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Anal Masturbation Wih Purple Jelly Style Toy
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The Academic and the Nymphomaniac. An erotic Science Fiction, Comedy. In your English Language my name is David (Beloved) Patterson (Fathers Son), literally.

I will not give it to you in my language, You would have a harder time learning our alphabet than I had learning English, and your slang has been a bitch.

You would say that my professional and academic background is Xenolinguestics and Xenoanthropology.


I am a Research Fellow from the Institute for Intergalactic Research on what you would call Rigel Seven. It is a smaller, denser, Green Blue planet covered over 83% of its surface with water. It has .2% higher gravity than Terra and a less severe axial tilt than Terra so the seasons are milder. Perfect for academics! I am a quadruped humanoid and what you call a mammal. My race is very long lived by your standards, I am 285 of your years old and am considered a young professional male of my race.

I am not however considered ascetically appealing by my people. My hair and skin is not the most desirable color, I am too short, and my ears are too small and round and my face is rather flat. My people are descended from a creature that you would consider a feline. Fortunately this works on Terra. I am six feet one inches tall. My weight is 195 pounds my hair is a chocolate brown color and my eyes a very changeable hazel color.

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I can blend in easily without many alterations to my physiology. I have one problem that NO ONE at the Institute even began suspect, (I am doing research before first contact so some things come as a surprise.) My race lost its tail through evolution when we began to walk up-right; however we kept the pheromone gland at the base of our spine.

True to our species our females are only sexually active three times a year and our mating rituals reflect that. Unfortunately certain human females find my pheromones almost impossible to resist. And that is where thing began to come apart. I also found out that certain human females, when excited, have a pheromone in there vaginal secretions that makes me more than crazy. I never thought that I would fall victim to an interspecies sexual fetish but apparently I am, I am crazy about human women and around certain ones I have no control.

Here begins my story! I arrived on Terra/Earth on the northern continent of the western hemisphere (United States, New Mexico) just out-side of a city called Taos. I had rather large amount of un cut gemstones, raw silver and raw gold stashed in a dimensional fold so I could trans port it easily and about twelve ounces of raw gold in my bag. We have had an observation site on the moon of this planet for almost 85 years and have a very good grasp of earth economics.

I sold four ounces of gold and had a meal.

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I find that to this day I have a fondness for spicy Mexican food. Then I arranged for transportation to Monterey California where I was assigned to operate out of. I had set up through the internet system to sell the precious metals to a Jewelry Design company for cash.


When I arrived for my meeting with the purchasing manager I noticed that all the outer office workers were rather dangerous looking men that my sensor equipment informed me were heavily armed. I did not know if I should be afraid or feel safe. I produced my ID and fake credentials and was asked to sit in an office and was served an excellent white wine that I discovered was produced locally.

(If there is one constant in the universe it the fact that all species use intoxicating compounds.) I was told that a Ms. Victoria Katz would be with me shortly and that I should relax and enjoy my beverage. I was enjoying my wine when Ms.

Katz walked in and I almost choked on it when I looked up to see her. Let me describe this stunning woman to you. She looked to be 5'11", slender with smallish breasts, a heart shaped face with the deepest green eyes and this main of copper colored hair that just rocked my universe. She had hands with long slender graceful fingers that ended in perfectly beautiful claws (Fingernails?) and perfect long athletic legs ending in dainty feet that were to die for.

This is the most beautiful (To me) female on the three planets I have been on. I was stunned, I could not talk, then her scent hit me like an express transport at full speed. My heart was beating so fast that I thought it was going to explode and all I could do was rumble deep in my chest some were between a growl and a purr.

I finally managed to stand and take her offered hand in mine and bent over it drunk on the scent of her skin. I stood back up and looked in her eyes and this deep sexy chuckle just flowed out of her and her smile almost burned my retinas out.

Then this voice that would sooth a supernova said "May I call you David?" all I could do was nod my head tike one of those bobble-head things. She chuckled and said "You can call me Vicky and can I have my hand back? Would you also pick your jaw up off the carpet I would not want you to step on it." At this point I did not know my hand from my foot. I stuttered for a moment, blushed and said "I apologize for my uncouth behavior but I was not expecting V Katz to be a stunning woman like you." "Well it is nice to know that I have that effect on someone, please sit down and lets get to business first, and then If you would like I could show you the sites in Monterey.

This is my last meeting today and I understand you just arrived this morning." "That would be wonder full I did want to see the city." I could not stop my chest from rumbling and Vicky asked me "David are you alright? It sounds like you are purring, is there something wrong?" I assured her nothing was wrong and tried to pull it together.

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Then I saw a strange look come over her and her face flushed a bit. We talked price per ounce on the gold and silver and arrived at an agreement. My samples were tested weighed certified and the secure storage that I had deposited the metal in verified the weights. They made arrangements to deliver the gold and silver in the morning and made arrangements for the IRS and Treasury people to be there so the taxes would be taken care of and they would know that the transaction was legitimate The whole time we conducted business Vicky and I could not get enough of looking at each other.

We signed all the contracts, shook hands and had a last glass of wine. I told Vicky that I was staying at the Doubletree Inn at the Customs Plaza and made arrangements for her to meet me at the bar there and go out to dinner. When I arrived at my suite I realized that I stank of pheromones and needed to shower.

As I was getting ready to shower I received a call from Vicky, She was at the desk of the hotel and said that she did not feel like hanging around in the bar. I had her put the desk man on and I instructed him to have her and a good bottle of Merlot brought up. I went ahead and set out my suit in the dressing room off the bathroom and got in the shower.

I had by head under the shower head trying desperately to get my head together when the shower door opened and a Naked Vicky got under the spray with me. I almost died of shock, Vicky put her finger to my lips and pushed me into the wall.

She kissed me so hard and long that my vision was tunneling from oxygen starvation, a beautiful body had me pinned to the wall and these incredible hands were all over my body. My big brain checked out, one thing we have in common with human mails is that we have two brains but only contain enough blood to operate one at a time and my little brain took control. I grabbed Vicky's ass and sunk my teeth into the soft spot at top of her left breast, she growled and bit me back.

We were both out of control and I picked her up and carried her soaking wet into the bed room and tossed her onto the bed. As I was climbing onto the bed Vicky sunk her claws into me flipped me over and impaled herself on my raging cock let out a scream and started to orgasm, she did not slow down but slammed herself up and on me in constant orgasm all I could do was hang on for the ride of my life, slamming back into her and roaring my pleasure to the cosmos.

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I started to orgasm myself and as my cock began to spasm Vicky went even wilder. I thought I would need stiches in my chest from her nails. She began to vibrate like high-voltage electricity was going through her body and her eyes rolled back in her head and she passed out collapsed on me, I went out a split second after her.

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