Hot gay sex Actually I could tell that they were just as aroused for

Hot gay sex Actually  I could tell that they were just as aroused for
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Tales of the eKids: E-man Loves Emmy © 2004 by Andrew Wiggin Disclaimer: Swear to God, I never heard of "The Day after Tomorrow" until last week. I planned this plot line about six months ago. My loyal readers know that I would never stoop to steal a plot from a "B" movie.

I steal my plots from much classier sources; in this case: "A Brain for All Seasons Human Evolution and Abrupt Climate Change" by William H. Calvin. Part 11 Helen Randolph was officially the publicist for New Man, Inc. In reality she was the liaison between the Adkins family, the family's various enterprises, and the media. She interfaced with advertising agencies, issued press releases, and generally sheltered the Progenitor from having to deal with anyone he wished to avoid.

Her husband Jake was the chief counsel for New Man, Inc. and New Man U. Helen suddenly found herself trying to stimulate interest in an impromptu and hastily arranged press conference. She had been shocked when she first heard the news. Emma had asked her to rush over to the University. She had walked through the quad, noting all of the beautiful young people attending the school. She knew she could use this idyllic setting to publicize the University, but the University didn't want to be publicized.

Almost anyone who was qualified to attend already knew about New Man U. For the rest, the University preferred to maintain a low profile.

Of course, among academic circles, New Man U. was already at the top of the heap. That was what Emma had counted on when planning a news conference. Helen knocked once on Emma's office door and then walked in. Emma was sitting at her desk with her feet propped up and her eyes closed. She had obviously been daydreaming. As soon as she heard the door close her eyes flew open, her feet dropped to the ground, and Emma sat straight up.

Helen noticed that Emma's cheeks were aflame. "I hope I didn't interrupt anything good, Emma." She was pretty sure she had. "Well, uh, Elle is driving to Florida with our new boyfriend. I was just, uh, thinking of them, is all." Helen smiled. "I'm sure you were. I haven't heard about any boyfriend. When did this happen?" "Only in the last couple of days. He's very sweet and he's handsome and he's smart and he's strong, and he has… Well, you don't need to know what he has." Helen laughed at the bubbly teenager.

"Okay, I'll keep my nose out of it. But feel free to tell me about the good parts if you'd like. In the meantime, what's this about a press conference?" Emma assumed her all-business persona as if she were flicking a switch.

"Edie and Eddie have been doing weather research. They think the world is headed for ecological disaster, sooner rather than later. And by sooner I mean almost immediately.

We are afraid that if we let the US Government handle this, they will bury it, spin it, and reduce or eliminate the sense of urgency. We need to make a preemptive strike because this is too important to allow politicians to decide how to handle it." "What kind of disaster?" The words barely made it out of Helen's mouth.

Helen knew the Adkins clan well enough to know that they didn't play games and they didn't lie. "Helen, we're going to have an ice age. And it's going to start almost immediately. My sisters give us between ten and twenty years before glacial ice starts to expand significantly in the Northern latitudes.

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But long before then things are going to get bad. The median temperature in Europe will drop about ten degrees almost overnight. That may not sound like much, but believe me, it is." Helen was shocked.

"Is this real, Emma? Are you sure?" Emma just nodded. "Sorry, Helen, but we are as sure as can be. Our instruments are the best in the world. Our weather satellites are the most sophisticated. Our computers are the biggest, our programs are the smartest. And when they are through with the data, Edie and Eddie do the final analysis. I'm telling you, Helen, this is cast in bronze." "When do you want to have the press conference?" "Helen we've got to do it as soon as possible.

Edie and Eddie are polishing up a paper I helped them write for Nature magazine. That'll give the scientific basis for this whole thing, but it will barely be picked up by the mainstream media.

We want to do an end run around the government and around the science journals and go directly to the people of the world. If they believe us, maybe we'll be able to salvage something." "Emma, you are scaring me. What do you mean, 'salvage something'?" "We don't think this is stoppable.

