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Sexy cam girl with ohmibod vibrator Jenny Taborda
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THE KINCAID FAMILY KINK - part 4 by Oediplex 8==3~ Part 4: When many fantasies are finally fulfilled When she awoke Mandy could see by the clock it was well past time for Harry to be gone to work.

Sure enough, it was just Jack and herself in their big bed. She looked over at her son and saw in the youth, both the boy he once was, and the man he was now becoming. Her heart was simultaneously filled with sentimental nostalgia and maternal pride, and, she had to admit, unladylike lust for the lad. At that moment, as if sensing her third more base emotion, Jack rolled over on to his back. A morning woodie tenting the sheet at his middle.

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"Morning, mom. That was some night, huh?" "Had fun, did you?" "You know I did. How about some more? See what cock the son-rise brings crowing?" He drew back the covering and both bare bodies came to light. There was a resplendent erection exposed and Mandy's eyes feasted on that sausage of her son's. "You have the awfullest puns, but an awesome penis!" "I need to have an orgasm awfully bad, mom. Would you be good enough to help?" "You want me to be bad and give you a good cum, is that what your asking?" she answered with equally raunchy repartee.

"I'll make sure you are handsomely rewarded for your efforts." "Well, you are handsome, are you my reward?" "If you'll let me be." Danger! Danger! The little voice said in her head. "Jack, I'm NOT going to let you have me. That is forbidden. ." "By who? Not dad." "Jack! By your mom! And society and God and everything that. . OH FUCK! At least not without your father being here, and I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with us doing it even then.

But that's not going to happen this morning, no matter what else occurs in the future." "So, you might let me. . I mean allow us you and me to make love some day? Really mom?" "Well, all three of us want it, no denying that now. But - it still is a big step and it's not something to be done lightly or rashly.

But, yeah. . it might happen. Until then, NO fucking mommy! Your father and I will let you know if we decide on that, so nothing before. You understand?" "Sure mom, I respect that's it's yours and dad's decision.

But what about my morning stiffy, can't you help me out? I mean without stepping past the line, even though dad's not here at the moment?" "Mmm I have an idea, get on top of me, missionary position.

But keep your peter high on my tummy, okay?" "You got it!" Sonny climbed on board between her legs. His chest wasn't as furry as his father's, and his beard not as rough, but he was a full grown male above a worldly woman. The potential for being ravaged was not lost on his mom, as he covered her body, yet she trusted him. Herself was another matter, since his turgid prick was a temptation Mandy was going to find difficult to resist, she was now horny too!

She began rocking them, as her pelvis rolled her hips so that his dick dipped and rose on the pillow of her stomach. "Let's review your recent sex education lessons." She whispered in a breathy tone, lips close to his right ear. "First you were listening at your parents door while we were making love." "And masturbating." "Yes, and then you watch a porno film with your father at the hotel." "And masturbated." "That's what you both did.

Then mommy discovered your secret, that the woman in the video reminded you of your mother." "And you masturbated me until I came" Jack was rubbing up and down on his mother's smooth abdomen.

"Umm-humm, I did indeed!

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You continued to listen and one time you even saw us through the open door!" "I was masturbating and you saw me having a great big cum!" "You were naked and shot all over the hall rug." "Then next time, dad caught me, masturbating outside your door again." "He made you come in and sit in the chair." As her son was getting into the swing of this trip down memory lane his dick was slipping lower and his balls were now combing through Mandy's pubic hair.

"You sat in the chair while your mother masturbated you," she intoned. "And daddy was fucking mommy from behind." "Then we watched the video together on the couch." Her idea was working too well, as now his manhood was making more enthusiastic motions and coming closed to the fuzzy delta. "You masturbated both dad and me." "Then I went down on you, while Harry put it to me, while watching part of his fantasy actually happening before his very eyes." "We wound up in a three-way, you rode dad while I masturbated on your ass.

