Lil Shawty Suckin Me Off

Lil Shawty Suckin Me Off
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Kate, Catherine and Big Black Cocks! Chapter 3 I have returned to the safety of the viewing room and clean up once again! My cock is still rock hard and I have trouble getting it back into my pants. I have pleasured or been pleasured four times in less that two hrs this is a record for me!

Again I plop down into one of the comfortable viewing chairs.

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It is hard to watch both women, even though the monitors are state of the art split screen, it is like a diehard sports enthusiasts that has two TVs on at the same time and is unable to keep up with either game. But this is no game and the sporting event I am watching is like no other. My attention is now mostly on my wife Kate. To see her clit swell like an animal when aroused is one of the most perverse and erotic things and Kate's has now become a dark red and is easily seen in between her labia lips and between abusers!


She in my absence is still in this bent over position and clamped tightly in the stocks. This has left her spent and her tits hanging straight down and wildly swinging as three black men.,and many more standing around, watch and grab and touching her most vulnerable places! Two in front on each side of her head are taking turns face fucking, and the third fucks her so hard from the rear, that just the very tips of her toes touch the floor! If it were not for the snaps and ankle chains he would be lifting even higher!

I am afraid this big man might hurt her? He then grabs her tits with gigantic black hands squeezing them hard pulling them back at the same time as he boosts her up he sticks his enormous black cock deeper into this dripping pussy of deep as possible!

The camera angle and location are perfect, from above and below, front and back! I have no relief my cock is still as hard as ever as I watch! I should not have worried, the look on Kate's face is wide eyed and pleasurably priceless!

She is moaning and groaning as she voraciously sucks one cock and then the other, black hands hold her head down, the wet sloppy sound of lips ,vaginal and facial can be heard through the sound system!

In between she hollers out Oh! Fuck, fuuuck. meeee! As she has another pleasurable orgasm! More groans as the big 10"cock from behind has found her complete depth! She moans out a pleasurable Noooo as both cocks cum in her mouth together. It is so hot for me watching the cum gush into her mouth and over flow out of her pouting lips! As all three men have exploded almost at once, one is now squirting her in the face the other down her throat as they switch, the time in between allows more black fingers to twist and pull on her long nipples and explore her cunt hole!

Three more quickly take their place as if it is some sort of competition. Six men now, then nine and eventually twelve most have enjoyed both ends of Kate and all three of her helpless willing holes! The sound of nasty perverted cock sucking that Kate is making, Gluck!

Gluck! Gulck! As another black cock slams in again, and again into her throat and the one behind together with the one front is a Whap. Whap, Whap! More, and more black men they are some of the biggest black cocks I have ever seenmost are after Kate!

Almost the same is happening to Catherine, the floor under both is becoming slick from dripping cum, Catherine's head now with the hood removed is hanging off the end upside down and she is still helplessly on her back!

This allows for black cocks to easily go in father than no other! She is making a mum,oh,mum. um noise of blissful pleasure and is pushing her cunt and ever so more stimulated clitoris up! OMG! She thinks, it really needs attention now! The overly premixed chemical has made her only want. anything they do is not enough! She tries to say more, harder, please, oh, please oh my,gooood!

I have seen several gang bangs on porn video that has been directed and choreographed, but this is not one. it is real! My cock twitches around like crazy watching this, and hearing my beautiful wife moan that she wants to be fucked in the mouth! I love seeing huge black cocks doing this to Kate, for me and for her it is over the top. All I have ever wanted was to see her really enjoy herself! Both women seem to want more, but Catherine is reacting as if she is some sort of nymphomaniac that just can't seem to get enough apparently this stimulant is pushing her to the edge!

Kate is again moaning, and moaning so loud that the sounds of both are echoing through out the walls of this Gothic medieval stone replica of the dungeon! Things are coming to a head the old term gang bang is, and the meaning of it is running its course.

That is why it always seems to take at least three men to satisfy one woman, but two horny women will take six and to oversexed women will take eight or more! Under the circumstances Kate is ultra horny and has really gotten into the big cock thing! She has been fucked in both ends by over a dozen men and seems to have no problem doing so!

Catherine on the other hand has been fucked by several more and is showing no sign of slowing down by hollering ! Come on you black bastards I thought you wanted to fuck a white woman! You call your-self's studs!. The aphrodisiac is now talking for her, and any real or rational thought for her plight is all but gone!


I never thought I would hear Catherine say something like this, but she is yelling it!She only wants sexual attention Apparently the drug injected into her clit was much stronger and if they are not careful she will hurt herself! These men are mostly spent as the young black pervert has called a stop!

