Oil massage with wet irrumation

Oil massage with wet irrumation
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Every since the sex offender, Patricia has taken my young body, I have had most incredible sexual pleasures in becoming her personal sex slave whose always hungry for more, but it was on a holiday weekend when I had off from work where I would experience intense use of my body as sex toy that will keep me cumming for as long as I shall live. As I got home from working from 2nd shift, I decided I would get myself a hot shower and hit the hay. Unbeknownst to me, Patricia used my house key to get in my home as I gave her permission to come in my home to help me with laundry and etc as I work long shifts, leaving me with little time to anything.

Anyways, as I went into my bedroom and to my dresser to get my pajamas out,Patricia came out from behind the bedroom door, and came up from behind as she took her slender hands over my cock and balls, whispering in my ear, You're not going to need your PJs, your naked body belongs to me. Than Patricia told me to turn around and to look at her, and she stared at me eye to eye with her paralyzing blue eyes, telling me, Kneel down before you slave, kneel before your queen!

I slowly kneeled down before her as she was wearing a short night shirt with no panties, showing her freshly shaved pussy. Patricia told me to look up at her, and as I done what I was told she pushed my head into her mound telling my to kiss your queen on her lips, make feel good slave!

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I kissed her beautiful pussy lips with great passion, as she told me to shove that up in my hole and tongue fuck me. I plunged my tongue deep into my queen's pussy as she started fucking my face.

Than Patricia ordered me to my bed on my back and she planted her ass and pussy over my face, demanding me to eat her ass and pussy. As I was satisfying my queen's body, Patricia took my cock deep in her mouth sucking me and licking my balls and ass.

Than Patricia rolled off me, saying Fuck me, now! I gladly got on top of her sliding my cock into her hot experienced hole fucking her like a wild animal as she was clinching me with her pussy muscles.

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Than Patricia told me to get off of her, and as I did she got on her hands and knees, telling me, I want you to cum in my ass, and fuck my ass hard! With great pleasure I took my 8.5 inch cock into Patricia's sweet round ass and started pumping her tight hole, and as I was fucking her ass, Patricia kept moaning and rocking me harder as I exploded in her ass!.

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That night we spent the entire night with her taking every drop of my cum in all 3 holes, and I said to her, how much better can her mind-blowing sex could be? She answered back, you will find out tomorrow, you have one huge surprise tomorrow!

The next morning, we took shower together, and while we in the shower stall, Patricia told me that she wanted some breakfast as she slid down to my waist and took my cock into her mouth. Patricia was sucking and licking my cock and she would lick my balls to make my cock that much harder as she took it back in her mouth deep in her throat As Patricia was sucking me harder and faster, she took her hand up the crack of my ass and took her slender finger into my asshole and started finger fucking me, locating my prostate gland, telling me.

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Oh yes, I am going to make you cum as she swallowed my cock as she sent me into like convulsions as she swallowed every drop of my jizz, as she smiled saying, mmmmm what a delicious breakfast! Than Patricia told me that she wanted me to go somewhere today across town, to a friends home. As we got to her friends house, she introduced me to brunette female named, Brenda. Brenda was about 5.2, 43 years of age and to tell you the truth, she was very attractive for her age.

We all started out with small talk and I would soon find out that Brenda was in fact a nurse, I kinda figured she was, seeing her wearing purple scrubs. As Patricia exited the room, Brenda came over to the couch next to me asking me about how I met Patricia and so on, than she told me, that her and Patricia have a lot in common in how they both like younger guys like myself. Than Patricia looked and Brenda and asked her, you like my toy that I want to share with you?

Brenda looked at me with her stunning green eyes as she put her hand up my shirt, saying, Oh I like you yeah, but I an going to like you better naked, now take off your clothes. As I stripped naked both Patricia and Brenda grabbed me and started ripping off my clothes saying WE FUCKING WANT YOU NAKED NOW!!

and escorted me to Brenda's bedroom, commanding me to get on the bed.

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As I got on the bed, Brenda told Patricia, you're right, John does indeed has a very hot body, I am just interested in just how hot it really is! Brenda went into the bathroom but this time without her scrub pants or panties showing her nicely trimmed pussy. She than sat on the bed telling to put my face in her lap and eat her pussy.

As I was doing as I was told by Brenda, she got my attention by pointing at the glass thermometer saying I want to see just how hot you really are, this thermometer is going up your cute ass, and you better not resist it either, now put your face in my pussy and eat it As I was eating nicely groomed Brenda's snatch, Patricia told Brenda to let her lube our sex slave's ass before you check his temperature.

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I felt Patricia's warm tongue circling my tiny hole and as they agreed my hole was lubed enough, I could feel the cold glass thermometer enter my hole. As plunged my tongue more aggressively in Brenda's snatch, she started taking the thermometer back and forth in my ass to the point it was driving me crazy.

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Than Brenda got me on my back in the bed leaving the thermometer in my ass and started to take my cock into her mouth and licking my balls. Than I felt her take the thermometer out of my ass saying, wow you are hot, but you're going get much hotter when Patricia and I are done with you.

Patricia smiled at me saying that's right slave, as she lowered her pussy and ass to my face, saying, you know what to do, I shouldn't have to tell you slave, and after you do me, you're also going to eat out Brenda.

While Brenda and Patricia was taking turns making me eat their asses and love holes, they were taking turns sucking my cock and licking my balls and ass. Than Brenda took my cock into her pussy and rode me hard and rough saying this is what Patricia are going to do to you all weekend long your body is ours.


As both women took turns were done taking my cock into their hot pussy, Brenda smiled at Patricia and said let's take his temperature again, see how much hotter he is now! Oh hell yes smiled Patricia, as she took the thermometer in plunged it into my hole. As Brenda took the thermometer our of my hole, she goes, wow John you need a cool down, you better come with us in the bathroom!

As I looked towards the tub, with Patricia holding me still, I watched Brenda fill up the water bottle with the long rectal syringe Brenda whispered yes John you're getting an enema, now bend over for Brenda.


I bent over for Brenda as she told me relax slave I'll lube your sweet little hole! Brenda started licking my outer part of my hole and then she spread open my hole shoving her tongue in my hole, than I became rock hard. Than Brenda inserted the long nozzle in my hole and as the water flowed in me she took my cock making me cum in her throat.

Than after I emptied the water in the toilet , they both turns fucking my ass with their strap-ons making me cum over and over again. So okay they're both older women, one is a registered sex offender and the other is a very perverted nurse, but I am not complaining, they can use my body all they want.