And now I'm masturbating on your pussy, mom!" He was, his cock was stroking through the labia. She was thoroughly soaked, and this was going to wind up with them screwing any second, she feared.

But she had no will to stop him. The erotic dialog had done its job on her as well! Mandy was so turned on that she was beyond caring, caring about what but minutes before, she had proclaimed would not/could not be, but was about to.

But it was not to be. The very moment he sipped at the lip, of the cup of her vagina, with the tip of his super stiff schtupper - he popped the gun, and came on the outside of her thigh with a thick, warm dollop of jism. The potential disaster had been avoided, but frustrated Mandy, as she wanted to get off as well, but was denied fulfillment.

But her son knew the score, even if he hadn't scored with mom that morn. He immediately bent double to bring his face to his mother's pussy, and began to kiss her cunt. 'Well,' she thought, 'If I can't have his dingus, at least he's going to give me cunnilingus!' Jack's tongue was a sinuous wet worm that wriggled among the folds of her womanhood. It slithered along the labia. It licked clit and slid up and down her slit. It taunted her flesh and flicked the flaps and flexed in ways that left her breathless.

She delighted in his pulsing pushing into her pudenda, the stretching of that pink digit of rasping texture which explored her weeping hollow, her cavity of depravity. For surely no decent mother would have allowed her child to suckle at her vagina, to slurp the seeping fluid of feminine arousal.

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But she had no modesty, no sense of moral propriety, no inhibitions to bar the assault at the gates of her sex. As long as the battering ram of his boner was not being used, she was open to his oral attentions, as a well to a bucket.

The 'well' she suddenly realized was about to become a geyser, a hot spray of steamy flow. A spout and shout of cum, which was overtaking her body, overwhelming the brain, overpower all control.

It blasted right in his face, a stream of some sort of liquid jet shot out and coated Jack's face. Mandy had never ever cum that hard, no orgasm had been so gripping, and been so high a climb, nor peaked so forcefully. It was phenomenal, it was a reaction which she had not had in her whole life. Where had the substance that dripped off of her son's smiling visage originated? Was it the mysterious female ejaculation, somewhere she had heard of?


She thought that was a myth, until now. 'I certainly didn't know I had it in me', she mused in amusement. But it was out now, spunky spume spewed right in the kid's kisser! Jack was laughing (thank God!) "Jeez, mom, you might provide flood warnings next time!" "Listen, you tickle with your tongue in mommy's muff, you're going to covered with mom's stuff, so tough! I hope you've had enough?" "Talk about wet spots!" That made her burst into giggles. They chuckled and hugged, and (after she wiped his face with the bedding) kissed and cuddled.

Then drifted off into a dozy nap. She, holding Jack's dick, his hand covering her pussy, legs intertwined, and arms encompassing each other. A tender twosome, a sated pair, dreaming of pleasures yet to cum. * * * * * * * * Mandy thought that with the 'as good as a ticket of admission' which she had made confession of, to her own boy; that with the presence, and assured permission of his dad, she would screw him; that with those conditions Jack would be fucking her that very evening.

She had to be honest with herself, she was looking forward to it. But it didn't turn out that way. Harry phoned from the office saying he was getting ahead on some of his work in anticipation of a trip he was planning to take on the weekend. This was not entirely something new, he was conscientious of his position with the firm; late hours and travel were part of why he had been given promotions, and climbed the corporate ladder in a steady progression up the rungs.

Still, it was a little bit of a disappointment. And, she was only too well aware, a mite sticky. She didn't want to be alone in the home, with just her and Jack and their lust. Temptation was a very powerful force, and while Jack might be trusted to be the gentleman she had raised to be respectful; she was unsure of her own self-control.

Now that the 'cat was out of the bag' about her dark incestuous desires, (or should that phrase be more like 'pussy in the sack'?), she to needed be a bit more circumspect in these circumstances. She decided to play it safe, and suggested going out for pizza and a movie Jack's choice of film.