The systems are too big, the inertia is too great, the task is too large. We face an inevitable ice age. People and especially governments are going to have to act immediately to mitigate the effects of the new ice age. We have a couple of ideas, but we haven't really been working on this project for very long. The whole world has to dedicate its resources to saving what they can." Helen felt a chill run down her spine.

She knew that the world would never be the same. "Well, I guess we better let people know about this, shouldn't we. How about CNN?" Emma looked surprised. "What, for the press conference? Do you think we could do it there?" "Why not? You and your father caused a sensation when you were on the Larry King show, when was it, fourteen years ago? Let me get to work. How about tomorrow afternoon? We want to be done in time for the evening news to cover the story." Part 12 Edie and Eddie were pleased and scared.

They were pleased that their opinion carried so much weight in the family. Still they had a residual fear that just maybe they were wrong. It wasn't a serious concern. Their calculations and conclusions had been checked and re-checked by the smartest people in the world. And then after the other students had their shot at them, the professors at New Man U. had also tried to find holes in their logic. No holes were found.

They were alone in their bedroom behind their offices at New Man University. Their bedroom adjoined Elle's. Elle's bedroom adjoined Emma's. The bonding of the four required that the girls have easy access to each other day and night.

Emma was the talkative one. Elle was almost as bad. Edie and Eddie preferred to be with their sisters alone. When alone the sisters kept their mouths shut. Edie and Eddie found verbalization distracting and annoying. When they conversed together mentally, it was more a monologue than a dialogue. Somewhere inside there was a boundary that differentiated one twin from the other.

But neither of them cared to look for it. The older they got, the more they felt as if there were not two entities, but one.

"Emmy's going to be on TV tomorrow. Daddy will be with her, but Emmy will do the talking. She always does. "Let's be sure her onboard computer has all the facts fully loaded. We don't want to distract her by trying to pass the answers to her telepathically. That'll be a disaster waiting to happen. "Why should we worry about her? We've never seen a time when Emmy couldn't handle herself.

In her own sick perverted way she's smarter than any one of us. Of course, when our brains are in concert, we're the smartest. "Don't get conceited. She's the one who found us a man. We should be grateful." "Does he know that we are part of the package?" "Emmy told him today. He knew what she meant when she said he would get to know us much better.

It excited him." "It excited us too. Emma suspects we are gay. At the least she's sure we are bi. Maybe she isn't as smart as we think she is." "She doesn't understand us.

She lives with us, she loves us, but she still doesn't know if we are two or one." "Are we all that sure ourselves?" "We make love to ourselves, but it's really a very sophisticated form of masturbation.

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Everything we do is very sophisticated. Just because we masturbate doesn't make us gay. We are extremely eager to get our chance with Eamon." "The more we talk, the hornier we get." "Yes. It's so sexy dreaming of Eamon. Emma didn't know we were with her when Eamon took her virginity. That was cool. Elle was peeking in too, but she didn't know we were there either.

Everyone benefited from that. We still haven't come down." The twins were looking into each other's eyes and removing their clothing. When both were naked, they slipped their small bodies into their large bed and turned in opposite directions.

With ease drawn from practice, their two bodies joined in a loving embrace. Each reached her arms around the other's waist and gripped two round little bottoms, drawing them closer. Two sets of legs spread simultaneously and two heads dipped between those legs.

In unison, two sets of lips kissed two sets of nether lips. Two minds focused as one on the memory of Eamon Turner's penis as two tongues entered already moistened pussies.

Two small hands moved playfully between the two holes in each small girl. Two sets of fingers slid into two pussies, as two tongues found their way to two achingly erect clits.

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Two bodies ground against each other as they replayed the memory of Eamon and Emmy in the throes of passion. Their hip movements became more violent, threatening to break the lock between them.

