Sensual college girl is seduced and rode by senior teacher

Sensual college girl is seduced and rode by senior teacher
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Mistress and I have been chatting online, through text messages, phone calls and a few vanilla meetings to get to know each other better for several months. Finally we meet at her place for the first of many training sessions.I arrive at Mistress's house, she opens the door and lets me in.

Mistress is dressed in a black leather corset, fishnet stockings, heels and a pair of long black gloves. Follow me to my room my pet. I have some things I want you to change into.

Yes Mistress. We get to her room and she has a beautiful black leather corset with garter straps, black seam up the back thigh high stockings, Some very sexy come fuck me pumps and a black and hot pink leather collar with a matching leash.

I walk over to the bed and get undressed.

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Before you put the items on that I have layed out for you, let me get a good look at my slave. She walks over and inspects my body from top to bottom. Very nice my slave. I love that nice round ass of yours. It will make spanking it such a pleasure. Your tits are gorgeous, I want to start working them right away to produce milk for your Mistress. You will be working them along with me. Your legs are nice and long and will look very nice in stockings and heels for me.

Now put the stuff on while I watch you getting all dressed nice and sexy for your Mistress. Yes Mistress, anything you wish. I begin with the stockings, pulling them up my legs, one at a time, until they can't go up any farther. Next comes the corset, it is the kind that comes just under the bust. I pull it on and Mistress comes over and tightens it for me.

Making sure that it is nice and tight to push my breasts out as far as she can get them. Then I put the heels on. Mistress takes the collar in her hands, places it around my neck and fastens it. Then she attaches the leash. She takes a few steps away, turns around to look at how I look dressed as her slut. You look very beautiful my slave. I am going to enjoy using your body for my pleasure and having you service your Mistress as only you will be able to my pet.

Thank you Mistress. I am gald that you approve Mistress.

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She walks up to me and grabs the leash. Come with me my pet. I have another surprise for you. She leads me into her basement which she has set up as her dungeon.

She leads me over to her cross, has me approach it face first. Then she grabs a riding crop that she has laid near on a table and spreads my legs with it, hitting my legs slightly so that I move them wider apart. Then she bends down by one of my ankels, takes the leather cuff she has attached to the cross and straps my leg in place. She moves over to the other leg and does the same. Then Mistress moves up to my arms, grabbing one arm and pulling it up to the leather cuff at the top of the cross and attaches it to my wrist.

She then moves to the other arm and attaches it in place also. Now I have my slut where I want her. She takes the riding crop and slides it over my butt, tracing the curves of my ass.

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Then she smacks my ass with the riding crop. I feel the heat left on my ass from the leather crop after it strikes. Oh now that is beatutiful my slave.

Your ass is going to turn a nice shade of red for Mistress.

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Then she takes another swing, smack, it connects with my ass harder than the first. Mistress rubs my ass right where the crop has landed. Mistress continues to make my ass nice and red, until she has it to the perfect shade of red that Mistress enjoys on her slaves ass. Now my slut's ass is just the way I like it.

Such a nice deep red my pet. How does it feel pet? It feels very good Mistress. Nice and warm. Very good per, just the way it should feel. Mistress grabbed a fur piece and rubbed my ass with it. Then she took a butt plug, lubed it up, put some lube on the opening of my asshole. Now you know why I reddened your ass slut.

I am going to make you wear this plug during the rest of my use of you pet. Yes Mistress, that will be very nice mistress. Good girl my slut. Then she put the plug up to my ass and slowly starts to insert it into my lubed opening.

Slowly she pushes until the plug finally pops into my ass completely. Then she rubs my ass with her had and gives it a nice smack to ensure that the plug is completely in. Nest Mistress grabs a riding crop and walks aroung to the front side of the cross where she has easier access to my pussy.

She takes the crop and rubs it against my pussy. Now my pet, I am going to make your pussy as red as your ass is. I want to see that cute pussy nice and red. Then she smacks the crop hard against my pussy and catches me off guard. I let out a slight moan of pain and Mistress smacks my pussy again. Oh my pet, did I hurt you a bit? Yes Mistress, it did hurt just a bit.

Good. All sluts deserve a little pain in their lives.


Yes Mistress. Please hurt me some more if that is what you wish. It is what I enjoy, my pet. Then she smacks my pussy even harder. She watches the look on my face as she strikes my pussy with each blow.

