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Oiled hottie gets cum from masseur
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We spent a fair amount of the day shopping for clothes, or I should say, Jennifer spent a good part of the day shopping for clothes. I tagged along from store to store and waited as she perused her way through rack after rack looking for bargains she liked and tried them on. When we got back home in mid-afternoon, Jennifer said, "Let me unpack the bags and I'll model some of my purchases for you." "OK," I said as I went into my room to change.

Comfortable in my old gym shorts I headed back to the living room to wait for her. She came out with various outfits on, showing each one to me and explaining what a bargain this or that was. It wasn't that exciting for me but I tried to remain interested.

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She had a good eye for clothes that flattered her figure without being overtly sexual looking or anything. Later, we fixed dinner and cleaned up together then sat down on the couch to watch some television before getting ready for bed.


Finally, I got up and said, "I'm gonna' get my shower now, Jen. I'm kinda' tired after following you around all day." Jennifer stood up, turned off the television, and said "I feel the same way." She followed me down the hall and turned into her bedroom while I continued on into mine and my shower.

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When I'd finished my shower, I was standing at my sink naked when Jennifer came in. She was wearing my T-shirt and I asked "Didn't you buy yourself something or do you just like wearing an old T-shirt?" "I like the T-shirt. And thanks for your help today." She said. She was referring to me pulling out some cash to help her with her purchases.

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With nobody to spend my money besides myself, I'd built up a decent savings account and I was more than happy to be there for my sister out when she needed some help.

"No problem, Jen." I said. "I'm glad I could help and I'm glad you're here rather than with that asshole." She leaned up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek before saying, "Good night, Bob." I watched her walk away and could see that in spite of buying new underwear today, she still wasn't wearing any under my T-shirt. "Damn, she's hot." I thought, "Too bad she's my sister." The rest of the summer went about that way. I went to work, Jennifer stayed home at first and often had dinner ready for me when I got home.

We'd watch some television in the evening and talk until bed time. Her co-workers at the salon boxed up and shipped here gear to her and she began to look for a salon locally where she could get herself a chair to work. She also filed for and got what we call a Lincoln County divorce. Lincoln County was known for granting easy divorces if both sides agreed and there were no children involved. The whole process was carried out by mail, once she located Paul and got him to sign the papers and mail them back.

He apparently thought he was doing well to rid himself of Jennifer and was, from what we heard from Jennifer's friends, involved with a bar floozy who was as much a drunk as he was. Good riddance. Shows how stupid he was to get rid of a woman as good as Jennifer. Along with the divorce she had her last name changed back to her maiden name - our family name. By the middle of August, Jennifer lucked into a salon where one of the sylists quit suddenly due to illness and she was, with my help, able to buy the woman's chair and start off with an almost complete set of clientele once she demonstrated that she was even better than the previous stylist.


So she began working four and five days a week and felt better to be contributing to the household finances. Didn't really matter to me but I know she felt better. One night in October after dinner, we had both already taken our showers. we were sitting on the couch watching television when I felt a little cold and grabbed one of the blanket throws off the chair and covered up a bit to ward off the chill.

Jennifer asked, "Are you gonna' hog that blanket for yourself or share it?" I responded by lifting up the side toward her and she scooted over under it to snuggle up against me to fight the chill. I was leaning away from her on the arm of the couch and gradually slumped more and more until I was nearly lying down, Jennifer uncomfortably kinda' lying on my side.

She got up, picked up my feet to stretch them out on the couch so I could lie all the way down on my side then laid down in front of me with her back toward me then flipped the blanket over both of us.

"Can you see the TV OK?" She asked. My head was on a throw pillow on the arm of the couch and I could see fine. "Yeah, no problem. How 'bout you?" Her head was on my arm and she replied, "Yeah, fine." While her head was resting on my right arm, I didn't know what to do with my left arm and tried various positions before finally just letting it drape over Jennifer. She took my left hand in hers and pulled it tight against her abdomen. We laid there watching TV until we both apparently fell asleep.

When I awoke later, the television was off, it was dark in the room except for a soft glow from the hall nightlight, and we were still lying on the couch covered with the blanket except Jennifer was facing me and we each had our free arm wrapped around the other under the blanket. She must have gotten up and turned off the lamps before returning to the couch, so I figured her sleeping position was intentional.

Then I realized that I had a full sleep boner caught between my abdomen and hers. I ran my hand down her side and felt that her T-shirt had ridden up around her waist and her butt was bare under the blanket. I touched it lightly and she stirred, pushing her hips into me and squeezing me tighter with her arm.

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Some time soon after that I fell asleep again. The next time I awoke I felt her hand in my shorts on my butt. When I stirred slightly she said "Hi, big brudder. You sleeping good?" "Yeah, pretty good but I think my right arm died.

I can't feel it." I replied. "My left arm's been dead for hours." She replied. I stirred to sit up and Jennifer rolled gracefully into a sitting position on the floor, legs crossed, T-shirt pushed up above her thighs. I tried to shake some circulation back into my right arm as Jennifer did the same with her left causing her braless breasts to move to and fro under the T-shirt. "I stood up and said, "I think I'm going to bed. This couch isn't that comfortable." She worked her way into a standing position and said "Yeah, me too." I headed down the hall with Jennifer behind me.

