Two super men fucking and sucking gay boys

Two super men fucking and sucking gay boys
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Appointments followed with the urologist for the needle sample, and with the geneticist to review his status. They found that his DNA was very amenable to the genetic modification. Soon, he was back at the Pleasure Center for his injections. They had to put a series of agents in various parts of his penis, to keep the changes localized.

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The doctor explained that he might see some growth in his scrotum too, but that might be temporary or not. Harl didn't mind, bigger hangers would be cool too.

They told him not to expect any results for a few weeks, then he should see his cock grow both flaccid and erect. Life went on after that. About a week later, he was in the mood one evening and started to browse his movie collection.

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He hadn't gone far when his cock started to grow hard, and when he opened his pants, it felt different. It was hard to tell if it was harder, or he just thought it was. In any case, he found a page with a luscious blonde giving a guy head. She laid him down on the bed and unbuttoned her shirt, exposing a fine pair of 34C jugs.

Hard to tell if they were natural or not, as people had genetic modifications to breasts like he was doing to his cock. The guy begged her to handle his cock, and she hopped right to it. Soon the girl had the guy's pants open and was stroking his meat.

This was hot, Harl was getting hard watching it. Looking down, he stroked his own cock and it stood up to its full erect size. He throbbed and a drop of precum escaped his piss slit. With a finger, he wiped it up and brought it to his lips. Now the girl was licking the guy, and he moaned from the stimulation. Harl started to stroke harder, as the girl took the guy into her mouth. Tonight, Harl had no patience, wanting to pump out a load, so he stroked harder and faster.

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He alternated back and forth between watching the girl suck the guy's dick, and looking at his own hard shaft. It didn't take long before he felt the rush coming on. He pumped himself hard and fucked upward into his own hand, then his ecstasy hit; he grunted and throbbed as shots of cum ejected from his cock head. Harl realized that his dick hurt a little bit.

They said that might happen. It was part of the growth process. He started doing flexibility stretches that the doc had recommended. And from the time of the procedure, he started measuring his soft and erect cock. There was no change for about three weeks, then one day his 17cm hard cock was 18 or 19. This excited him, and he jerked off twice.


Now he decided to get his vidcorder and take a time lapse series, so every day he stood in the same place and took a shot soft, then a shot hard. After another week, he was up to 21 cm, then a bit later, 22. After a month and a half, his erect cock had grown to 25. It looked the same, might have been a little thicker, maybe not. Still has hard though, thankfully. Harl tried to bend his mouth to his cock, but was still a cm or so short. The other thing he did was to start tasting his cum.

He wasn't just trying to get used to the taste, he wanted to enjoy it. Now he didn't think it tasted bad to start, and with a few tries he was not just tasting it, but putting it in his mouth and swallowing it.

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It got so he would slosh it around in his mouth and savor the taste. The next week, when he took a leak, he saw that his totally flaccid penis was now about 12cm, up from the previous eight.

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No change to his balls. When he stroked himself hard to measure it, it had grown to 27 cm. Now he tried bending down in the chair, and he could lick the end of his cock. That was so exciting, he almost came right then.

But he did make it last half an hour or so, then propped his cock up above his face by rolling his hips up. When he came, he could see his jism shoot right into his mouth, and it made the orgasm that much better.

He couldn't wait to make himself cum with his own mouth. About five days later, he measured again. Only 28 now, the growth rate seemed to be slowing. The target number was thirty. He stood and looked at himself in the mirror, and he liked what he saw. His cock was so long that it hung down about thirty degrees, even when fully erect. It still looked very sexy. He touched it and it seemed to be just as hard as before, and his balls were definitely hanging lower.

He stroked himself, then started to fuck his hand, and his balls swung back and forth. Damn this was hot. He pleasured himself for a while, then sat in a chair, pulling his torso down towards his crotch. For the first time, he could fit his wide dickhead into his mouth. He was sucking his own cock at last! He tongued all around the head, and could taste his own precum when it ran into his mouth.

