Astonishing beauties are into facesitting act all the time

Astonishing beauties are into facesitting act all the time
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I have a lovely, beautiful wife named Angel, and we have been married for about seven years now.

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We have two kids and as you can imagine, sometimes the romance isn't always there. After being married for a while you have to work at making your sex life stay interesting. Angel is about 5'5", 140 pounds with a great shape (not too thick and not too thin) that accents her "D" cup tits. Her hair is dirty blonde which hangs down to her shoulder and she always fixes it up nice and sexy like. One day after work I came home expecting to have another regular night, you know eat dinner, watch some television, go to bed, and maybe get some pussy.

To my surprise it was quieter than usual when I walked into the living room. I saw my wife standing in the kitchen getting a drink when I asked her where the kids were. "Well…I thought that I would let the kids spend the night at my parents tonight while we had a date night all to ourselves," Angel said with a sexy smirk on her face.

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"Oh…Okay, that sounds like fun," I replied as I was checking my own wife out. She was looking especially hot that night with her hair fixed up really curly and sexy. She knew that was one of my favorite hair styles.

Her lips had shiny lip gloss on and her makeup was flawless. She had on a low cut, red shirt which was stretched over her magnificent titties showing the outline of her lacy bra and allowing some huge cleavage. She had on a pair of tight, faded jeans with a rip in her knee showing a little of her tanned leg and to top it all off she had on a pair of black leather high heels.

I was getting a boner standing there staring at her. Angel walked over to me and gave me a big hug and a kiss as she pressed her tits up against my chest and rubbed her thigh on the growing bulge in my pants. I gave her ass a firm squeeze and kissed her back as I noticed she even had on my favorite perfume. All I could think about was ripping her clothes off and kissing every square inch of her body. "I know what your thinking big boy, but you'll have to wait until later," she said taunting me.

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"Go get ready to leave." "Where are we going?" I asked. "We are going out to eat, then a movie, and then if you are lucky I might let you fuck me!" She said again with a taunting smile. One of the things that I love about my wife is that she still likes to talk dirty, especially in bed. There are many times when we are together whether it be at church, her parents house, or wherever, Angel will whisper stuff in my ear like, "Umm!

My pussy is so wet," or "I wanna fuck you." She loves to drive me crazy. Within minutes we were heading off to one of our favorite restaurants. As we sat in the booth eating, she was constantly rubbing my leg with her foot and leaning forward a lot showing me her milky-white tits. As they were popping out of her shirt, all I could think about was squeezing and sucking on them.

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I personally caught my waiter staring at them several times, but who could really blame him. At least I get to see them up close and personal. We really enjoyed each others company and it kind of felt like we were back in high school for a minute or two. After a glass of wine we left holding hands and drove to the theater. On the way to the theater she had told me that she wanted to pick the movie and place.

When she told me to go to the dollar theater I thought it was a little weird.

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I pulled into the parking lot and we started walking in to look at the movies that were playing. "You know, we can afford to go the real theater. Why do you want to watch a movie here?" I asked. "Well…I really wanted to watch one here. Just trust me," she replied. "Okay." We got our tickets and snacks and went to our screen that had our movie playing.

It was one that I knew I probably wouldn't like but I didn't say anything as to not upset my wife.

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I let her pick our seat and she led us all the way to the back of the theater. She picked the darkest spot possible in the corner. After we sat down I quickly noticed that there was only two other people in there and they were sitting all the way up front. Just then, Angel leaned over and gave me a big kiss sliding her tongue into my mouth. As she kissed me I felt her hand brush over my crotch. "Now do you see why I picked this movie and this theater?" she said whispering in my ear.

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"I do now. I love it when you're sneaky." At that moment the lights went dim and the movie started, but my sly little wife had no intention of watching a movie that night. As soon as that movie started it was make out time.

We kissed for a long time as our tongues wrestled back and forth while our hands explored each others body like it was the first time we had ever touched one another.

Before I knew it Angel was unzipping my pants and she reached in with her hand and pulled my throbbing cock out. While she was caressing my dick I had my hands up her shirt squeezing her firm titties through her red lacy bra.

Her nipples were poking through the thin bra and begging to be sucked on. "Sit back," she told me. Angel lifted up the arm of the chair, bent over, and placed her lips over the tip of my dick and began sucking me off. Slowly she licked my dick up and down, swirling her tongue around my purple knob and then she engulfed my cock with her mouth shoving my cock clear down the back of her throat. Her head bobbed up down for several minutes as I just sat there enjoying this rare moment while I caressed and squeezed her ass.

I love watching her lips stretched tightly over my shaft as my head tickles the back of her throat. After several minutes of one of the best blowjobs Angel has ever given me, I was ready to cum. As soon as I told her this she stopped sucking me and started jacking me off the rest of the way.

