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Cute czech kittens spread their arses with buttplug and oversized dongs
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They waited until their Father was passed out on the couch and then each proceeded to pack a dufflebag full of stuff. Clothes, toothbrushes, other personal stuff, and anything with a lot of sentimental value. Which for Tavia were her photo album and a thin gold necklace with two pendants on it, one peridot and one ruby; her and her Mother's birthstones. Brad crept into Tavia's room just as she was finishing packing her stuff.


She turned around to see that he already had his jacket and shoes on, and had her shoes and jacket in hand. "Thanks" she whispered as she put them on to finish getting ready to go. She wrapped her arms tightly around him, surrounding his toned body with her loving embrace. He set his bag down so that he could hold her as well, and she laid her head on his chest and stayed that way for several seconds before looking up into his dreamy eyes and stretching up to plant a soft kiss on his full, pale pink lips.

The pair tip toed through the house, looking around nervously for any sign of Keegan or their Father. The silence portrayed that everyone must be in bed, and they snuck out the front door. The second the door closed they grabbed each other's hands and took off running. They ran for several blocks before they were both short on air, and they slowed their pace to a brisk walk. "How will we get there?" she asked him, not an ounce of fear or worry in her voice.

She had Brad, and he had an aura that made her feel so safe and protected. "Well, I've entered it into Google maps on my phone, and according to that it's only a twelve hour drive from Calgary to Vancouver. So we'll follow the Trans Canada Highway, and try to find someone to hitch a ride with". A small wave of worry washed over her face, but Brad squeezed her hand and smiled at her.

"Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you", and his smile lit up the sidewalk even through the 1:00AM darkness. They walked in complete silence for about half an hour before making it to the highway, simply enjoying the cool breeze, each other's company, and the desired feelings of relief and freedom. Finally Tavia decided it was time to break the silence, "How much money do you have?" she inquired.

"I don't have any cash, but I have about $400 on my debit, and about the same available on my credit card.what about you?". Tavia didn't have a job, and she was embarrassed to admit how little she could contribute.

"$60" she said sheepishly. "That's good, I don't want us to have too much cash on us. It's not safe" he warned her, and she nodded in agreement. They continued up highway 1 for a good couple hours, no one stopping to pick them up. "Maybe we'll have to walk the whole way" Tavia said in a fretsome tone.

"No we won't" Brad assured her. "Someone will stop for us. And hopefully they don't give us any trouble". Almost as if he had seen it in a premonition, the next large truck that came along came to a screeching hault on the roadside just ahead of them. They both ran to the huge truck, and the door opened.


The man inside looked like what you'd expect a typical truck driver to look like; he had a trucker cap on, a plaid shirt, rough looking jeans, a generous amount of stubble, and a very convex belly. "Eh, where y'all heading?" he called down to them. "We're headed to Vancouver, what about you?" Brad yelled back. "I'm only going as far as Chilliwack, but I'll take ya that far, if ya'd like". "Sure, thanks!" Brad replied. That wasn't far from Van, they could probably walk from Chilliwack if they had to.

Brad helped his sister into the high truck, pushing her up by her cute bottom, and then hopped in right behind her. The truck driver was bluntly staring at her tits for several seconds before changing his glance to Brad. "I'm Frank" he said, smiling wide and showing his teeth, yellowed from years of smoking. "I'm Brad, and this is my sister, Tavia" her brother introduced them. "Nice to meet y'all" he replied warmly. "But I've got a deadline for this delivery, so let's hit the road". Frank asked them why two young people are hitch hiking in the middle of the night like this, but he didn't seem remotely surprised when they said they wanted to get away from their Father.

"Yeah, I know how that goes" he sighed, eyes glued to the rolling highway. "My old man wasn't exactly Father of the year himself".


The three of them made various small talk about how long Frank had been driving semi trucks, what Brad and Tavia planned to do once they hit Vancouver, how many family members they all had. Just general basic information about each other. It was three hours before Frank finally pulled into a truck stop to get gas and use the can.

"If you have to go, I recommend ya do it now" he said with a smile. Brad helped his sister out of the truck and they followed Frank inside the small building. It looked like a diner, and it was filled with big, scruffy, rough looking men who were all downing heaping plates of food. All of their eyes seemed affixed on Tavia as she walked smoothly up to the counter and asked the middle-aged waitress for two cokes.

