Dormida y su cuerpo desnudo

Dormida y su cuerpo desnudo
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The bottoms of the dark silken pajamas hung low on Kim's full hips, accentuating the wonderful flare from her trim waist to her fullbuttocks.

Her ass twitched enticingly through the material and Connie stopped in the bedroom doorway to watch and savor. How can she be so beautiful and sexy? Connie thought. She barely noticed the room's furnishings -- the dresser and armoire, the plush rug, the floor-to-ceiling drapes -- because her eyes focused on the queen-size bed and the woman standing before it and turning to face her.


Kim raised her arms to Connie and the petite ballet instructor wasted no time in going to her -- and those fabulous breasts. She took one in each hand and hefted them, then bent and mouthed each huge nipple. When both were thoroughly slicked, Connie stretched up on her tiptoes and began rubbing her own engorged nozzles against Kim's unusual nipples. The sensation of nipples against nipples sent shivers of pleasure through her lithe little frame.

She slowly dropped to her knees, her tongue out and busy on the firm, indrawn flesh of Kim's tummy as she pulled the pajama bottoms down and for the first time saw Kim completely naked. The hairs around Kim's cunt were like those on her head -- reddish blonde and abundant. Her thighs were pale and full with their firm youth.

Connie pushed Kim back and the younger woman sat on the bed, letting Connie part her thighs and lick from her knees to her crotch and back down. Connie felt transported by what she was doing -- electrified. She felt all the tiny, soft hairs on her forearms standing up as if a current was running through her.

Something about the musky, post-workout scent of this young woman -- so long desired -- and the tautness of her pale flesh tingled through her entire body. Every part of her seemed to vibrate of its own accord and in harmony with every other part of her physique.

She wanted to return pleasure for pleasure a hundred-fold and immerse herself in sybaritic abandon. Kim's scent was rich, almost intoxicating. No matter how much Connie wanted to delay and tease, as she licked and nibbled those trembling, smooth thighs, she was drawn inexorably back to moist center of her lover's lush furred cunt. With a moan of surrender, Connie spread Kim's labia.

The lips were thick and prominent and all the more so for being swollen with lust. The juices glistened brightly, even in the low light filtering into the bedroom from the open door to the living room.

At the apex of her pussy lips was the protruding nodule of Kim's swollen clitoris. With thumb and forefingers holding wide Kim's cunt lips, Connie blew softly across the pink opening glimpsed within.

She saw Kim's cunt contract automatically and watched the little lift and hump of her engorged clit. It was almost as if the small bundle of nerve-covered flesh was leaping upward to capture more of Connie's hot breath.

She couldn't wait any longer. Connie ducked her head forward and licked out with the tip of her tongue, a long, slow, savory tasting of the juicy valley.

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Kim moaned and shuddered and Connie felt her hands come down to grip her dark-curled head and pull her closer. She opened her mouth wide and dropped it down over Kim's cunt, covering the entire area with her hot oral cavity. She felt Kim's thighs quiver and slowly press down on her head and ears, trapping her there.


Connie released her finger-hold on Kim's cunt lips and began licking and sucking and -- yes, even chewing (carefully) for all she was worth. As she slipped her hands under Kim's taut ass cheeks, she stiffened her tongue and pressed as far into Kim's cunt as she could reach, enjoying the way Kim tried to capture her pink mouth muscle with her eager cunt.

She drew back until she held only the swollen knob of Kim's clit in her lips and then sucked on it mightily -- all the way swiping the tip of her tongue back and forth as rapidly and lightly as she could. Kim's shuddering became a frantic, desperate bucking.

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Her rounded hips humped up off the bed and she shook as if having a fit. Connie could barely hear the moan rise in volume and pitch until it became a shrill wail of pleasure, total and abandoned. She hung suspended like that for long moments while Connie continued teasing at and toying with her tortured clit, unrelentingly driving her farther and farther in her orgasm.

