Mommysgirl sinnlich Stieftochter Verführung

Mommysgirl sinnlich Stieftochter Verführung
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Part two: the Assassin I walked in the direction Violet told me to head. The rain had stopped and the sun had dried the leaves and the grass. The farther I moved away from Violet's home the more I realized my sexual needs had not been met.


I hungered for more. Without Violet knowing she had created a monster even stronger than the one my parents had created years ago. But there was no going back now unfortunately.

So I pressed on. It seemed like hours and I had nothing to eat. Thankfully Violet had made me a back pack full of supplies. Some fruit and a bottle of water; I decided to take it off and get a drink of the water and grab an apple.

But as soon as the pack touched ground a person dressed in full black rushed from the bushes. I unsheathed my sword instantly and blocked the stranger's sword from colliding into my skull. I took a quick look at my assailant. It was definitely female I could tell by the figure. She was wearing a black sleeveless shirt and black pants and over her head she had a long piece of black cloth and wrapped it around her head.

The only thing visible besides her arms (which were actually pretty muscle toned) and her feet was one of her amber eyes. I pushed her off of me and stared at her.

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"Usually I'm against fighting and killing girls without pay" I said viciously. "But this time I'm going to have to make an exception." She rushed at me her sword readying to stab. I jumped to the side just as she stabbed. She barely missed. I swung down at her but she was a lot faster than I thought. She moved out of the way and stabbed again; this time she hit skin. She got me right in the shoulder.

Then out of shock I struck her head with the butt of my sword. She dropped instantly. Never in all my years of being a bounty hunter, have I ever been touched by a weapon. Especially the weapon of a woman.

I stared down upon her and was ready to strike her with my sword. It would have been so easy… but I couldn't do it. I sheathed my sword and went to walk away. But then a thought occurred to me. What if when she woke up she just followed me? I had to bind her up with something. I looked around for some rope or something similar.

Then I looked at the knocked out girl. The cloth around her head looked like a good idea. I unraveled it and it turned out to be pretty long. I cut it in half; I used one strand to bind her wrists together. Then I tied her legs together.

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"That ought to keep you from following me" I said to myself mostly. Then I finally looked at her face for the first time. She had short brown hair and had a very pretty face. I bent down to get a better look at her and her eyes opened again. Her face turned from knocked out and helpless to angry and fierce. She tried getting up but she couldn't move due to my binds. "What the!" she said. Then she looked at me again and her face yet again changed emotion faster then I could really see.

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It turned from anger, to confusion, to fear in a blink of an eye. "Are you going to rape me?" she asked the fear clearly showing in her voice.

I scowled. "I'm a bounty hunter not a rapist" I said feeling offended. Then again I did give off a very bad vibe to everyone I met (except Violet).

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She looked at me, "Then why did you tie me up?" "So when I leave you won't follow me and try to kill me" I said darkly. Her face still had fear and confusion all over it.

"But-but you can't leave me out here, all by myself, with no defenses." "Watch me" I said turning around. "No please!" she cried after me. I turned around and she wasn't just scared she was terrified.

I looked into her amber eyes and couldn't help but to let her go. I cut her binds and she got up. "Thank you," she said. As she reached for her sword I stepped on the blade and pointed my sword at her. "Now then, why did you attack me?" I asked. "I'm a bounty hunter too and someone has a bounty on you… Kurtz" she said without even stalling.

I looked at her and stepped off her blade, "Who?" "I don't usually ask my business personal stuff do you?" she said sheathing her sword. I thought about it and responded, "No." Then I started feeling light headed. I put my hand on my shoulder and then pulled away. I had forgotten all about my wound.

"You're looking very pale" the woman said. She almost had a hint of concern in her voice. "I'm not feeling so good" I said sitting on the ground.

"Stay right here I'll be back" she said running off in the woods. "How do I know you're not going to leave me here to bleed to death?" I called after her.

There was no response. She did come back however. She was holding several different herbs. "Alright take off your shirt" she said. I didn't say anything and did as I was told. She crushed the herbs in her hands and put it in the wound. It stung terribly but I didn't tell her that. When she was that close to me I could see how attractive she really was.

The way she was bending I could look down her shirt. She had some really nice breasts. Then I felt my cock harden. I didn't want her to know that she was really turning me on right now or she probably would kill me. "So, you know my name but I have yet to learn yours" I said trying to ignore my hard-on. "It's Alice" she said rubbing some more herbs into my wound. "There" she said taking her blood crusted hand away from my wound.

"That will keep you from getting sick" she said.

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"Thank you," I said putting my shirt back on. I had a major boner by now so I had to get my mind off how attractive Alice was. "You should probably wash off your hands" I said. "There is a stream really close by, I can wash off there" she said turning away from me. I followed her because I felt it would be a good thing.

She bent down over the stream and washed her hands. The whole time I was looking at her ass. It was perfectly round; actually this girl was just as ripped as I was and damned if it wasn't sexy.

"So why were you freaking out so much when I tied you up?" I asked. "That is none of your business" she said angrily. "I healed the wound I gave you and I'm not going to kill you now so why don't you just leave me alone!" I backed off, and then walked away.

