Brunette babe in lingerie gives harsh handjob

Brunette babe in lingerie gives harsh handjob
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June 13, Megan was throwing a graduation party at her house. She always has these kinds of things because her dad really doesn't give a damn. But who cares?

Free boozes, free weed, and most importantly it meant I got just let loose from my stressful life. I got to the party around 10:15, everybody had already adjusted to the party atmosphere. As I walked in, I did my usual greetings with the girls. "You look tired, where've you been? "Hey Megan, yeah I had soccer practice til 930. I could use a drink" "here you go" she handed me a bottle of whiskey.

I gagged at the thought of drinking it. All the beer was reserved for pong in the garage so I had to manage. "do you have a chaser?" she pointed at the fridge. I grabbed the carton of oj and poured it in my glass.

I then grabbed a shot glass from her cabinet and filled it with whiskey. Here goes nothing. Drink > Chase > Cringe Shot one down, shot two down, shot three down. As I was loading myself up for shot four, I saw my twin sister Kristen laying on the couch hugging a bottle of Smirnoff. I overheard the guys saying they were going to draw dicks all over her. 18 and they were still immature.

I walked over and put her arm around my shoulder and walked her to Megan's bedroom. Kristen and I had already planned on spending the night, however I wasn't expecting my sister to be out this early though.

I threw her on the bed. "Did you bring pj's Kristen?" she shook her head at me.

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She was drunk as fuck. I rolled my eyes, and said "alrighty". Usually when we slept over we slept in our bras and panties. I have seen most of my girl friends naked so it wasn't anything big. I pulled Kristen's shirt up and over her head. She was on the verge of passing out. "lift your legs slut" I said to her. She lifted her legs and I slid her jeans off. She was wearing a silky polka dot bra with matching black panties.

It just crossed my mind that I had never seen her naked. Weird… I guess I had always assumed we look the same since we're identical twins. I was known for being the twin with the ass and she was known for being the twin with the tits. Wow. I had not realized how much bigger hers were than mine. I wear a 32 B.

"Holy shit Kristen when did your tits get so big? What's your bra size" "36D" she groaned. "What did you do with my Smirnoff?" "are you kidding me? You're already wasted!" I glanced down at her chest again. Her tits looked so soft. I grabbed my tits and closed my eyes. I was getting that oh so familiar damp feeling in my panties. I don't know if I was just a little tipsy, or if I'm just craving this taboo and my true colors were showing.

"what are you doing?" I opened my eyes, my hand was in my pants. "I was just uhh&hellip.uhm…Kristen…" "what?" "have you ever wondered what it would be like to kiss me?" "no that's fucking weird" she looked disgusted. "It would kind of be like kissing yourself, I mean we are twins." "Yeah but we're also sisters." "Yeah that's true." There was a brief silence.

"You weren't just imagining me right now were you?" "No! well… not really" "what's that supposed to mean?" "I don't know your tits just looked so soft and it was making me wet. I then closed my eyes cause it felt a little weird" I tried to justify my curiosity. She gave me a differed look. There was a minute or two of silence. I figured I should just fuck it and go for it. Even if she pulled out she would be too drunk to remember.

I gazed deeply into her eyes with my hand on the side of her cheek. I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. An explosion of fruit made its way to my mouth from her luscious lips.

She didn't resist. I kissed her again, this time slowly, yet passionately forcing my tongue into her mouth. We messaged each other's tongues and occasionally she would bite my top lip and give it a tug. I laid her back down on the bed and straddled her. I could feel my pussy juices leaking through my spandex. My whole body was getting warm so I took my shirt off. We continued kissing.

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I couldn't help but grind my hips against her crotch. I began to rub my hands up and down her silky smooth stomach. The sensation was overwhelming. I unhooked my bra and released my tits, it felt as if a great weight had been lifted. I couldn't believe what was happening. "sit up" I whispered.

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"Cassidy this is getting really weird" "No its not…is this turning you on?" "well yeah" "look, we're both really drunk, and nobody is gonna find out. Just relax." I then sat her up and unhooked her bra, exposing her beautiful 36D breasts.

They sat there as perky as can be. They were so round and tan, it complimented her flat stomach. Her skin was an olive color from sun bathing, which contrasted her light pink areolas. I placed both hands on her breasts as I began to kiss her again.

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They were like clouds in my hands. I caressed her nipples with my fingers and she let out a moan. This was my cue. I began kissing her neck and then down her body. I slowly approached her panties. I lightly kissed her right above them. I groped her soft cheeks with my hand and became ecstatic imagining what her sweet juices must taste like. I grabbed both sides of the thong and slid it off. Her pussy was freshly shaved, she must have been expecting to have sex tonight.

