Beste sexy Homosexuell Bareback Dreier und felching

Beste sexy Homosexuell Bareback Dreier und felching
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Ellen sat waiting for me, in a corner of the coffee shop, where we'd agreed to meet. She wanted to be sure that she saw me coming, and didn't give me a chance to sneak up on her. She had her tablet with her, and is simulating reading pages.

In reality, her eyes are on the front door, and she is anxiously awaiting my arrival. She stared at her reflection in the glass, and hoped that she had dressed appropriately. She had chosen shorts, and a t shirt that had a lovely, low scooped neck. She had left her hair down, and put on a simple pair of stud earrings, and that is all. The bell at the top of the door, jingled, and she looked up.

My eyes found her immediately, and we exchanged smiles, as I made my way toward her. She set her tablet aside, and stood as I reached her. She stepped into my arms, and felt her body melt against mine.

Her head tilted back, and she looked into my eyes for a moment before I closed mine, and hers, with a kiss.

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It is gentle, but she can sense a seething passion beneath it that made her body ache. My erection, pressing against her belly, confirming the need. We will have to hurry. She grabbed her tablet, and we headed out. We are going to a park, and will take our time walking the trails, and search for somewhere private that we can indulge the hunger that is threatening right now to overwhelm us.

We end up rushing, holding hands as we jogged. She feels like she is being pulled along in my wake at times. We sought any place that would do. Finally, we find a spot that had been a picnic grounds before now. It had become rather broken down, but it would serve perfectly. Ellen lay back on the picnic table, sitting right on the edge. I release myself, and step up.

I slip a finger inside. she is hot, and wet already, my finger slides in easily. She feels her body react to the simple touch. " I'm going to fuck you," I said, my voice tense, and tight. My cock is hard, standing out from my body, the tip already coated with my wetness. " Please, hurry," Ellen said. " Please." I step closer, withdrawing my finger, and sliding my cock inside of her.

Just one thrust, and I'm buried to the hilt. She groans as she feels the delicious stretching sensation. The fullness that made her want to explode. She clenched around me, feeling even more of me.

She loved the feeling of my intimate invasion of her body. I begin to move, thrusting hard, and fast, my hands gripping her hips for leverage. She wraps her legs around me, and use them to lift herself up, increasing the intensity of my thrusts until our bodies are slapping together loudly in the stillness of the woods.

Ellen feels strangely exhibitionist, out there like that. She loves the feeling that anyone walking by can watch, though she is fairly certain that we had the place to ourselves. Still, there is a thrill in thinking someone might be watching from the trees. She watched my eyes, seeing the intensity there. My jaw clenched, and she watched my face redden.

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She knew that I was going to cum, and she is desperate to bring me to that place. She grabs my forearms, and held tightly, still moving her hips in time with my thrusts. " Cum now," She growled, as she saw me getting closer. Her voice is raw, and that low sound is all she can manage. I groan, and slam harder into her, until she thought the picnic table would begin to move beneath us. She hears some unearthly sound, and realized it is her, as she clenched around me, seeking to draw my orgasm from me.

Her eyes stayed locked with mine until she simply had to arch her back. At that moment, she hears my groan as I came. She held still, letting me. Then she lay, and reached for me, pulling me down on top of her.

We kissed gently, and then more passionately. I kiss her neck, and across her shoulder. " Thanks, Ellen," I said. " I needed that." I looked into her eyes for a moment. " I love you," I whisper, and then I kiss her again, and she feels that love. She is nearly in convulsions when I finally move away from her.

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Every inch of her body is tingling and bathed in sweat. There is a sound like the ocean in her ears and she is certain that she will never be able to move again. The best part is that she is also sure that she would never need to; she could just lay there floating, blissfully unaware of anything else in the whole world. As usual, I'm not spent: aftermath heat radiating from my wet chest, my arms and legs covered in sweat.

We get up and dress, go back to the penthouse. Ellen knows she has at least an hour, then I will want to fuck her again, right now, she wants that hour. I'm all she can handle and more. I'm dominating and I'm as sexual as when we first met one year ago. Ellen has had a bad 'experience', though I never asked. That's fine with her; she never really got the chance to find out how good sex could be with her 'ex-boyfriend' because he was so damned bad. Three minutes of him pounding her into a mattress, sometimes not even looking at her, is not a good way to explore female sexuality.

It's not even a good way to explore male sexuality; being that that's all he ever did, she never had an urge to do anything else for him and, for the most part, he didn't ask. He left her frustrated so many times, she wouldn't have tried to bring him pleasure if he were the last man on earth. But, I'm was another story. I'm divorced six times and a womanizer, always surround by beautiful women.

Before meeting me, Ellen had not been interested in sex very much, (her ex-boyfriend ruined her desire.) She has found it difficult to accept my insatiable sexual appiette: over the last year, she has come to be ready-to-please any time of the day or night and hungry for anything I want from her.

This pleases me, she knows I'm never satisfied and outlast her every time we get physical. In fact, I leave her sore, tired, and satisfied ever time. So when she has time between our sessions, she uses that time to rest since she never knows how many sessions we will have when we are together.

