Daisy just can not have enough dick

Daisy just can not have enough dick
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This story is a work of fiction based on fictional characters, if you're not old enough to read then stop right now. Yadda yadda yadda. You know the drill. Questions, comments, story ideas should be emailed to the address below. It should be noted that unless really amusing, flames will be ignored for the most part.

Kim Possible: Sleeping With The Enemy (m/F,M/f,cons,ncon) by K.O.P ([email protected]) "Hey Ron! Ron! Guess what?" Kim asked as she grabbed Ron's hands and jumped up and down in excitement. "Heya Kim, what's the big up?" "Matt finally asked me to the dance!" "Oh really? I don't suppose you said yes?" Ron said disappointed. "Of course I did!" Kim exclaimed excitedly. "I'll talk to you later." Kim ran off down the hall in a frenzy looking for other friends to tell.

"Oh drat," Ron said forlornly. He was Ron Stoppable, but even the biggest geeks at Middleton High got dates to the dances.

With his shoulders sunken Ron headed for home. As Ron left the school, a security camera turned and zoomed in on him. "Good, good, now is the time to strike," Dr. Drakken laughed maniacally. "But must I really?" asked Shego with irritation. "Yes you must. Ron is the key. He's a bigger part of Kim's operation than even she realizes.

Without him she'll be easy pickings." "Fine," Shego mumbled with disgust. * * * "Hi Ron. How was your day at school?" Ms. Stoppable asked as her son passed through the kitchen. "Fine." "Anything exciting happen?" "Nope." "Ok then.


Dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes. I want you to help set the table ok?" "Sure thing. I'm going to put my things in my room." "Alright." Upon entering his room Ron threw his backpack on the floor and flopped onto his bed depressed.

Everyone he knew had a date and was going to the dance on Saturday. He was going to ask Kim, but again he was chicken and waited too long. Now she had a date and he'd probably end up playing video games again unless a case file came up. After wallowing in his self pity for a bit Ron went downstairs to set the table for dinner.

* * * As Ron sat at the lunch table eating the school's hamburgers, Wade sat down across from him and starting munching on the food on his tray. "Hey where's Kim?" "Something with cheerleading practice. She had to skip lunch. I dunno, why?" "I'll contact her on her Kimmunicator then, but I was researching stuff on the internet and found out something.

Someone is supposed to be infiltrating Middleton High in order to break up the group and take over the world. "Who's it supposed to be? I thought Dr. Drakken is in jail or is it somebody new?" "I don't know yet, but just keep an eye out for anyone suspicious looking." Wade finished his food and threw the empty tray into its designated receptacle.

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Ron continued to sit at the table slowly munching on his food and sipping his soda. He pulled a magazine from his backpack and started to flip through it when a shadow was cast on it. "Mind if I join you?" A female voice asked. "Uh sure." Ron replied before seeing who it was. When he did look up he nearly had a fit. "So you're who Wade was talking about! What are you doing here Shego?!? Kim's going to kick your butt when she finds out!" "That's exactly why I'm here," Shego said smiling devilishly as she sat down.

She licked the straw in Ron's soda seductively before taking a drink from it. "What? You want Kim to kick your butt?" "No Ron, I'm talking about the dance. It's tomorrow right?" "So? What about it?" "Well if my information's correct, she and everyone else has a date except you, right?" "If I hadn't screwed around and asked her she would have said yes to me before she even talked to Matt." "Well didn't you ask her last year and she said no because you were too good of friends and it'd be weird or something?

And haven't you noticed how she treats even Rufus better?" "What's your point Shego? I already know all of this." "Well I know you and Kim think I'm an inherently evil person because I help Dr.

Drakken, but he's in jail right now and I know how it feels to play second spoon to someone. What if I take you to the dance and maybe you won't have to peak into the hole of the shower room wall?" "How do you know about the hole? Nevermind. Why should I go with you? You're evil and you've stolen the Statue of Liberty three times." "Cut me some slack will you Ron? I did that as part of one of Dr.

