Shemale Rims And Slams Ass

Shemale Rims And Slams Ass
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Midnight Judgement An original story by Starrynight.

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The story depicted here is completely fictional. I do not encourage the behavior described here in any way.


It was late, really late, and there was nothing I wanted to do more than drift off to a heavy slumber, but I couldn't. For the past fifteen minutes I was alone in my bed, jerking my erection to no avail. It was only my wife's fourth day away and I was feeling extremely horny. She and I had a sex life most couples our age could only dream of, and I haven't masturbated in years, at least not without her next to me urging me on. I tried to conjure the image of my naked wife in my mind as I tugged on my average 5-inch member but felt no closer to relief than I was when I started.

When I climbed into bed an hour ago, I tried to ignore it, assuming it would go away as I read a book, but it didn't. I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep, but that also failed, my erect cock throbbing as it begged me for release and decided to torture me unless I gave in.

And so, I pulled my boxers off and sat on the covers naked, grabbing my shaft and starting to stroke it. Watching porn was not an option for me. After years of the real thing, watching erotic videos did little for me. It disgusted me more than it turned me on, and whenever one of my pervert friends would send me a link to video, I would end up stopping it almost immediately, pitying the poor souls who were in them. Somehow, I could also sense they were not enjoying themselves, no matter how loud their obscene moans and groans were.

I opened my eyes and looked down at my erect member. He was usually so obedient, so experienced, why was he acting like I'm a sex crazed teenager. This is all Serena's fault, I thought to myself as I looked for someone to blame in my disgruntled state. With my wife gone, my stepdaughter was being even more obnoxious than usual, sending snarky remarks my way whenever her highness would award me with her unbearable presence.

I was just finished brushing my teeth and getting ready for sleep when I ran into her on my way to bed. She walked out of her bedroom barefoot and was wearing some of the skimpiest clothes I have ever seen her in. She had on a loose pink shirt, a pale shoulder peeking from the wide neckline as it reached down only to her naval.

In addition to that, she was also wearing, what I believe the correct term for is micro thong but is basically the least amount of fabric she could wear around her waist without completely exposing her vagina. She ignored me as she pranced down to the bathroom, and as she passed me I couldn't help but turn my head around.

I witnessed her tight teenage ass, only a stringy thin fabric lodged in between her firm cheeks. She closed the bathroom door behind her and I found myself with a hard on, not believing that only four days without getting any, would make me get hard from looking at my eighteen-year-old stepdaughter. I stopped jacking off, realizing that it wasn't working and thought what I could do.

I looked at the clock, did the math and realized it was too late to call my wife for a sexy video chat. I need visual stimulation, I thought to myself as I frantically reached for my phone. I started looking for sexy pics of my wife, any picture of her in a bikini that might help. I scrolled a few months back and still nothing even remotely helpful to my situation. I placed my phone back down and returned to stroking my member in frustration. I kept masturbating uselessly for another minute when an idea popped into my mind.

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If Serena was the reason I was hard, maybe looking at her would be enough to get myself off. The thought of me wanking myself as I watched my sleeping daughter was a little gross, not to mention creepy, but I was desperate.

I quickly climbed out of bed and headed out the door, opening it carefully. I walked into the lit hall in my birthday suit and was relieved to see Serena's bedroom door halfway ajar.

I tiptoed to the bathroom where I grabbed a tissue, then quietly opened the door to my stepdaughter's bedroom and walked in. I quietly looked around as my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting and studied the room before closing my gaze on my stepdaughter.

With the light from the hall shining in, I could clearly see her young figure sleeping soundly, a thin sheet covering her up to her waist.

Serena was a petite little thing. She stood at a little over 5 feet and weighed less than a hundred pounds. She had long light brown hair, green eyes and a pair of small perky tits.

I looked at her sleeping face for a minute, listening to her heavy breathing before slowly pulling the sheet off her. It was a warm night and I knew she wouldn't get cold as I exposed her smooth skinny legs and tiny panties.

I sat down on a stool next to her bed and started jerking off again as I ran my eyes along her teenage frame. It already felt better than before, as I slowly masturbated while watching her sleep. I had never looked at my stepdaughter in anything remotely resembling a sexual way, but as I watched her, I couldn't deny she was sexy.

She was laying on her side as I looked at her and slowly masturbated. I tried to go a little faster, but in the still silence of her bedroom, it sounded loud and I slowed back down, afraid to wake her up.

