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Nasty cfnm tramps take over dick
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As always ladies and gentlemen, leave a comment below and let me know what you thought, good or bad. I'm hoping to make a mini-series of this so any ideas and words from you guys would be much appreciated! My alarm woke me at around four, and as 'Sweet Emotion' by played out of my phone I had that feeling in my stomach you get whenever your nerves tell you that you're afraid.

I don't know why I was afraid, I guess it was what my mother called the Chapman curse, every time someone in the family started a new job the first day of that new job would be a disaster. It happened every time. She told me about it when I was young but I didn't listen, I mean who would? You get told that every time you start a job, day one would end in tears.

I didn't even remember it until I had completed the first day of my very first job. I was seventeen and just beginning college, so I had picked up a part time job that would keep me busy at weekends. It was at a trade counter, which is basically a store that has a warehouse attached. I began and right off the bat I was to be trained on the customer service desk, and one by one everyone who walked into that fucking place had a problem with something they bought, or they had bought the wrong item and wanted you to sort them out with the right thing.

Weekends were crazy hectic with the D.I.Y guys, guys who had a job to do at home and didn't want to pay for an expert to do it for them. I spent most of the day running back and fourth collecting shit from the shelves to then be told that it was the wrong thing.

One guy went as far as to insult me and walk out. On top of that I screwed up an order and caused the manager to come in on his day off and berate my supervisor for trust in me. Once he went back home my supervisor then dragged me into the office and berated me for not asking for help. Never mind that there was no-one to ask, it was a fricking Sunday and staff was at a minimum. That night I cried and my mother told me about the curse again, and the strange thing was that the following weekend was smooth sailing.

I did everything right and even got praise as my shift ended. Two years later, I start a new job at a new trade counter who had head hunted me when their manager came into our store, and by the end of my first day working for him he was asking me why he even hired me. But after day two things got better. It was like that whenever and wherever I started. Now I just kind of expected it, and I guess that's why I woke up this morning with that dread inside my gut.

I lifted myself out of bed and climbed into the shower, at twenty seven I was about to start my first day at a community centre as a teacher to college drop outs.

''Nicole,'' my mother told me the night before, ''The Chapman Curse is a one day thing. But I think that given the job you're starting this time, any one would have a bad day.'' she was right, of course. These guys were bad eggs, they either dropped out of college or were kicked out. And I was about to walk into a room of them and try and teach them things. I had met a couple of them when I went for the interview, I had met Dean, Chad and a girl named Carly.

Carly had seemed okay, though she was about three months pregnant and supporting hoop-earrings that I could probably put around my waist and hula. Dean and Chad seemed like the typical young guys of today, trousers tucked into their socks for no apparent reason, hoods covering their head for fear of it raining whilst indoors and of course, the bad attitude of thinking your a black man from Jamaica trapped in a skinny white boy's body.

Oh yeah, this was going to be a great day. After my shower I allowed my self to dry naturally on my bed, I led naked watching the twenty four hour news channel and sucked on a smoothie through a straw. I hadn't bothered washing my hair as I did it last night, it just sat in a messy black and purple bun on top of my head. I'd always liked my hair, especially for it's thickness. But I'd also always liked purple, so combining the two just seemed logical.

When I had dried I shuffled over to my wardrobe in nothing but my slippers, I had put zero thought into what I was going to wear and usually just judged my attire on the weather outside. The sun was breaking through and the clouds were clearing, it looked like it was going to be an okay day so I picked out one of my seven new dresses and tossed it onto the bed.

I pulled out a thong and bra from the drawer and managed to pick a matching pair. Purple and black lace, my favourite. I looked at the dress and had to decide on whether to wear stockings or tights, and figuring the Chapman Curse would probably make sure they ripped either way, I went with tights.