For most this is welcomebut a few real black studs are grumbling as he says we have one more thing that these white slutty whores need to experience before we send them back to their straight laced life, and that is for them to do a little cum filled cunt sucking! Each will get a chance to suck the cum out of the others well filled pussy! Kate has handled all that has happened very well and for her it has been an incredible experience!

One that she will not soon to forget and will be looking forward to doing again! After several minutes of conversation with his black brothers and little attention to these two women.

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One from behind has stuck his cock in Kate's pussy as a plug! The stocks holding her in a bent over position are released and she is helped to stand up. The ankle cuffs are removed and he grabs hold of her hands by her wrists holding her up and walks her over into this other room where Catherine is! Kate now impaled on his gigantic cock with her toes just barely dragging along on the floor, her eye's, seen on the video, are wide open, and the look in them is unbelievable and even more priceless as her entire weight and 5' 7" frame is supported only by his grip and his massive cock!

It is an incredible feat of raw sexual prowess along with the strength and size of his sexual organ! Kate, as the spectacle before her comes into view, see's another woman hanging nude with her legs up helplessly bound open and numerous black men, with some attending to her pubic area.

The others with their sexual organs stuck out or in her mouth are her other end! At first she thinks it is some other woman, but as the black man who is hard fucking her releases his load of male sperm and steps out of the way the unmistakable nipples are those she has seen before! She then realizes for the first time that this woman is her friend Catherine!

OMG!and at first is concerned for her, but is in no position to do anything! Her concern quickly vanishes when Catherine yells out and quite loudly, I want cockmy pussy wants cock! My mouth wants Big black cocks! Kate cannot believe that her friend a very normal white middle class woman who has only been with her husband sexually, is now acting like a insatiable whore!

Kate is a closet bisexual and has been with several other women in the past. Her and Catherine had flirted and teased each other for some time, and Kate had told me that she thought something might eventually happen as Catherine had become more open and direct in her flirting!

But Kate had not pushed the issue as she was still not sure of Catherine's true intent!. The fact that she had accompanied Kate to this kinky sexual liaison with this black gentleman stud was proof that she not only had some care and concern, but also an interest in Kate's well being!

The big black guy that Kate is impaled on was still holding her wrists, guiding, and bending Kate over towards Catherine's cum filled pussy that was now dripping gobs of thick cum on the floor! For Kate this very dark red and abused pubic area along with Catherine's gigantic swollen clitoris is so sinfully appealing!

But the black tattoo arched above her clit that said "I Love Black Cock"! Was the real shock! Kate could not believe what she saw as it was so out of place for her friend, But the lust, desire and now opportunity left Kate with little reluctance to either gorge herself on this incredible clit and give her more pleasure and sexual relief or just bury her face in her slit and suck as much cum as she could out of Catherine's wet and wide open slit!

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As Kate's lips closed over her friends clit Catherine incurs another shuddering orgasm! The noise of wet slurping and sucking of swollen flesh and warm cum, was so nasty and perverse along with her swallowing gulps of this almost unbelievable amount of cum! The fact that this black stud was still holding Kate's wrists and was slowly fucking her from behind with his big cock as she slurped and sucked only added to the harsh and sadistic carnal play that she had previously incurred.

Catherine was making animal sounds of pure unrestricted sexual bliss as she Oohed and Awed these sounds were those that few men ever hear! Several more grunting orgasmic climax's are heard from her as she helplessly lay's there with Kate really enjoying Catherine's pubic genitals!

The big stud has blown his load into Kate's pussy, and still holding her, pulls her back as Kate's lips reluctantly pop free with a smack! He then with her still impaled on his cock, again walks her around, and is now in front up close to Catherine's head. As close as he can and slowly eases his enormous cock out of Kate and at the same time has placed his hand that is almost a fist, up into her gaping and dripping cunt hole holding in as much cum inside as possible!

Then with his other hand he guide's Kate backwards over Catherine's head leaving Kate straddling her face! His two hands are now working together, and has first pulled Catherine's head up with his left, as he slowly slips his right handed fist out and force's her head up even higher and use's her face and lips to stop the flow of cum! It does stop some, but a lot has leaked past in this slight of hand that shuts Catherine up vocal begging into a gurgling choking sucking mess!

Kate now on her own with sexual lust like me for this woman cannot resist, and grabs Catherine's hair with both hand's and pulls her choking and gagging up even tighter into her cum covered labia!

Catherine can hardly breath, but her incredible zeal for sexual relief barely slows her down as she now greedily sucks Kate's vaginal cum filled opening! The big black stud that had just pulled himself from Kate, is now between Catherine's upturned legs and with his rod harder than ever is really giving it to Catherine's incredibly abused pussy!