Their dance of passion seemed to be choreographed, as each body performed identically, each movement was mirrored. Finally two lips clamped on two clits, sucking and licking them until two bodies clenched in unbridled ecstasy. Both tongues massaged both clits, prolonging the passion, extending the ecstasy. Two small bodies shook in their release, and two brains almost ceased to function in the overflow of emotion. When it was over, one turned around and again they came into each other's arms, needing the intimacy of a warm cuddly body to allow them to ride out the post-orgasmic aftershocks.

"Eamon will think what we do is hot. When Emmy and Elle see us do it, they'll want to try too. It isn't lesbianism, it's self-abuse. We just have a double-self. And we're glad." Part 13 Eamon and Elle pulled into the ranch. Elle was properly impressed.

"Oh, you live here? All these horses! This is so beautiful." Eamon replied, "Well, no, actually, I don't live here.

This is my grandparents' place. But since we need to see them too, we thought this would be the place to do it." They left the sleek vehicle in the drive and proceeded to the house. Eamon and Elle walked into a beautiful living room where a number of people were waiting for them.

Had Elle the capacity for intimidation, she would have been intimidated by this crowd, as the majority of people were large, very beautiful, very fit women. Instead of being intimidated, Elle was amused. Someone around here loved amazons. There were only three men in attendance, all of whom reflected Eamon's good looks in different generations: the brother, the father and the grandfather, no doubt.

Eamon made the rounds, kissing a lovely woman who Elle realized was his mother, then paying homage to a still strikingly beautiful older woman. This must be Melissa, the grandmother. Eamon dragged Elle over to meet the women.

Sitting next to Eamon's mother was her identical twin. Elle approached them. "You are the twins. Where I come from, most women are twins. When did you discover you were IAM twins?" The twin who introduced herself as Davan said, "Dina and I saw a magazine article about your mothers. Perhaps you remember it. It was in Cosmo. They told about how everyone from their generation had names starting with 'D'.

How everyone from their mother's generation had names starting with 'C', and so on. Our mother had a twin. My mother was Cindy, her sister was Cathy. My grandmother was Bertha. Her sister was Belle. It didn't take much for us to realize we were the same as you. And we already knew that Eamon was very different." Elle said, "Yes, a lot of people learned about my mothers through that article; especially about their tushes." She looked at Eamon, who was pretending he wasn't paying attention.

When she was introduced to Jake Turner, she could feel the power he emanated. She sensed that somewhere inside this man lay abilities that were not unlike her own, but more ancient, more primal.

Could it be that H. sapiens had come close to traveling the path to New Man before? Were there unseen powers within the genes of this Turner clan? Emma and Elle had wondered how Eamon could be a first-born New Man. All other New Man first-born had been female twins. Now Elle was beginning to comprehend. Elle said to Eamon's grandfather, "I'm honored to meet you, sir. My father voted for you. Daddy claims that all national politicians are whores.

But I've heard him say that you are the exception that proves the rule. We would appreciate any help you can give us with this matter tonight." Elle was introduced to several beautiful, muscular and sexually ambivalent women. Eamon called them family friends and employees.

Elle recognized them as harem members. The sexual dynamic in the room made her suspect that sex reared its head in many different ways in this family. Eamon's Great Aunt Deborah made Elle feel like a particularly appetizing piece of meat. Elle thought, "I'm way too conservative for these people.

I hope Eamon can be satisfied with just four women. I hope he doesn't think he should be sharing us with his family. If he tries he's going to be in for a disappointment." Eamon cleared his throat and called everyone to order. "I bet you are wondering why I called you all here tonight. You've all met my girlfriend, Elle Adkins.

She has some things to say that all of you will want to hear." Elle felt small and out of place among this family of Irish lords and their women. And yet Eamon squeezed her hand for assurance. And here in far away Florida she felt Emmy silently join her for strength.

Recharged, Elle stood confidently and gave the assembled Turner masses a megawatt smile. Her eyes seemed to light up the room. Without a word being spoken Elle had established her bona fides. The family recognized her as a woman of power. "Eamon brought me down to talk to you because you are just about the most influential family in America.