The dress I had chosen was zipped at the back and pretty conservative, it was a dark blue colour and while it had a neck line, it wasn't a deep one. I let my hair loose and retied it into a loose bun at the back. I stared myself up and down in the full length mirror and decided I was ready, even going so far as to toss a quick change of clothes into my bag in case the curse struck my outfit. Prepared and ready, I thought. I arrived at the centre a little before eight thirty and met the head of education in the reception area, ''Miss Chapman, welcome.'' he said.

He was a tall man with short dark hair that was combed to the side. ''Mister Walters, good to see you again.'' I greeted. ''Well class begins in fifteen, you know where you're going. It's not a huge turn out today from what I understand, it never usually is on Mondays. You'll get to know the daily ratio after a week or two. You can almost predict who will be in on what day, today I would guess at Carly, Freddie, Dean and Kenny.'' He told me with a smile.

''Okay, so I made notes and such on the various topics that you said they were going through at the moment. What do I go with today?'' I asked him. ''Well it's Monday, so they kind of need a reason to stick around. So this afternoon I would go with their favourite subject, sex education.

And for this morning, maybe social studies.'' ''Okay cool,'' I replied. ''And breaks or lunch?'' I asked. ''They'll have a cigarette break at nine thirty, and then lunch at eleven till twelve. Then break again at one for a two o'clock finish.

Sadly you remain here till three to prepare for the next day.'' I smiled and nodded my head, ''That sounds fine with me.'' it was pretty much a four hour work day, I pretty damn pleased about that. And the social studies is basically going over what was going on in the world today, so that was a breeze. Sex education I was told was more of a Q and A most of the time, but with the type of young adults these were, you could imagine the questions could get a little lurid.

At least, those were his words when I had the Interview. I walked down the corridor towards the class room after climbing two sets of stairs. Because of course, the elevator was out of order. Once I got outside the room I heard voices coming from behind the door. I was surprised to know that they were at least on time, I could hear the female voice and recognised it as Carly's.

I remembered her being fairly attractive, she had these big dark blue eyes and must've been around a size ten. I asked her how her pregnancy was going when I first met her, and she told me that it was going to be her second child. The conversation I had with her was brief, as she was being picked up by her partner, he wasn't a bad looking bloke but not what I would consider to be my type.

He looked like he was on steroids, but had these weird geeky glasses on that just looked out of place on him. Not to mention his name was Paul, and I'd always hated that name. I lightly pushed open the class room door and immediately stopped, I recognised Chad straight away and saw that he was sat at an angle staring out of the window.

Carly was on her knee's in front of him pulling his penis out of her mouth and using it to slap herself on the cheek. I watched horrified as she ran her tongue up and down his member, before jerking him off whilst taking one of his balls into her mouth.

She kept her eyes on his as she sucked and slurped on his cock.

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He put a hand on her head and brought her down on him, his entire cock disappeared into her mouth as he held her there, lightly thrusting his pelvis forward.

''Fuck yeah I'm guna shoot.'' I heard him say. She pulled her head off of him and I could see her eyes had welled up a little, she kept her eyes locked on him as she jerked the shaft. He quickly took over and got to his feet, she tipped her head back and opened her mouth, her tongue rolled out and almost reached the bottom of her chin.

Before I could blink I saw a stream of semen land on her face, some of it went into her hair and some into her mouth. Another stream hit and she raised her head up a little to catch as much as she could in her mouth. He rammed his cock into her open mouth and furiously squeezed out the remaining drops, he had a handful of her light brown hair held firmly in his fist as she swallowed all she could.

I watched open mouthed as he slumped back into his chair, she got to her feet and pulled her hand-bag onto the table, she took out a face wipe and cleaned her face as she took the seat next to him smiling. ''You're fucking ace.'' he told her as she continued to smile.

A moment later I walked into the class room with a simple ''Hello,'' both of them quickly turned their attention to me and changed their postures. ''Hello again.'' Carly said with a grin. I returned the smile as Chad looked me up and down, ''You got the job then?'' she asked, ''Indeed, is it just you two today?'' I asked as the door opened.