She knows her body's physical limitations, after our time together it takes two or more days to recover. I grabbed Ellen in the kitchen, starting to fall, she can't help screaming but we didn't fall. I twisted as we slide against the wall and, never relaxing my grip, I eased us down to the floor, still behind her but now laying side-by-side.

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I roll on top of her, using one hand to pin both her hands over her head (also catching a handful of hair), and rubbing my day-old chin stubble against her neck. I use my free hand to caress her hips. She stopped struggling, as I played with her ass through her shorts, she took a deep breath, I whisper, " Close your eyes", and tightened the grip on her butt. She closed her eyes, turning her head slightly to the side so that I could see that she had.

I gently kissed the side of her mouth, she took another slow deep breath. My hand on her butt relaxed and begin to explore her thighs and legs. She feels my hard cock pressing against her and pushed back against it. Raising most of my weight off of her, I continue to rub and caress her sides, moving my hand up and under her t-shirt to her braless breast, lightly stroking her nipple. Suddenly, I pull my hand out of her shirt, grabbing the back of her shorts, pulling them down to her knees, and begin rubbing her bare ass.

We both moan but she begins to struggle, which prompts me to lay my full weight on her. My hand then feels different and she realizes that it's turned over, it's back is to her, and I'm opening my pants. Her struggles become more serious but she cannot prevent me from laying my bare cock against her hips, reaching between her legs to fondle her still wet pussy, forcing her legs apart, and ramming my rock-hard cock deep in her.

Ellen screams into my shoulder as I groan into her hair. With a slow, steady rhythm, I thrust into her, pulling her legs apart with each push, relaxing them as I withdraw. Our sounds fill the room as I ride her.

She can barely breathe between strokes; I'm so deep within her that it takes her breath away. On and on I slam my cock in her, sometimes slowing and working into her as if savoring every bit of her pussy; sometimes just riding her hard and fast, grunting with pleasure when I'm buried completely.

She feels my cock pulling her wider, to stretch her body more and more. Now she knows she can't fight it any longer. She bites her lip and groans as her body relaxes, squeezing my hand holding both of hers, her mouth opening, she screams again as her orgasm is coming again and again and again.

I'm slamming into her now, murmuring in her ear as I feel her coming, I relax my grip on her captured hands, sliding that hand to the side of her breast, and she comes again. Faster, my thrusts becoming savage bumping against her ass, I withdraw completely from her (and even that makes her come!) then slam so deep into her, she knows she can't take any more of this. Then, I explode in her, wetting her, soaking her, filling her, drenching her. She has given up any hint of refusal and squeezes my cock tightly, milking me thoroughly, feeling her body overflow with my cum.

A final deep, hard, but loving push, and I'm spent in her. I lean forward, close to her ear and, again, whispers: " You could have killed me with that dodge that left me in the wall, you bitch." " And you could have smashed my face falling down while wrapping up my arms, you asshole!" " Well, you fought like it was real and I had to make sure I didn't get maimed before I got what I came for!" I said laughing. " I knew where you would be." " Now it's time for your punishment," I said, smiling like a fox with lips.

I'm leaning towards her, staring into her eyes, her body is as used up as it could stand. There is no possible way she can take another time with me in her. But I'm touching her breasts through her shirt, licking my lips while feeling her up. She can't help but laugh and look at me.

I'm proceeding rapidly: I'm under her shirt, in her shorts on her ass. I have her shirt up and over her head, her shorts down, and my cock out of my pants again, before she realized it.


She tried to resist, I turned her around, bent her over the arm of the couch, and started feeling her bare, wet lips from behind before she can think to protest. Ellen tried to keep still but she can't and she feels her body relax and let my cum flow out of her. I force myself on her again. She knows she has to stop me before I try to push into her again but she is so horny againshe can't think straight and she doesn't want to, anyway.

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Ellen feels my hand between her legs and she pushes back, pushes down on it. I feel her giving in, lowering my hands, opening my pants again, my hand between her legs leaves and she almost cries.

The fear of pain from 'too much, too hard' is replaced by genuine terror as my cum-slicked cock is working into her butt. In one thrust, she is screaming into my hand (again!), feeling her body opened in a way it's never been before, she hears the sounds of pleasure from behind her, experiencing the most extraordinary sensation imaginable.

I rip into her ass so deep it knocked the breath from her lungs, jerking her head around like that of a rag doll. On and on I fucked her, pulling back on her body to make the impacts of our coupling all the more violent and powerful.

She hears my low moaning mixed with my rhythmic breathing and suddenly she feels one of my hands reach around and wander down between her legs, flicking her clitoris while my pace up her ass increases rapidly. Surprising her greatly, she experiences an orgasm through the exquisite pleasure of pain while I cum deep up her now quivering ass.

Her body breaks out in something like goose bumps and she bucks madly between the front of the couch and piston thighs behind her. She has no clue how much time has passed when she finds herself sprawled on the arm of the couch, still holding my cock deep inside her. Ellen doesn't know who came the most, hardest, longest, deepest. She just knows that it was great for her.


When she woke up in her bed later that night, her body was sore, her pussy and ass were sore. I'm sleeping on next to her, she can't decide when she would wake me with her hands and her mouth.