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Pic new new small young boys gay sex and xxx big boys gay sex images
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I laid on the bed with a still raging hard-on, even though Natalia had just massaged my dick and had given me a great explosive ejaculation. I thought for sure I was going to go limp, but watching her smell and lick her fingers clean of my hot come, and clean her pussy come out of her own panties brought my dick right back to life. Just as I was about to turn over on my side behind Natalia and take my turn, My daughter Rachelle, decided to roll back over and lay across the left side of me now.

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She puts her left arm across my stomach, and moves her left knee up touching my hard dick and my still moist pubic hair, that Natalia had just washed off a few minutes ago.

Rachelle starts waking from her sleep noticing that her knee was getting wet from my pubic hair. She moves her hand down to investagate where the moisture was coming from, touches my pubic hair and then touches my dick as she was exploring. She moves her hand away quick for a moment, then moves it back over to feel it again.

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She slowly starts touching the side of my now leaking buldge, and heads to the top of it where she runs into the leaking opening of my swollen head. She moves her fingers over it again and again, feeling the precum lubing her fingers and making the touch on my head so much better. She stops for a moment and I can feel the blankets move as her head is now on the top of my stomach, Her hand grasp around my swollen shaft as much as could fit.

She starts stroking the whole length of it, and I can start to feel my balls boiling to release the load that is built up in them.

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Her pace picks up and doesn't realize that she is now making the whole bed move. Natalia feels the movement and rolls back over to see the sheets moving up and down between my legs as my daughter is stroking me. Natalia slides over puts her hand out and meets my daughter's hand in the top stroke, Rachelle pulls her hand away quickly and looks over at Natalia.

Natalia says "Shh! It's allright I just did that with your dad about 20 minutes ago" Rachelle asks; "You did? Is that why his pubic hair is wet?" Natalia softy giggles and says; "NO!

That is where I had washed him off after her squirted some juice out of his dick, you know sperm" (I am going nuts just laying there, listening to these two young girls talking about my dick!) Natalia looks over and whispers; "Remember when we watched my mom's DVD where it showed the two girls putting the guys thingy in their mouths?" Rachelle says; " Yes I remember." "Well, your dad is asleep and his dick is hard let's try it and see what it taste like." Rachelle says; "I don't know, what if he wakes up while we are doing it?" Natalia says: " we'll just taste it for a few minutes, he won't wake up from that." Rachelle thinks about it for a few seconds and says; "ok!

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but you first, I wanna watch." I am now going nuts, knowing that the girls have agreed to try this. Natalia gets out of bed, turns the light on in the bathroom, giving just enough light for them to watch what each one would be doing to me. They slowly pull the sheets down past my knees and leaned over and started touching my dick again.


Natalia would touch the top, while my daughter was stroking the shaft and then switch with my daughter touching the top and Natalia stroking the shaft. I was in heaven watching them through my squinting eyelids!

Rachelle asks; " Well are you going to? You know, taste it? " Natalia says; " ok, I'll try it " I can feel her hair move over my stomach, down over my pubes and I can feel her breath going over the tip of my raging dick. I squint my eyes open just enough to see Natalia right over the tip of my dick and my daughter close on the other side to see what happens.

Natalia opens her mouth and puts just the tip in. I can feel her warm little mouth and her tongue touching the tip, tasting my hot precum. She moves her tongue around a little more, telling me she is loving the taste and feel of it in her mouth.

(I can tell that this girl is going to be a great cock sucker when she gets older.) I am getting so close from the attention I've been getting, and the fact of knowing that Natalia was sucking the first cock in her life. Rachelle looks over and says; " How is it? " Natalia looks up and says " You try it, It's nice. " Rachelle leans over puts it in her mouth, she goes down and gags a little and come back up.Natalia says; " just suck the top of it and taste the tip with your tongue." Rachelle does what Natalia tells her and begins sucking on the tip and swirling her little young tongue over and over again across the top.

I couldn't take it anymore feeling my sexy young daughter sucking on my dick and licking on my dick, that i just exploded right into her mouth.