"I'm just gonna go to the bathroom, I'll be right back" Brad said, and she nodded in response. She sat at a stool at the counter, noticing a dark haired trucker a couple seats down staring at her. His eyes had a stern look to them, yet his presence didn't seem menacing or threatening. He pointed to her eye, and Tavia stared at him blank and confused. "That's Joe" the waitress explained as she brewed another pot of coffee.

"He's a mute, but he can hear you. I think he wants to know what happened to your eye". " eye." she stammered; she had completely forgotten about how black and bruised her eye was made at the hands of her Father. " into a bit of a scrap" she explained, which wasn't exactly a lie. Joe stared right into her eyes, seeming to examine the deepest parts of her thoughts and soul.

She smiled at him warmly, and she was surprised to see the corners of his mouth follow suit. She took a sip of her coke when an arm wrapped around her tightly.

Her brother had his beautiful smile glowing right at her, and she pulled his face in and planted a kiss on his cheek. Frank sat down on the stool beside her and waved the waitress over to order himself a coffee and some grub.

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"I need to use the washroom, I'll be back in a couple minutes" Tavia told the two of them, and she hopped cheerfully off the stool and across the small diner to the restrooms. The bathroom wasn't the cleanest she had ever seen, but nothing could dampen her spirits now that she had escaped living with her Father. Or so she thought. She heard heavy footsteps behind her, footsteps that didn't sound like they belonged to a woman, and her heart started to race in her chest. She turned around to see a chubby, greasy man with glasses who had pedofile written all over him.

He just looked like the creepy kind of person who you wouldn't want to leave your kids with, or find walking behind you in an alley in the middle of the night. "This is the lady's washroom" she said bravely, trying to hide any fear in her voice.

"What brings a sweet little thing like you to a place with so many rough and lonely men?" he asked with a smirk, his voice sounding every bit as creepy as she had imagined it would. Without pausing for another second, Tavia turned around and darted into one of the stalls and locked it. The man banged on the door, his huge fist angrily shaking the whole stall.

"Get away from me!" Tavia screamed, standing up on the toilet to get as far away from the door as possible. But the man was clever, and he went into the stall beside her and did the same thing.

He was much taller than herself, and from standing on the toilet he could reach right over the top of the stall and grab Tavia by her lean, powerless arm. She shrieked, but suddenly she heard the swinging of a door. She heard someone come stomping in, and she heard the creep in the adjacent stall taking a few shots to the face.

"You can come out hun, he's not gonna be hurting you" a familiar voice assured her. She burst out of the stall and right into Frank's arms, crying and shaking.

He gave her a warm hug, his giant arms wrapping around her tiny frame like a big grizzly bear. The creepy guy was doubled over on the floor, spitting out small puddles of blood.

Frank escorted Tavia back out to her brother at the counter, and Brad flew off his stool and rushed over to give her the biggest hug he had yet.

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"Are you okay?" he asked, and his beautiful sister nodded and rested her head on his chest. "You've got some trash that needs to be taken out of the lady's washroom" Frank told the waitress, and she nodded. She went back into the kitchen, and re-emerged with a colossal man who was obviously the cook.

Tavia didn't wanna see the bathroom weirdo again, even if he was being brutally escorted out, so her, Brad, and Frank thanked the waitress and left in a hurry, all piling into the huge truck and once again hitting the road.

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Tavia was feeling pretty exhausted from all of the travel and excitement, and she laid her head on Brad's shoulder and drifted into a restful sleep with the sweetest dreams. She saw her and Brad in a huge house, a house they had bought together, and she was standing out on a balcony attached to their impressive master bedroom.

She listened to seagulls talk to each over the gently crashing ocean waves, her nostrils flooded by the smell of the humid, salty air. A warm breeze blew gracefully, dancing with the locks of her silky black hair. She was completely naked except for a thin satin housecoat that caressed her soft skin and loosely hugged her curvy figure.

Her brother came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her and blowing hot air down her neck and in her ear that sent a tingling sensation over her entire body. She could feel his throbbing erection poking her bum through the housecoat, which he lifted so that he could start sliding it gently between her round cheeks.

He squeezed her bum firmly, and she moaned in pleasure and delight. She loved it when he teased her, and he lifted one of her legs right up onto the balcony railing, the head of his cock now massaging her clit and opening.

Juices were already trickling from her onto his member, and she gasped in extreme pleasure as he finally pushed his head into her eager opening. He pulled out and she turned to see why he had stopped, but he smiled and took her hand, leading her to the bed and laying above her.

She tore the housecoat off of her and tossed it aside, grabbing him by his midnight black hair and pulling his face in to hers to kiss him passionately. "I want you inside me" she whispered in his ear, her hot breath smelling sweetly of vanilla and desire.

