Chubby Boy jerking in bed

Chubby Boy jerking in bed
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Hi there, as always I have changed the names and the when things happened, everything else is a true event. You should read the stories in order to give more background. Typical Day, One Fine Night, What a Weekend. This has been a strange weekend for me. Today has been the strangest day in a very long time. I have been on the floor all day.

Playing with our dog Oliver, and by that, I mean playing tug or just running after him as fast as I can.

My wife has been binge watching her Netflix shows, paying no mind to Oliver and I other than to tell us to quiet down now and then. None of that is overly strange, what is strange is that the dog has screwed me about three times and my wife wouldn't let me up to shower.

Her words were "Bitches can lick themselves or someone gives them a bath but they don't shower". Well, I can't lick back there! So I have dried dog cum all over my ass down my legs on my hands (my wife for the first time called them paws). Then when it was dinner time, she left the house told us to be good dogs and warned me "Don't you even get off that floor little girl or I will know". This is nothing like my wife. I mean, don't get me wrong I love every word and every moment but this is a different woman.

She came back about what I guess was an hour later. She had canned dog food, a couple bowls, and a new chew toy.

As she was pulling stuff from the bag, she explained "This is human grade food. It won't hurt you. I will give you some of my leftovers so you get what you need for today." None of what she said registered to me at all. She walked in the kitchen and started to make herself dinner. She was having a salad with some pasta.

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Once her food was ready she grabbed the bowls and put them down a few feet from Olivers. It hit me just then what she had in mind. She opened one can of food and split it between the Oliver and I. I just looked at the bowl as Oliver woofed down his (pun intended). Sara looked at me and said, "Eat it or that's all your going to get and you can go without." Then with a smile, she added: "If you don't eat you will sleep on the cold floor tonight".

That was all it took. I started to eat.

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It's nearly as bad as you would think. It tasted like those cans of soup you get for a dollar at the store. My wife sat down to eat. I tried to finish my food but Oliver had other ideas and pushed me out of the way. My wife laughed and said, "Guess you will eat faster next time won't you?" So I just got a drink, went over and laid down next to her chair. She ignored me and ate. When Sara finished eating, she watched TV for a while longer. Then she walked into the bedroom.

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I got up and followed thinking I could now get a shower and go to bed. She took off her clothes and naked as could be. Sara sat down on the same chair she was in this morning. She called me over. Then commanded me to "Sit". Which I did without thinking. Sara went to the bathroom. I could hear her peeing. She was in there a while. She flushed and came out and sat down with her butt at the edge of the chair.

I knew at once what was going to happen. I could see the wet moisture on her pussy. I could smell it from just a few inches away. Sara said "This time I left it all for you. Now come on girl lick, come on good girl" patting the top of her mound. My brain processed for about half a second. Then I dived right in. I started to lick anything that had a salty taste to it. I know its kind of sick to some people. But for me? While it was humiliating at the same time I couldn't get enough.

I wanted more. I wanted her to give me more. Sara was moaning, as I would lick her clit on each upswing. Then I got knocked forward my entire face buried in her pussy. It's a good thing because it muffled a scream. Oliver had come in at some point and he wanted to fuck. I would most times try to use some lubrication. I would see him coming and know when he was about mount. This time I was so focused on Sara I didn't even know he was in the room. After the third time today my ass was already getting pretty sore and with no lube when Oliver hit the mark I let out a yell right into my wife's clit and I swear I think she had an orgasm.

Oliver could careless the pain he caused he just wanted to cum again. He went at me over and over. As deep as he could go. I couldn't even lift my head. My face was buried and I was just barely getting enough oxygen. Sara didn't seem to mind at all either. Sara stood up and moved the chair a bit backward.

She then laid down on her stomach with her ass in my face. She even backed up. I moved my head to the side. Sara looked back and said, "come now lick it.

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Lick my ass and make me cum that way. I told you there would be leftovers for you. I didn't say how you would get them". Ok believe it or not I do have some limits and this was one of them. Sara seemed to know, I was bulking at this. She scooted back even more. Her ass was less than an inch from my face.

She said "Look, its clean. I pooped in the bathroom and then wiped. So get that fucking tongue in there!" Wow, my wife is never like that and when she is. I dived in and like Oliver, I started to tongue fuck her ass as hard and fast as I could! Oliver in the meantime had started to drool on me. I could feel his knot forming. My ass was so sore that I was frightened of what he would do. Sara started to talk, "That's it bitch, fuck my ass with your tongue.

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Taste my shit! You like that don't you bitch". I was so surprised by her that Oliver pushed his knot in without a problem at all. It hurt something bad. But that burn and my wife's words I was so hard and throbbing my own balls hurt. Oliver stopped moving and I could feel him squirting inside me. Sara scooted forward, then got on her knees and bent under me. Her lips took the head of my cock.

After being fucked four times today. My wife going crazy, it took me all of two seconds before I shot the biggest load ever into her mouth. She purred, I mean really purred. She milked my dick for a while until I had nothing at all left.

Oliver pulled out and some seaman splattered the floor and ran down my leg. Sara took a couple of fingers and wiped some of the dog cum up and put her fingers to my lips.


Then rubbed them all around my lips and as I opened my mouth she rubbed them on my tongue. It was so erotic. Oliver went to his area and started to clean up. Sara looked at me and said, "You can get up now." I stood up and stretched my shoulders.

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"hun whats going on this weekend. I mean don't get me wrong. I love it. But in thirteen years I have not heard you cuss as much as you have these last two days. And whats with the pee and ass thing?

I do have lines too you know?" I said. I went to sit on the other chair next to her. She stopped me "Get a towel and not on my furniture! You're full of dog cum. Sorry, you wanted to be a bitch it's just part of being a woman you have to deal with the mess" I turned red and got a towel and sat down on the floor.

She looked at me with that glint in her eye I knew this was going to be good. "Well, first off. You loved every second of everything I asked you to do didn't you?" I just nodded my head and said: "More then you know." "Good because I was feeling left out. You two have been at this for years and I want to be apart. I won't let a dog fuck me." I stopped her, "but you did and I am sure you liked it.

A LOT." This was her turn to test how many shades of red she could go. "Well, we can talk about that another time. I enjoyed being the boss, I could see you were getting off on my words.

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Expect more of them and more often. Now you stink, go get a shower and make sure it all comes off. I am going to bed, oh and brush your teeth your mouth smells like shit for some reason". She got up with a grin and gave me a peck on the cheek. I got in the shower and washed off then I stood there in the warm water thinking about the weekend. I can't wait for more.