We hope you might use that influence to help convince the powers-that-be that what you are about to hear is true. We need help because the world is in crisis and the US government for once has got to get its damn head out of the sand and lead. "I suppose that I have your full attention. My family controls New Man University. My sisters are among the scientists at New Man U. who have discovered that the world's weather systems are about to collapse.

"Specifically, the Gulf Stream is going to stop flowing due to melt-off of fresh water from glaciers, reducing the salinity of the Stream. It is the heavy salinity in the Gulf Stream meeting the significantly lower salinity of the North Atlantic that drives the Stream. Lowering the salinity of the Stream will stop the flow. "Tomorrow afternoon, I think, my sister Emma and my Daddy are going to have a press conference announcing this information to the world.

We are in the process of passing our findings to the countries that will be hardest-hit by these changing weather systems. You see, when the Gulf Stream stops, the next Ice Age begins." Many voices spoke at once. Elle let Eamon try to handle the barrage of questions. She had had her say. She felt a set of eyes were on her. She turned and saw that the famous Jake Turner was focused on her, a slight smile on his face. She returned his gaze evenly.

Finally Eamon's grandfather spoke. "Wow. It's easy to see why our little boy fell for you, Miss Adkins. Welcome to the family. You belong." Jake felt his heart stop as Elle gave him a breathtaking smile, her mesmerizing eyes burning into his soul. 'Damn', he thought, 'if only I were twenty years younger!' Part 14 After the family meeting broke up, Elle and Eamon drove to his parents' house where they were to spend the night. Elle was not surprised to find three women living with Eamon's father J.J., along with several children.

Two of the women were the D-generation twins she had met earlier. The third was J.J.'s titular wife and the mother of the other children.


Both Eamon and Elle said they were very tired from their long day and their long journey. Begging off any late night snacks, they made their way to Eamon's room. When they arrived, Eamon closed and locked the door. Elle was suddenly shy. Eamon approached Elle and encased her in his arms. Her head burrowed into his chest as they hugged.

Elle was practically purring, and Eamon had the impression that she was like a kitten rubbing him for comfort and affection.

"Eamon, I need you to be gentle with me tonight. I'll do whatever you want me to do. But please take care of me." Eamon was a bit surprised. "What brought that on?" Elle revealed her fear. "I know that you come from an extremely sexual family. Mine is too, but in a very different way. God, I thought your Aunt Debbie was going to eat me for dinner!" Eamon laughed. "Yes, Aunt Deborah is a true Amazon. She's sixty-eight years old and I'll bet she can kick my ass." Elle said, "I could tell she likes submissive girls.

E-man, I'm not submissive. I'll never be submissive to anyone except you. For you I'll be whatever you want me to be, and love it. "My family is straitlaced sexually. We aren't into kinky scenes and we aren't into promiscuity. But within committed relationships, my family is extremely sexual. You've seen how my parents look at each other. It's like they are the only people in the world. "You will have four girls to take care of you.

We might look alike, but inside of us there are four different people. Well, I don't know, maybe there are two different people and one set of Siamese souls, if you know what I mean. Psychically we're not sure where Edie ends and Eddie begins. "As I said, I'll be whatever you want me to be and do almost anything you ask of me, inside the confines of our relationship. But tonight I'm asking you, Eamon.

Please make my first time gentle and loving. I'm not the sexpot that Emmy is turning into. But I love you." Eamon took Elle in his arms. Their kiss was soft and loving. Eamon smiled at the lovely thing in his arms. He thought he was going to have to be especially gentle tonight.

But then Elle said, "Uh, Eamon, you don't have to worry about my, uh, hymen. It broke years ago when I tripped while jumping over a tennis net after a win." 'Whew,' Eamon thought, 'that will make things much easier.' Aloud he asked, "You're a tennis player?" Elle nodded. "Emmy and I were State Junior doubles champs twice. I guess we had an unfair advantage." Eamon grinned. "Well there is only one of you now.

