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Teen pussy jammed full of cock deep
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After a quick breakfast of eggs and coffee, he left the house and crossed the lawn.


The front door was unlocked, as promised, and as he entered, he surprised the two teenage girls watching TV in the front room. "Hello." said one of them, looking a little startled that a stranger had just walked right in without knocking. "Well, hello yourself." he replied, smiling. "I guess your Mom didn't tell you about me.

That's understandable, I guess. "Who are you?" asked the other one. "Wait, I know you. You're Tony from next door, right?" "Correct." he answered. "I know your names are Tia and Mia, but I don't know which name goes with which person." "I'm Tia." said the first girl, standing up and holding out her hand to shake.

He took it and kissed the back of it, instead.

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"An honor." he said softly, letting it go. The other girl stayed seated on the sofa, so he came over to her.

"And that makes you Mia." he said, taking her hand and kissing the back of it as well. "It does." she agreed, letting her hand be kissed. "Well, Mia, Tia, if you'll excuse me, I believe your mother is expecting me upstairs in her room." he said, moving towards the stairs.

"Wait a minute, you're going up to her room?" Tia interrupted, catching his arm as he passed her. "Does she even know you're coming?" "I'm not coming yet, Tia, but if you'll be so kind as to let me go, I'm sure I will be soon." he joked, tugging his arm free. "What does that mean?" Mia asked, getting up to follow him. Both girls were right behind him as he climbed the stairs.

"Which is your mother's room?" he asked, seeing three closed doors on the second floor. There was also a small bathroom up there, but that door was open. "That one." Tia said, pointing at the far end of the hallway. "Why?

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You can't go in there… Wait!!" Both girls watched in astonishment as he went down the hall and let himself in, and, after a small wry smile over his shoulder at them, closed the door behind him.

"Holy moly, what do you think he's doing in there?" Mia asked her sister, clutching her arm. "Let's go listen at the door." Tia answered, going quietly down the hall. Both girls huddled together outside the door and tried to hear the muffled voices coming from within. * * * "Hello, Leah, your Master is here. I think you should get on your knees and welcome me home with your mouth." he said.

She was curled up on her bed, wearing a bathrobe and facing away from him. She turned her head and looked at him, bleary eyed from crying. "Do it right now, slave!!" he ordered.

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"Tony…" she whispered. "Are you my slave or not?" he demanded. "You're upset because I put a baby in your belly, right? You think you can just forget everything that happened between us this morning because of that?" "But Tony…" she tried again. He would have none of it. "But nothing. Did you or did you not give yourself to me? Forever?" he said. "I know who you are, Leah, and deep down, this is what you really wanted. A son.

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And now you have him." She touched her belly again, a look of wonder on her face. "How can you know…" She looked right into his eyes. "How can you know all these things?

Things about me, what I've always really wanted, who I really am, how can you know?" She started to cry again. "How can you know I'm pregnant with your son?" "I can feel it inside me, and I know things." he said simply. "I've had it all my life. I feel it a lot more strongly with you, though.

The strongest it's ever been with anyone." He looked at her sharply. "Dammit, now is not the time for talking! Get on your knees in front of me, and welcome me here with your mouth, little slave slut cunt!" he ordered, and she moved slowly to obey. "NOW!" he demanded. "Or do I need to give you a spanking to more firmly establish my rightful place over you?" "No, master, please don't spank me. I promise I'll be good from now on." she said, moving with better speed at his threat.

She got into position and opened his fly, reached her right hand in and pulled him out, then captured his cock with her mouth. He let her suck it a short moment, then withdrew it from her lips. "Very good, slave. Tell me again who you are." he told her. "Sit up straight, hands behind your back, tits thrust out, and eyes forward. Tell me who you are!!" "I'm your slutty little cumwhore, Master." she said. "Louder!" he ordered. "Tell me who you are!!" "I'm your fuck-slut whore; your slave, Master!" she cried out.

"What did you give me, slave?" he demanded. "I gave you my ass, my pussy, and my mouth, Master. Everything I have belongs to you now. You even took my womb, if what you say is true, Master. Everything I have is yours, Master." "Oh, it's true, slave slut." he said. "When can I fuck you?" "Anytime, any hole, anywhere, Master." she told him. "Louder, bitch!!" he demanded again.

"Anytime, any hole, any where you want me, Master. I'm your fuck toy, your slutty little whore. You can fuck me whenever you want, anywhere you want, in any hole you want. I promise I'll never tell you no." she cried out loudly. "Very good, my little cumslut.

