Devon Green Fucking Her Step Brother

Devon Green Fucking Her Step Brother
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The girl sat on a stool at the nearly empty, dimly-lit bar, eyeing the few patrons and awaiting her prey for the evening. She wore a short black party dress that showed off her ripe body to maximum advantage. It was backless, with two strands of fabric extended upward from the waist, barely covering her firm, braless breasts, tapering to strings tied behind her neck.


Her deep blood-red lipstick and long, silky black hair set off her pale, almost white skin. Her matching nails were impossibly long, extending more than a half-inch beyond her fingertips. "May I buy you a drink?" said a voice on her left. She gazed at him with penetrating eyes, appraising him. He was young, perhaps 22 or 23, tall and well-proportioned.

He would do nicely, she thought. She liked young men. "You read my mind," she purred, extending a slim hand.

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"My name is Lilith. I'd love a bloody mary." "Steve," said the newcomer, taking her hand for a moment. He turned to the bartender. "Double Chivas on the rocks, and a bloody mary for the lady." They talked at the bar for quite awhile, sipping their drinks, then ordering another round, then another. Their conversation started innocently enough, but soon became laden with innuendo and double entendres.

Gradually, it became more overtly sexual. Lilith smiled inwardly as she noticed the growing bulge in his pants, the way his eyes drifted downward as she moved, hoping to catch glimpses of her snow-white, unfettered breasts.

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Her sensitive nipples showed through the thin fabric, and at one point, he was bold enough to reach out and nudge one of them with the back of his index finger. She responded by reaching discretely between his legs and squeezing the head of his cock between her fingers, through his pants.

She was wet with arousal and anticipation. For his part, Steve was nearly bursting with his need for her. "Mmmmm, you're cock is hard," she murmured, her fingers caressing the length of his stiff cock as it struggled to be free. He slid a finger underneath the material of her dress, sliding it across her erect nipple. "And your nipples are, too. How could my cock not be stiff, with a sexy girl like you rubbing it?" he said.

"C'mon, let's go back to my hotel." Her eyes held his captive, dark and penetrating, betraying her smoldering heat. Her voice was a sultry hiss. "No…I can't wait that long.

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I need you, now. Come with me." She stood up, and took his hand, leading her to the ladies room. As they entered, a woman was just leaving, and looked at them strangely. Lilith ignored her, and led Steve to a stall, locking the door behind them.

"Pull your pants down and sit down," she said, urgency in her voice. He did as she asked, pushing his pants and shorts down around his ankles. Then he pulled his golf shirt over his head, and sat down on the toilet. His cock was rock hard. Lility stared hungrily at his rampant cock.

Her voice was a lurid whisper. "I'm going to suck your dick, Steve. Suck it until you cum in my mouth." She bent forward at the waist and slid her lips down over the crown, taking it deep into her warm, wet mouth. Steve was in no mood to argue. He had never met a woman who wanted him this bad. He groaned as she engulfed his throbbing penis, her lips sliding down all the way to the base, taking her back into her throat. Her head bobbed up and down, sucking him with a slow, insistent rhythm.

Her sexual intensity excited him and he struggled to hold back as she swallowed his cock in a way he had never experienced. Her mouth was heaven, nothing but warm, wet suction, her cheeks hollowing around his shaft, her lips tight around it's girth.

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She slurped wetly on his cock, maintaining her delicious steady rhythm. Once she paused, releasing from her mouth, and whispered lasciviously, "Don't hold back." Her mouth plunged downward again, almost swallowing the head of his aching cock.

Her long, talon-like fingernails caressed his swollen, cum-filled balls, teasing them, coaxing them. Soon they began to tense, drawing up tight against his body. Steve felt his body surrender, driven past the point of no return. "Uhhhh, God, TAKE IT!" he groaned, his cock flourishing wildly in her eager mouth. She pursed her lips tightly around the shaft as his cum pulsed upward and flooded against her tongue, followed by a second, still more copious spurt.

"Mmmmmmm," she hummed as he erupted into her nursing mouth, filling it with his accumulated semen, bathing the head of his cock with it, her tongue-tip teasing the underside. She moved slowly on him, squeezing his balls rhythmically, waiting patiently for him to finish. Finally, the last ooze of sperm drooled forth against her tongue. She slowly raised her head, careful not to lose any of his syrupy cum.