In walked a guy I hadn't met before, he too looked me up and down and went and took a seat next to Carly, putting her between himself and Chad. ''I'm Miss Chapman, your new teacher. And you're.'' I trailed off waiting for him to complete the sentence, but all he said was ''Tired.'' Chad laughed a little, ''This is Kenny, Carly's bit on the side.'' Chad told me.

Carly looked shock as Kenny looked around at him annoyed. I smiled, ''So I guess we're waiting for Freddie, right?'' I asked.

''He's usually here by now.'' Carly said. ''Well it's okay, we can carry on.

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So what have you guys been doing in social studies?'' I asked. They all kind of just shrugged with vacant expressions on their faces, I sat on the edge of the desk and folded my arms. ''Well, did anyone see those music awards the other night?'' I asked, Carly began nodding, ''Yeah I did, Madonna fell off the stage.'' she said with a laugh. ''You're right, she did. It was the highlight of the night.'' I replied. ''Did you see anything?'' Chad asked.

''Anything what?'' I asked, Kenny shook his head, ''Nah man, besides, what would you wanna see anything of hers for? She's a granny mate.'' he said, I then figured that Chad was hoping for a flash of vagina or something. ''Dude man, did you see her tits in the paper a while back?

Well pink nipples.'' Chad told him. Kenny shook his head again, ''Nah man they're blatantly fake. I'll stick with pictures of Carly's tits mate.'' he said reaching across and cupping one of her breasts. She shrugged him off while laughing as I continued to be amazed by the half-witted actions before me. I brought up the conversation that while she was pulled off the stage it wasn't the guys fault, but he would still be punished for it.

And that it echoes society today, where the upper class will continue to treat the lower class like crap. They commented from time to time, I found it almost impossible to engage them for any extended period of time.

Kenny would exchange jokes with Chad and Carly would sit there looking pretty, ''I like your dress.'' she said. ''Thank you Carly,'' I replied, and before I could switch the subject back to the topic at hand Chad added to Carly's compliment; ''I bet you look banging underneath it Miss.'' Kenny looked up at me with a slight smile on his face, in fact they all watched me to see what I would do or say.

Truth is I do look pretty damn good underneath it, I thought to myself. When I had been younger I was a size six, but had worked up to a more healthy size eight. My breasts had always been in the B-cup range but a few years ago I had decided to get an adjustment. They were now a decent 32D, and I was more confident with myself.

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I used to think that I couldn't be thin and have large breasts, but of course I was wrong, but I didn't realise that until I had mine enlarged. But I was happy.

I hadn't had a problem getting a partner or attracting males, but for the last year or so I kept myself focussed on my career. Sure there were times when I was as horny as a bitch in heat, but a good porno later and I was fine. I had decided that I was going to fight off the Chapman Curse as hard as I could, and instead of getting embarrassed, I replied. ''Thank you Chad, I think that would be a safe bet.'' I told him.

''Ooooh.'' Kenny said as Chad grinned at me, I couldn't help by deliver a slight smile from the side of my mouth in return. They returned from their cigarette breaks and took their seats, there was still no sign of Freddie and I was starting to think that it was going to be just the three of them.

Which I thought I could handle, the morning was going well and there was no sign of that fucking curse. ''Miss, can we do an extended Sex Education today? I think Carly needs to be reminded about condoms.'' Kenny joked, Carly looked shocked but started grinning, ''No I don't, they keep breaking!'' she exclaimed. ''Well luckily your fella is a dumb-ass,'' Chad said, ''How the fuck he believe you when you say your black kid is his.'' ''He's not black, he's half cast, and like I told him, I got black in my family.'' she said.

He then nodded as put his cigarette tin into his pocket, ''Yeah, and not not mention the black in your mouth, ass and pussy.'' Kenny started laughing as I watched on in shocked silence. She lightly thumped him on the arm as he giggled to himself while playing on his phone. ''Hey miss, look at this.'' he said getting to his feet, he walked over to the desk and I leaned in to look at his phone.