Drakken's schemes. I always work with another evil villain. You know that. So what trouble can I cause on my own? Besides do you really want to be stuck playing video games again and still have the reputation of being a loser?" Ron thought about it for a minute and with Drakken in jail Ron let the issue of his social stature take precedent.

"Ok I'll go. I can use my tuxedo from my cousin's wedding, but we'll have no way of getting to the dance unless you want to ride with my mom." "Well Ronnie, you get all nice and dressed up and I'll take care of transportation." Shego leaned forward and kissed Ron on the cheek before getting up and leaving the table.

Just then his Kimmunicator beeped and he picked it up. "Hey Ron, did you get the message from Wade yet?" Kim Possible's voice rang out. "Yeah, he told me right before he told you.

See anything yet?" "Not yet, you?" Ron thought about his answer for a bit before answering. "Not yet." "Ok then, I'll talk to you later tonight." Kim hung up and Ron then shut the device and stuck it into his pocket. * * * "Hey Ron your date's here," his mom called up the stairway. "I know I know. I'm on my way down," he shouted back as he tied his bow.

"I'm happy for you that you're going to the dance, but an evil villain?" Ron's mom asked with concern when he reached the bottom of the stairs. "Look, Shego's really nice once you get to know her. She only did those things for Dr. Drakken." "And how well do you know her?" "I talked to her for about fifteen minutes yesterday." "And today?" "She wasn't there so I couldn't, and I know what you're going to say, but just trust me on this.

She's really nice." "Fine, just be careful." "I will." Ron said a bit irritated as he left the house. "Hey Ronnie, what took so long?" Shego asked as she latched onto his arm and batted her eyes. "Ah it's nothing. My mom thinks you're trouble and doesn't trust you for some reason." "It's ok, I get it all the time these days. You look good in that tux though." Shego leaned over and kissed Ron on the cheek. "Thanks," Ron said blushing. "You look pretty good in that dress you're wearing.

All the girls will be jealous of you." "That's sweet Ron." As Ron and Shego climbed into the limousine Shego had obtained, Ron's mom didn't like the situation at all and called Kim. "Thanks for the four one one," Kim said over phone. "I'll see what's going on." * * * Kim paced outside the St. Mark hotel anxiously as she waited for Ron and Shego to show up.

"What the hell is he thinking? She's an evil villain and she can only be up to no good," She muttered to herself. After about half an hour of waiting a limousine pulled up and Ron stepped out first, then Shego. Kim ran up to Ron and grabbed his arm pulling him to the side. "What in the world are you thinking?" "What are you talking about?" "Bringing Shego to the dance?" "What's the big deal?

She's a nice person. Besides Dr. Drakken is in jail and you know she always works with him." "SHE'S AN EVIL VILLAIN! Evil villains cause trouble and commit crimes and do other bad things!" As Kim and Ron argued a small crowd developed.

"Wow, look it's Shego!" "What's she doing here?" "Ron Stoppable brought her." "He's so cool, he brought an evil villain to the dance!" "I bet Kim is mad." "Would you people get out of here please?!?" Kim shouted at the crowd.

Mumbling the crowd dispersed and walked inside the hotel to the dance hall. "Is there anything wrong Ronnie?" Shego asked in the most innocent tone as she put her arm around his and laid her head on his shoulder. "Nothing at all, let's go inside." "Ron! Why aren't you listening to me?" "Why can't you be happy for me once Kim?

Not everyone thinks I'm a big ork," Ron said matter of factly before he and Shego walked in. Shego looked back and gave Kim and ugly look. "Ron nobody thinks you're a dork. I don't anyways," Kim muttered disappointed. "Heya Kim, everyone told me you were out here," Matt shouted from the hotel door. "You ok?" "Yeah everything's fine. I hope." * * * The dance went off with little added excitement. Kim kept an eye on Ron and Shego while she danced with Matt, but nothing out of the ordinary happened.

"What's wrong?" Matt asked. "Oh nothing. Why do you ask?" Kim asked turning her focus back to Matt as the two continued to dance. "No reason, except that you've been watching Ron and Shego all night long. What're you worried for? Nothing's happened all night, besides Shego always works with another evil villain when she does her evil deeds." "I know, I know. Everyone's been telling me that, but I've got a bad feeling." "Maybe, but you should just let Ron have his moment." "Well, maybe you're right," Kim said reluctantly.

