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Hercules the Wonder Dog Alley finished marking some reports and headed for the shower and an early night in front of the TV in her room. Hercules, her loving boxer watched as she undressed and stepped into the shower then climbed up on the bed and curled up waiting for his loving master to join him. Mark was out at a business dinner and did not usually get in before midnight so Alley would be fast asleep by then. Mark and Alley would have kids one day but for now they doted on Hercules and spoiled him rotten.

The three of them went to the beach and went for runs together and were generally inseparable. Alley finished in the shower and dried her athletic body and her long blonde hair as Hercules looked on. She threw on some panties and a big old T-Shirt of Mark's then climbed into bed and massaged Hercules behind the ears. He loved that which showed as his head sank contently into her lap. Alley flicked through the stations without much joy as there was nothing that interested her on TV.

She decided to read a bit and sat back and started flicking through until she found her place and started reading. As she read a fingertip made circles in the top of Hercules head which was slumped on top of Alley's flat stomach.

She soon dozed off and quickly sank into a deep sleep. It was around 2a.m. that Alley and Hercules were awoken by a loud crash in the back of the house. Hercules ran to investigate the crash barking loudly as he went. Then there was silence.


Alley became very nervous after two minutes that seemed like hours as Hercules had not returned. All of a sudden there was a growl in the doorway and a flash of light as a gun went off. In that brief moment Alley saw Hercules tackle the intruder who ran crashing through the front door as he escaped.

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Alley shook and cried briefly before getting herself together to call the police. She got up the nerve to get out of bed and turn the light on and when she did she saw blood trailing from the bedroom with Hercules footprints and came to the terrifying conclusion that he must have been shot in the tussle. "Oh my god baby, where are you are you ok" A hand grabbed her and she turned to face the intruder who had returned.

"You better not ring the cops or I'll" "I already did and they're on there………&hellip. Her sentence was interrupted as Hercules leapt onto the intruder landing with all of his weight in his chest, pinning him to the ground.

A squad car screeched to a halt out and two officers thundered down the driveway and cuffed the man and dragged him away as a second car and an ambulance arrived. A female officer began to take a statement from Alley who suddenly looked at Hercules as he lay slumped on the floor with a pool of blood growing from underneath him. "Oh my God.

I'm ok, I'm ok, it's Hercules, and he's been shot" She hugged his head to her chest and sobbed bitterly "He saved my life, please don't let him die.

You have to help him" Breaking protocol the police officer said "Ok we can take your statement later. Driver get this dog to a Vet" The paramedic stretchered the dog into the back of his ambulance followed by Alley who sat with him until they got to a hospital. "But this is a hospital?" Alley said a little taken back. "It's ok I have a friend who owes me, he'll be happy to take a look at him for you" They worked quickly to get him into a theatre and Alley waited nervously rocking backward and forward praying the whole time her baby would be ok.

Memories flashed through her mind of her time with Hercules making her cry and at one point burst out in laughter as a picture of him as a puppy with his head wrapped in toilet paper came to mind.

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Mark had left his dinner urgently telling his colleagues a member of the family had been in an accident and in his mind he was not lying. He burst into the corridor and ran to Alley "Are you ok? What Happened?" "I'll be ok, that bastard shot our baby" She sobbed as he held her tight. "He'll be fine honey, He'll be fine.

I hear he is a hero" "Oh Mark, he saved my life. He took a bullet that I should have and then came back and saved me again" "Don't talk like that Honey the police say he was a burglar and just after money. He must have thought no one was home because my car was not there" "Well at least he's going away thanks to our brave boy, there's even talk of a police medal" Just then the surgeon came out and said "Look he's through the worst of it.

The bullet went straight through the top of his arm only centimetres from his heart so we didn't have to do any more damage removing a bullet. We cleaned him up and repaired the damage but he lost a lot of blood.

He has a good chance of getting through this but he can't stay here I'm sorry" "Oh I've course. When can we take him home?" "Well he's too weak at the moment. I am on overnight, if you come back first thing in the morning before the next shift I think I can organise a comfortable ride home" "Oh I can't leave him here, I just can't" "Please can we stay?" Mark pleaded.

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"Look, I will move him to another room soon and then you can stay if you wish but it won't be much of a room as there's not much available. We're pretty full at the moment" "Oh thank you, thank you for everything" "Don't thank me yet he will take a while to recover.

