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Amateur weiße Frau voll im Besitz von bbc während Ehemann weg
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"Lets go inside Lucas,it's getting dark out",Aaron yelled from across the yard. We had decided to play a little soccor befor it got to late, and we were enjoying ourselves.

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We started for the door when Aaron stopped me and said,"Lucas, I really do love me. And I know this sounds big, but I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I want you to be my boyfriend" "Aaron, I love you too, and yes I will be your boyfriend", I said happily. He smiled and kissed me and for some reason, he started to cry.

I thought about his"rest of my life" statment, and decided that we were both "in the moment", so I too would have said that.

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We started inside, and Aaron wiped away his tears. His mom had just finished dinner and his younger brother and sister were helping to set the table.

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We went to wash our hands and then all sat down to eat. It was a yummy dinner and a great coversation. A great start, to a great night. After dinner we headed up to Aaron's room. It was a comfortable size and contained multiple items of clothing, posters, and other things. He flipped on his tv and sat down on his bed. He motioned for me to join him. After talking about things and playing video games for about 2 and a half hours,his father came in and told us it was time for bed, unless we wanted to start a movie.

It was 12:50 already so we decided to watch a long movie. Aaron put in the DVD and we both relaxed on his bed. His door was closed, and we heard his dad yell,"goodnight boys, we are going to bed. Try to keep it down" His siblings and parents were now asleep, so we could do whatever we wanted.

We got under the covers and started to make out and take off each others clothes. When we were both naked and really horny, Aaron suggested we go into the bathroom that connected his room and his younger sisters room. "I want to try some things Lucas", he whisperd. He led me into the shower, and told me to start sucking him. I did as I was told. I had been sucking him for a short while, and all of a sudden he pulled out of my mouth, and started to pee on my face.

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I quickly stood up and whispered loudly," what the hell?" He looked at me, with pee dripping down my face and started to laugh.

"Lucas my dear, I said I wanted to try new things.


But I probably should have warned you first. Just was your hair and face in the sink. It will be less noisy", he said. After about 10 minutes of washing my face and my long curls of hair, I walked out and joined him on the bed again.

"let's stick to normal things babe", I said. With that he got into a 69 position with me. We sucked each others cocks for about 5 minutes, and then he stopped, and said,"Lucas I want you in me".


I had never fucked anyone before. And when Aaron fucked me, it wast first. So I guess I was nervous but excited. He told me where the lube he had was and I went and retrieved it. He lay on the bed, stomach down, legs spread. He obviously Didn't want to wait. So I went slowly. I applied lube to his hole, and decided not to finger it, because he didn't seem to want to wait. I put a couple squirts of lube on my cock, and put the bottle down on the bed.

I lined up my cock with his hole. "Stick it all in at once, fast and hard", he moaned He grabbed a pillow and sunk his face it and gripped it as hard as he could. I waited for a couple of seconds, then as hard as I could I rammed my cock at his hole. It finally sank all the way in.

I could tell he was in great pain because he was very still and moaning loudly into the pillow. I wasn't sure, but I think he was crying.

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Why did he want it this bad? Is the pain worth it? I started to fuck him pretty slow. I continued this to make the wonderful feeling last. It felt amazing and I never wanted to forget that feeling.

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After about 5 minutes, he reached his arms around me and grabbed my ass, and started to push me down into his ass faster. He didn't move his head, but his moans sounded more like moans of pleasure than moans of pain. I fucked him faster and faster, grunting and moaning in my own pleasure. I fucked him fast and hard for about 7 minutes when I felt his hole tighten and him moan very loudly.

I was certain he had came. The thought of him cumming pushed me over the edge, and I came deep in his ass.

I collapsed on top of him and laid there for a minute before I pulled out. He turned over, and looked at me. "You made the extreme pain worth it", he said with a smile He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, and went to the bathroom.

I put on my clothing and sat on the bed once again. About 5 minutes later, he came and laid down on the bed. We started watching the movie, which was about halfway over. I looked over and he was fast asleep. I was kind of tired, and wanted to sleep, but I decided to look around his room first. There was tons of posters. I went to his dresser, and the top was filled with stuff.

His phone, his wallet, things like that. In a corner was a book. It didn't have a title so I picked it up. Inside the front cover, was a picture of his family, and a picture of me. I knew this must be a private book, and even though I was very curious I decided it would be better not to look.

I went over to the bed and pulled the covers over Aaron. I kissed him on the cheek and said,"I love you". He had a couch on the far side of his room so I decided to crash on that. I loved Aaron more than anything, and right now, everything was perfect.