I kept pleasuring myself for a few minutes when she started moving. I held my breath and my cock as Serena shuffled on her bed. The thought of her waking up frightened me, but I could not leave before I accomplished the task at hand. She shifted around on the bed until she settled on her back. As she moved around the bed, her shirt lifted slightly, revealing the bottom of her young teenage breasts to my tired horny mind.

I looked at Serena's body with awe for a few seconds, studying her exposed flat stomach as I resumed breathing and playing with myself. I kept looking at the bottom of her breasts peeking out from under her shirt teasingly, begging to be exposed, and I couldn't deny them.

I held my breath as I stood up and took a step forward, as quiet as a mouse. I reached down and gently pulled up her shirt, just a little, exposing her delectable teenage titties before quietly pulling my hand away and returning it to my pulsing member.

A sense of forbidden excitement swept over me as I revealed my stepdaughter's small breasts. They were topped with small bright pink nipples and looked beautiful as I jacked off to the sight of them.

I locked my eyes onto her breasts for a full minute, admiring them silently, before I broke out of my trance and ran my eyes along her entire body. With her shirt mostly out of the way, it only emphasized how scampy her underwear was, and another sudden urge hit me, to see what she was hiding underneath. I looked at the small white triangular patch of cotton, covering her own triangle, then looked back up at her face to make sure she was still sleeping soundly.

I knew I could probably remove it without waking her up, but was I willing to take the chance. After a minute of looking down at her covered crotch, my dirty lust got the better of me and I decided I was. I took a quiet step forward, rotating my gaze from her thong to her face as I moved both hands closer.

I gave her sleeping angelic face another glance, then held my breath as I gently grabbed the string like waist band. I stayed motionless for a few seconds, making sure she was still asleep, then, as gently and slowly as my hands allowed me, I pulled her tiny panties down to her knees.

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My eyes nearly popped out of my head as I laid them on Serena's teenage pussy. It was pale and smooth, her lips slightly open, giving a glimpse at her young pink labia. Above it, her pubic mound was shaved into a thin light-haired strip. Other than that, she was completely shaved, not even a hint of stubble, which made me think it was fresh, maybe even from today. My cock twitched as I studied my stepdaughter's hot young cunt.

It looked so young and perfect, the pale skin unblemished and the thin strip of hair meticulously shaped. What got to me the most about my stepdaughter's pussy was the landing strip she had down there. I thought to myself that it wasn't something a girl would do for her own pleasure, but rather do it for the pleasure of a guy.

A guy who was using it to help guide his prick to where it led. My cock twitched again, and I moved a hand to grasp it, at the thought of my stepdaughter wailing as some teenager driving his dick into her pussy, the very one I was looking at. I tightened my grasp around my member and resumed to stroke it as I looked at my daughter's perfect vulva. I leaned down quietly and inhaled deeply, a perfumed smell of some flowery lotion filled my nostrils and despite the erotic sight I was looking down at, my cock signaled my mind that it wasn't enough.

Just a light touch, I told myself, she would never know. I just need to feel her smooth young skin against my cock, to trace the tip along her seductive slit, that's it, that should be enough. That will surely saturate my lustful mind. After that I will cum and I could finally sleep. I quietly placed a knee on her bed, right next to her smooth thigh, then brought up the other one.

The bed creaked quietly as I put my full weight onto it and I froze. Serena let out a mumble in her sleep and my heart skipped a bit. I waited motionless for a few seconds, before bringing my left leg over my stepdaughter's slim figure and positioning myself between her logs. I grabbed my cock as it twitched with anticipation and gave my daughter's face another quick glance, before lowering my waist and lightly pressing the tip of my penis to the soft intimate skin of my daughter's vagina.

A wave of sexual excitement took over me as I touched Serena's womanhood with my own manhood. There was an electrifying sensation as we touched, like two magnets pulling into each other until they finally connect.

It was like my entire body gasped with relief as I pressed my cock against her slit and it only urged me on as I began to slowly trace the tip of my cock up and down her slit. "Mmm" Serena moaned in her sleep as I stimulated her intimate zone, and while still sleeping moved her hand to her pussy, only to run into my hard cock. I pulled away as her fingers brushed my shaft.


I looked up at her face in alarm, but she was still asleep, her right hand placed on her bare vagina. My cock was still very much in need of a relief, and was closer than I had been all night, but I after awarding him with the soft touch of Serena's vulva, I couldn't not go back to the rough skin of my hand.

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I was so overcome with lust and weariness at this point that I was not thinking clearly. All I could see in front of me was my naked stepdaughter sleeping.