"I'm pretty sure I am," Matt said leaning forward and kissing Kim. * * * "Finally," Shego thought as Kim finally stopped staring at her and Ron. "Hey Shego, I know you're a bad guy and all, but thanks for tonight. It's been great," Ron said smiling. "You're welcome. I just want people to know I can be a nice person too." "Well you've most certainly have been tonight," Ron said before kissing Shego on the lips.

Ron suddenly pulled back surprised by what he just did. "So-- Sorry about that, I don't know what came over me." "It's ok. Don't worry about it," Shego reassured him. "In fact I reserved a room, how about we go up now?" "A room? Uh.

what'll we do up there?" Ron asked nervously. "Come on, let's jus got. Nobody will think you're a dork on Monday. I promise." With the enticement of being cool for once Ron agreed and followed Shego to the elevator. * * * "Make yourself at home," Shego said as the door shut behind them.

"I'm going to the bathroom to fix myself up. Make yourself at home and grab whatever you want to from the mini-bar." "Huh," Ron thought as all he saw in the fridge was alcohol. There was a Bud Light in there and having drank it before at a cousin's wedding he decided to take that.

Ron took off his coat and flopped onto the bed turning on the television. He flipped through the channels and sipped on his beer when Shego walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing, but a black lacy bra and matching panties. "Hey Ron," Shego whispered seductively as she blocked his view of the television.

"Uh, hey Shego," Ron stuttered. "Is that all you can say?" Shego smiled. "How about now?" Shego removed her bra and dropped it to the floor. Ron gulped and just stared, as Shego's large round breasts now sat out in the open. "I see that you like what I have." Shego say noticing Ron's erection.

She then reached behind her and turned off the TV before climbing onto the bed. "Uh Shego, what're you doing?" Ron mumbled. "Shh. You'll like this." Shego unbuttoned Ron's pants, grabbed his underwear, and pulled them down. Ron's erect cock popped out and Shego's eyes focused on them. "Shego what're you." "Shh." Shego took Ron's prick in her hand and ran it up and down. As she did so she took turns between licking it and sucking on his scrotum.

"You like that Ronnie, don't you?" "Oh god yeah." Shego then grabbed Ron's member by its base and licked her tongue up and down the shaft. Ron moaned loudly at his first experience of oral sex. Shego slid her tongue up and down a bit more before taking the whole dick in her mouth.

"Oh my god." Ron moaned as he Shego continued to bob up and down on his dick. Shego kept pressing her lips to Ron's member wrapping her tongue around it. Ron felt his cock tingle with excitement as Shego's oral treatment continued to pleasure him. "Shego. I think I'm gonna come." Ron grunted. "Good," she whispered as she furiously sucked on his dick.

"Oh god! I'm going to cum Kim! Oh---" Ron screamed as his dick exploded and he shot his load into Shego's mouth. "Mmm!" Shego swallowed every drop of cum as it pelted the back of her mouth and splashed down on her tongue. "Oh my god that was great!" Ron laughed as his penis slowly calmed down and stopped squirting his fluids. "You liked that didn't you?" Shego asked with glee.


"Yeah I did." "Good to hear that Ron. I see though you're ready for more." Ron was still erect even after cumming in Shego's mouth. "It seems so?" "Before we get to that, just curious as to why did you call me Kim?" Ron's eyes widened as he realized that he had done just that and had no answer.

"I know why. Secretly you've got a crush on her and fantasize about her. But that's ok with me." "It is?" "Sure it is. I don't mean to sound mean, but I wasn't the one she rejected.

Do you really think that she'd ever do with you what I am if she didn't even want to go to a simple dance with you?" "I suppose not," Ron replied forlornly after thinking about it for a bit. "But I'm here, and I'm not as evil as people think, because if I was would I do this with you?" Shego took off her panties and positioned her pussy right above Ron's dick before lowering herself down on it.