It was a picture of Carly with something all over her face, ''Oh.'' I said out loud when I realised what it was, she looked like she was laughing in the picture. He ran his thumb across the screen and the picture slide away, in it's place was a new one, of his penis. ''Oh sorry miss, that's just my cock.'' he said as he placed a hand on my backside.

I quickly brushed his hand away as he turned and walked back to his seat, Kenny was laughing and had his hand raised for a high five. ''What did you show her?'' Carly asked, he showed her the picture of her face covered in semen and her jaw dropped.

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I felt intimidated for a moment, he casually just put his hand on my ass and as casual as you like he just walked away. He sat back down next to Carly and continued looking through his phone, ''Carly so hows the bump now?'' Kenny asked. Carly lifter her sweater up and revealed her bump, she went a little too high I caught a flash of her bra, as did Kenny who swiftly took her rolled up sweater and raised it higher, exposing her full cup.

''Kenny!'' she exclaimed, she didn't fight it though and didn't put up much of a struggle to pull her top back down. ''Okay I think we've seen the bump.'' I said. Kenny glanced at me, ''Nah miss, not that bump this one.'' he said as he pulled her bra down releasing her breast. He burst out laughing and Chad joined him, ''Do I need to get mister Walters?'' I asked loudly. Chad looked at me still smiling, ''You do that and he'll know you can't cope with three of us.

What's he guna think when there's six of us?'' he was right.


I needed to get control, otherwise I wouldn't make the week. This was the highest paying job I'd had at this point, and if I couldn't stick it out it would be hard to find another job like it. 'Knock knock,' I thought to myself, 'Who's there? It's the Chapman Curse!' Carly had regained a little control of Kenny and had managed to put her boob away, she did however take off her sweater.

Luckily she was wearing a top on underneath though. ''That's it, now take the rest off.'' Kenny told her. ''So, you guys want to move to Sex-Ed, where were you on that exactly?'' I asked. Chad put his phone back into his pocket and smiled, ''Well, we was wondering what the nastiest thing you've ever done during sex.'' he said.

I sat on the edge of my desk folding my arms and shaking my head in disbelief. I looked up at the clock and saw that they had half an hour before lunch. That's how much time I had to kill.

''Come on miss, what's the dirtiest thing you done?'' Kenny now asked. I thought for a quick moment and wondered whether I should make something up, but I didn't want it used against me so I decided to stick to the truth, ''I once,'' I started, ''slept with my ex-boyfriends mother.'' Chad's eyes almost popped as he laughed, ''Holy fuck, serious?

How?'' he asked. ''We went on a girlie night out, both got very drunk and we started in the taxi on the way home.'' I said. ''And then?'' Kenny asked as he ran a hand up and down Carly's thigh.

I puffed out a sigh and remembered what I could, ''We started kissing and the taxi guy ended up pulling over to try and watch. He said he'd give us a free ride if we carried on. We told him to fuck off, and when we got in doors we both just stripped off and that was it.'' ''Did your boyfriend ever find out?'' Carly asked.

''Yeah, the next morning he found us both naked on the sofa.'' I told her. She started laughing, ''That was the and of that relationship.'' I concluded. ''But she still texts me from time to time.'' I said smiling. ''I bet she does,'' said Chad, ''I got a hard one now.'' he said, I rolled my eyes in disbelief. He then took Carly's hand and placed it on his crotch.

She looked at him and smiled as Kenny continued to run his hand up and down her thigh.

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Chad then turned and looked at me again, ''A tenner.'' he said to me. ''What?'' I asked, ''You said that it was a safe bet that you had a banging body under that dress. Well I'll bet you a tenner right now that you ain't.'' he said with a cheeky grin. ''You're joking.'' I stated.


