German erst ficken dann reden tube porn

German erst ficken dann reden tube porn
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He laid me on the bed and knelt over me, our tongues probing each other's mouths but I'd had enough, I wanted his gorgeous 9 incher in my mouth, I knew how good it tasted. I rolled him over so that I was now on top of him and began sucking and biting at his neck working my way down to those amazing hairless pecks stopping to tease his nipples and carried on down to those amazing V shaped abs, but I didn't stop there I continued down and began to lick his stunning member through those tight sexy jeans of his stroking and squeezing it till he started to moan deeply.

I slowly undid his belt and unbuttoned his jeans pulling them down just enough for me to see that glorious cock straining against the fabric of his tight black boxer briefs.

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Once again I began to lick and suck at his cock through the fabric as I pulled his jeans right off. As I went to remove the final barrier that stood between me and my prize I gasped, I saw a zip that went right down the side of the boxers which I hadn't seen before "Wow" I thought "this guy was prepared".

He took advantage of my hesitation and once again he was lying on top of me with that body of his pressed against mine. He teased my mouth with his tongue never letting it linger long enough for me to respond. He slowly began to slide down my body and pulled off what was left of my shirt his tongue moving straight for my biceps, he kissed and sucked them for what seemed like forever before moving up and licking my hairy armpits. "You taste amazing" he groaned as I began rotating my hips so our throbbing organs were being mashed together.

I moaned as he slowly began to remove my jeans leaving just that sexy underwear and my Calvin Klein jock separating our rods. I reached between us and slowly undid the zip so that his boxers just fell away giving me my first proper look at his cock. He stood up so that his uncut rod was pointing straight towards me.

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I grabbed the base of his cock and began teasing his head with my tongue through his foreskin. Not wanting to wait any longer I pulled it back and without warning took his full 9 inches into my mouth gagging slightly.

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"Oh Fuck" he gasped as I began deepthroating his glorious shaft. Before long he pulled away from me telling me that it was my turn, I stood up and kissed him again so that he could taste his own cock on my tongue.

He pushed me onto the bed and knelt beside it and began to kiss and lick my cock through my Jock before pulling it out and sucking on my smooth ballsack licking his way up my cock till he reached my head when he began to give me the best blowjob I've ever had. It felt so good that I was sure I was going to come then and there but I just managed to hold back.

After a while he flipped me over so that I was laying on my front and told me to kneel on the side of the bed. He started caressing my arse cheeks squeezing and pinching them not even bothering to remove my jock and making me moan even louder.

Before long he was sucking and biting at my cheeks. I gasped loudly as I felt him start licking at my hole his tongue teasing my aching anus whilst he reached under me and began jacking me off. He shoved his tongue further and further into me as I gasped and moaned pushing my arse onto his face. He suddenly stopped making me shout for more but instead I found myself swearing loudly as he shoved two fingers deep inside me and finger fucked me till I ached.

"Enough of this shit" I moaned "I want your cock in me".

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I turned around and gave his rod a quick suck and then presented my arse to him. I took hold of his cock and rubbed it up and down my ass crack pushing just the head inside my hole before pulling it out again, he spat on my arse and rubbed it in with his finger, then without warning I pushed myself backwards skewering myself on his throbbing member, he began to fuck me slowly at first then faster and rougher as I knelt there moaning and shouting, he pulled me towards him using my jock strap which I was still wearing and I was surprised it stayed in one piece.

He fucked me for the most glorious half hour of my life in positions I had only dreamed of.

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His moaning grew louder and I knew he was close to coming, he pulled right out of me and then thrust in quickly filling my hole with that enormous rod before shooting over and over into my arse still fucking me furiously. When he had emptied his balls into me he collapsed onto the bed but I was far from finished with him.

I rolled over and sat on his face so that he could lick his own seed out of my aching hole. I then kissed him lustfully tasting his cum and my arse in his mouth.

Then it was my turn, I knelt across his stomach and began jacking off till I reached a mind blowing orgasm and shot my semen across his face and chest panting loudly.

I slowly rubbed my man juices into his chiselled pecks and perfectly defined torso before licking and biting my way up tasting my come and his sweet scent until I was kissing him once more our tongues lapping together as we explored each other's mouths. "I don't even know your name" I said, "it's *******" he replied and we fell asleep entwined in each other sweaty bodies the last think I remember thinking is what was going to happen come the morning.