This you are going to have to go through by yourself." Elle gave a little shudder, then stood on tiptoes and wrapped her arms around Eamon's neck. Her little half-smile showed him that she wasn't as worried as he had thought. "Yes, well I guess I'll just have to suffer by myself. Isn't it time you started to make me suffer, E-man?" She gave him a soft sensual toe-curling kiss.

He scooped her up and carried her tiny body to the bed. Fully clothed they lay on the bed as Eamon started to explore her lithe little body. But Elle did not lie passively. Her hands were doing some exploring of their own. They slid under his shirt and her fingers played on the muscles of his chest.

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"Oh, E-man, I think you've been working out." Her fingers slid down his stomach and into his pants. They immediately encountered his already throbbing erection. They wrapped around his cock and gently stroked it, the tips of her fingers barely touching his manhood. "Yes, you've definitely been pumping up!" Eamon realized this wasn't the shy shrinking violet she had appeared to be.

He grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand out of his pants. "Elle, we've got to get something straight. For tonight, you are the tentative embarrassed virgin and I'm the aggressive experienced he-man, okay?" Elle's eyes demurely closed and then reopened. Now they were nervous, frightened eyes. Her head bowed as if she was afraid to look him in the eyes.

"Yes, Eamon", she whispered, "I'll do whatever you want. But please be gentle." Eamon had to laugh. This little girl was every bit as much fun to be with as Emmy.

Her shy little girl act had fooled him originally. But now he realized that even though she was playing a role, it was the role she wanted for tonight. He also realized that it was the role that he wanted himself. He nibbled Elle's earlobe for a while, then licked and kissed down her neck. When he got to her blouse, he slowly unbuttoned it, licking and nibbling her skin, lower and lower.

When he reached her cleavage he realized that she had not been wearing a bra. Those perfect perky breasts needed no confinement or support. He slid the blouse off of her breasts and dove in, licking, sucking, and nibbling the dark pink nipples. They were erect and sensitive, and by now Elle had begun to moan. Her back arched towards him in response to the ministrations of his mouth. Both lovers were still clothed, but that was about to end. Eamon was getting impatient. He completed working with the buttons and helped Elle out of her blouse.

She was now naked from the waste up. He sat back to admire her. She shyly placed a hand in front of each breast, and then slowly lowered her arms to allow him full access. But Eamon wasn't content yet. He unsnapped her slacks and slid them down as she raised that lovely little butt off of the bed. Her panties came with her slacks, and Elle was nude. Eamon smelled her fragrant arousal. Her actions and posture were those of a frightened virgin.

But her body's response was that of a woman. Eamon wanted to go slowly, but he couldn't help it. He lowered his head between Elle's legs and his tongue sought her center. Elle's legs spread at the touch of Eamon's tongue and her eyes squeezed tightly shut. She relished the sensual massage his tongue applied to her swelling pussy lips. She felt her own wetness begin to dribble down her legs. Eamon was between her legs, his head buried in Elle.

Her knees seemed to lift off of the bed of their own volition, and she was now wide open to him. His lips closed on her now-protuberant clit and she screamed, lost in the sensation of her first orgasm. His tongue speared into her waiting pussy and Elle ground herself against his face.


She was becoming wild in her arousal, her hips bouncing that lovely ass up and down against Eamon's chin, her pussy spasming around that insistent tongue. Finally Elle had had enough. She reached down and pulled Eamon up. Her mouth devoured his as they kissed, her emotions a heaving jumble of passion and romance. She pulled away and said, "Now, darling; I want you inside of me.

I want to feel us become one person. Please, Eamon." She felt the intrusion of his large dick at her entrance. She was soaking from her climaxes, and the big head popped into her tight confines. Elle's eyes opened wide and a light seemed to switch on inside of them. Eamon was almost overwhelmed by her beauty and passion. He slid his penis in an inch or so, then withdrew. He began to set a gentle rhythm and Elle followed it automatically.

