouse in the back yard. I use to sneak in when he was gone and look around. It took some snooping but I found pictures of naked girls. They all had big tits and sexy bodies, mine had just begun to develop and I envied these girls. Then I got a shock, there was another hidden picture&hellip. of me. Wil must have taken it when I was coming out of the shower all naked. The picture had spots on it, I figured from some water that got on it.

I wondered why Wil had a picture of me? I wasn't sexy yet and It puzzled me. Surely he wasn't aroused by me…or was he?

I decided to find out. I started leaving the bathroom door open when I showered. I purposely felt my little tits and ran my finger thru my slit in case he was watching or taking pictures. I did the same to my bedroom door when I got naked. About two weeks went by doing this when I knew he was home and mom and dad were gone. One afternoon I snuck in the club house and checked the other hidden pictures.

Omg…there I was with many new pictures of me naked&hellip.and the pictures all had spots on them. I wondered then…I had seen porn pictures of guys wanking on girls pictures.

Was Wil cuming on my pictures?…someone was&hellip. as I looked closer and checked the spots. I think it was cum on the pictures. I got a warm tingle thinking about it. Some guy thinking about me until he shot cum on my picture. My ego shot up as I felt 'special' to some guy. My mind was going crazy to find out who it was. I planned an 'interruption' to the club house.

I discovered I could unlatch the inside lock by lifting up on the door. I waited until Wil and his two buddies were all in there doing something and snuck around and listened at the wall. It was easy to hear them. They were looking at the pictures and commenting on them. Soon I think they were wanking by the sounds I heard.

I heard something about 'Jen's pictures' being whispered about. I wondered if they were wanking on my pictures of me naked.

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I got a real sensation in my pussy with just the thought of them doing it. I wished I was in there watching them do it. I heard a few groans and some giggling as they bragged about how much cum they shot. One guy, Phil I think it was, said he sure would like to fuck me and that he liked my small tits.

The other guy, Ben agreed he'd like to fuck me too. My brother didn't say anything. I heard them start moving and hid behind the club house. They all left to go somewhere and when they did, I went in the club house. I found the pictures under a blanket and sure enough, there was fresh cum on the pictures of me.

I got an itch in my pussy looking at it. It felt good to rub my pussy with my finger. I kept doing it as it felt better and more exciting. I put my hand down my panties and my pussy was now wet. I had heard about girls fingering themselves, but I had never tried it. Now I knew what they were talking about. This was giving me a thrill the more I rubbed my clit. I started breathing hard as I started using both hands to 'girl wank' with.

I stared at the cum on my pictures and touched it with my finger. That's when I got a jolt in my pussy. It made my pussy hot and spasm and it felt so good as it was my first orgasm. My imagination went wild with having Phil and Ben standing over me and shooting cum on me instead of my picture. I started thinking about it all the time.

I fingering my self as I imagined they wanked on me. How could I make this happen. I was young and didn't realize how horny two guys get when I started flirting with them. I wore no bra around them, I left my top buttons open in my blouses and wore no panties and bent over in front of them to give them a peek. I waited until Wil went next door to see his girlfriend named Sandra, which meant that Phil and Ben were not to go with him.

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That left us all alone after school. I saw my chance and told them I wanted to talk to them private in the club house. They were all for it and I led them out there and blocked the door shut from the inside. I pulled the old sheet over the window. I was shocked how bold I was with them as I told them about finding the pictures of me.

"I know you guys wank on these pictures." They were all embarrassed at first until I suggested they wank while watching me live and with my tits and pussy showing for them. They were stunned at first then I started unbuttoning my blouse. They ask if they could feel my titties. Of course I said yes.

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I raised my skirt up with no panties and said: "Feel anything you want." They both began to feel me up. It was heaven as I loved it. I soon began to lay on the floor and said: "You can wank to the real thing now." They took out their dicks and began to wank as I began to finger myself. Looking up watching them wank made me so hot I began to orgasm just watching.

