Dos trolitas uruguayas chupandose la concha

Dos trolitas uruguayas chupandose la concha
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THE NEXT MORNING. For the first time in a long time, I was able to sleep great through the night without having to wake up, that's because Darla & I cuddled up after our love making & ass pounding.

But that was nothing compared to what & who I woke up to the following morning. Although I was still asleep, my mom & dad must've paid us a Saturday morning visit. As I was still sleeping, I felt a nudge on my leg.

As I woke up, I heard my aunt already in the shower in the master bathroom. So who was it then?

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I look up and low & behold, it was my mom & dad there in the bedroom giving me a personal wake-up call. "Good morning son." My mom said. As I laid there surprised, I asked them both, "When did you two get here?" "Just a few minutes ago." My dad asked. Assuming the aunt Darla let them in, I asked, "What are you guys doing here anyway?" "Well," my dad said, "we wanted to see if you two still needed a hand with Eli's bedroom." "Well," I replied, "Were maybe half way done.

We still have to vacuum & move Eli's dresser back into his bedroom." "You mean you two moved his heavy dresser out of his room?" my mom asked.

Then I answered her by saying, "First, we took all of his drawers out. Then we slowly moved his dresser a little bit at a time. It took us a while before we finally put it in Brendan's room." "What about his bed?" my dad asked. Then I answered, " His bed had rollers mounted to the legs of the bed frame. Therefore, it was a piece of cake." "Oh, okay," my dad said. Then I noticed that my mom had an overnight bag with her. She then said, "I knew you didn't bring a change of clothes with you, because you weren't sure at the time you'd be staying over.

So I brought over a change of clothes for you." But little did mom know, the clothes that I wore the day before were already washed along with aunt Darla's.

So I told her, "Actually, my clothes are done in the dryer. She did some laundry last night while we were debating on how to move Eli's bedroom furniture. So she had my strip down and put my clothes in with hers." "Good thinking." My mom said. Then she started sniffing, but in a suspicious way. She than asked, "Why do I smell your aunt's pussy scent on you. Did you too sleep naked last night?" I just stood there frozen, like she put 2 & 2 together.

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"You can't fool both your mother & I." my dad said. "I also noticed that your aunt was waddling a little funny to the bathroom in just a robe." The tense was soon getting to me, they knew something was up between my aunt & I, so I had no choice was to answer.

"Well," I said as I hesitated, "you right. Aunt Darla asked me to breed her last night, so I did." "WHAT!?" both of them exclaimed simultaneously. Then my mom harshly asked, "Why did my sister, your aunt asked you to knock her up? You know how serious this is, not to mention, immoral?" "I'm sorry mom, but I just couldn't help myself." I said. Then I added, "To be honest, I've always fantasized about both of you." "What do you BOTH of us?" my mom said as she began to calm down.

Then I answered her, "Even though you're my mom and Darla's my aunt, both of you are still a couple of drop-dead classic gorgeous beauties." Soon, my mom was soon blushing red.

Then my dad chimed in, "You may be right son, both your mother & your aunt can still turn a lot of heads for their age." "I know how you feel son." My mom said. Then she continued, "Your father fucked both Darla & I once, both of us enjoyed his big cock." "So dad understands how I feel." I said to her. Then my dad made a rather interesting & stunning suggestion, "Maybe you & I could take turns fucking your mother." Whoa, both me & my mom were like 'What did he just say?' "Can you handle me like aunt Darla did last night?" I asked her.

Then she replied, "Well, there's only one way to find out." So my mom and dad both start to undress. As they did that, I uncovered myself from under the comforter & sheets. Seeing my mom was nearly identical to her sister, aunt Darla. Only my mom is more like Raquel Welch. As I exposed my hardened cock, my mom was in awe. "Damn Doug," my mom said, "and I though your father had a big cock." Then my dad said, "Not by much though, but his is just as wide as mine." As both my parents are now naked, I couldn't help but be amazed as my mother's neatly trimmed but thick bush.

"Damn mom," I said in awe, "what is it with you, aunt Darla & a lot of older, sexier women your age?" "What do you mean son?" my mom asked.

Then I replied, "I couldn't help but notice your amazingly trimmed beaver." "To be honest son," my dad chimed in, "men dig women who has some hair on their pussies. They should never shave it." My dad does have a point.