No girl no matter how attractive she was was worth being yelled at. I continued on my walk to the town where there was a man paying a large bounty for someone.

I eventually did get there and went to the town pub. I walked in and asked around for a guy who was looking for a bounty hunter. He was there alright, a fat oaf with no hair except a bushy mustache. "I'm here for the bounty" I said sitting down. He looked at me with his light beady eyes.

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"I already have someone on my bounty" he said his mouth full of bread. "But it seems she didn't do the job too well did she?" he said with a wicked smile. "Now Alice, redeem yourself!" Alice jumped from the shadows and on to the table. She pointed her blade at me. "Ah you again" I said. "Nothing against you, it's just business" she said.

"And nothing against you, it's just survival" I took out my sword and cut off one of the table legs. I gave the busted leg a good kick and the whole table fell; Alice along with it. Then without warning I stabbed the man right in the throat. I yanked out the sword and took off all the money off the guy and ran.

I was in the woods and sat down to count the money. "Eighty-four gold pieces, not bad" I said. There was a slight chill that went down my spine and I felt the cold metal of a sword. "Should have kept you tied up" I said without even looking. "Don't worry" Alice whispered, "I'm not going to kill you." "I doubt that" I said. "I'm not even going to ask for half of the gold" she said. "Then what's with the sword?" I asked looking at her this time. "Dramatic effect" she said walking in front of me.

I stood up and pocketed the gold. "I actually came out here to apologize" she said. "For trying to kill me? It's just business I understand" I said.

"No I'm apologizing for what I said before" she said putting her sword away. "Oh, well it's no big deal" I said. "It's just; I have this feeling whenever a man gets near me that makes me want to attack him. But when I met you, it's just… I had a different feeling but my other feeling fought it. You see when I was twelve a strange man kidnapped me from my family, bound me up to a bed in a strange house, and raped me." It all suddenly made sense of why she was so upset and scared earlier.

"I see," I said softly as I got closer to her. "I'm glad you understand because… I'm tired of being like this" she said.

I wrapped my arms around Alice's waist and looked deep into her amber eyes. I leaned in slowly and kissed her passionately.

She didn't tense up or anything she went right into it. Our tongues writhed around each other. I felt my man hood throbbing from how aroused I felt.

I pulled away; a string of spittle connected our bottom lips. She went down on her knees and pulled down my pants. She wrapped one of her hands around my dick and began stroking it.


Then she began sucking it. I moaned softly. She began picking up speed and licked the hole of my penis. I was in utter ecstasy. She continued beating my cock off and I just moaned and groaned as she did so. Then she took my cock in her mouth and began sucking on me. I felt my ball sack tense up. "Alice; I'm going to cum" I said in a gasp.

She didn't stop sucking on me and finally I couldn't hold it. I came right in her mouth. She swallowed my cum and stood up. She was blushing big time. "I kind of developed a taste for semen" she said sounding embarrassed. I pulled my pants back up and walked behind her. "Don't be ashamed, now it is my turn" I whispered. I wrapped my arms around her again and slid one hand down her pants. I put my finger on her clitoris and rubbed it softly. She moaned loudly. I slid my other hand up her shirt and grabbed one of her breasts.

It was incredible, a lot more incredible then I expected. I pulled my shirt off and continued making out with Alice. "Oh god Kurtz, I can't hold it back anymore!

I want you in me!" she yelled. I laid her on the grass and kissed her. We both got our pants off and I looked at her glistening vagina. She was really wet down there. Without even a word I slid my self inside of her.

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She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in closer. I kissed her and slowly pulled out of her. Then I rammed right back into her and she moaned into my mouth. I continued to go in and out of her going faster and faster each time. We stopped kissing and she tilted her head upwards. So instead I started kissing and sucking on her neck. She was moaning and panting as I continued to slam my cock in to her. I put my hand on one of her breasts. I squeezed them and pinched her nipples tenderly.

"Oh god, Alice I'm going to cum" I said when I felt the pressure in my manhood. "Me too, me too, cum with me!" she moaned. I felt my balls tighten and then I felt the walls of Alice's pussy spasm.

I tried holding it back to cherish the moment because this felt even better then when I had sex with Violet. But I held back to no avail and I exploded right inside of her. We both moaned loudly. I pulled out of her but she wasn't done yet. She continued rubbing her pussy and a clear liquid squirted out.

She let out a scream of pleasure as she continued to squirt her clear cum. By the time she was done her fingers and (her surprisingly muscular) thighs were covered in the sticky cum.


I looked hungrily at her drenched vagina. She smiled and nodded. I began licking every square inch of her cum drenched things and pelvis. Her face was bright red but she had a smile of not only pleasure but pure joy.

"That was fantastic" she said in a hushed voice. "Yeah," I said, "It really was." After we got dressed Alice had a terrible expression on her face. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Kurtz," she started, "I think I love you. But I don't think I'm ready for something like this just yet." I looked at her and figured it out.

She was leaving and if we met again I didn't know. All I could say was, "I understand." She smiled and kissed me before vanishing into the woods.

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