It didn't take long and I saw their cum start shooting out and landing on me. I had the best orgasms ever&hellip. Things changed from then on. Every chance we got we all wanked together. Soon they were fingering me and I was wanking them. It was a pure thrill for all of us. Phil was the first to start kissing my pussy and licking it. Ben sucked and licked my tits. I got on my knees and wanked them as I sucked on their dicks. They both shot cum in my mouth which I liked to hear them groan with pleasure.

I liked the feeling of warm cum filling my mouth while the other one licked my pussy to orgasm. This was my introduction to sex play with boys and I liked our mutual 3 some.

They showered me with attention. They kissed me, rubbed my body and told me what a hot girl I was. They ran their fingers thru my hair and sucked my nipples just to hear me moan. Anything I wanted them to do, they would do it. Two tongues licking your pussy is a mind blower.

They gave me the hottest orgasms I could ever imagine. Having two hot guys loving on you at the same time is heaven. I had gone from 'ignore'&hellip. to two sexy hot boyfriends. The next day after school we all could wait no more. They undressed me as the kissed me and felt me up. My whole body tingled as I knew it was going to happen, full sex with both of them. I'll never ever forget that afternoon. We all got naked as Ben lay on the club house blanket. I got on top of him and let his hardon slowly slip inside me.


Phil got on my back and began to ease his dick in my ass. This was all new to me but we adjusted and now I was being fucked in my pussy and my ass. They felt my tits and kissed on me as I moaned like never before.

The feeling of those two warm body on me was taking me to another level I had never even imagined. To see porn vids of people fucking all kinds of ways was hot, but to be actually doing it was out of this world.

I loved hearing them cum hard in me and the hot cum shooting in me. I had my first climax ever as my body shook as I squeezed their bodies with my fingers. We all panted for breath as the high lingered for a long time&hellip. Wil remembers other things going on. "I knew something was going on between Phil, Ben and Jenny. The looks they all gave each other and I bet they were all fooling around.

I hated being Jenny's brother and couldn't join in with them. I was fucking Sandra now but the thought of them played on my mind. They got to fuck my sister and I couldn't. This made me want to have sex with Jenny all the more. " Wil told me later how he envied them.

He thought and planned how we could have sex even with the taboo of fucking your sister. Finally he stopped me in the hallway and put his arms around me.

He had never touched me before. I began to melt as our hands ran over our bodies. I had fantasized about having sex with him but quickly stopped because he was my brother&hellip.but today& pussy wanted him bad. I felt his big hardon against my pussy as we sank to the floor with him on top of me. We rubbed my pussy and his hardon together. He felt my tits so good. We had to stop as mom and dad were in the driveway now. My legs were like jelly and I trembled as we grabbed one last feel of each other.

I went in my bedroom and lay down in a new bliss of what was going to happen soon. I loved my brother because he was my brother, but now I wanted him as a lover. At dinner we avoided looking at each other and tried to ignore each other. Mom asked: "Did you guys have a fight or something?" We instantly became the typical brother and sister. Wil said: "She's being a little shit." &hellip.and I chimed in and said: "His girlfriend has a bad attitude towards me." Mom and dad chuckled at us saying the typical stuff brothers and sisters fight about.

They had no idea how bad we both wanted to have sex with each other&hellip. Wil and I talked about all this months later. "You would think with me getting plenty of pussy from Sandra, and Jenny getting fucked by Phil and Ben we'd be satisfied& doesn't work that way. Call it 'lust' or whatever but we wanted to fuck each other real bad. I tried to ignore our hot little affair in the hall way that day, but no use. Feeling her blossoming body under me was so hot. Her tits grew bigger every day and her body took a real sexy shape.

I even dreamed about fucking her and would wake up with a big hardon." I had the same problems of wanting to feel his hardon in me and us fucking real hot. I didn't help us at all. I would leave the bathroom door wide open when I showered, my bedroom door wide open as I dressed.

All I thought about was him. I felt wonderfully horny and I enjoyed it. The days drug by waiting for a time to be alone with him. One night at dinner mom and dad announce that that weekend they were going to their mountain cabin and Wil was to baby sit me. When I heard that my pussy twitched right in my panties.