With each thrust his dick went further into her warm pussy. With each thrust Elle's response seemed stronger than the last. Suddenly as Eamon attempted to enter just a little further, Elle slammed herself against him. He slid in to the hilt and Elle loudly moaned.

"E-man, that's it! God, you're so deep! I'm fine, sweetheart. I'm fine! Just do it to me, please!" Eamon needed no more encouragement. His patience was at its limit anyway.

Eamon pulled out almost to the end and thrust back inside her. He rubbed against her on the bottom of his stroke, knowing her clit would rejoice in the pressure. He marveled at her ability to take his entire length and still be virginally tight. Damn, the pressure was intense on his dick. How long could he last given this kind of stimulation? Eamon bottomed out again and then stayed there, just slowly rotating his hips to maintain the pressure. Then he rolled over onto his back, taking Elle with him.

She found herself impaled on his dick, looking down into his loving face. "Oh my God! This feels so good." She raised herself up so both knees were under her.

He was even deeper than before. "Damn it, E-man, I think you're coming out my throat!" Elle began to lift herself off of Eamon's dick, then quickly drop back, forcing him deeply into her insides.

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She liked this position. Her speed increased as she felt the orgasm, the really, really big orgasm, build inside her. Eamon watched intently as he saw the lust on her face, the fire in her eyes. Her perfect tits were bouncing in front of him. He reached out and pinched both nipples at once. Elle began to shudder as her climax kicked in. Elle's back arched, forcing the lovers tightly together.

Her eyes rolled back in her head as she began to scream. The intensity of Elle's orgasm was too much for Eamon, and he began to pump Elle's perfect pussy full of semen. Eamon's climax augmented Elle's, and her screams became louder, more desperate.

He felt her pussy squeeze the last juice from his dick. And then she collapsed on his chest. Elle raised up once again, looked into his eyes and then gave Eamon a searing, soul-felt kiss.

She whispered, "Thank you Eamon. No matter what, I'll never forget tonight. You made it perfect for me." Elle snuggled her head into Eamon's neck, then relaxed. Eamon reached down and pulled a cover over top of them and they fell asleep in each other's arms. Part 15 Several members of the Adkins family had arrived at CNN-Atlanta. The press conference was minutes away and Emma was sitting quietly, seeming to stare at the wall. Her mother Deirdre noticed and approached her.

"Emma, honey, are you all right?" "Don't worry about me, Momma. I'm just monitoring a few of the federal government offices. I told the government about the topic of our press conference early so I could keep track of what their reaction will be. It's pretty much what I figured." "How on earth are you doing that?" "Emails, Momma.

I'm watching the emails coming out of the offices of the President, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Defense, and the Vice President. I've got a filter set up to only give me relevant stuff. Oh, boy is this relevant." Deirdre suddenly saw the light. "You're tapped into the White House through your on-board computer? Isn't that dangerous? What if they catch your intrusion?" Emma's gaze turned from the wall (she got better resolution on her virtual monitor against a plain background) to her mother.

"Are you talkin' to me, Momma? I've been doing this for fourteen years. Do you think they are going to catch me now? Get serious." Deirdre threw up her hands. "I don't want to know. Sorry I asked. Go ahead and do your thing." A few minutes later Andrew and Emma Adkins were being introduced to those members of the press that were lured to the conference.

Since it was being held in Atlanta a number of major news organizations were represented. Because the Progenitor was involved, some top network correspondents were flown down for the event, just in case. Helen Randolph was completing her introduction. "Ladies and gentlemen of the press, allow me to introduce Andrew Adkins, the Progenitor." Andrew strode to the podium.

Because it was early afternoon and a slow news day, the event was being carried live on both CNN and C-SPAN. Across the nation, more than a few housewives' eyes lit up to see the still-handsome man appear on their televisions.

Andrew smiled and began to speak. His wife Deirdre was always amazed that he could speak so well in public when in private he was so easy to confound. His complexity and contradictions were some of the things that made him so continually attractive to her. "Hello. My name is Andrew Adkins. I'm here today to announce a discovery that has been made at New Man University. This discovery is so shocking and the threat it poses is so immediate that we decided that our only course of action was to bring it to the attention of the public as quickly as possible.