''Nah I'm serious miss, I bet that Carly got a better body than you.'' he said. He was trying to bait and trap me, ''I'd probably agree with you.''' I told him. He nodded his head slowly and looked at Carly, who was smiling a dopey smile while Kenny turned in towards her. ''Lets compare asses first.'' he said. ''Yeah, alright then,'' Chad agreed. ''Carly babe stand up.'' he said. She looked a little surprised but I was willing to bet that she would do pretty much anything she was told to.

And then she indeed stood up from her chair, ''Right, now what?'' she asked. ''Turn around,'' he told her, when she did he reached up and pulled at the waist band of her jogging bottoms, revealing her rear end. She was wearing a pink pair of female boxers, he wide ass compared poorly to mine but I wasn't anywhere near close to saying that.

''So are you going to turn around miss?'' Kenny asked, ''No.'' I replied. Chad then began sliding her underwear down, revealing her ass cheeks. ''Now that's an ass,'' he said as it came into full view. Kenny reached across and gave it a squeeze. Chad got to his feet and moved around in front of Carly, his hands slid across her waist and grabbed each of her cheeks.

''The winner, of the best ass.'' he stated as he gave it a little smack. He began kissing her on the neck as he cupped her ass, his eyes were locked onto mine as Kenny watched for a moment.


Chad then stopped and came around to where I was stood, I kept my eyes locked onto his and made sure that he knew if he touched me there would be trouble. But he didn't care, he came and stood right beside me. ''You're turn miss.'' he told me, in the corner of my eye I could see Kenny kissing Carly on the ass, this was some next level curse.

Chad grabbed my arm and I tried pulling it away, but he was stronger than I thought and twisted me around. His free hand grabbed my ass as I struggled. ''I swear to go, you better let me go.'' I told him. ''Or what, you'll quit?'' he replied.

''Yeah and call the police.'' I told him. I heard him laugh a little, ''For what? Grabbing your ass? I got two witnesses right there that says you was asking for it.'' he told me. He pushed me forward and I fell over the desk, my ass was pressed up against him and all I could feel was his bulge against me. I looked over at Carly and Kenny, her shoes were now buried somewhere under her pants and she had her mouthful of Kenny's cock.

Chad's hand ran up my leg and went underneath my dress, his wrist carried the hem upwards and my ass was now out from underneath. ''Fuck yeah yours is pretty boom too.'' he said. He released his grip on my arm and ripped a hole in my tights, before I could move he plunged two of his fingers through the hole and cupped my vagina. ''Oh my fucking god mind, your well wet.'' he exclaimed. No, no fucking way I told myself.

What the fuck was happening? He jiggled his hand around against my mound and my clitoris began to ache, as well as make a sobbing mess of my thong. ''Hows it going over there?'' I heard Kenny call, ''She's fucking gagging for it mate.'' Chad called back.

I turned my head and saw Kenny pulling Carly's top over her head, he stood her up and began fumbling at her bra. It soon came loose and fell to the floor, her breasts hung in his face like two water balloons, he quickly took one in his mouth while rubbing her hard between her legs. A moment later and Chad had pushed his two fingers straight into me, I gasped for air as he rammed them in and out of me. I could hear the noise it was making and I wished that I felt more disgusted with myself.

''Shaved to fucking perfection.'' Chad said as he pulled his fingers out. He buried his face in between my ass cheeks and began licking me like a dog dying of thirst.

I grabbed fistfuls of paper work and grunted as his tongue lashed at me. He got to his feet and grabbed the zipper of my dress, pulling it down and then pulling me off the desk. He forced me down to my knees and pulled my arms free, leaving the dress bunched up around my waist.

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''Look at them fucking titties.'' he said, ''Shit man,'' Kenny said as he looked over at me. Kenny had Carly bent over the table, he was fucking her pretty hard from behind, and I watched her breasts sway back and fourth while the look of bliss sat on her face. Her breasts made it hard to see her baby bump, but I knew it was there. Chad had freed his cock and all seven inches of it floated there in front of my face, he grabbed it and shook it around in front of me waiting for me to open my mouth.