You may return to the bed, where you will lay face down, legs wide open, and await my return. I need a shower and to relieve myself." She obeyed him, getting into the position he'd ordered her into.

She heard him leave the room and her mind whirled, reeling with the things alive inside her. * * * He pulled the door shut behind him and looked at the two teenage girls in the hall, who were looking at him in astonishment and wonder.

"You were listening at the door, I presume?" he said to them. They both nodded, speechless. "And you heard everything? What did you see?" "Nothing!" Tia said quickly.

"The door was closed, wasn't it, Mia?" Tony shifted his gaze to the younger girl, staring her right in the eye. "Mia? Was the door closed?" Looking tranced, she slowly shook her head. "No. Tia opened it, and we both looked." "Mia! You little bitch!" Tia exclaimed. "What are you doing?" Tony shifted his gaze to Tia, capturing her gaze as well. "What did you see, Tia?" She struggled within herself as his eyes pierced her, then something broke.

"I saw Mother… sucking your… thing." she answered softly. "Why would she do that, Tony? I don't understand any of this." "Your mother is my sex slave, girls." he explained, glancing at both of them. "I know who she really is, and I know the same thing about both of you girls, as well." He looked at both of them again. "I know how what you saw and heard made you feel. I know how it makes you feel when you remember it, that ball of heat in your lower belly, an itch you can't scratch, deep inside." "I know that each of you wishes it was her on her knees in front of me, being told to do all the dirty things." he went on.

"I can make those dreams come true, girls. All you have to do is kneel before me and give yourselves over to me. I can make you feel all the things you never dared to dream could be real." He could see the mind of each girl whirling with the thoughts he read aloud to them. Confusion about this new element in their lives so suddenly.

Lust in the memory of what they saw their mother doing, and the vision of themselves in that position. He reached out both hands and took the decision away from them. He put on hand on each of their shoulders and gently pushed them to their knees. "You know this is right. This is the way is supposed to be.

You can feel how natural this is, can't you? You're in your rightful place now, and all that's missing is me telling you what to do. You want me to give an order, anything, just so you can obey it, don't you? That's all your waiting for, isn't it?" Both girls nodded in unison, looking up at him. "I'm going to grant you most secret desire, both of you. I'm going to order you to do the dirtiest, most nasty thing either of you never dared to dream about.

I know both of your souls, every fiber of them." he looked steadily at them both. "Tia, Mia, kiss each other on the mouth. Kiss your secret lover." He put a hand on each of their heads and turned them to face each other. Tia's eyes met Mia's, then he was moving their faces closer, closer… their lips touched, and they were kissing, more and more passionately as the seconds flew by. He pushed his shorts down as the two girls forgot about him, lost in the kiss, then he pushed his erection right between their mouths, so that they were then both kissing his cock.

He moved Tia's mouth over the end of it first, pushing it between her lips slowly, letting her tongue play with it. He gave it to Mia after her sister had had it for a minute and taken half its length.

Mia was a natural like her mother, enjoying it in her mouth and delighting in playing with it. He let her bring him right to the brink, then turned back to Tia.

Tia opened her mouth willingly, sucking the head of it lightly, and then it shot a huge mess of goo. She got a shocked, panicky look in her eye and quickly turned her head to the side, but he was already giving it back to Mia.

Mia saw the next one shoot out, a milky white liquid that went right into her mouth. She tasted salty musk, a little bitter, and it immediately coated every inch of the inside of her mouth with the flavor.

He pushed it inside her lips and let her continue sucking on it. She didn't seem to mind the taste, although her sister was have a more difficult time with it. Tia was gagging and spitting, trying to clear her mouth of the horrid stuff, and he smiled down at her, amused.

"Problem, Tia?" he asked, mildly. "Gah, yuck!" she said. "Please don't do that again." "Again?" he asked. "Well, yeah." she said. "I know you're going to be telling me to suck it again sometime, and I don't mind doing that part of it, but I really don't want you finishing like that anymore." He raised his eyebrows at her. "Well, I heard Mother say she was yours forever. Isn't that how long you're going to want us, too?" "Yeah, Tony, this is forever, right? I can't imagine ever meeting anyone else who knows us like you do.

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Nobody else has ever even come close!!" Mia added. "Both of you want this forever?" he asked them. They both nodded, smiling. "You're willing to make that commitment today, forever?" "Oh, Tony, this is what we always dreamed about!!" Mia said, clapping her hands.

"I know you did, but tell it to me in your own words, girls." he told them. "Ever since we were little girls, we talked about some man coming and taking us, making us obey him, making us do everything." Tia said. "When we saw you with Mother, Tony, both of us knew that man was you." Mia added.