Mistress comes closer enough to me to give me a kiss as she strikes me once again. This time, the pain is replaced with the pleasure of Mistress very sexy, passionate kiss and I moan with pleasure.

Thats my pet.

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Those are the kind of moans I wish to hear coming out of your mouth. Yes Mistress. Then she kneels down to take a look at the pussy she has been turning a nice shade of red.

Oh my pet, your pussy is perfectly red now. Then Mistress gets a clit clamp, comes over and kneels down to place it onto my clit. Once she had it on, she gets a very nice sized vibrator and comes over, turns it on and reaches down and places it over my clit. How does that feel my pet? Oh Mistress, it feels very good. Oh so very good Mistress. Good girl. Now I am going to tell you this, you will not cum unless I tell you that you can. I understand Mistress. no cumming unless you say so Mistress.

Now I want you in a better position pet. She removes the vibrator from my clit and turns it off. Mistress undoes the binds on my wrists and then on my ankles.

She then leads me over to a fuck bench. She has me climb onto it and spread my legs. Once on the bench, Mistress takes the restraints attached to the bench and binds my ankles so that my legs are spread wide, then she has me lean over the top and she binds my wrists to the front of the bench to assure that I will not be moving at all while she has her way with me. Now my pet, you are exactly where I want you. You are going to be a very well used slut today.

Yes Mistress. Then she smacks my ass to let me know that the plug is still inserted. She grabs the vibrator once again and comes up behind me and places it over my clit once more.

Then she rubs it up and down my slit, from my clit to my ass and back again. Mistress takes the vibrator and slowly inserts it into my pussy, driving me completely crazy with it. Mistress, I urge, I really feel the need to cum Mistress. May I cum for you Mistress? No my pet, you will not cum yet. Not until I tell you that you can pet. Understand? Yes Mistress, I understand, no cumming.

Good pet. Then she removes the vibrator from my pussy. Leaving me restrained to the bench. I have to run to the rest room my pet. I will be right back. Don't go anywhere. I will be right where you leave me Mistress.

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Good pet. she leaves the room and forgets to shut the door tight. Mistress has a beautiful male German shepord who she tries to keep out of her dungeon while she is playing with her slaves.

Her dogs name is Master.

She told me once that it was a name suited for her dog. Master pushes at the door and enters the dungeon. He walks around until he finds me completely exposed and restrained to the bench. Master sniffs my ass and nudges the plug with his nose.

Then I feel his tongue start to lick at my pussy. His tongue goes from my clit to my ass with one very slow lap and then another and another. I try to shoe him away, but it is useless.

I can't move at all and Master is basically having his way with me with his tongue. Then I see Master talk a walk around the bench. He stops and licks my face and I notice his big cock is very hard. He continues with his walk and stops back behind me once again. He takes one more lick of my pussy and then I feel him jump up behind me, putting his front paws onto the bench. He starts to move behind me and puts his cock at my pussy opening and starts to hump like dogs are known for doing.

I feel his cock trying to find its way into my pussy as I try to get him to get down from the bench with no luck at all. The next thing I know, Master's cock hits home and is shoved deep inside of my pussy. Master picks up the pace and fucks me fast and hard. Mistress comes back into the room just as Master is fucking her slave good and hard. She yells out Master, what do you think you are doing to my pet?

But she knows all to well that she is already too late to stop him from fucking me as long as he wishes. I am very sorry my pet, I didn't mean for him to get ahold of you like this. How does his cock feel in your pussy my slave?

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It feels very good Mistress. Will be ok for me to cum while he fucks me like this Mistress? Not until I tell you pet. Yes Mistress. Master keeps fucking me for what seems like forever before he shoots his first load deep inside of my hot, stretched, aching to cum so bad, pussy.

Please may I cum Mistress? I don't think I can wait any longer. Master has my pussy so hot and ready to blow Mistress. Please may I cum, I beg. Yes My slave, you may cum now. I know how it feels to have Master shoot his load inside of your pussy. It is very hard not to cum with him fucking you my pet. Cum for your Mistress my pet.

Let me hear your screams of release. Master continues to fuck me with hard demanding strokes. It takes only a few more thrusts of his cock into my pussy and I am screaming as Mistress wishes, yelling yes, I am cumming Mistress. Yesssss. Oh thank you very much for allowing me to cum for you Mistress.