I looked up at him, defiantly, but he just smiled and pushed himself forward. His helmet broke my lips apart and the next thing I knew it was being thrust in and out of my mouth.

Like he did to Carly, he grabbed a handful of my hair and held my head still while he fucked my face. I was starting to gag when he pushed it in further, whenever he would pull it out of my mouth a trail of saliva and spit would follow it before dropping down onto my chest. I felt his balls tickle my chin as his cock smashed against the back of my throat, I don't know how I didn't throw up.

Whenever my eyes were clear of watery tears I would see Carly being fucked on the table, her breasts bouncing all over the damn place as she moaned and begged for more. Chad slapped me across the face with his cock as he pulled me to my feet, ''You like watching her get fucked?'' he asked.

It wasn't so much a question, it was more of an affirmation. He held me by the back of my head as he pulled my breasts out of the bra, he slapped one of my nipples and I thought I was going to punch him right in the fucking face, until I realised how good it felt. Both nipples were erect as he ripped the bra off my body and then continued to slap the other one. He pulled me over to Carly who was led on her back with her legs closed and leaning to one side as Kenny plugged her over and over.

Her head hung off the table and Chad rammed his cock into her open mouth, he grabbed one of her tits and rocked himself back and fourth as she slurped at his length. He pushed my head down and I took her nipple into my mouth as he pulled my dress down to the bottom of my legs. Kenny opened Carly's legs now and continued to plough in and out of her, Chad moved me over her, making sure her head was underneath my pussy.

''Carly lick her fucking cunt.'' Chad demanded, she quickly obliged as I looked into Kenny's eyes and felt her soft tongue move over my clitoris. Chad cupped one of my breasts from behind as Carly lightly licked the tip of my soaking vagina. I began to feel as though I was about to cum, and wham, Chad pushes his way inside of me. ''Oh god, oh fuck.'' I cried out, he went in as deep as he could as quickly as he could and Carly continued to flick me with her tongue.

''I'm guna fucking cum.'' I moaned out load. I didn't think Chad could fuck me any harder, but the moment I said I was about to cum he picked up a furious pace and fucked me harder than I've ever been fucked before. My face was pressed against Carly's bump and all I could see was the base of Kenny's cock appear and disappear into her throbbing pussy. And then it popped, my orgasm hit me like a sensational wave of euphoria.

I was blind for a moment, my eyes must've either closed or rolled to the back of my head. I cried out as Chad thrust into me and held it there, Carly's tongue picked up pace and extended the feeling. My legs felt as though they were going to give out as Kenny then pulled himself out from Carly and sprayed me in the face with his cum. I didn't have time to react as Chad pulled me off of her and forced me to my knees, my head was next to hers as he tilted my head back, before I knew what I was doing I was staring with a wide open mouth along with Carly as Chad fired streams of cum over the pair of our faces.

He got my directly in the mouth and on instincts I swallowed it, just as she did. I dropped to the floor as Chad dropped into a near by chair, I heard Kenny do the same as Carly remained spread eagled on the table. ''Fucking hell.'' Chad gasped.

I could hardly move, my orgasm had taken away the use of my legs and the severe fucking I just received had taken the rest of my mobility away too. I looked up at Carly, who was in a whole other world right now. One of her eyes was filled with cum, and I silently thanked god for that not happening to me. ''How many times Car?'' Kenny asked, I saw her try and blink away the semen before answering ''Three.'' ''Three what?'' I mumbled.

''She came three times.'' Chad told me. ''Fuck,'' I mumbled, she smiled, ''Yeah.'' was her response. ''Well, I guess we'll have a quick bit of lunch and see you this afternoon miss.'' Chad said getting to his feet. I felt filthy, even more than I looked. Some part of me began crying, but the rest of me was starting to look forward to the upcoming week. And to think, day one isn't even over yet.