"Oh my god!" Ron panted as he felt his member split Shego's lips wide open and bottom out inside of her. "Good boy Ron, now place your hands on my hips." Shego leaned forward putting her hands on the bed as Ron grabbed hold of her hips. "Now I'm going to bounce myself up and down on your cock, and you're going to help me," Shego whispered. At first she did all the work as she bucked her hips up and down.

Slowly the shock of what was happening wore off on Ron and he returned the favor with his hands. "You like fucking don't you Ron?" "Oh god yes! Very much so!" "Good I like fucking too. I like having your big massive prick slide in and out of my pussy. I bet Kim would like it too if she gave you the chance. Would you like to fuck Kim?" At the mere mention of Kim's name Ron's dirty fantasies of her returned.

"You're so hot Kim! I bet you like how my prick penetrates your pussy?" "Oh yes!" Shego moaned playing along. "Good Kim! You'll like it even better when I cum on your face!" Ron flipped who he thought was Kim onto her back and reinserted himself into her. "Oh god! Fuck me hard Ron! Fuck me real hard!" Ron need no encouragement and pounded away at Kim's pussy. "Want me to cum on your face now?" Ron continued to jam his hardened dick in and out of Kim's box.

"At least this is going better than Drakken had hoped," Shego thought to herself as Ron continued to thrust his dick into her. "Oh yes! I'm gonna cum now Kim!" Ron shouted as he pulled out and positioned himself in front of Shego's face and started jacking off. "Cum on my face baby!

Do it!" "Here I cum Kim!" White sticky fluid started to shoot out of Ron's dick once again. "Mmmmm. Ah." Shego moaned as the cum struck her face all over. She licked as much of it off with her tongue as she could. "I love the taste of your cum!" Ron continued to rub himself until his member shot it's last load and finally went limp.

Exhausted he fell down onto the bed next to Shego. "I know I'm not Kim, but I'm good enough to make you think I was," Shego said as she smiled and kissed Ron on the cheek. "Look I'm sorry I called you Kim but-" "Shh. Don't worry about it. I'm going to go to bathroom to cleanup. You stay here and rest." "Ok," Ron agreed as Shego left the bed and went into the rest room.

When she finished cleaning herself up and dressing she left the bathroom and found Ron sleeping. "This is way too easy." Shego removed some duct tape and rope that she had hidden in the nightstand, and before Ron could wake up and figure out what happened he was bound and gagged to the bed. Ron tried to shout through the tape, but it only muffled what he was saying. "You're cute Ron, you really are, but you should have listened to Kim," Shego laughed before leaving the room.

* * * "Whatcha got Wade?" Kim asked as she answered her Kimmunicator. "Find Ron and get him away from Shego. She's busted Dr. Drakken out of jail two weeks ago, so she's not alone anymore. She's working with him." "So what's the rest of their plan?" "I don't know yet but as soon as I do I'll let you know." "Alright thanks Wade." Kim closed her Kimmunicator and put it back in her purse. "Something up?" Matt asked. "Yeah Shego's not alone," Kim said as she ran out onto the dance floor looking for Ron.

She didn't see him and after asking around found out the two of them got into an elevator. Kim then ran to the hotel front desk. The man behind the counter had his back to Kim as he typed away on a computer. "Excuse, I need to know what room a Shego or Ron Stoppable is in." "Shego hmm?" The man said as he turned to face Kim. "Dr. Drakken! I should have figured it out sooner!" "Indeed Kim Possible it is I.

As for Shego she's right behind you." "Why you little bi---" Kim fell to the floor asleep as Shego blew some powder from her hand into Kim's face. "Tsk tsk Kim. We normally get a better fight from you." Drakken sneered as he jumped over the counter and picked up Kim's body. "She took less effort than Ron did, now let's get out of here," Shego said as she and Dr. Drakken went through a side exit. Shego pushed several buttons on a remote and a car flew around the side and stopped in front of the three of them.

Drakken dumped Kim's body in the back seat and got in the car on the driver's side and Shego got in on the passenger side. They sped off down the road into the darkness of night.