Wil complained: "She never minds me." I said: "He won't let me go anywhere." making mom and dad chuckle again. It was a warm Friday night I remember and Phil and Ben didn't come by. I was so horny for some sexual attention too. Wil talked on his cell phone to someone in whispers. Tomorrow was my birthday and I had only one thing I wanted.

I had imagined it, but knowing it would never happen. When it got dark, here came Phil and Ben. They said let's go out to the club house we have a birthday surprise for you. I said: "Wil's home, we can't." They said it's 'ok' come on, we took care of Wil. I figured he went over to Sandra's. It was dark now and no lights in the club house.

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We went inside and it was pitch black in there. They started in feeling me and kissing my tits as they undressed me.

I was super horny in the dark and I felt their hardons. That's when I felt something new. I felt 6 pairs of hands on me.


Oh god…there was another guy in there. Three guys and one girl. I was beginning to like this. I reached out to feel the third guy some and then I knew who it was.

Wil was naked and now so was I. Phil and Ben pushed us together as they all felt me up. My heart was pounding with this wonderful surprise. Phil and Ben whispered: ("Happy Birthday, Jen.") Wil and I locked our arms together and I felt his big hardon go between my legs. Now we were going to fuck and fuck good with feels on me from Phil and Ben. I felt hands all over me, kisses from everywhere.

I was shaking like a leaf as my pussy was soaking wet. I felt Wil get on his knees and kiss his way down to my pussy. I orgasmed twice on his way down. He gently kissed my clit and then got on his back, pulled me down and put my pussy on his face.

He held my hips and moved my pussy back and forth on his tongue making my clit tingle to the point I had to moan loud. I felt Phil put his dick in my ass as Ben's dick slipped in my mouth.

I had tingles on top of my tingles. The orgasms just kept coming as the cum started to flow in my mouth and in my ass. I held Wil's head as I had the climax from heaven.

I slid back and put Wil's big dick in me. We went wild fucking and banging our bodies together. I had never fucked to hard and fast to get the high I wanted with Wil.

I got so hyper I yelled out in ecstasy as I felt Wil's cum shoot and shoot in me. He held me tight and groaned like I'd never heard before. I started to blackout when he kissed me for the first time. Our tongues went crazy and we just kept fucking. We moaned in each others mouth and he pushed his dick deep in me for a last big shot of cum.

I went weak and tried to keep fucking as I finally did black out from the euphoria of it all…… I'll never forget that night&hellip.ever. I remember when we heard mom and dad drive up. Wil and I were on the sofa as I was feeling his dick and he was feeling my tits. We quick sat up and when they came in, mom asked: "How did it go Wil?" Wil said: "No problem mom, I locked Jen in the club house to keep her out of trouble." I said: " He did!, and he was mean to me mom!" Dad chuckled and shook his head.

Mom looked at Wil and said: "Oh you did not. Now you be nice to your sister Wil." Wil said: "Oh…I was 'real' nice to her mom&hellip." ---------- That was 2 years ago, and it my birthday again. Now my tits are big, my dad keeps checking out my ass and taking pictures of me in my night clothes when mom isn't looking. I told dad to take mom to "Miss Loves Honeymoon Motel" for the night.

He set it up and mom was all excited. I was ready for my only gift, a 'Jen Delight' It's: 1 Ben, 1 Phil and 1 Wil. Now we can use mom and dads bed and play all night. I get to be a 'sex goddess' for the night. They all gave me a nice shower and must have washed my big tits 10 times. Into the big bed we all went. I closed my eyes as I felt all those hands, lips, and tongues all over me. They all knew how to get me twitching hot and moaning for them.

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They sandwiched me and fucked between my titties. I had three dicks to suck as I got my pussy licked to orgasm over and over again. I had a dick in my ass, my pussy as I sucked on one. I love it when guys moan and groan as they cum. I had cum on me everywhere and I liked it that way. None of us got any sleep as we played suck and fuck all night&hellip.(Wil was the best, but I never told Phil and Ben that.) I was euphorically on cloud 9,999 but a girl only has a birthday once a year&hellip.well maybe a little more than that&hellip.not counting the club house after school, or in the garage, or in the back seat of dad's old car.

I know&hellip. I'm spoiled, but nobody knows what we do, and I know YOU won't tell……… Jenny