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She seemed to be a heavy sleeper, as she had not woken up until now and another disturbing thought crossed my mind. What if I put it?

I thought to myself as I looked down at her enticing snatch. I was feeling confident, sure that if I was very slow and very gentle, I could do it, I could put my hard cock into my stepdaughter's sweet little cunt without waking her up. A few plunges are all I need and that's it. My entire body was on fire by the mere idea, and against any judgement I might have, I decided to do it.

I could feel my heart racing in my chest as I got into position. I moved the tip of my penis forward, until it was nestled at her coveted opening. I held back a gasp of pleasure and gave my stepdaughter's face a final glance before slowing penetrating her sacred hole, crossing the final line.

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Serena started moaning as I pushed my cock into her tight snatch. I thought she was moaning in her sleep and looked at her as I plunged my manhood into her surprisingly wet pussy, but then, to my horror, she opened her eyes. Serena gave me a confused sleepy look as I towered over her. She was disoriented in the first few seconds of her awake state and did not comprehend what was going on. I already had my cock buried deep inside her snug pussy, and once she regained her wits, she raised her head and looked down, realizing that I was inside her.

The next minute was a blur to me. Serena tried to scream, but her voice was still raw from sleep and she only managed to let out a weak croak. By the time she tried to scream again I already had my hand on her mouth in instinct. Serena looked up at me in terror and I knew it was too late.

There was no use in going slow now that she was awake. I had already gone too far; my cock was buried to the hilt inside my stepdaughter's twat and I couldn't take it back. Despite the twisted situation I found myself in, I couldn't ignore how amazing it felt to have my dick deep inside my daughter's sweet little pussy. There was horror and maybe even pain on her pretty face as I held her down, and she gave me a pleading look that said, "help me daddy", but instead I found myself starting to thrust my hard shaft in and out of her.

"I'm so sorry for this baby" I heard myself say as I continued to plunge my cock into her small pussy. "Don't scream" I added and moved my hand away from her mouth.

I kept it close for a few seconds, ready to smother her again if she screamed, but for once in her life she listened to me. I moved the hand to her waist and continued to violate my young stepdaughter to my growing sickening pleasure.

"Oh fuck, your pussy feels amazing" I heard a stranger with my voice say as I continued to fuck her.

Serena was now completely awake and aware of what was going on. Tears filled her young green eyes as she looked up at me defiling her intimate hole. A brief look of relief crossed her face as I pulled out, but it was premature.


She watched me as I pulled her panties all the way off then spread her legs aggressively, exposing her pink pussy as I repositioned myself between her legs and shoved my cock back into her warm haven. Serena started crying as I pushed myself back into her. She tried to push me away but was no match for me. I pinned her arms down and hastened my thrusts, pounding her teenage pussy as her crying turned to sobs.

Her sobs were only interrupted by the odd groan as I continued to beat my cock into her tight cunt. She stopped resisting, realizing it was useless and just sobbed, warm tears flowing down her cheeks as I fucked her hard. "Why are you doing this dad?" she asked in a hoarse voice between snivels as I continued to pound my cock into her pussy, but I didn't answer her, I couldn't. After few more minutes of fucking my stepdaughter's wonderful pussy, I was finally close.

Serena lay motionless under me, accepting my control over her as tears kept flowing down from her red eyes. I had my hands on her delicate thighs and switched to long hard plunges as my body signaled me it was almost time. "Oh fuck, fuck!" I moaned as my body finally reached the sexual crescendo it so desperately desired. I grunted with unbelievable pleasure as my cock started squirting inside my stepdaughter. "Oh, fuck, Serena" a call escaped my lips as I kept ramming my cock into her, shooting load after load of my sperm into her forbidden snatch until I was completely empty.

The second I pulled out of her she started crying with relief, wailing wildly as I climbed off her body. Her body shivered in a heartbreaking manner, and I couldn't look at her as the shame of what I've done hit me like a sledgehammer, making me sick to my stomach.

I couldn't look at her, couldn't hear her agonizing wails and headed out of her room. When I reached the doorway, I turned around to look at her. Serena was still crying but stopped shivering. She was rubbing her pussy gently, like you would a hurt knee and I could see my sperm flowing out of her teenage pussy.

"I'm sorry" I said, as I gave her a final apologetic glance but there was only contempt in her eyes. I turned around and shamefully walked to bed, the thought that I had raped my stepdaughter haunting me from that night for the rest of my life. The End Please comment Also, let me know if you would like me to continue writing this kind of stories.