"You both know what I'm going to do to seal you to me forever. Don't you?" "Yes, Tony." they said in unison. "Tony… Hmm, I think you two should call me Master, just as your mother does. Try it right now." he told them. "Yes, Master." they said together. "In that case, ladies, I want you both to go to your rooms, undress completely, then lay down on your bed, legs open wide, and wait for me.

Leave the doors open, too. I want you each to hear me taking your sister." He watched them go into their rooms, noting which was which, then went back into Leah's room. "I have something to show you, my little slave slut. There's something I want you to see, and I want you to keep silent the whole time I'm doing it.

That's an order, and if you break this order, if you utter one peep of protest, then I will leave this house and never return. You will have to find another Master, one who does not know you, or let this person inside you die forever. This is your only warning, Leah. One sound of protest, and I'm walking out forever. Do you understand?" She looked at him and nodded. "Very well, slave. Remember this order. Not one word." He turned and left the room.

He went down the hall to Tia's room and entered, seeing her laying on her back, totally naked, her legs open wide, as instructed. "Very good, Tia. You may kneel before me, back erect, head up, and tits thrust out." he told her.

A moment later, she was in position, and he moved right in front of her. "I'm going to teach you a Mantra, Tia. Repeat it after me, please." he said. "I'm am your willing sex slave, Master. Use my body for your pleasure, please. I exist only to serve you." "I'm am your willing sex slave, Master.

Use my body for your pleasure, please. I exist only to serve you." she repeated. "Again." he commanded. She said it again, and then a third time.

"Very good. Follow me." he told her. She got up and followed him into the hall, and then he took her hand and led her into her mother's room. The look of surprise on Leah's face was everything he could have hoped for, when she saw her eldest daughter standing naked beside him.

He looked at her sternly and put a finger to his lips, shaking his head at her. She bit her tongue and held her peace, but he could see the obvious effort it cost her. "Now, Tia, I want you to go to your knees and recite your mantra again." he said to the girl. Tia glanced nervously at her mother, but Leah didn't say a word.

Tia knelt down. "I'm am your willing sex slave, Master. Use my body for your pleasure, please. I exist only to serve you." "Very good, Tia, now get up and go over to the bed. This is something your mother needs to see. It's part of her journey, and yours, too." "Yes, Master." Tony followed her over to the bed, then made her sit down on the edge of it. "Lift your legs up to your chest, Tia." he instructed.

"That's it… now open them. Display yourself so your Master may feast his eyes on you." He looked at her open before him, reveling in the sight of her tasty looking little quim, tight and closed. Well, he would have it opened soon enough… "Leah, you gave me everything. I have taken you in all three of your orifices, and taken your womb as well. It seems you're not the only one who needs me in her life.

Tia and Mia recognized me as their master right away." He looked Tia straight in the eye. "Don't worry, Tia, although I am doing this to show your mother something about herself, I am well aware that this is your first journey, too. I am going to take my time with you and show you everything about yourself, as well." She nodded, biting her lip a little.

"You're nervous." She nodded again, looking down. He lifted her gaze back up to his, a finger under her chin.

"It's okay to be nervous, but it helps to feel how right this is. You can feel that, you know it to be true, so rest easy and trust me. I promise you can trust me." She nodded again, and he let her go, turning to look at Leah.


"You can rest in that, too, Leah, feeling how right this is. I promise you can trust me." He kissed her, sliding his hands onto her shoulders and rolling her onto her stomach. He moved her hands down her body and into her own crotch. "Touch yourself, Leah. Touch yourself and make yourself come for me." She moaned and closed her eyes, rubbing between her legs with both hands.

"Look at me and answer, slave." he told her, and she opened her eyes, startled. "Yes, master." she whispered. "I want you to come at the same time Tia and I do." he said. "Answer me!" he ordered. "You need some discipline, slave. You'll get in in due time, I guarantee it." She closed her eyes, and was shocked when he slapped her lightly. "Answer me when I give you a command, slave! Every time!!" he said sternly. She stared open-mouthed a moment, but when his eyes hardened she quickly spoke up.

"Yes Master!" she said. "Repeat your last order, slave." he said moving away from her. "You ordered me to have an orgasm at the same time as you and Tia." she sobbed.

She watched him move down the bed towards her oldest daughter, and saw her daughter welcome him with open arms, kissing him back.