Connie simultaneously slid one hand farther beneath her lovely blonde lover and speared her with a forefinger driven into the spasming clutches of Kim's cunt and an index finger, slicked by copious overflow of lusty lubrications, wedging its way into the fearsome constrictions of Kim's almost virgin anus.

Kim's scream was clearly audible to Connie, even through the muffling effect of Kim's shaking thighs. She wriggled both fingers and felt her young lover stiffen in utter surrender. Suddenly, Kim fell back to the bed, writhing and shaking and moaning in pleasure. Connie knew the symptoms and knew what was needed. She quickly disentangled herself and crawled up on the bed next to Kim and they lavished desperate kisses and hugs upon each other.

"Oh, so sweet, so sweet, I'd forgotten how sweet," Kim babbled as she caressed and squeezed Connie. She rolled Connie onto her side in the circle of her arms and two embraced, twining their thighs and rubbing pussies against legs as their hands made free and savored each other's charms. The sweetness became leavened with renewed passion.

Connie couldn't stop marveling at the lush curves of her new lover and Kim wascaptivated by the taut, throbbing arousal of the older woman. As the minutes passed, Connie found herself trying to resist the temptation of Kim's wondrous breasts and amazing nipples -- and Kim found herself trying to resist the rich, sweet, musky aroma of Connie's compact little bush and her tight cunt. Connie kissed her way down Kim's chest and began wallowing in the abundance of her breasts.

Her lips found and latched onto Kim's large nipples and then she was drawn lower.across the plane of the young woman's taut belly and abdomen to her lush cunt. She tried to tease again, but couldn't resist: Connie's head ducked between Kim's long, quivering thighs and she plastered her lips to Kim's reddish-blonde thatch.

Not that Kim was passive. Kim guided the smaller woman's legs till they straddled her, reversed, and pulled Connie's petite twat down onto her mouth -- and feasted. She licked and sucked the entire region, all the time running her hands up and over the smaller woman's tight ass and tiny waist. Her lips sealed over Connie's swollen clit and labia and her tongue delved deep into her cunt.

Because of the disparity in their heights, the classic "69" simply wouldn't work -- if lips and tongues were to be fastened to cunnies and clits.

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But Kim had promised Connie a unique treat -- and fulfilling that promise would also restore Connie's thirsty mouth to Kim's cunt. Connie was dribbling her tongue over all over Kim's smooth abdomen that she could reach -- but it wasn't enough. The curly thatch of reddish-blonde pubic hair beckoned her and the rich scent of Kim's juices was a siren's call. Her hands went around Kim's hips and then clasped her magnificent buttocks. She squeezed hard enough to make the younger woman gasp against her cunt and then began pulling herself lower, relinquishing the delights of Kim's tongue on her cunt for the satisfaction of feeling Kim's well-oiled pussy under her lips.

Connie felt the abundant swells of Kim's tits against her thighs as she wriggled lower. Then Kim was gripping her hips and shifting her. and she felt -- "AHHHH!" Connie couldn't restrain the cry of pleasure. She knew what was being done to her, though she'd never felt it before. Even as she buried her cries of pleasure against Kim's savory cunt, she felt the larger, younger woman pressing her huge nipple in her cunt.

The touch was so soft, yet so firm! An, more than that, the idea of it was sending her into paroxysms. The enormous, broad expanse of Kim's unusual nipple was being rubbed back and forth over Connie's immensely swollen clitoris and then jammed against the split of her trim pussy.

Almost without thinking of it, Connie found her lips locked again around Kim's pulsating pussy pout while her own hips were beginning to jerk uncontrollably. Connie knew herself and knew she was working up through a succession of smaller orgasms to a real, screaming whopper of a cum. and licked and sucked all the more fervently on her new lover's cunt. It was when she worked one hand a bit farther under Kim that the taller woman started to moan loudly.

Connie's fingers pressed against her cunt and Kim found herself almost involuntarily hunching her hips down, trying to capture the probing digits. Connie rubbed the swollen cunt lips with one finger whilecontinuing to lick.

When she sensed Kim couldn't stand any more, she thrust the finger into Kim's cunt and then hung on for dear life. Kim rammed Connie's little cunt down against her huge nipple and screamed her pleasure as she bucked and heaved.