To her delight, he suggest an upscale French restaurant and a chick-flick she had been wanting to see.

By the time they returned home, it was late. Harry was back, sound asleep on the couch, the television news on, but the sound muted.

She remoted the set off and took her hubby to bed. Herself as well, after giving Jack a very promising French kiss, and leaving him to retire too. Nobody was messing around that evening, their sinful sex would save, and be the sweeter. The next day was as normal as baseball and apple pie and traffic jams. Harry went off to work, with a promise to be home for dinner.

Jack went off to play a game of softball with his buddies, and Mandy baked apple pie for desert. As she pealed the apples, she thought of Eve and the Garden. Okay, her spouse was Adam, but Jack was the good child, Able - with a cane stalk stiffy that rivaled his old man's. Everybody was going to be eating apple pie, they were both going to have her pie, indeed have her.

The threesome were going to leave their leaves on the ground, and taste forbidden fruit. She felt like taking off all her clothes, and serving dinner in just a tiny apron. That would be a tasty surprise, when she came out of the kitchen. The guys would cum in their pants. She laughed out loud, at the image in Mandy's mind. She chickened out of that costume caper, but baked a capon chicken to serve as the main course. Along with that was stuffing from a box, ('they will be stuffing my box!'), gravy ('slurping was alright too!'), and carrots.

('Why do rabbits have more fun than people? - There are more rabbits than people.

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- - And why are there more rabbits than people? - Rabbits have more fun than people!') 'Tonight, I'm the bunny and we are going to fuck like rabbits!!' Mandy let her mind go places that no wife and mother ought to wander off to.

Heated rolls completed the menu from the lusting hausfrau. Her imagined table talk went, "Jack, would you like some breast? Harry, how about a thigh? Bite on these hot buns, boys!" She picked out two bottles of a nice, dry Suave Blanc for dinner and put them in the fridge to chill. Mandy took another sip of cooking sherry. If she got tipsy, she developed round heals, and was a push-over, landing with her skirt up, and her knees spread.

Her thoughts continued to think of the evenings escapades. Would Harry have her first, and Jack get sloppy seconds? Or would he give their son the honor of humping his mother first, and then hubby hop on, and have his way with her then?

Or was it up to her? Mandy took another sip. Definitely her choice, Harry's vision was Jack and mom, let him watch the fantasy cum to life. Sip. Now, did she want to ride their boy, or have him take her from behind, or do missionary?

Nothing fancy the first time. Jack on top. Sip. Or, what if things got wild after that, and they teamed up to do her, both at the same time! She gulped the rest of the glass. She wasn't quite ready for that. She would have to be pretty soused for sure. Or better yet, really stoned. Of course she and Harry hadn't smoked the stuff in years.


Bet Jack knew where to score a couple of joints, though! Some other time maybe not both intoxicants at once but some grass might be nice once in awhile. Ding! Went the timer. Almost cocktail hour. NO! After the meal would be cocks and tail!! The front door opened. "Mom! I'm back." "Great honey. Wash your hands and set the table." "I'm going to take a quick shower, I'm all sweaty from the game. Then I get to it." ('And then I'll get you all sweaty again, after supper!') she said to herself under her breath as he bounded upstairs.

"Fine, Sweety, good idea!" she called to his retreating form. A few minutes later, the sound of the garage door going up, was heard distinctly. "Juicy! Hy'm 'ome!" Came the voice of Harry in his best Dezi imitation, coming in the side door. "Mmm, it smells great! 'Coq a vin'?" "Your getting chicken this evening, but I'm having a couple of cocks tonight, I hope!" She gave her hubby a big hug and kiss as he came into the kitchen.

She loosened his tie, then undid his zipper and stuck her hand in to fondle him thru the silk of his boxers, he thickened quickly. "You can't count on it, Babe! Are you going to be juicy, lover?" "Yeah, you and not-so-little-Ricky are going to play with my bongos and get me into big trouble. We are going to have a very memorable episode!" "Ay-yai-yai-yah-yai!" He left to change out of his suit.