The gurgling sucking and slurping that is going on at Kate's pussy is only interrupted, by occasional pleasurable groans as this monster cock bottoms out each time until both he and Kate achieve the ultimate release! Again time stands still, as I watch this scene of unbelievable sexual pleasurable of use and abuse!

You would think after all that Catherine has been through she would be so well used that she would want to just quit and to be left hanging, but the truth for her is just the opposite! Catherine after finally being unchained uncuffed and let down is still horny as hell. Of the twenty or so black men still milling around, most are fucked out! Several are interested as Catherine now down on her knees in front of several that still have hard cocks!

Grabs one pulling it, and saying at the same time come here you, I want this!. It is he who now has wide eyes! She has aggressively pushed him back and down on the floor leaving his black 12"cock sticking straight up like flag pole and quickly plunges herself down on it impaling her cunt all the way down to his big black balls, in one easy squat thrust!.

With her legs as wide as possible and her hands on his chest, her little tits and large nipples are jiggling obscenely up and down as she forcefully jams her formerly "little white cunt" down, again and again on his long fat cock! It takes only minutes before both cum together, he is now spent ,but this does not even phase her as she looks around again for?. The young black pervert that is in charge has finally put a stop to this by taking a fully charged electric cattle prod, and holding Catherine at bay and then zaps her right on her swollen clit!

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The first jolt hardly phased her!. It takes a second third and finally a fourth that finally leave her convulsing and whimpering on the floor as a well used piece of sexual cunt meat! Cum is still in her hair all over her, some dry and more running out of her cunt. Occasionally her body would jerk with the after shock of the electric cattle prod! This picture for me, and for those watching along with all who participated is an unbelievable event!

With everything pretty much over, I have quickly left and drive home still quite excited by all that has happened! No one with the exception of Catherine would leave that night unfulfilled! Kate seemed to take all of this in stride and was handed a warm damp towel and after a lengthy clean up was given her red dress and heels. Although wrinkled, and after zipping it up looked very presentable, one would hardly know what she had just been through!

Catherine on the other hand was now out of it, as the sex, the drug and the electro shock had left her totally naked and in a pool of cum! The black brothers now with some concern had carefully dragged her to a dryer area of the floor and again with warm wet towels and Kate's help did a credible job of cleaning her up. She still naked, leaking cum, and with black hands all over her had been taken to the elevator and up to the parking garage. They helped Kate place her in the back seat of her car, and had given Kate, Catherine's purse.

It was 3:00 am in the morning. Kate worried about Catherine tried calling her husband! But got no answer and still not sure what to do had driven around the streets of Columbus until deciding that bringing her to our house seemed to be the best idea!

It is 5:00 am in the morning when Catherine's car pulls into our double garage. I have gotten home several hrs earlier and am in bed exhausted, but due to all of the things that happened, am still excited and unable to sleep.

She, Kate surprise's me by the worried look on her face as she says, I need your help. immediately I am up, wide awake and ask whats wrong? She says its Catherine as I follow her out into the garage wearing only my shorts. Kate opens the door of Catherine's car and as the interior light comes on Catherine is totally naked laying face down on the back seat, her normal white bottom is dark red!

She is half out of it, whimpering and mumbling about what is she going to tell her husband! Kate says for me to pick her up and take her into the house, as I do so, she opens the doors and says for me to take Catherine, and put her on our bed!

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In the light, I finally see Catherine up close and naked! She is on my bedwearing nothing this is something I thought would never happen! She is every bit as attractive and desirable as I once imagined, and now know it from first hand experience! I can see her mound and pubic area it is really puffed up, and her formerly tight little pussy, the one my wife had described as being so virgin like has been stretched so.

wide open from all of the gigantic black cocks that had earlier penetrated, and hard fucked her! Her pussy is not only wide open I can see down into her vaginal tunnel and the residual cum is still in there! It is as if some pervert of a doctor had used the largest shoe horn speculum and kept ratcheting the duck bills, farther, and farther apart! But what is really apparent is her clit it is bigger than any clitoris I have ever seen! She also has some nasty bluish gray welts on her pubic muscles that surround her slit and this incredible clit!

These welts are also along the upper inside of her thighs from her whipping! The sight of her so used. has made my dick instantly hard and throbbing! Kate goes on to explain that once she told Catherine of her plans and. that she did not want to go alone. Catherine had had insisted on going along to meet this new black lover of hers and when she was leaving the hotel had been abducted and brought down into the same basement dungeon where Kate had been taken, I tried to act surprised at this explanation.

Apparently Kate went on, that she had done something? That had really pissed off one of the men that had abducted her, as he had cuffed and chained her down and really whipped her bare pussy with some sort of leather whip! Kate also said that Catherine had been made to forcefully give blow jobs to more men than I could ever imagine, neglecting to say that she had willingly done the exact same thing! Then apparently she had been brutally gang raped by even more men and that all of them were black!