So I had my mom get on all four on the bed, then I said to her, "Mom, why don't I fuck you from behind while you give dad a blowjob, okay?" "Sounds good son." My mom said. "You ready?" "Let's get it on." I said as I got in behind mom. Then, my dad got in front of her so that she could stroke his big cock before she went down on it.

I noticed that my mom was getting horny because I noticed that her pussy is glistening- an indication that her pussy's getting wet. So at first, I positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I wanted to tease her a bit before I slowly inserted it. "Okay mom," I said, I'm gonna put my cock inside of your pussy now. So get ready." "Go slow first son." My mom said after she took my dad's cock out of her mouth.

"Your cock is slightly bigger. And one more thing, don't stop. Fill me up with your cum." And so with that, she turned back towards my dad and resumed sucking his cock. After I teased my mom for a minute or so, I was ready to pump my cock in her.

But I had to be careful at first, so I slowly inserted the head of my shaft until it was completely in. As I did that, my mom was wide-eyed. She soon moaned through her sucking. Like aunt Darla at first, I did a few nice, slow & easy strokes until I put most of my cock deep inside of her without having to split her pussy open.

After I slowly stretched her pussy lips a little, I pulled back out most of the way. Once I knew how far deep I was in without puncturing her cervix, I put my cock back in & I went to work. I was able to grab hold of her tits, even though she was bobbing up & down on my dad's cock.

After about another minute or so, I began to pick up the pace a little. I was enjoying this much as my dad was. I could hear my mom's distorted moans as I still began to pump a little harder.

I began to squeeze my mom's grapefruit tits as I pounded a bit faster, only now I'm busting up a sweat.


Suddenly, I heard the shower go off in the private bath. Aunt Darla was just about finished, not knowing what's going on here. Then, my dad soon began to grunt. "Fuck," he said as he grunted, "I'm gonna cum!!" But neither I nor my mom was listening, I think she wants to swallow his load. Then he grunted, "OHHHHHHHH., SHHHIIITTTT!!!!!!" I could hear my mom gulp as my dad was shooting his load right down her throat.

After about a minute or so, my dad pulled out of my mother's mouth & just laid back. My mom was able to take a big breather, despite that there were a few drops of NY dad's semen coming out of her mouth. "I'm gonna cum!!" my mom said in between her heave breathing. Sure enough, the inner walls of my mom's pussy were clamping down on my cock. Then., it happened.


"Yes., yes., YES!!!!!!!" She said I could feel her pussy juices all around my could as I continued to pound her now loosened pussy. But, it was now my turn to climax. My balls began to churn & boil as my cock has now stiffened as well. But I didn't even give her a warning, I just unloaded in her cunt. "Ohhh., fuucckkk., yyeeaahhh!!!" I moaned as I shot stream after thick stream of my semen inside of my mom.

Right about that time, we heard my aunt's voice. "WHAT THE FUCK!!??" aunt Darla shrieked impatiently. Both my mom & I turned around to stare at aunt Darla, who was standing in her bathrobe.

"Good morning aunt Darla." I said to her as I had a grin from ear to ear, and while my cock was still inside my mom's pussy. Then Darla said, "Obviously, a good morning to you as you have your cock inside of my older sister, your mother!" Then my mom said, "Why not sis? Last night, my son fucked you. Now it's my turn to have some of his seed." "You mean Doug told you about us?" aunt Darla asked. Then my dad replied, "Yes, he did.

"We knew there was a reason you were walking kind of funny this morning." "In addition," I said, "both my mom & dad smelt cunt on me. So I had to say something. That's why my mom had me fuck her while she gave dad a blowjob." Aunt Darla soon understood the situation as I finally pulled my now soft cock out of my mother's pussy.

No sooner I did that, the cum I shot in her ran out like water and onto aunt Darla's sheets. Still, my aunt was stunned that mom took it in BOTH ends. Then, my mom made a rather interesting suggestion. "Darla," my mom said, "Why don't you let my hubby fuck you while I give my son a blowjob." "Okay Diane." My aunt said. "But I want Carl to fuck me in the ass like Doug did last night." "Wait, let me get this straight Doug." my mom said in dismay.

"You mean you butt-fucked your aunt last night?" "Yep," I said, "she took it in the ass too." "I bet you made her squeal like a pig last night, huh?" my mom asked. Then aunt Darla said, "As a matter of fact, I took it in all three holes last night as your son really gave it to me good." "What can I say?