He needed no further coaxing, and quickly fulfilled his sister's request, pressing his entire nine inches into her slowly but steadily. She shuddered in pleasure as her back arched involuntarily, forcing her hips against his to meet with his every thrust. He pulled out of her slowly, her eyes reopening and a slight look of sadness on her pretty face. "Why did you pull out?" she asked, but he simply smiled and started leaving a trail of kisses down her flat tummy. His face moved down between her legs, and she moaned loudly and thrust her hips forward when she felt the tip of his tongue swirl around her clitoris.

His mouth was warm and exhilarating, her breathing growing faster and heavier with every flick of his tongue. He slid a finger inside her to accompany the clitoral stimulation, and it was only a couple minutes before her entire body started to spasm in orgasm. "Oh fuck, Brad, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cummmiiing!".

Wave after wave of tingling sensation crashed over her entire body, and by the time Brad raised his face and smiled at her she could barely catch her breath. His smile lit up the entire room, and he crawled up beside her and wiped the sweat from her forehead.

"That was amazing!" she exclaimed. "I'm glad. I love it when you cum for me", he squeezed her firm breasts and raised his body above hers. Her pussy was dripping and still throbbing from her orgasm, and it hugged and caressed his cock as he slid himself inside her.

He gasped when he finally had his entire shaft buried inside his sister's teenage pussy. She was so warm and so tight, it felt as though her walls were pulling him deeper and harder inside her. "Oh Brad, fuck me, fuck me hard!" she squealed, her arms and legs wrapped around his body.

He pulled his hard cock out and flipped her over, instructing her to get on all fours and stick her gorgeous ass up in the air. He thrust his dick into her from behind, digging his nails into her hips and ramming his entire length into her over and over.

She was screaming in pleasure now, begging her brother to cum deep inside her pussy as her body shook violently with another orgasm. Brad was happy to oblige, grunting loudly as he gave his sister one last hard thrust and pumped all of his fluids into her. "Congratulations" he smiled triumphantly above her. "Huh?" she looked up with a puzzled expression. "We're gonna have a baby".

Tavia's heavy eyelids shot wide open and she looked around frantically. Brad and Frank were still sitting beside her; the window showed the highway still rolling along behind them. Brad glanced over and saw the troubled look on her face. "Bad dream?" he asked.

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He always seemed to know what was on her mind. " was nothing" she said, leaning back into his shoulder. He didn't believe her for a second, but he wasn't gonna pressure her to talk about it if she didn't want to, especially in the company of Frank.

He decided he'd inquire again later once they were alone. Before the young couple knew it today had rolled into tomorrow and their trip with Frank came to an end at the destination he had promised. "Well, good luck you guys. Ya seem like some really nice kids. Take care of each other". "We will" Brad replied, Tavia's hand tightly in his. "Thanks again for everything". Frank nodded his trucker hat at them, and with that he got back in his big rig and left, accepting no payment from the pair other than their gratitude.

They were left at a small motel, as Brad had suggested that they rest for a night before figuring their way from Chilliwack to Vancouver. It was a quaint little place, where all of the rooms have doors on the outside of the building. They checked in with the clerk, a frail looking but cheerful old man, who handed them a key with a tag on it that read "13".

"What an unlucky number" Tavia pouted, but Brad grinned his devilish grin at her and she couldn't help but smile. "It's just a number, Tavia.

It has nothing to do with luck". He unlocked the door, holding it open for her and then following her in. He locked the door behind them, kicking his shoes off and tossing his jacket and their bags into the small closet. The room smelled a bit old and musty, but neither sibling cared; they were both much more focussed on how much hell they had left behind, and how well their journey was going thus far.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom" his sister said, rushing into the bathroom and locking the door behind her. 'She must have had to go really bad, she didn't even take her shoes or coat off' Brad pondered. He crawled onto the queen size bed, lying starfished and flat in his stomach to just stretch and relax. He closed his eyes and was busy picturing his and Tavia's future together when he heard the bathroom door open slowly.

He waited several seconds to hear his sister's footsteps across the room, or to feel her jump onto the bed beside him. When nothing but silence ensued he turned to see what was up, and what he saw made his jaw hit the floor.

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His sister stood there in nothing but a cute, lacy, hot pink thong and bra set. Her eyes were flooded with a fiery lust, and she was absolutely stunning, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

She smiled and motioned for him to come to her, and he flew across the room quicker than a wildfire spreading through a forest in a drought. To be continued.