I'll write some things down for you, exercises and stuff for his rehabilitation, just weight here I'll get him moved into a room and let you know when he is settled" A few minutes later he returned and showed them into a room where Hercules was resting. Alley sat above his head and rubbed his head around his ears and Mark sat in front holding a paw. "Thank you buddy, I owe you one" He sighed as he looked at his gorgeous wife across the bed.

It was going to be a long night for all of them but at least they were all together.


Mark awoke in the morning and looked across at the bed. Alley had climbed up on the bed next to Hercules and was snuggled up close to him with her hand over his beating heart, they were both still asleep. "Wake up sleepy heads, the Doc will be here soon and then we can get you home boy" He said gently shaking Hercules' paw and waking them both.

Just then the doctor came in with a couple of Ambulance officers. "Ok gang' let's get you all home" They skilfully moved Hercules onto a stretcher and then into the back of the ambulance. "Well well, someone's feeling better" The doctor said noticing Hercules had a raging boner.

"It happens sometimes when they awake from surgery. It's a good sign; he should be up and about in a few weeks" Mark followed the ambulance home; Alley went with her saviour in the back. When the officers settled Hercules inside they handed Mark a bunch of notes on changing the dressings on the wounds and the information the surgeon had promised them and then left.

Alley took the next week off from work to be at home with Hercules and take care of him, it was the least she could do for her hero. Alley was looking forward to playing nurse to Hercules. Mark and she were mot mad animal fanatics but they did love Hercules a lot and he really was one of the family and now Alley owed her life to him so she was going to spoil him rotten.

She knew he was not up to a bath so she decided a sponge bath was a good idea. She cleaned him carefully around the area of the wound and scrubbed and massaged him patches at a time. When she went to scrub his tummy she was shocked to notice he either still or again had a very stiff cock. "Oh you poor boy that looks so uncomfortable" She finished cleaning him and then fixed him some lunch. Later on that afternoon she called a vet and asked about his little 'condition'.

"It should be back to normal tomorrow" The vet said "If not I can't imagine it is a major problem, it certainly shouldn't harm him. It just means he's horny is all" The vet chuckled. Yeah thanks buddy Alley thought to herself. She told Mark that night and he suggested they try and get him some female company if it persisted and Alley thought it was a great idea. After all he really did need a suitable reward for saving her life. Mark snuggled up with him and watched TV in their room that night while Alley did some research on Hercules rehabilitation.

She also called a few friends with dogs and finally lined up a date with a cute little poodle for the following week. He should be up to it by then Alley thought. "Honey, come and take a look" Mark called out from the bedroom. When she got there Hercules was back to normal, his boner was gone. "Oh that's good" She sighed "It looked so painful and hard today.

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Oh I got him a date for next Tuesday. Chantelle is coming to visit big fella" "Ooh look he's excited already" Mark said noticing his cock starting to get hard again. Alley went back into the lounge and before long Mark fell asleep with t he dog snuggled up on the bed. Alley worked with Hercules for the next few days and he showed significant improvement. He was up and walking with a little difficulty but at least he was up and about.

He was still getting a hard on frequently but Alley was excited for his date and it was only one more day away. Mark got home around 5 the next day and helped Alley bath him ready for his big date.

As they bathed Hercules was again hard and they joked that he knew what he was in for. 7pm came with a knock at the front door. Mark opened the door and greeted Jake and Chantelle "Here she is and believe me she is ready to go" Jake said. Apparently she had been humping everything that moved in their house and was driving them crazy. "Back in an hour" He said grinning "Oh I doubt it will take that long" Mark replied with Chantelle already humping his leg.

Jake left and Mark took Chantelle through to the very cosy doggy honeymoon sweet they had set up in the garage for the happy couple. Jake left her in the room and went to get Hercules.

Alley took him and immediately Chantelle was all over Hercules. Mark and Alley ran around and peered in the window from outside.

To their surprise Hercules just stared at the door as the pretty poodle made a fuss. They watched for another few minutes and then Alley said "I better go in and rescue our boy from her" With surprise and a little disappointment in her voice. "Perhaps he is just not up to it yet" Mark said. When Jake arrived to pick up Chantelle they were a little embarrassed to explain what happened but Jake was very gracious and let them know anytime he was feeling better he would bring Chantelle back around.

Mark and Alley turned in early that night as Mark had a 12 hour day the next day, the first time he would be out late since the break in had occurred. Alley was strong though and she planned to snuggle in bed with her hero dog all night. Late that night after Alley had fallen asleep she was awoken by Hercules whimpering. She flicked the bedside lamp on immediately looking into the room half expecting to see another intruder.

After she calmed down she noticed that poor Hercules was again rock hard. Tears welled up in her eyes as she couldn't bear for him to be suffering after all he had done for her.