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She gazed into his eyes again, her eyes smoldering with heat, as she slowly swallowed his cum. "Damn&hellip.," he whispered, awestruck, as she traced her lower lip with her tongue, gathering a stray droplet. A hint of a smile crossed the girl's limpid face. Without a word, she lowered her head again and once again captured his penis with her mouth.

Amazingly, it had not gone soft. She sucked on him gently, slowly, patiently letting his arousal build again. Steve, who prided himself on his ability to get off several times in the course of an evening, felt the resurgance of his cock. This girl was way too hot, to exciting, to let her get away without fucking her, he thought. He had to experience being inside the tight, wet grasp of her cunt. As if reading his mind, Lilith slid her mouth slowly off his cock.

Standing upright, staring into his eyes, she slowly reached beneath her short dress and slid her black panties down over her ass and down her thighs, letting them fall to the floor. Her voice was soft, almost hypnotic. "I'm going to fuck you now, Steve. I want to feel your beautiful cock deep inside me." Stepping out of her panties, she straddled Steve, never taking her eyes from his. Reaching down and closing her fingers around his cock, she guided him to the entrance to her drenched vagina, and slowly sank down onto him, impaling herself on his rigid length.

Steve gasped with pleasure as the heaven of her silky vagina enclosed him in its tight grip. He felt her muscles tighten around his cock, and he flexed his in an answering pulse. Smiling into his face, she began to slowly move up and down, fucking herself on his cock. "Be still," she murmured. "Let me do it." Resting her hands on his shoulders, she fucked him the way she had sucked him, slow and steady. Her vagina made love to his penis, milking and sucking on it as her mouth had done.

Soon, Steve felt his balls once more tingle with the growing need to cum.

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He struggled to hold back until she, too, could climax. He wanted to feel her pussy as it spasmed around his cock with her own orgasm, at the same time he flooded her depths with sperm. Lilith raised her hands, her hips still rising and falling, and reached behind her neck to untie the strings holding the top of her dress.


Slowly, she pulled the fabric away, revealing her full, white breasts, tipped with small, pink nipples, proudly standing forth. She squeezed them in her hands as she rode his cock, feeling her nipples stiff against her palms. Steve leaned forward and sucked hungrily on one of them, then the other, as she held them out to him with her hands like two gifts, never stopping her ceaseless squirming on his aching cock.

Lilith quickened her pace, bouncing up and down on his shaft now, feeling her own orgasm welling up from deep within the core of her womanhood. She hissed at him in her mounting lust, her breath coming in short gasps. "Cum in me, Steve…give me every drop of cum from your balls!" Her obscene words shattered the last remnant of Steve's ability to hold back.


"Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum!" he groaned. "Ohhhhhhh!!!!" Lilith cried, writhing against his rampant cock, bringing herself over the edge into orgasm at the same time she felt his cock swell inside her.

He slid his arms around her, bringing her forward and holding her tightly as his balls convulsed.

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She brought her parted lips to his neck, kissing him wetly as her muscles tightened around his flourishing cock. And then, trembling from the force of her violent orgasm, she bared her long, sharp canines and slowly sank them deep into the flesh of his neck, piercing the carotid artery.

"UHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" he groaned, his body going rigid as he recognized her true nature too late. He trembled violently, experiencing a long, extended moment of ultimate, pulsating ecstacy.

His semen erupted from his balls as if from a fire hydrant, spurting heavily inside her milking cunt as his blood pulsed rhythmically into Lilith's mouth with each beat of his dying heart.

Lilith drank from him, even as her vagina drank from his still-spurting penis, taking sustenance from his fluids. He shuddered again as his life force slowly began to ebb from him, his balls still emptying themselves convulsively in her as her muscles brought the last oozing drop to the surface.

Finally, she felt him take a last deep breath as he expired, completely drained, an empty, dessicated husk slumped on the toilet. His eyes remained open in death. Lilith slowly slid her teeth slowly from his neck, her lips dripping blood.

She raised her rejuvenated body, allowing his still-erect penis to slip out of the tight clasp of her vagina.

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Her pulse beating rapidly in her lingering excitement, she re-tied her dress at the back of her neck, pulled up her panties, and left the stall, leaving him there. She paused at the mirror to refresh her lipstick. Finally, she turned and walked back into the bar. Her undying hunger was sated for another night.