He stood up on the bed over her, pulling her up to her knees before him. "Recite." "I'm am your willing sex slave, Master. Use my body for your pleasure, please. I exist only to serve you." "Very good, slave. Are you ready to give me your whole body for my pleasure? "Oh yes, master, please! Open me into womanhood Master, I'm ready!" "Lay down on your back and pull your knees up and open for me, Tia." he said.

She hurried to obey, looking up at him with her breasts squished together between her knees. "Yes Master." she said.

He knelt down before her and pulled her a little closer, then pulled Leah closer and lay her head on Tia's stomach. "At the same time, Leah." he told her. "Yes master." Leah said. "Good slave." he said approvingly. "Perhaps your punishment need not be quite so harsh later, if I can see some willing participation.

These are your daughters, after all." He rubbed his cock up and down Tia's tight little clam a few times, finding the opening into her, and letting her feel him there.

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Then he slid it up over her clit, the whole length of it, and pressed himself into her belly, feeling her tits mash against his chest, and kissed her. "First this." he whispered, then began kissing his way down her body, both her nipples, her belly button, then behind her left knee, and he licked his way up her thigh, looking into her eyes until the last moment.

He put his whole mouth over her mons and laved his tongue in between her labia, the tip of it tickling her clit a moment before lapping along the whole length.

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She shuddered and gasped, writhing in his grasp on her hips, his arms hooked under her knees and holding them open. "Hold still honey, hard as it is to do it, hold still and just feel what he's doing to you." Leah whispered to her daughter. "Oh mom." Tia whispered, looking into her mother's eyes. "Oh mom. We found him." "I know honey, its okay, I know." Leah answered, beginning to cry. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry…" "Oh mom…" Tia whispered, then shuddered again as his fingers began probing at both her opening inside and her asshole.

She sort of lost the ability to talk after that, with his tongue still working relentlessly on her clit. All she could do was shudder and moan out her pleasure. Leah watched her daughter come nearly to a climax, then Tony raised himself.

He grabbed Tia's knees in his hands and pushed her wide open, positioning his cock with his hips, then pushing himself inside. Tia gasped and opened her eyes wide, feeling him penetrate her, then there was a piercing pain as he broke her open. She gasped again as he paused, drawing back a little. "I'm inside you." he told her, then pushed his hips forward sank more inside, over half, and she was squirming under him, trying to move back.

"Oooh, oh, please…" she gasped, tears streaming from the corners of her eyes. "Please? I… I don't…" She squirmed backward even harder, but he had a firm grip on her legs, and as soon as she wriggled backward a little, he simply pulled her whole body forward again and drove his cock into her slightly more each time. "Take it Tia, push your hips back at me; fuck me back and quit trying to get away!" "Oh, no, please!

I don't want-" "ARE YOU MY SLAVE OR NOT!!!" he thundered down into her face. She turned her face away. "Please, no…" she whimpered. "Tia, look at me." he said. "Tia…" She turned her face back and met his gaze.


"Don't be afraid, Tia. You can trust me; I promise. Don't hold back because you're afraid. Just let it go. Trust me." "Y-yes master." she gasped, and held still as he entered her once more, pushing himself all the way inside her.

"Uuuuhhhhh!!" she gasped, "Oh God, you're SO BIG!!" "Its all the way inside you, Tia." he said, holding himself close against her.

"The whole thing is inside you. I own you now and you're mine." He began thrusting it in and out, fucking her with his whole length.

She tossed her head from side to side and began moaning her pleasure. "Come with us, Leah. Rub it with both hands and come with us." Tony looked at Leah right in the eye.

"You're a part of this, you're part of Tia's first sex. He moved Leah's face closer with one hand, cupping the back of her head.

"Tony, no, please…" Leah moaned, "Don't make me do this! Please?" Leah begged. Tony pushed her face closer to her daughter's, then Tia began kissing her.

"Mother." Tia said. "I love you, Mother." "I love you too, Tia, I'm sorry." Leah cried. "I'm not sorry. Mother." Tia said. "This is the way its supposed to be.

Can't you feel it?" "Turn around, Leah." Tony said. He pushed her shoulder away and pulled her knee, turning her body around 180*. "What- what are you doing?" Leah asked, letting him lift her hips and pull her back. Tia's head was right between her thighs when he was done.

"I'm doing this." he said, burying his face in her behind and licking her asshole. "And I'm doing this." Tia said, lifting her head and licking up the length of her mother's slit. "Ohh, you taste good, mommy!" Tony renewed his strokes in and out of Tia's tight little pussy, and soon all three of them came to climax together. His seed spurted deep inside Tia's fertile womb; Tia felt the walls of her pussy rippling as her mother bucked out her own pleasure, and both women were wailing at the top of their lungs.