I stared at it as I became hornier by the second. No wonder the guys were all over her, she didn't even have tan lines. I stared at her soft velvety lips. I went down to kiss them. Inch by inch. Slowly. As my lips were approaching them. She sat up. She was covering herself pointing at the closet. Apparently someone had been spying on us the whole time. I slid open the closet door, and there was Brett, sitting in the closet with his dick in his hands.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I knew this was too good to be true, my dick was throbbing. "Sup Cassidy". "what the fuck are you doing" She looked worried. I figured I might use this to my advantage. "I hid as soon as I heard you guys coming down the hallway.

Perfect timing. I have a proposition for you. We continue what the two of you were doing, except I get to partake.

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We do that, and nobody has to find out about your sick lesbian incest fantasies." She tackled me. I laid on my back with her mediocre tits floating in my face. She leaned down to kiss me. Her upper lower lip lightly tapped my upper lip and I could feel her smile.

Then out of nowhere she bitch slapped me leaving my face extremely numb. "I got a proposition for you, BRETT! You tell anyone about what happened, first I'll tell Julie that you were masturbating to us, I don't think she'll be too happy knowing that her boyfriend was enjoying my 'sick lesbian fantasy'.

Second, I'll get my brother to kick your ass. Do we have a deal?" I shook my head yes. Her brother was 6 ft 3 and 225 lbs. Surprisingly, she leaned down and began making out with me. I guess she was bisexual. Her hand was making its way down my pants. My dick was already through my zipper and was harder than ever. Cassidy got up and pulled her spandex off.

They were soaked. She got on all fours and slowly sat on my face. The smell was incredible. I licked, and licked and licked. The taste was even better. Her juices tasted fantastic. It was so sweet yet so tart.

All of a sudden I felt Kristen's mouth engulf my dick. I couldn't imagine myself in a better position. It was moist, it was warm, and most importantly she was good. She had a perfect rhythm to deepthroating my dick. Every few minutes she would slide her mouth all the way up my shaft and flick the bottom with her tongue.

I was face fucking twins, it couldn't get much better than this. Or could it? Cassidy got off me and pulled Kristen away too. Kristen and Cassidy began intensely making out. They were sitting up chest to chest.

Their breasts kissed each other, it was as if there was only one girl and a mirror. One of Cassidy's legs were over, the other was under. Their pussies laid about an inch apart and they began humping, inching their way closer and closer. Whatching their pussies rub up against each other made my dick throb yet again. I walked over to Kristen. She instantly readjusted making her way down cassidy's body. Cassidy laid leaning back on her elbows with her legs spread wide.

Kristen began to go down on her with her ass sticking in the air.


I got behind her and grabbed her hips. I put my dick at the edge of her pussy and began to force it in. FUCK SHE WAS TIGHT. She let out a loud moan. I couldn't tell if she was moaning in pleasure or in pain, but it made no difference to me. I knew she wasn't a virgin. I fucked her and I fucked her and I fucked her. Our hips moved in opposing directions then clashed like waves. My balls were getting tighter and tighter. I pulled out.

I had to fuck Cassidy before I came. I walked over to Cassidy and picked her up. "What are you doing? You're not fucking me, I'm a virgin." FUCK FUCK FUCK! I thought to myself. One minute it was as if I was in a porn flick, the next it was as if the world was ending. "Let me put it in your ass then, no worries." She looked hesitant but didn't say anything. I went on a scavager hunt around the room looking for lube. All I found was some hand lotion. It would have to do.

"Ok I'm ready" Cassidy said. She looked as if she was about to get a pat down from a cop. She had all her weight on her hands and had her ass sticking up in the air. Damn that thing was nice.

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I slapped it. It jiggled. I slapped it again but harder. Cassidy turned around and slapped me again in the face. I smiled. This was some kinky shit (no pun intended).

I pushed her head against the wall and slid my dick up and down her crack. I lubed the whole thing with hand lotion, and then had her rub some on my cock. I pressed it down on the vortex and slowly forced it in. She wasn't making any sound but I can tell she was screaming on the inside. This was a thousand times tighter than Kristen's pussy. It was like I was compressing my penis to a tenth of its size. I began to hump and it was loosening up. She was starting to relax and looked back at me to kiss me.

I turned her head back against the wall and applied pressure. Cassidy breathing got faster and faster. I looked down and there's Kristen laying on the floor playing with herself. I looked back at Cassidy.

They looked so much alike. I pulled out again. Cassidy began sucking my dick. That was really fucking nasty, yet so fucking hot at the same time. Kristen made her way over and they performed a duo.

They switched off with each other, one had my shaft the other was sucking on my balls. I couldn't take it anymore. I unleashed my load on to their faces. I had never cum so much in my life. I gave bother of them a full facial. They were staring at each other. I did a double take as they were licking the cum off each other's faces. This really was my night. All of a sudden the door swung open and there was Megan standing in the door way.


She looked like she wanted to puke. I went and talked to her and convinced her that it was extremely important that she kept this a secret. She agreed and so far nobody found out.

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Even if they did, it would only make me a legend.