Twink gay boy prostitute After wetting each others cocks Jacob backs

Twink gay boy prostitute After wetting each others cocks  Jacob backs
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you've read any of my other stories about my sexual exploits, then you'll know I'm far from being the "faithful" husband, but I'm not alone in having little "secrets".

About 10 years ago my wife Janelle and I went on a holiday to the Nth Coast of NSW, Australia. Whilst we were staying at Port MacQuarie, we decided to go on a canoe day trip up the river. We arrived at the jetty to find another 7 people already getting their gear ready. There were a couple of female Swedish backpackers, a Dutch couple, James our guide and two American guys, one of whom was an athletic negro named Robert. We introduced ourselves and I couldn't help but notice the way my wife was staring at Robert as his shirtless, muscled torso rippled and glistened in the early morning light.

I had a stupid grin on my face thinking that at least now I could perve on the two Swedish chicks and the Dutch babe (who was the better looking of the three) without pissing Janelle off. We climbed into our canoes and headed off up river, passing by an island of Pelican's, a few Oyster farms, some Mangrove Wetlands and eventually to a little riverside park where we stopped for breakfast.

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All the way there I had kept our canoe to the rear so I could watch the Swedish pair, but that also meant we were right behind Robert and his mate. The guide had put on a great breakfast for us consisting of cereal, tropical fruits and fresh juice.

We sat around on the river bank talking and enjoying the sunshine for a while and then it was time to get moving. I'd been so intent on perving at the Swedes that I hadn't noticed Janelle strike up a conversation with Robert. I helped the guide pack up the gear and load it into his canoe while Janelle slipped off to the toilets. Once we had finished loading the canoes, I decided to go for a slash too.

I walked into the mensroom and was about to take a leak when I heard a low moan eminate from the closed cubicle behind me.

I listened closer and I could hear someone sucking in their breath. I smiled to myself and thought one of the guys must've been wanking himself, probably over the Swedish pair, when I heard "Oh yeah baby; suck on that hard dick." I listened hard and yes, I could make out the wet slurping sounds of someone sucking a cock!

My own cock became instantly hard.

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I moved into the adjacent stall, climbed up onto the pan so I could take a peek over the wall. What I saw nearly made me fall backwards into it with shock! There was my beautiful wife Janelle, on her knees sucking the biggest black cock I had ever seen!


Robert had one hand on her left shoulder and the other at the back of her head as she enthusiasticly bobbed up and down on what must have been at least a 10inch pole. I dropped my own cock out of my pants and started to stroke myself in time with her. He was groaning louder now and she was moaning in little whimpers as his cock slid back and forth down her throat.

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I was just starting to get to work on myself when she stopped suddenly and stood up. I dropped down so they wouldn't see me and heard her say that there wasn't much time and she wanted him inside her cunt. "Fuck me," she said "I want to feel it up me." I was just about ready to burst when I heard this, and started to furiously pound away on my cock.

I could tell when he entered her because she hissed, "Oh christ.yessss!" I waited a few moments before sneaking another look. When I did, I found her standing bent over against the stall door, her shorts and panties around her knees. Robert was pounding his thick black weapon into her from behind and she was obviously enjoying the difference between his ebony monster and my pale 7 incher?


The contrast between his dark black cock and her creamy white arse was just so hot! She was urging him to fuck her harder and faster and reaching under herself to fondle his heavy balls.

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He was really giving it to her now and sweat was pouring down his back. He groaned that he was about to cum and she asked him not to do it inside her. I watched in awe as he pulled that amazing fuckstick out of her distended cunt and blew spurt after spurt of thick white cum onto the small of her back. She dropped down and took him back into her mouth, cleaning all the remaining cum from the head of his cock.

That did it for me, and I blew my own sticky load off against the wall of my stall.


Quickly, I tucked my softening cock away and raced back outside so they wouldn't know they'd been discovered. Robert returned first and I saw him give a little wink and whisper something to his mate who laughed and gave him a "high five".

Next Janelle came back but she shyed away when I went to kiss her.

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(I wonder why!) We finished the tour and I couldn't wait to get Janelle back to our hotel so I could fuck the daylights out of her too. She wasn't too keen on it (i guess she was a little sore?)but she agreed to suck and toss me off before going to bed for an afternoon sleep. I haven't ever let on about what I saw that day, but I often relive it in my mind as I masturbate.

Sometimes I wonder if she's ever done it again? Anyway, I might bring it up one day and who knows, maybe we'll have a threesome or something?

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