Taboo daddy teen first time cronyly Family Competition

Taboo daddy teen first time cronyly Family Competition
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SOON I hooked up with one of the cheerleaders from my high school a couple of weeks before and we were, sort of, dating. She wasn`t my prom date however. She was smoking, her father loaded and in my favor, but I didn't really like her, at first. We weren't allowed to drink more than a couple glasses of wine or champagne at the dance hall, even though most of us were already 18+. So, after the official part of the dance, speeches etc., we headed to the parking lot behind, where we stashed our booze and cigs and could listen to our own music on the car speakers.

For most of the time I was just cracking jokes like a always do and partying with my friends even though I saw how she looks at me from the very start of the prom and that she's a sure thing.

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Probably that`s why I wasn`t that interested. But then my friends started giving me shit like: C'mon man. look at her. she's hot and you can see it in her eyes that she wants your D. maaan you're a f*cking homo if you don`t hit that tonight. at least do it for the team and u can tell all about how she was later.

we`ll buy u a 6 pack! So tired of their drunken horny shit and being drunk and horny myself I started making my way over to her. I could see that the closer I got the more nervous she became, her eyes however still stayed glued onto me. I smiled and looked her in those big beautiful green eyes and said: Hi H. how's it hangin'?

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H: (kinda nervous) Hi Max. Suddenly u know me again?? Me: (smiling) I would be ashamed not to know a girl like U ;) H: (with a sudden smile and expression of relief and joy on her face which she so desperately tried to hide and still kinda play hard to get) Oh, and u think one of your "compliments" is gonna change the fact that u're ignoring me the whole prom??

Me: Look, I know it wasn`t fair of me. But you realize that the whole school is here, plus their folks and all of the teachers… Being a SCP, volleyball team captain and debate club president. well. H: (interrupting me) Yeah, I get it I get it. U're the "Man"! Me: H, now that`s not fair of u. U know I'm all yours and only yours when we`re alone. So I finally strip her out of her armor of playing hard to get.

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She hugs me. H: (starts to tear up) I've missed u so much Max.

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I`m tired of your stupid friends and teammates hitting on me and drooling over me. When will u be truly mine? And only mine? Me: Soon. We start to kiss gently, romantically and yet so passionately.

Assholes in the back start cheering, yelling and whistling and her stupid girlfriends start to giggle and whisper into each other's ears, but neither of us cared. It was us now and we knew we're the best of what that shithole of a school had to offer. Others knew it damn well too. She takes my hand and starts to lead me somewhere. I didn't ask her where are we going and I didn't care as long as my hand was in her small, warm, soft palm.


As she walks a bit in front of me, I observe her beautiful body in her tight, short, violet prom dress, her long legs in high heels, her thick, wavy brown, long hair with the wind flowing through them, the side of her pretty face in the mixture of moon and car lot lamp light, and her model-like, gracious, feminine style of walking. I won't lie, all that took care of an instant boner. As we walk halfway into a shady, smoky, dark, back alley a couple of blocks away from the dance hall, she stops.

She takes both of my hands in hers and starts to kiss me the way she never had before neither did any other girl. And there were a lot of them, to be honest. She let go of my hands and slowly works her way up to my neck, gently stroking my abs and chest, with them.


She made me shiver and goose bumps were all over me. I grab her by her hips and start to kiss her neck and cleavage. She starts to breathe heavily. I'm touching, stroking and gently squeezing her amazing, gym-shaped bottom and her solid C cups. Her even faster and heavier breathing into my ears and onto my neck were a massive turn-on again.

H: I`m in love with u Max! I just didn`t have the courage to admit it before!

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We continue to make out, this time with a bit of me gently biting and sucking her full red lips. H: I even had trouble admitting it to myself… No one has ever made me feel the way u do! The kissing goes to the soft-porn level. H: Stay with me! I`m the girl for u! And we both know it! Leave those dirty skanks be… As we continue to drink each other's youth, love and passion… she starts lowering her hands down my chest and abs again.

But she doesn`t stop there but goes down into my pants. We did hand stuff before, but that was it, because she was a virgin. This time was different… She starts unzipping my pants and takes out my belt. As she intends to take my manhood between her beautiful lips, I stop her.

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I stroke her cheeks and hair and look down again in her goddess eyes and say: Are you sure about this H.? You`re not gonna regret it in the morning? H: I know I won't! I`m ready… And I wanna show you how much you mean to me. Even though she never did oral before, or so she said, she was quite good at it. After some time she stops.

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She stands back up again, takes my hands, kisses me and leads me a couple of steps away, with her cat`s eyes looking deeply into mine at all times. My friend slips halfway back into my pants. She playfully pushes me down onto a filthy cardboard coated bench on which waiters sit during their cigarette break.

She sits in my lap and kisses my neck, licks my ears with the tip of her tongue so I can feel and hear her warm, fast breath. She takes off her black silk thong and grabs my hair firmly as I continue to kiss her rack and breasts. Then she starts grinding her now bare naked crotch on my thigh. This time the heavy breathing wasn`t the only sound she was making.

She holds my right hand, licks my fingers, puts them in her mouth and starts sucking with her eyes closed. Every now and then she opens them and seductively looks me again while continuing her thing. It was so hot, I felt like she's sucking something else again.

She then takes my fingers out of her mouth and slowly takes them further and further down… She puts my hand under her dress between her legs and I can feel that the heavy breathing and moans are not the only thing I'm making H.

do and that she wouldn`t have to wet my fingers in her mouth. We couldn't take more than literally a minute of it. So she comes as close to me as it`s possible, grinding her breasts against my chest and I penetrate her hymen. The first scream was from the pain.

I could hear it. The next few were from painful delight. And in a short while the pain was gone from her voice and face. That`s not the only thing that was gone in those moments. We were both done again in a minute. As we hurry back to the dance hall, so our parents wouldn't get suspicious, we suddenly realize that we used no protection at all… But we were so filled with excitement, endorphins and happiness that we just didn`t care.

After a week or so we got into a fight and broke up. Writing this and remembering those good times, makes me think… I should call H.

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