* * * Kim slowly opened her eyes and rubbed them. She yawned, stretched, then noticed there was a draft in the room she was in. As she brought her hands together to blow on them to warm them, she realized she was nude when her nipple brushed up against her arm. "Oh my god! I'm naked!" Kim thought as her face turned red and she sat on the floor against the wall trying to cover herself up.

As she tried to remember the events that brought her here, she recalled Shego and Dr. Drakken being the last things she remembered before blacking out. Kim then took a look around the room to get her bearings. The room was the epitome of plain. White walls, while floor, no windows, and just one door. There was nothing in the way of furniture. She literally was trapped inside a white box. Kim got up and checked to see if the door was locked or not and unfortunately it was.

She then sat back down the floor trying to figure out what to do. As she got lost in thought the door to her room opened and Dr. Drakken walked in followed by some goons wearing a simpler version of Dr. Drakken's uniform. "Ah it's good to see you awake again Kim Possible." "Drakken! What're you up to and where are my clothes?!?" "I can answer both of your questions with one answer. You've always been a hindrance to my plans for world domination.

Shego's been great as far as evil villains go, but you've always managed to thwart anything we thought of. So what better way to defeat one super spy with another. I shall clone you and call it Evil Kim.

As for your clothes, while indeed I may be a pervert, we need you sanitized and clean for the cloning to work. We stripped you when we got here, cleaned you, and threw you in this room until we were ready which happens to be now." "You evil evil man!

You'll never get away with this!" "Yes well who's going to save you? Hmm? Ok get her boys and take her to cloning room one." As she was dragged through the sanitized hall to the cloning room, Kim did her best to come up with a plan.

She couldn't think of anything until she was placed inside the cloning tube. "Eeeew! That's so gross, but it may be the only way out." Dr. Drakken pushed some buttons in the control room nearby and the cloning tube Kim was in hummed to life. Within a few minutes, the tube next to Kim created an exact clone of her, but it was still unconscious. Kim's cloning tube died back down and Dr. Drakken's voice yelled over the announcement system.

"Take the Good Kim and feed her to the polar bears. She's no longer needed." "Polar bears? I must be in his Alpine Lair. Now what to do to escape." The same two goons that dragged her from her cell now took her from the tube and carried her through the hall in a new direction. Within a few minutes, the three of them were in a feeding room with a cage that held two polar bears.

As one of the goons walked off Kim spoke. "Hey guys we don't need to do this you know." "What're you talking about?" One of them spoke. "What if instead of killing me I made it both your while to let me go?" "Don't listen to her, if Drakken finds out we disobeyed him we're dead meat." "Come on guys, when was the last time, you got do have sex with someone this young and cute?" Kim asked as she hugged and leaned on the goon next to her.

"We have our orders," he responded. "Well if you're not satisfied when we're finished you can still feed me to the bears. Okay?" The second goon walked back over to Kim and the other and squeezed her ass. "When's the next time we're going to have a chance like this," the goon massaging Kim's ass asked.

"That's true, but we have to do it here and it's got to be fast." "No problem guys," Kim agreed as she grabbed both of their cocks through their pants and started to squeeze and play with them. "Hurry up and get on the floor," the first goon said as he dropped his pants and moved Kim's hand so he could start rubbing his crotch. "Yeah, hurry up!" The second goon reiterated as he did the same.

Kim did as she was told and lowered herself to the linoleum floor on all fours. Not the most comfortable of surfaces but at this point she didn't have much room to complain.

Kim opened her mouth as a prick appeared in front of her. "Good good, suck on it," The first goon said as he slid his dick into Kim's mouth and her lips wrapped around it.

"Nice tight pussy back here," The other said as Kim felt her pussy get spread open by the dick behind her. "Mmph! Mmph! Sweet little Kim Possible sure knows how to suck dick!" The goon said as his member slipped in and out of her mouth with increasing speed.

Although in a situation she'd rather not be in, and with two guys she despised, Kim was getting turned on by the idea of getting penetrated by two dicks simultaneously. "Sweet little cunt! Let's see if I can find that hymen!" The second goon continued to furiously push his member deep inside of Kim's pussy.