This was bad enough, but they had video taped and taken digital pictures of everything that happened and had told Catherine that if she did not return when ever they needed a slutty piece of white trash cunt like her they would send the tapes and pictures to, not only her husbands boss, but would also send a copy to her boss, where she worked as a manager!

They apparently were able to threaten her with blackmail by taking all of her personal information from the things they found in her purse! Kate said she tried to call Catherine's husband well after 3:00 AM this morning, but he was not at home.

So left a message on the machine telling him not to worry, and lying that she had accompanied Catherine to the sexy lingerie and toy party, and that it had got a little out of hand!

Saying the host had surprised everyone by hiring a hansom male stripper to liven things up and that Catherine had drank more than she should have, and not only got a little wild, she had done more crazy things by dancing and stripping with the male stripper just before passing out. She continued telling him, not to worry that Catherine was fine and that she would stay the rest of the night with her and that she would make sure Catherine got home later.

She had thought Catherine's husband was probably asleep and not concerned at all! Later she finds out that he was called out of town on business and that this will turn out to be a great stroke of luck. Thus giving Catherine more than enough time to recover, have the swelling go down, and her ass and love tunnel time return to a somewhat normal size!

Catherine has finally opened her eyes and looks up at me. She has the most humiliated ashamed look on her face, that of a beaten dog! The fact that she is totally naked and I have pulled her up into my arms and am trying to comfort her as she babbles on in tears.

Going on, occasionally sobbing and convulsing, that she is a slutty whore for black men and that her husband or no real man would ever want to be with her again! She then confesses to me. trying to choke back tears of resigned humiliation! And says that she tried her best to fight back and to resist, saying over and over again honest I did!

I tried with all of my might! They really hurt my pussy but it was.OMG! I am so ashamed and embarrassed to tell you what they did! But the first black man that fucked me was very strange, it was as if he really wanted to make love to me like he knew me, his touch, the way he gave me pleasure I really felt his lust and desire of him not just use me and have sex, but it was as if he really loved if we knew each other? It was so stimulating not like the others that made me, do those awful things?

They kept me so helpless and horny but the more they forced me the more my body betrayed me, I tried holding backbut I had one helpless orgasm after another! Oh!. I feel so used and worthless, she sobs. What finally did it, they threatened to pierce my clit by sticking needles into it and some sort of chemical drug that just drove me up the wall, to the point that I would do anything they wanted! And, OMG! I just could not help myself anymore! Looking away from my eyes and then looking down past her little tits at her swollen clit!

After that she said I did what ever they told me in almost in a whisper, I truly am a slut and a whore! She continued to babble on barely speaking that she really loved this incredible sexual abuse and that she has no choice, and is even aroused by the thought of actually going back when ever they wanted or needed her!

She sobs again and looks up at me as her abused little breasts jiggle most perversely! I just love having Catherine's hot little body next to my bare chest! I hold her tight,and tell her truthfully that I do not think any the less of her, and that I would love her no matter what horrible things they had done to her, and if I was her husband, none of this would bother me.

Catherine then says in a wailing voice why can't my husband be more like you, she goes on to say that she has been with so many black men, that she lost count and how could I ever overlook that? She then says look at me, look at what they did as she pushes me away and spreads her legs and again looks over her breasts and points to her tattoo! It is vivid and apparent the word's "I Love Black Cock"! Are in bold black ink and contrast quite vividly with her virgin like white skin, this displays the submissive brutally of what she thinks is permanent!

Her clit is still sticking out and swollen to see it only makes my cock throb! Again I honestly tell her and I am quite convincing as it is true. Saying that to me she could have the most hideous tattooes on her breasts bottom and pussy along with being brutally gang raped by fifty black men, and that I would still love her, and that even if she liked having something so sadistically or perverse happen to her!

I would never use it to hurt her or throw it up in her face! Catherine then hugs me really hard squeezing her small breasts and those incredible nipples against my bare chest and says thank you for understanding and for caring about me. She has been naked and in the presence of so many men earlier, that being naked in front of me and now in my arm does not seem to bother her at all!

Catherine then asks if it would be alright for her to come over and confide with Kate or me about her situation and the fact that she is going to be black mailed by these black men and have to return to this place more than once over the next several months, but then goes on to say with a hint of anticipation in her voice that next time it will be much easier!

Kate then hands me several C/Ds and that these are copies of not only Catherine's sexual adventures, but are also pictures of hers as well! Saying that Catherine was afraid to take them home and that her husband might find them so asked if we would keep them. Of course I said yes! You, can just use your imagination thinking about what might be in store for Kate and Catherine over the next several months!.