Jack came back and did the table up right, with linen and the good silver, even candlesticks. Harry got flowers from the garden when he returned and arranged them in a vase. It was romantic, Mandy was being wooed. Dinner was a big success. After pie, they were a bit full, so they agreed to play some cards, once things were cleared. Jack got a deck and they sat down around the table again.

"Gin Rummy, Hearts, Go Fish?" Mandy asked innocently. A short pause of silence, for a moment. Then both males said almost simultaneously, "Strip Poker, of course!" In a little while, everyone had lost all their clothes, and they all were bare.

Then they lost interest in the diversion, and retired to the master bedroom to play a different sort of gambol, an even more adult form of recreation.

Harry to masturbate, Jack to bed his mom, and Mandy was game. She had put fresh sheets in the morning, tomorrow they would need to be changed again, she was sure.

Harry dragged the corner easy chair, which Jack had occupied several night before, to bedside and sat, a ring-side seat. Mandy moved the middle of the mat and motioned her son to join her. Jack clambered up next to his sexy mom, his erection already weeping pre-cum. They kissed. Harry nodded his approval and touch himself. The fantasy, the Kincaid family kink continued. * * * * * * * * Jack was either a natural, or had learned about being gentle from watching them earlier.

His sweet smooches started with eyelids and roamed the face of his mother. He did not neglect her ears, but no wet-willy stuff. Continuing down her neck to Mandy's cleavage and mounting to the nipples with nibbles.

He ventured down her tummy, into the pubic tangle. Mandy's felt a happy tingle inside, as his lips sweetly clamped on her clit, and suckled her nubbin. Her son sipped at the lips of her engorged labia, and the wild tongue wiggled in between those fleshy gates, making his mom gasp and sigh. Harry was all eyes, and slowly rubbing his erection. His wife would send him an air kiss or smile once in a while, but mostly her attention was on the succor Jack's mouth provided, to her body's desires.

Then, in a carefully executed maneuver the athletic youth scrambled around to continue munching on Mandy's muff, but in the ying / yang of the sixty-nine position, presenting his hard-on at her oral opening. She was a sucker for this kind of action.

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Reaching to direct his boner to her grinning orifice, she gulped the plum head of Jack's prick like a fish taking the bait whole.

Harry made a hiss as he inhaled, obviously thrilled, by what he was watching. He bent forward to get a close-up. For several minutes the only noises in the room were wet, moist slurping sounds, and gasps for air from mouths engaging genitalia, and the wheezing from the middle-age father in his excitement at the lewd scene.

The foreplay reached a fevered pitch, but Jack wanted their first time of fucking, to be the first of their orgasms of the evening as well, so he swung around again and brought his orientation face-to-face with her, once more. His mother understood the tactic as preparation for the main event, spread her knees, and lifted her legs to cradle her boy between her thighs. Mandy's young man made to manipulate his manhood at the juncture of her limbs, the center of her craving, the cavity of her lust.

He placed his pole close to her hole, but failed to dock after several attempts. Harry lent a hand, and guided his youngster's missile to the soggy silo of his wife's sex. Then, with the young squire's prick properly pointed and placed at the damp entrance of his dearest damsel's delights, her husband let his son sink into mother's depths.

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Mandy didn't just feel the press of her baby's penis into her vagina, she saw its push in her mind's eye, like watching a porno video with both of them on the screen.

The length of his cock was posed at the gash of her cunt, then, it disappeared into the encompassing flesh. An offering of her son's male endowment delving oh-so-slowly upwards into the accepting womanhood of his mom's worthy reward.

His instrument of love, making music in her chamber. Mandy gloried as the wand of muscle made magic, millimeter by millimeter, as it slid forward within the gripping clasp of her pulsing purse of blood filled tissue. They fit exactly; his thick, long fuck-digit thrust in lust to be enclothed by her singlet covering, sex glove of love. So went the son's seven, into his mother's heaven, satisfying her pussy's longing for his luxurious velvet covered scepter.