"Ah there it is!" The goon grabbed Kim's hip and forced his prick deep inside as it found her cherry and broke it. Feeling her hymen brake Kim applied more pressure with her lips and continued to suck off the first goon. "Sweet Kim Possible is giving a great first blowjob," The first goon taunted as he continued to face fuck Kim.

"Now to do some painting." He pulled his penis out and started to jack it off. Within moments hot white cum started to shoot out and pelt Kim's face. As the other goon was cumming on Kim's face the one behind her started to feel his own orgasm start.

"Oh yeah baby! I took Kim's virginity and now I'm going to spray her with my seed!" The still horny goon continued to ram himself into Kim's cunt for a few minutes more before pulling and rubbing his dick. Within a minute of pulling out he was spraying his fluids all over Kim's back and ass.

"Oh god that was nice," the first goon said as got up and pulled up his pants. "Indeed!" the second one agreed as he did the same. "I take it you both enjoyed yourself," Kim said as she wiped the cum from her face and licked her fingers clean, before standing up. "So can I go?" "We've changed our mind." The first goon said as he started to walk to the bear cage.

"Wrong answer!" Kim shouted as she dropped kick the goon still nearby and knocked him out. "Hey bitch!" The conscience shouted as he charged at Kim. Kim swiftly sidestepped him and gave him a roundhouse knocking him out. "These clothes are a bit big," Kim commented as she took the clothes from one of the goons and put them on. "But at least it's got a belt and it'll have to do for now.

Now for them." When the two goons regained consciousness a scary reality hit them. They were trapped in the cage with the polar bears and Kim Possible was nowhere to be found. * * * As Kim ran through the corridors of Dr. Drakken's lair she dispatched his goons as they attacked her. Kim ran around in circles as she always ended up in the same corridor. Eventually she did find herself in a control room with a large computer screen that showed everything the security cameras picked up.

"Ah Kim, It's good to see you again." Dr. Drakken's voice rang out of the announcement system and the computer screen turned into a live video of her in the very room she was in. "What do you want Drakken?!?" "It's not what I want but what you want." The screen switched from Kim to Ron being held by a rope above a large pot like structure and Shego standing in front of it with a remote in her hand.

"If you want Ron alive, then come to my chambers." "Ooooooh! You evil evil man!" Kim shouted. "Why yes I am." Kim watched as Shego pushed a button on her remote and Ron dropped closer to the vat. "Fine, how do I get there?" "Simple just follow the lights." "What lights?" Just then the floor lit up heading down a corridor Kim hadn't been through before.

After following the lights for several minutes Kim came to a stop in front of a door. No sooner had she stopped than the door opened up. "Come in come in Kim. Good to see you made it." Kim entered what looked to be Dr.

Drakken's sleeping quarters. Drakken was sitting on his bed leaning against the headboard and a large screen tv sat on the floor across from him. The picture was fixated on Ron.

"I'm here, now let Ron go." "Not just yet." "What do you want?" "You're wearing the clothes of my goons. Those are very unbecoming of you, now take them off." "What? Are you crazy?" "Perhaps this will help you along." Ron dropped a foot closer to the large vat. "Do you know what is in there? Goolife. You know what Goolife does?" "No what?" Kim asked impatiently.

"You know you really shouldn't take that tone with me seeing as how Ron's life is in your hands. Now, Goolife will suck the life force from him and I can transfer it over to Evil Kim to activate her. Do as I say and I may find another source of to active Evil Kim." "What do you want?" "Now as I said earlier take those clothes off." Finding Dr.

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Drakken utterly repulsive Kim hesitated at first but fearing for Ron did as she was told. "Good good, just as I remembered high school cheerleaders looked. Now come pull down my pants." Dr. Drakken got up from the bed and stood at the foot of it as Kim walked over and pulled only his pants down. Ron dropped another foot and was now dangling only three feet above the Goolife.

"I'm not playing games here Kim." "Ugh. oh god!" Kim thought to herself as Drakken's large wrinkly disgusting pricked popped out with an erection. "You know what to do," Drakken said flatly. Kim did know what he wanted and got on her knees in front of him. She grabbed a hold of his dick and slowly placed her lips around it. "Ah. That's a good girl," Drakken smiled as Kim bobbed her head back and forth on his member. "If you're this good in bed I'll ignore the fact that you killed two of my men." Kim continued to lick and suck on his prick, occasionally tickling his scrotum with her tongue, until Dr.