I'm just a young stud puppy." I said as my cock was getting hard again. So we all switched. My aunt got on the bed on all fours & so did my mom. Only I laid back and let my mom do her magic. Meanwhile, my dad got behind my aunt on the bed. Then position his cock at the entrance of my aunt's semi-gaping asshole. Since my aunt just got done taking a shower, her asshole would a bit more loose since it was still wet. This of course, would make his cock easier to slid in. As my dad was proceeding to go to work pounding his sister-in-law's ass, my mom started teasing me by licking my shaft up & down, getting me even more aroused.

Then, she stretched her luscious lips as she began to take my cock all the way in. Then she began to gag & choke, as she began to deep-throat me. "Ohhh.," I said as I was in seventh heaven, "suck my huge cock mom.

Suck it." But as she started bobbing up & down, I could see my aunt moan as my dad was slowly fucking her in the ass. "Ohhhh., fuck!" my aunt said as my dad was speeding up a little. But as far as I was concerned, I was enjoying the pleasure as my mom continued to suck my cock. But I knew I could last a bit longer this time.

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But like before when I was fucking my mom, I wasn't gonna give her a fair warning. A lot of things were racing through my mind at that point, not knowing what I've gotten myself into here.

I might've gotten both my mom AND my aunt pregnant. And now, it's a family-incestuous orgy. A taboo at that. Still, I didn't give a rat's ass. As long as we're all enjoying ourselves, it was alright with me. As my mom was still sucking my huge cock, I could hear my dad saying, "Darla, I'm gonna fuckin' cum!!" "Harder., harder!!" my aunt said in between her breaths. Then, I heard my dad made a loud, grunting moan. "OOHHHHHHHHHHHH&hellip., SSSSSSHHHHHHIIIIITTTTTT…, YYEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!!" my dad yelled as I saw him shoot his load deep inside my aunt.

As soon as my dad quickly pulled out, my aunt turned around to suck the remaining drops of cum until my dad's balls were emptied. I watched, as the load my dad shot in my aunt's gaping asshole was dripping out. As far as I was concerned, I was still hanging in there strong.


But after about another five minutes from the time my dad emptied his balls in my aunt, I was about to erupt again. My balls began to churn & boil again as my cock began to stiffen again.

Then it happened. "OHHH., FFUUCCKKK!!!" I grunted out as I shot load after load of my protein inside of my mother's throat. After she took a few gulps, she sucked me dry. "Boy," I said to my mom as I came back down from my climax, "both you & aunt Darla know how to suck cock." "Thank you son." my mom said.

"You've really earned your perks so far this weekend." After we all caught our breaths, we all got up, cleaned up. My mom and dad washed up firdt, then it was me & my aunt. After we all washed up, we all got dressed, then met in the dining room for some breakfast. Later after we ate breakfast, we cleaned up the dining room and then we went into Eli's bedroom to resume getting it back k in order.

First, my aunt got out the vacuum cleaner. "Doug, I want you to vacuum while we move Eli's dresser back in here. Okay?" she asked. So I responded, "Okay, I'll start right now." So I knew it wouldn't've taken no more than ten minutes to vacuum his entire room, simply because it was that big to begin with.

So I vacuumed in the area where the dresser was gonna go, then I vacuumed under his bed. and then the rest of the rug until I was able to complete the entire room.

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"Okay," I said, "Eli's room is done. You can now move the dresser." My aunt walked in the bedroom and said in amazement, "You're fast. Great job sweetheart." "Thank you aunt Darla." I said. Then, the three of us were able to move Eli's dresser back into his bedroom in a different spot where his bed used to be. After we put all of the drawers back into his dresser, we finished cleaning Eli's bedroom without even breaking a sweat. After we finished, the for of us all sat in the living room, just taking a breather after all the hard work we all put into.

"So what do you two have planned for later?" my aunt asked. Then my dad replied, "We don't have a while lot." "Jane has to work all day." My mom said. Then she continued, "By the way, your brother called last night." "Really?," I asked, "What did Dean want?" Then my mom replied, "Him & his fiancé are coming in later today." "Cool," I said.

After that brief little chat, the phone rang.

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So my aunt got up to answer it. She probably talked no more than a few minutes, then she hung up. "That was Eli." My aunt said. "He's ready to "come home. So I'm gonna go pick him up here shortly." "Alright," my mom said, "I think we're gonna go too." "I agree, let's roll." I said. And so after we all said our goodbyes', me, my mom & my dad were off.

It was clear that what we all did was immoral & risky. But as long as no one outside that family jnew, I knew we'd be safe. TO BE CONTINUED&hellip.