As I was going into my room, she was going into the hall bath. "Good night, brudder." She said. "Night, Jen." I replied and headed into my bath to take a leak before climbing into bed.

Shorts off, bedside lamp off, and I crawled into bed. My clock radio said it was 3:10 and I don't remember seeing a later time so I must have fallen asleep quickly. I woke up to a dark room and Jennifer saying "Bob." several times. "Jen?" "Yeah, can I sleep in here? I felt better sleeping up against you than I do alone." "You know I'm naked under here, right?" "I don't care." She replied as she went around to the other side of the bed and crawled under the covers.

She scooted over until she was up against me and put her arm over my chest. We fell asleep that way and I didn't wake up until about 7:00 AM when I found myself lying face to face with Jennifer, my arm around her, my erection poking her in the abdomen. As I became more clear headed it dawned on me that Jennifer didn't have her T-shirt on anymore.

She was lying up against me as naked as I was. "Oh man," I thought as I wondered what I should do. Jennifer made the decision for me when she put her arm around my waist, pulling us closer together. "Good morning, brudder." She said.

"I really did sleep better in here with my big brother to keep me warm." I leaned into her and gave her a little kiss on the forehead but as I pulled away, she put her arm around behind my neck and pulled my face to hers and kissed me lightly on the lips. "Are you sorry I arrived on your doorstep and disrupted your whole life?" She asked. "What life did I have to disrupt? Going to work, coming home, eat, take a shower, watch TV, go to bed." I answered.

"It's about the same as I do now except that I always slept alone. Now I apparently have you to sleep up against. That's an improvement." "So you're thinking this arrangement should continue?" She asked.

I kissed her on the lips and said, "Yes, I think so." She kissed me back, open mouthed, tongue probing for my tongue. We laid there kissing and touching each other lightly on the back, I think trying to figure out where to go from there.

Finally, she squeezed my butt cheek then moved her hand down between us and cupped my testicals in it.


I slid my hand around to her breasts and lightly caressed each one. "I love you, Bob," She said, "But I love you as more than a brother." I asked, "Are you sure about this? I feel the same way but I want you to be sure, Jen." "I'm very sure," She replied as she grasped my penis with her hand. Without a word, I rolled her onto her back, leaned over her, and began suckling on her breasts. They're a perfect size, large enough to sag some, large nipples made for suckling, and I was putting them to that use.

I moved below her breasts and began kissing her abdomen. "Wait!" She said, "I need to pee." I moved off of her and she jumped up out of bed to go to the hall bath. As she got up and walked away, I marveled at her beautiful body.

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As far as my tastes, it was a ten. I heard her in the bath peeing and realized that I needed to, also, so I popped up out of bed and headed into my bath to take a nice long pee as my erection calmed down enough to allow it.

When I returned to the bed, Jennifer had kicked the covers down and was lying there on her back. She held up her arms and spread her legs in an beckoning invitation. I crawled up between her legs to her chest where I suckled her nipples some more before starting down her abdomen again. Kissing her all over, I returned periodically to her breasts to suckle each briefly before continuing to cover her abdomen with kisses.

When I got to her bush, I laid down flat on the bed so I could reach up with my hands to hold and caress her breasts as I explored her nether regions.

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Kisses all around her bush, onto her thighs and down the insides of her thighs before heading back to my target. Lightly I circled her lips with my tongue, each time going a little deeper until I was simply tongue lashing the inside of her pussy as deeply as I could probe. I moved my lips forward to search for her clit with my tongue and lips. Finding it, I suckled it, feeling it get firmer in my grasp. Jennifer's hips, which had been rocking began to move more as I sucked and tongued her clit.

Every few moments I took a lap around her lips with my tongue, probed deeply then returned to suckle her clit. Her breaths started coming in pants and gasps as she arched her back, pressed her hips up, and squeezed my head between her thighs in a long orgasm. I slowed my action to just circling motions around her clit with my tongue as she came down from her high until she relaxed and took a couple of long deep breaths.

I raised up and crawled up the bed to between her legs and hugged her as I kissed her long and deep. She was raising and moving her hips, searching for my penis, then took a hand to reach down and guide my penis into her.

As I rammed it home she reciprocated with her hips and we set up a rhythm, working together. I was up on my hands and knees hammering her when I felt my self beginning to cum. I resolved to keep going as long as I could, so I continued amid the sloshing sounds of her juices and my cum until she started to cum again.

I slowed my pace to let her work through the orgasm then stopped with my penis as deep in her as I could and laid down on her to hold her close from head to toe.

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I could feel my erection fading as we kissed, our tongues dancing with each other. When we broke off the long kiss, she said simply "I love you." I returned with "I love you, too," at about the time my then flaccid penis slipped out of her.

"I love you more than anyone I've ever known, Jen. I feel like you're my soulmate, like we're meant to be together." Her eyes teared up and she pulled me close in a tight embrace whispering in my ear just "Me too." We laid like that for several minutes before I rolled off of her but kept her tightly embraced as we laid on the bed. She asked "Now what do we do?" "Just continue as we have been.

I don't want it any other way, Jen." I replied, "I want to have you forever if that's what you want." She hugged me tighter and said "Yes" before beginning to cry. We've been together ever since, living like husband and wife, as closely matched as any couple has ever been or could ever be. Whenever the need arises, We simply introduce ourselves and Bob and Jennifer Culbert - which is exactly who we are and will always be.