This made his mouth water, and some of his spit ran down his shaft. After licking at this ridge, he couldn't wait and started to stroke himself. In a minute, his pleasure started to climb and his cock got thicker, then as he soared to ecstacy he throbbed hard and shot his load of cream right into his anxious mouth.

It was heaven. He realized that if it grew another 2-3cm, it would be perfect.

And that's what it did. Well, four actually. After another two weeks, his cock was now 12 cm flaccid and 32 erect. Then quicker than the growth started, it stopped. If he was really turned on it would be 33, but 32 was the number. The sensitive area that you stroke to gain orgasm got larger too; not more sensitive but over a larger area At his checkup, the doc said that the virus that propagated the DNA change was designed to expire after so long, and that stopped the change action too.

The nurse came back in, and was admiring the doctor's work, then said she needed another sample; Harl smiled and so did she, then she reached for him to play. Harl grew hard in no time, and the nurse asked if she could taste him. He didn't expect this, but hey, be my guest. Her lips wrapped around his dick head, then she took in, surprisingly, about what would have been his original length, then she began to move up and down on him.

When he felt his climax building, he warned her; she quickly took her mouth off, wiped his tip with a sterile wipe and stroked him, then pointed his dick into the specimen cup. He grunted and gave a nice load. The nurse said they were also checking volume, but there didn't seem to be a problem with that! After some parting instructions and a two month follow up,Harl left the office and stopped at the liquor store for some vodka.

He liked his vodka martini, and today was in the mood for one. After instructing the car to take him home, he just relaxed, but found himself rubbing his cock through his pants. He was satisfied after the nurse's mouth and hand work, but enjoyed the sensation.

That evening he turned up the temperature in his flat a couple of degrees and got naked, and dialed up some porn blends on his viewer.

He just looked down and watched for a minute as his cock filled out to its new erect length.


The biochange did leave him a little thicker; he started out at 13 cm circumference and most of his length was now about 15. No complaints there, it felt good in his hand, and more importantly, in his mouth. And speaking of that, he picked up his long hard member and bent down to kiss the end. That made him throb. It had only been about three weeks since that first time he'd put his mouth on his head, and he'd been making good use of his new equipment.

Tonight he was going to try some other positions. First, he propped his ass up against the side of his bed, so that his legs were over his body. This pointed his long cock right at his mouth. He'd done this when he was younger and managed to get his head just into his mouth. But now, he could do that much better. Opening wide, he put his cock into his mouth and was able to put about 8 cm in without trying hard.

Damn, it felt good to his cock, to be in a wet, warm mouth. And it felt good to his mouth, to have a nice thick cock filling it up. Harl began to rock his hips, so that he was moving his cock in and out of his own mouth. He could taste his precum mixing with his saliva, and it was very slippery on his dick. The pleasure was so fine, he just kept slowly rocking and fucking his mouth. As he did this, he could see his balls above his face, and reached for them with his hand.

A shock of pleasure went through him when he touched the hair on his sack. This was so good, but he had something else he wanted to try. Getting up on the bed, he laid on his side and curled up tight. Now his cock was in front of himself. Once again, he reached with his top arm and took hold of his dick, and brought it to his mouth. He couldn't get as much in his mouth this way, maybe about 3 cm, but it was enough to give him stimulation. Stroking with his hand, he began to hump and moan.

He could feel the veins in his cock as it passed over his lips. He was ready to cum, but wanted it deeper. So he pulled his fat cock out of his mouth, to a popping sound, and sat up.

Quickly sticking his cock back in his mouth, he began to bob his head up and down. Fuck this felt good. Increasing speed, he could feel his orgasm start to rise.

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With little more time and a half dozen good stabs, it was time; moaning, his climax began. Harl impaled his face on his cock as far as he could reach. He felt it hitting the back of his mouth, then he exploded.

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Jets of cum filled his mouth, running all over his own cock. He let his organ finish throbbing and emptying its load of cream dand he swallowed, then unwound and laid down on the bed. He reached down and held his cock, holding it as he got softer and smaller. Smaller was relative, when he was soft, his cock was about the size of an average man's erection.

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