"As we speak, governments around the world are being officially notified of the findings of the university's scientists. All pertinent data is being openly shared with any governmental or private agency that asks. You of the press will receive a printed synopsis of our discovery at the end of the conference. He paused, then continued.

"By now I suppose this all sounds pretty dire and foreboding; so I had better get to the point. In a nutshell here it is: our scientists predict that due to global warming, the Gulf Stream will come to a halt very soon. By soon they mean that this could happen within a few weeks of today, or may not happen for several years. But it will definitely happen inside of a decade. As some of you may have already guessed, the halting of the Gulf Stream means one thing: Ice Age." The room erupted as hands were raised and questions shouted.

The Progenitor looked bemused but said nothing. He held up his hands to quiet the crowd of reporters. When they finally quieted down, Andrew continued. "You obviously have questions, but I'm not the one to answer them. Instead I'd like to introduce my daughter, Emma Adkins. She'll take over this conference from here." Emma walked to the podium.

Andrew gave her a quick hug and a peck on the cheek and then walked off the stage. He knew that if he stood behind her, the reporters would continue to fire questions at him instead of Emmy. Emma assumed her position behind the podium.

She stood on a stool that raised her height six inches, but still had to lower the microphone for easy access. From his den in Palmdale, Florida, Eamon Turner felt his heart skip a beat as he saw his beautiful love displayed for the world to see. He squeezed Elle's hand and held his breath. He hoped Emmy was up to this. "Good afternoon, my name is Emma Adkins. I'm here to answer any questions you have.

My father told you what is going to happen. Feel free to ask me about the specifics." Again hands flew up and Emma fixed her gaze upon one reporter. "Yes?" The reporter was momentarily taken aback by the beauty of the elfin creature who had called on him. She seemed to be a child. But she was definitely hot. "I have several questions, Miss Adkins. How did you learn there is going to be an Ice Age? When did you learn it? And how old are you?" Several of the reporters chuckled at the third question.

Emma replied, "A), New Man U. has weather satellites constantly monitoring activity above and below ground around the world. These satellites feed data into our computerized weather models. The models make predictions about likely patterns developing and those predictions are analyzed by our scientists. For several years we have been enhancing and fine-tuning our weather model programs to more accurately reflect life in the real world.

The programs have reached the point that they are without question the most accurate predictors of weather currently existent in the world, both short and long-term." "B), as you might imagine, our scientists were loath to make any apocalyptic predictions until they were absolutely certain that their results were indisputable.

They arrived at that conclusion yesterday." "C), I'm eighteen years old. Does that answer your questions?" Other hands and voices were raised. Emma nodded to a woman in the middle of the pack. "Why do you believe the Gulf Stream is going to stop?" Emma said, "This gets a bit complicated, so have those guys back at your networks that pass for scientists check over the printouts we give you at the end of the conference.

Better yet, ask reputable scientists who have received and analyzed our results. "The Gulf Stream flows primarily because of salinity differences in the North Atlantic. Water in the stream is significantly more saline than the regular sea water. This difference causes the more dense water in the stream to sink beneath the less saline sea water, thus driving the Gulf Stream.

"Just to give you a feel of what has been happening, fifty years ago the ice at the North Pole was over 3 meters thick. Recent measurements have shown that the ice is now less than a meter thick.

Why: because the ice is melting. What is true of the North Pole is equally true of land-based glacial ice (the North Pole is in the middle of the Arctic Sea). Emma went on to reiterate what she had been told by her sisters the day before, explaining the story of the glacier in Greenland.

Emma looked around the room. She saw the raised hand of a reporter that she had expected to see. She knew in advance what questions were coming. For a moment she considered ignoring him. No, she decided; better to get it all out now. She pointed at the reporter and she saw a small smirk appear on his face. "James Lauder, Fox News. Emma, (you don't mind if I call you Emma, do you?) isn't it true that many if not most scientists believe that the data related to global warming is incomplete?