All the way, completely sheathed, poking to the top of her hole, banging on the bottom of her center core. Mandy was dimly aware that Harry pressed Jack's haunch to hold him firmly against her hips, their pelvises pushed to maximum contact.

She was concentrating on the power of her boy's tower, touching the mouth of her very womb, the origin of his being, the place his life began.

Her love for him had always had the physical element to it. From his growing inside her uterus, to his suckling her milk, to hugs and kisses, putting bandages on his scrapped knees, rubbing his sore muscles from a sports injury, to now sharing with him the joy of sex.

It was the last step, and the circle of life. Their first fuck and the completion of their reunion. Jack gave his mom what he had long to, to take from her the gift of herself, to offer proof of his love. He had ever wanted to please her, the drawings as a child, the ceramics made at art, his good manners, the flowers on Mother's day, the grades and the trophies from school - as she took pride in his successes.

And now, with his skill as a lover, his creative pleasuring of her body, he sought to raise her to heights of ecstasy; to show that the son she had brought up, was a man that would make her feel the sexual energy she inspired in him.

He knew that his father was there, in the chair, cheering him on, always had ever been his supportive parent, made him feel like a champion. So he put it to his mom, to make the old man burst his buttons, socked it to mother and did dad proud.

Harry was happy, his most deviant dream was cumming true, his wildest fantastic fantasy unfolded before him. Jack was completing the culmination of that hotel ambition, born out of Jack's confession, and Harry's own Oedipal desires, long suppressed.

This was the moment it had all been building to, the maypole dance that had wound its way around a carnal pillar, an intertwining of longings and lustings that had captured the three of them in an incestuous manage a trois.

Mandy's twat was managing to catch Jack's column, and give as good as she got. 'God!' thought Harry 'is that hot!' But Harry suddenly realized he was missing out on something he wanted too, now that it was out in the open with all of them, everybody knowing what each other's lewd cravings were.

It wasn't his wife's body, nor his son's screwing her royal, nor this scene straight from his lascivious imagination, that Harry was discovering as a deficient. But he had already set in motion a plan, to take care of that naughty need. Soon the circle-of-sin would be enlarged, he was certain.

Now the languid pace of sex picked up.

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Where there was once the to and fro like a violin's bow, as son sawed into mom's maw; now Jack no more fiddled, but put his efforts at long, strong strokes of real rutting passion. He began to punch his prick to her pussy, to pack it to her with firm force. It was driving the nail home, Jack hammered his hard-on to pound against her pud and she lifted up her hips to meet him in her own pelvic bumping.

Pistoning in his mother's chassis, the kid threw his cock, battering her cunt in countless clashes. The slap of loins was echo by the smack of flying fingers, on the father's erection. The fucking was building toward a crescendo, the banging of bodies, and organ-fisting, of the Kincaid clan was nearing its climax, finally.

In a frenzy of physical activity, the three were impelling the impending peak, to push their nervous systems the limit of uttermost intensity. Then the dam broke, the ground heaved, the sky cracked, the atomic explosion flashed. Mandy was transported to another plane of existence.

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Jack felt like he had grown a pumping fire hose. Harry swore he was struck by lighting. The flow of cum was copious, the fluids flooded out, coating loins with frothy lotion.

Sweat dripped off of each like they had been in the rain. They groaned as if in woeful mourning, their breathing trying to suck enough oxygen in, as if at the top of Everest. Exhaustion drained energy from them, like water poured out of a tipped bucket. They feebly reached out to caress each other and whispered hoarsely, "I love you" I love you, too". Three kindred souls, their bodies bound together in kinky lust, love binding their hearts, in a kind of intercourse of spirits.

The Kincaid family fucking their brains out, living their fantasies, finding fulfillment in incestuous sex.