Thank you very much Mistress. Master continues to fuck me with hard deep strokes. Slamming his cock balls deep with every thrust. I feel him cum once more with the same huge load as the first one. He has cum so much into me that it is running out of my pussy, down my legs, onto the bench and onto the floor. Mistress is very pleased with the amount of Masters hot seed that he has pumped into my hot dripping wet pussy.

Oh my pet, you are being such a good girl. Taking all of Masters cock into your pussy and his hot seed that he is injecting you with my pet. You are being a very good bitch for Master. He likes his bitches to take everything he has for them for as long as he chooses. I can tell he is going to stay knotted with for a good long time my pet. He is making no moves at all in trying to break his knot with you.

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So just relax and enjoy the ride for as long as Master gives it to you my slut. Yes Mistress, anything you wish of your slave Mistress. Master continues to fuck me hard and deep for about two hours before the swelling in his knot finally goes down enough for him to pull out of my pussy.

He has cum so much that Mistress had to put a bowl under the bench to catch it as it ran down. Once Master dismounted, Mistress took the bowl out from under the bench. She brought it around so that I could see how much cum she collected in the bowl after she placed it under the bench.

Now my pet, you will clean up the mess that Master has created, starting with this bowl full of cum. I want you to lap up every last drop while I hold this here for you my pet. Yes Mistress, as you wish. I begin lapping up Master's cum out of the bowl. savoring every drop as I do.

It tastes very good Mistress. Thank you for being so kind as to catch it in a bowl for your slave Mistress. I continue lapping it all up until the bowl is clean. Then Mistress undoes the restraints on my arms and then on my legs. She helps me off of the bench and onto the floor. She grabs the leash that is hanging from my collar and tells me to lick the bench clean and when I am finished with the bench, lick the floor clean. Yes Mistress, anything you wish.

I licked the bench clean with my tongue and when I was finished with the bench I went down to the floor and licked it clean as well.

When all was satisfactory to Mistress, she told me to walk on my hands and knees behind her. I followed behind her being led over to the sofa that was against one of the walls.

once there, Mistress sat down, spread her legs and told me to lick her pussy until she cums in my mouth. I quickly positioned myself at the edge of the sofa so that I could give my Mistress's pussy a proper licking. I leaned in and began to lick and nibble at her clit. She reached down and started to pet my head, so i licked and nibbled her swollen click even more. Mistress started to moan as my tongue went down from her clit, slowly sliding its way down her slit to her hot, moist pussy and started to lick her pussy.

I licked her pussy, plunging my tongue into her pussy, lapping at her juices. Tasting every ouce of her tasty, sweet juice. Sucking on her lips as my tongue probed her inside. Mistress grabbed my head by my hair and pulled me into her pussy. Rubbing her pussy up and down on my face, moaning with a fierce desire and need to release.

I plunged my tongue into her again and at the same time, I sucked her lipsinto my mouth and she screamed as her juices started to flow into my mouth. Catching as much as i could, I swallowed as fast as possible, not wanting to let a drop of her juices scape my wanting mouth. When Mistress was finished cumming in my mouth, she stood up, grabbed the leash and led me to Master's kennel. She opened the door, took my leash off and told me to enter.

I crawled into the kennel, turned around and looked up at her and she said, you make a very good pet my slave. Then she closed the door and walked away. She returned a few minutes later with Master. She opened the door to let him and he instantly entered, walked behind me and I could tell that he wanted another piece of my pussy. He mounted me and started fucking me while I was confined in his kennel with him. Just the way every pet should be, used by her Mistress and her Master, Mistress told me.

Master will use you until he has had enough and then you can take a nap curled up with your Master my pet.


You may also cum as needed while he rides your very used pussy, pet. Yes Mistress I said, thank you very much for allowing me to be your used pet Mistress. Then Mistress turned and walked away. Went to her bedroom to get some sleep while I was used by Master once again.

Master started increasing the speed of his thrusts into my aching pussy and I could hold back my orgasm any longer. I came long and loud and as I did, I could feel Master shoot his load deep inside of me once again. Master fucked my for about another hour or so until he was drained and his knot went down enough for him to dismount.

Then he pushed me with his nose to tell me in his way to lay down. I took his clue and layed down, Master layed down right behind me, put his head over my shoulder and two of his paws, one over my mid body and the other over my legs to keep me next to him as we slept.

I fell asleep quickly after all of the use that I had endured. Feeling secure in the arms of my new Master in my Mistress's home. To be continued if it is liked.