Isn't global warming just another scare tactic used by tree-huggers and environmental pressure groups to forward their extreme agenda? And aren't you a little young to be issuing such statements to the world? Isn't it true that you don't have a shred of verifiable evidence that you haven't manufactured yourself?

What does a bleeding heart liberal college like New Man University hope to gain by this charade?" Emma threw the man a look that shouted 'you're too fat for me'. "Well, Jimmy (you don't mind if I call you Jimmy, do you?), do you mind if I ask you a few questions? Do you only work for Fox News? Don't you also perform 'favors' for the current administration?

Tell me, Jimmy, have you received any emails from the Vice President today? Didn't the Vice President tell you to try to discredit whatever was said at this press conference?" The Fox reporter's jaw dropped. Then he feigned anger. "I'm a well-respected newsman and I'm insulted that some little teenage girl would have the gall to sully my reputation. You are treading dangerously close to libel, young lady!" Emma smiled and flicked her fingers.

Suddenly the wall behind her was lit by a plasma panel brought in just for the occasion. She had known she was going to need this. Plastered all over the wall was a giant-sized rendition of an email. Prominently displayed at the bottom of the email was the signature line: "Office of the Vice President of the United States of America". Emma used a laser pointer to highlight certain key phrases in the email. "Check this out, people. In the second paragraph you can see that the VP suggests that our friend Jimmy here say that scientists feel data about global warming is incomplete.

Paragraph three tells Jimmy to call us left-wing environmental extremists. Paragraph four tells Jimmy to claim that we made up our evidence. I give Jimmy points for claiming that I am too young to be giving this press conference.

He thought that one up himself. "Let me point out that without seeing our evidence, the Vice President of the United States appears bent upon discrediting it. Is it possible that the Vice President's motivations are political rather than scientific?" The room erupted in shouting.

"How did you come by this document?" asked the New York Times. Emma had no intention of telling the truth on that one. "I know this may sound unbelievable, but there are some people in the administration and at Fox News who care more about the future of the world than they do about getting the President re-elected." "And let me add that we don't hold the current administration responsible for the coming disaster, even though their environmental policies have been reprehensible.

This has taken the combined efforts of all of mankind for over two hundred years to bring the world to this point. And there are other factors that don't involve mankind that have also been leading to this. We've been at a 'between ice ages' stage for twelve thousand years. Another ice age was inevitable based upon weather patterns for the past several million years. We just helped hurry it along." There were more questions.

Emma answered one more. CNN asked, "When will the ice age start? What global weather patterns should we expect?" Emma sadly replied, "Studies show that ice ages begin rapidly with severe climactic change. We should expect the ice age to start no more than ten years after the Gulf Stream stops flowing. As for other weather, well I guess it's obvious there will be drought.

Lots of the world's water will be tied up in ice. Between that and increased wind patterns, we can expect severe drought in a number of places. "When they hear the word 'drought', some people will think that means that they won't be allowed to water their lawns more than twice a week. Let me dissuade you from that naïve belief. I'm talking drought on a Biblical scale. For example, strong westerly winds may increase the rain shadow of the Rocky Mountains. We may be in for another Dust Bowl.

"Africa can expect a drought that could last for decades. History would indicate that these scenarios are not just possible but likely.

"While parts of the world experience drought, thus ruining crops, other parts will experience too much rain, thus ruining crops. World-wide famine is a real possibility.

I'm not trying to create a panic; I'm attempting to alert the world that we have a gigantic problem that has to be addressed now. "Don't let governments bog down the process of planning by injecting politics into the debate. Insist on immediate action. The faster our response to this crisis, the more lives will be saved.

"Don't forget to pick up the synopsis of our findings before you leave. Believe us or don't believe us. But check our data. Find out the truth for yourselves. Do not be swayed by spin doctors. You will be doing yourselves and the world a disservice if you are. "This press conference is closed."