Without thinking she reached out and touched his rock hard cock. Immediately it sprang up and he looked at her. She touched it again and his leg started kicking. Alley battled briefly in her head and then decided that if it was in her power to help him then she must, she owed him at least that much. She wrapped her tiny hand around his big hard cock and started stroking. She pulled hard and fast knowing that he would like it that way and after a few minutes grew tired and changed hands.

Eventually she ended up using two hands on his long thin shaft. Without warning he sprayed doggy jizz across the bed and all over her hands. Alley squeezed harder but slowed down the pace making sure to milk him dry before she stopped. She lay down next to him and for the first time since the break in he looked contented and fell asleep with Alley's arm draped across him and her hand on top of his pumping heart.

Alley struggled to tell Mark over breakfast the next morning but it had to be done so she dug deep and finally just blurted it out. "Hercules was horny again last night so I gave him a hand job" He laughed so hard he nearly fell of his stool before he saw she was serious.

"Umm .well.look I don't know how to respond to that" "He was so hard and so restless I just couldn't bear to see it" She tried to explain. "Honey, I'm not angry but can we talk about it when I get home if that's ok?" "Ok, oh and I thought if you didn't mind I might give my other favourite but recently neglected boy a hand job tonight too" "If you put it that way forget the talk, I think we could skip the talk and move straight into the hand job" Mark said with a grin.


That night Mark arrived home to find his favourite meal of Osso-Bucco waiting for him. He nearly swallowed the meat including the bone whole to get to 'desert' as quickly as he could. "It hasn't been that long Honey, slow down" Alley teased. "Hey take it as a compliment" He went and took a shower and Alley put Hercules in the garage and lit some candles in the bedroom trying to create a little romance in spite of Mark's desperation.

When Mark came out of the shower his gorgeous wife lay on her side propped up on an elbow wearing nothing but a cheeky grin. Mark developed a hard on immediately which lead him pointed him toward his wife. He kneeled on the bed and leaning over kissed her on the lips and said "Oh my God you are beautiful, I'm so sorry things have been so crazy lately" She placed a finger on his lips to silence him and then opened her legs. He lay down between her legs and started lapping at her pussy.

He kissed and licked and nibbled playfully as she began to breathe harder and faster. He was soon slurping on her lips and clit causing her to puff and pant in delight. He began thrusting his tongue in and out of her furiously and felt her building to an orgasm. Her hips bucked, her lips quivered and a stream of juice sprayed into Mark's hungry mouth again and again as Alley's body convulsed in waves of orgasm.

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"Oh my god I needed that" She sighed "Ok, your turn, Up you come" She beckoned Mark with a finger and he followed her direction immediately.

He lay on his back with his eight inches standing up like a cobra ready to strike. She swallowed his knob and immediately started bobbing up and down on his cock. He put his hands on the back of her head and helped her downward thrusts trying to work all eight inches of his hardness into the back of her throat.

They were so occupied by what they were doing that neither of them noticed the door slowly open as Hercules quietly snuck in. He stood looking up at the display occurring before him puffing with his tongue hanging out. Alley's bare ass was pointing up and out inviting him to join them. Immediately he bounced up on the bed and mounted Alley before she could stop him. "Oh my God" Alley grunted.

"Shit, let me up babe. I'll stop him" "NO, No let him. I owe him baby, please" She begged "Isn't he hurting you?" "No not really, not yet" She gasped as he hammered away at her pussy. She started sucking Mark's cock again and he closed his eyes as he was still unable to watch his wife taking in Hercules's cock, it was just too weird. Before long she stopped sucking and screamed "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh" Mark looked into her eyes and put to her as a question "His knot" She nodded as her orgasm subsided and resumed slurping down her husband's cock.

Mark started massaging her beautiful smallish tits as they bounced up and down in time with Hercules's thrusts. Hercules whined as he shot streams of doggy jizz deep inside Alleys stomach. The feeling made Alley start to shudder again in an orgasm of her own. Mark opened his eyes to see his wife in delicious agony which made his balls churn.

He spurted cum into his wife's mouth with a series of grunt's. His wife lay next to him and Hercules curled up beside her. "Thank you boys" She said contentedly "Honey I think I know what was making his dick hard" Mark said with a wry grin.

Alley blushed. "How? Why did this happen?" "Honey, none of that matters. My beautiful wife is alive and well and it's all because of him. If he is happy to share you with me I figure I owe him that much, WE owe him that much" Votes and comments are much appreciated.