Drakken felt his precum start to seep out. "Now get on the bed," he commanded, "on all fours." Kim obeyed her orders and with her ass facing Drakken she climbed onto the bed. Drakken grabbed Kim by the hips and guided the head of his cock to her vagina. With a little push it wormed it's way inside and soon his whole member was spreading Kim open. Kim gasped as she felt her pussy get stretched. Dr. Drakken was much larger than the goons she had sex with earlier and his member split her wide.

"Oh god that's big," she whispered to herself as Dr. Drakken continuously pumped himself into her. "But damn. It feels nice to be filled." Losing herself as her dirty thoughts overcame her, Kim soon forgot she was fucking her archenemy and just knew that a massive tool was filling her cunt up. "I see we like this, all the better," Dr Drakken smiled as Kim started to help by pushing back on his crotch. He reaffirmed his grip on her hips pounded her slit relentlessly.

"Oh my god! I think I'm going to come! Even with Drakken!" Kim thought as her body started to tingle with excitement. Drakken's dick was still pounding away at her box.

"Oh yes! I'm gonna come!" Kim whispered trying to keep her secret from Drakken. "Good girl Kim. Cum all you want, it'll make what I do next easier." "Oh yes! Oh yes! I'm cummming!" Kim moaned as an orgasm rocked her body and her pussy squirted out her cum. "Mmmm. Good girl." Dr. Drakken said with glee as he felt her love juices cover his dick.

As her orgasm subsided, somewhat in disgust at having come with Dr. Drakken, Kim turned her head to face him. "You happy now?

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Let Ron go." "Oh I'm not done just yet, Kimmie. One more thing and he's free to go." "What could you possibly wa--" Kim stopped before finishing her question as she felt Drakken pull himself out of her box and felt the head of his member poke at her ass.

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"No! You can't be serious! Oh god that hurts!" Kim screamed as Drakken slowly worked his dick into her anus. "It feels good to me," Dr. Drakken sneered as he started to increasingly slid his prick in and out of Kim's asshole.

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"Oh my god! Please stop! It hurts!" Kim begged as Drakken's engorged member slammed into her butt over and over again. "Well if you don't mind Ron dying." Drakken began. "Ok ok. Keep going." Kim grimaced at the pain she was experiencing as she was being fucked in the ass.


With Kim's tight asshole and his large penis Drakken soon felt his member start to quiver. "Mmph! Very nice ass Kim Possible! Oh yes! Very nice!" Dr. Drakken grunted as his ever spasming cock continued to penetrate Kim's anus. "Oh god it hurts." "Perhaps this will cool the burn." With one last hard deep thrust into Kim's ass Dr. Drakken started to shoot his cum all inside her anus.

He pulled out still squirting and some of it splashed down on her back. Still hurting from her ass Kim just laid there as Drakken's cum dribbled a bit more then came to a stop and pulled up his pants. As he walked towards his door it open and he gave a command. "Throw her in the Goolife." However instead of his goons appearing Ron, Wade, and Rufus showed up instead. "Shego was going on?!?!?" He shouted as he turned to look at his tv screen. Shego was lying on the floor passed out.

"Now to join her in la la land," Ron said as he held his breath and opened up Kim's makeup bottle. The stench that emanated from it knocked out Dr. Drakken almost immediately. "You get Kim while I hack into the computer system and blow this joint up," Wade said as he left the room for the lair's main control room.

* * * As the three of them and Rufus came to a stop at their secret cabin and climbed off their snow mobiles the cold wintry sky lit up with red, orange, and yellow as explosion and fire engulfed Dr. Drakken's lair. "Hey Kim, sorry I got you into this whole mess. I royally screwed up." "Yes you did Ron," Kim said almost glaring at him, "but had I treated you better you would've never been tempted by Shego and her words." "You think we'll see those two again?" Wade asked as one fiery giant explosion rocked the dark sky.

"I know we will. Somehow I have the feeling they escaped."