She held the smaller woman's taut left ass cheek with a knuckle-whitening grip; her other hand squeezed her own tit just as hard and vibrated her enormous nipple area as hard and rapidly as she could against Connie's swollen cunt. Connie felt her orgasm swelling in her flat belly and thrust a second finger into Kim's constricting cunt. The younger woman howled again and bucked for more, so Connie gave her a third -- and then a fourth finger.

She waggled the four digits inside Kimberly, feeling the juices ripple and flow -- and then Connie was caught up in her own peak. She ground her cunt down, down, down, trying to capture Kim's gigantic nipple in her aching quim and shuddered with pleasure, moaning and writhing on the soft, lush curves of her overheated Sapphic lover.

After uncounted waves of pleasure had finally washing both of them, they collapsed, half-sobbing with relief, against each other. Connie somehow found the strength to reverse herself and welcomed Kim's soft, cuddling. She happily, languorously licked her juices from Kim's still huge nipple, and ten did the same for the other -- "So it won't feel left out," she explained. "Mmmmmm." Then she lay her head upon the pillows of Kim's spectacular breasts and savored the gentle undulations of her breathing as Kim wrapped her arms about her.

When Connie stirred, Kim woke, too. Connie turned her face up for a kiss and it quickly became passionate. Kim's nipples hardened quickly and Connie raced Kim's.

When the kiss finally ended, both were panting. "I could do this forever," Kim said, breathlessly. "So could I -- but I'd miss Jerry." Connie giggled. "Greedy, aren't you?" "I want it all!" "If you had it all, would you share it?" Connie's smile faded slowly and became wistful.

"I would but Jerry just isn't interested. Hasn't been, anyhow." "I didn't mean it that way!" Connie kissed her lightly on the chin. "Are you sure?" Kim had a thoughtful expression for the next few moments.

Then: "Maybe I did. It's not a bad idea." "I think it's a terrific idea." Connie rolled onto her side and ran one hand lightly up and down over Kim's abundant curves.

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"And you'd get to find out what it's like to be really filled up." "You filled me up pretty good with your fingers. How many did you have in me?" "Four." Kim rolled her eyes. "No wonder.

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I can never get more than three in me." "Mine are smaller. See?" She held up the accused fingers and wiggled. "Sure, a little, but sometimes I think there's something wrong with me. All I can think about is finding a guy with a big one -- " "Who knows how to use it." "Right -- but then I wonder if it could get it me.

I mean, when I get turned on, it seems like I just squeeze and squeeze and -- " She giggled. Connie was nodded solemnly. "I know. I felt. Guys must love it. But don't worry -- if a baby's head will fit through there, anything will." "Maybe when I get a little older." "Has nothing to do with it. When I was in college, I was into a whole orgy scene for a while. One of the other girl was this sophomore, not much bigger than me -- and she liked having a fist in her every now and then." Kim's eyes widened.

"A fist?" "Uh-huh. I mean, first a couple of fingers, then more fingers, then the whole hand. When she really started cumming, she'd take a clenched fist and came so hard she actually lost consciousness a few times. It was kind of a strange turn-on to see a woman my size cumming while a big, hairy guy had his fist, wrist and part of his forearm reaming her out." Connie shook her head, remembering.

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"I mean, she was so tight that usually it was hard work to get two fingers in her. But when she got going -- once she had two guys at once in her vagina and loved it. And she was maybe nineteen at the time." She kissed Kim lightly on the nearest nipple. "Don't worry, honey -- you can take it.from the right guy." She sat up easily and arched her back. Kim couldn't resist running one hand over Connie's sleek back and the older woman purred, catlike, at the petting. Finally she stood and turned to look down at hermagnificently proportioned lover.

"You know, I want to do this again." "And again." "And again." "Et cetera." "But it's going to be hard keeping my pants dry when I see you in class." "If you get too moist, I'll just have to do something about it." "Like take them off for me?" Kim nodded.