She was never big on me cumming in her mouth. Her hand gripped my shaft tightly as it slid up and down fiercely and within seconds I shot a load of cum out that hit the back of the seat in front of me. I shot a couple of more good spurts out that landed on the floor leaving a nice surprise for the next unsuspecting person. After a minute I put my cock back in my pants. "Baby that was awesome!" I told her. "Now it's my turn," she said as she sat back and unzipped her pants. I noticed Angel didn't have any panties on as she took my hand and placed it on her fury pussy.


I began rubbing my finger up and down her pink, wet slit and over her swollen, slippery clit while my other hand was up her shirt rubbing on her tits. She really was getting into it and trying her best to hold back moan after moan but every once and awhile she would let a loud moan slip. We both would look up at the people sitting in front but they didn't seem to notice. I pressed my finger deep into her pussy and began massaging her g-spot while my thumb rubbed over her clit. This was almost too much for her to handle.

Angel kept thrusting her hips as I fingered her intensely. Before I knew it she was yelling out, "Oh God! Uhhhhh!!!" Her pussy started contracting on my finger sending out a heavy gush of liquid soaking the front of her jeans and drenching her seat.

Luckily for us the movie was loud enough at that moment to where it covered up most of her moans. We were both extremely ready to fuck each others brains out at this moment. "You want to go?" I asked She said yes and we walked out to our minivan. As we got close enough to it, I pressed the button on my keys to unlock the door and Angel headed straight to the back of the van.

I followed her lead and got in back with her and laid the seat down flat. Fortunately our windows were tinted as we both hurriedly took our clothes off and then Angel lied down on her back. I got on top of her, and without hesitation, shoved my rock hard cock into my wife's sopping wet cunt. God, it felt so good to be inside of her tight pussy. Her mouth dropped open as I began pounding my cock into her body sending the van rocking side to side and her tits bouncing up and down in front of my face.

I grabbed a hold of one of her nipples with my mouth and sucked on it. She loves it when I suck on her tits while I'm fucking her. It always makes her cum twice as fast. "Fuck my slutty little pussy!" She yelled in between a moan.

Remember I told you she likes to talk dirty. This only made my cock harder and my thrusting deeper. "Oh God! Your cock feels so good," she would yell out.

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I fucked her for a few more minutes deep and hard until I was getting ready to cum. "I'm going to cum in your tight fucking pussy!" I put every ounce of energy into my thrusting as she began to moan and swear. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" She yelled. Within a second of her saying that I was spurting another load of cum, only this time inside of my wife's warm pussy. I collapsed on top of her for a minute to catch my breath and then I pulled my dick out and sat up on the seat.

My cum was starting to seep out of her stretched pussy as we both put our clothes back on and headed home. "Man, that was fucking awesome," Angel said to me as she touched my arm. "You were awesome!" I replied and she said, "Well, if you liked that, there's more where that came from." We drove home to our condo and as soon as we walked into the door we were all over each other again.

We shredded off our clothes as fast as possible and before I knew it I was sitting on the couch and Angel was on top of me riding my dick. Her juicy little cunt was bobbing up and down on my cock as I was sucking on her voluptuous titties. I let my tongue circle her tall erect nipples which drives her insane.

She rode me like a cowgirl for several minutes fast, deep, and hard only pausing ever so often to grind her clit into my rod. "Let's fuck somewhere else," she said. Our downstairs bedroom had large sliding glass doors which led to a porch outside. Well, we had some of the nosiest neighbors in history so we decided to go into the bedroom, turn the lights on, open the shades on the glass door, and really give them something to watch.

I bent Angel over the foot of the bed and entered her pussy. I love the way it feels when my dick penetrates her pussy from behind. I started giving it to her hard, periodically smacking her ass leaving several red handprints.

The thought that our neighbors may be watching me fuck my hot ass wife made it more erotic than ever for me and her. I fucked her doggy style for several minutes and then we were ready for a new position. Angel laid her back on the bed and I got on top and pressed my cock into her abused pink hole once more. One of my favorite things to do is grab her ankles and hold her legs straight out, suspended in the air as I'm fucking the shit out of her.

This really gets her off too. I did just that and still in plain sight of anyone walking by or my nosey ass neighbors. I held her legs out and pounded her pussy hard. Her moans were almost deafening as I kept on fucking her and squeezing her ankles. Within a minute I yelled out and shot another load of cum into her pussy.


I laid my full body on top of her and slowly moved my dick in and out of her sticky lips, just enjoying the sensation of being inside of my wife's body. After awhile, I pulled out and just laid next to her kissing and caressing her body. I love running my hands over her soft, perky tits and down her stomach. After a little while, we closed the shades on the glass door, turned off the lights, and fell asleep. Both of us were exhausted from the great night that we had. It's not often that stuff like this happens.

Then next morning before we had to go pick up the kids, we took a shower together and had sex again. It's nice having a hot ass wife to fuck.