She jumped back real quick as the first load hit the back of the throat and as the second load came out it and hit Natalia right in the face. Both girls looked at each other and then at me to see if I had wakened up, I just laid there and acted like I was still sleeping.


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Was that hard to do! Part # 6 I had just shot my first load down my daughter's throat, and the second load had landed on Natalia face, and the third and forth wound up on my stomach. The girls had turned to see if I was awake from the attention I was getting from them.

( It took everything I had in me to keep from jumping up and holding my daughter's mouth over my pulsing cock! ) Satisfied I was asleep, Natalia looked over at my daughter and said: " How was it? Did you like it?" Rachelle looked back at her and licking the small bit of semen on her bottom lip said; " Yeah it wasn't so bad, he surprised me when he come in my mouth. His come is a little salty but it was ok." Natalia was taking her hand and wiping her face off and sticking her fingers in her mouth tasting me and saying; " I wanna suck him next time and see if I can swollow the whole thing." (The next time!

I wondered what she meant by the next time and when was the next time.

I was hoping it would be soon! ) The girls got up and went to the bathroom. Natalia made the cloth wet and headed back to the bed and preceeded to clean me off again. Rachelle was on the other side and took her finger and stuck it in my come that was still on my belly, put it up to her mouth and said; " mmmm!

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baby batter! " The two girls giggled together and pulled the sheet up after they were done.


Natalia took the cloth back to the bathroom and then slid back in bed, laying on her side with her ass torwarde me and Rachelle slid in and laid her head back on my chest with her leg on mine and part of her body on mine also. We all went back to sleep till about 10:00 AM. ( I guess we all slept in from the lack of sleep the night before from the storm and the activity we had in bed.) I woke up first and nudged my daughter to let me up. She slightly woke up and pulled her head up and kissed me on the neck and said; " I love you daddy.

" I told her that I loved her too and I needed to go to the bathroom before we had a flood on the bed because my kidneys were about to burst.

She rolled over on her back and I climbed over the top of her. As I did I realized that my dick was still out of my pajamas and brushed across her leg, then it hit her semi-bald pussy top and then her next leg.

Her whole body shook a little as my dick ran across the top of her puffy pussy. I realized that she must have taken her shorts off during the night. I guess they were wet from the masterbating that was going on that night. Man! That felt good to feel my dick across the top of her pussy!

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I got up, went to the bathroom, shut the door and let my pajama bottom drop to the floor. I turn on the shower, climb in and let the hot water hit me. Thinking about my dick rubbing across my daughter's virgin sparsly hair covered pussy get me excited again and I grab my dick and let the water hit as I'm moving my hand back and forth on it, thinking what it would be like to sink this ridgid pole into that lovely tight virgin snatch of hers, tearing her hymen away and making her a woman.

That sends me over the edge and I am coming so hard that I almost fall over from my knees going weak from the strength of my orgasm thinking this come could be going into her virgin unprotected young pussy. Man! That was good! I finish taking a shower head out of the bathroom, finding that the girls had left and went back to their room.

I knocked on the door and said; " What would you like to do today? " My daughter told me to come in,I opened the door and came in.


Both of the girls were laying on the bed, half under the covers, as I was asking them again what they wanted to do, I noticed that their nipples were getting hard while they were looking at my crotch area. They both stared for a few seconds and then my daughter caught herself and said; " How about some more food on the grill and while we are waiting we could swim and tan awhile, Is that allright with you daddy?" I said that would be fine and to go get their showers and brush their teeth while I changed into my shorts and started food.

I went into my room dropped my pajama bottom and put on a pair of shorts. I opened the door and started out torwards the hallway, when Natalia came out of my daughter's room heading for the bathroom with just a towel on. and when she turned and seen me and she jumped and the towel fell off of her one side and I got a lovely view of her young sweet body.

That lovely budding titties and that perky ass of hers. I could start to feal my dick stirring again in my shorts. She ran into the bathroom and shut the door. I smiled and headed for the kitchen to get the goodies to start the barbeque.

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I kept thinking about last night and couldn't wait to see them in their swim suits. I could start to feel my dick stirring in my pants thinking of those two lovely virgins in a two peice suit! Nice!