"When can we get together like this again?" Connie cocked her hips and looked thoughtful. "This is Tuesday.You have any free nights later this week?" Kim sat up smoothly, all her rich curve rippling beautifully.

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Connie was again fascinated by the lack of an swaying in Kim's big breasts; they were so firm that they hardly bounced at all. "Well, I have a wine-tasting party tomorrow night and Thursday I have a class at the New School." "What?" Kim blushed slightly. "I'm studying a language." She looked up to find Connie staring at her. "Give." "Chinese." She shrugged. "I've always been fascinated by the culture and country and traditions and someday I want to visit China." "Good!

What about Friday?" "Nothing so far." "Let's you and I go out." Connie's eyes were sparkling. "Sure. Where?" "Shopping." "Huh?" "I'm going to take you to a toy store -- an adult toy store.

Can you bring your car into Manhattan Friday?" "I have to bring it in every day," Kim groused. "What a pain in the ass." "I'll bet it is. I'll meet you in the Village. What time do you finish for the day?" "Any time after five." "Fine. Have the car in a garage in the Village somewhere near West Fourth and Sixth Avenue.

I'll meet you at the Cornelia Street Cafe at six. I'll be wearing a red rose, so you'll recognize me with my clothes on." Kim laughed and stood and hugged her tightly.

"I feel funny about going into a sex-aid store." "Relax, honey -- I'll protect you." "But -- why?" "I want to get us some toys. Like Joni's Butterfly, and maybe some nice vibrators or dildos or both . and I want to be wicked!" She said it with such a pixie-esh expression her face that Kimberly had to giggle and hug her again. "Will you be wicked with me?" Kim asked.

"Count on it." "It's a date!" Kim agreed.* * * When Connie stepped into the house, she found Jerry sitting in the living room, staring at CNN.

A snifter was on the end table next to his chair and the brandy bottle -- half-empty -- was next to it. He didn't look up at the sound of her entrance. "Hi, husband." He hit the MUTE button on the TV's remote control and turned.

"Hello, wife." She walked over to him and bent at the waist to kiss him. The kiss lingered. "I know that taste," he said. His speech was still clear. "I take it you were successful." She doffed her coat and sat on the other part of the sectional.

"Yes. And it was lovely." She flicked her gaze at the snifter and bottle, then back to him, waiting. He understood. Jerry was a recovering alcoholic.

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He'd fallen a few times, but generally went through his days. By agreement, they kept a small bottle of brandy in the house. A long time ago, they'd made an agreement and had a safe installed in the wall of the bedroom. Only Connie had the combination. She would never question him if he found himself unable to resist -- provided that before he reached for the booze, he stashed the car keys in the safe and juggled the combination. "They're in there," he said.

"I wasn't sure I could handle it if you stayed the night. I'm not getting any younger and I wonder,sometimes, if this one is going to be the lover you fall for --forever." He shrugged, slightly uncoordinated. There was another, older, more powerful agreement between them -- complete honesty.

"I could really fall hard for her." "I could tell." "But I couldn't live without you, every day, right here -- holding me." She felt tears welling in her eyes. "Just the thought of not being in your arms." She shook her head too hard, too fast.

"I can't stand that thought." "I feel the same way. So -- " He nodded toward the snifter. "But it doesn't help enough." "Does my being here help enough?" He stared at her until she added: "Rhetorical question." "You goddam betcha. Would you put some coffee on?" The tears overcame her defenses, despite the genuine smile. "You goddam betcha." "Want to talk about it?" "See previous response." She stood.

"By the way, she wants you, too. A lot." He closed his eyes and wrinkled his forehead, then exhaled slowly. Finally: "Me?

All of me?" "Don't be silly. I'm the only person who could want all of you the way I do." "I know. Help me stand." He held out his hand. She took it, knowing he didn't physically need it, and led him into the kitchen.

As she made the coffee, she told him about the planned date at the sex-aid store and Kim's cravings. Later, as they undressed each other for bed, she told what she and Kimberly had done and said, and what she planned for Friday night.

In detail.