Spanking and fucking my ass with fingers

Spanking and fucking my ass with fingers
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Chapter 3 I was a fit man, hardly any fat on me, well-muscled. Consequently, I was able to hold my liquor quite well and was barely feeling what we now call a "buzz," when Dao-Ming suddenly leaned across the table. "You need to take me to bed, Lawrence," she whispered, caressing my hand. "It's time for your adventure." Those quiet alarm bells were once again sounding in the back of my head, but I was never one to hesitate when a beautiful woman propositioned me.

I called for and paid the bill, as well as arranging for the best suite in the hotel to be immediately put at our disposal. We stopped at the front desk to pick up our key on our way upstairs to our suite. It was apparent that the desk clerk knew Dao-Ming.


He greeted her enthusiastically, practically bowing down and kissing her feet as she returned the greeting. I stood back and watched, my hardness embarrassingly noticeable (at least to me), as she inquired about his wife and children with obvious delight.

I had to admit she was very charismatic, commanding a room without ever sounding condescending, engaging everyone she knew, from a simple bellhop to the hotel manager, in some kind of conversation.

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Even a simple greeting made a person smile from ear to ear. Ten minutes later, Dao-Ming made a graceful exit, taking my arm and leading me upstairs to our suite.

No sooner did I close and lock the door she was upon me, kissing me deeply as she unbuckled my belt and reached into my pants, firmly grasping my cock and slowly stroking it.

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I threw my arms around her and tried to draw her in close, intending to rip her dress off and take her where we stood in needs be, but she wriggled away, giggling.

She led me to the four post bed, where she released her hold on me and pushed me down into a seated position when the mattress hit the back of my knees. She smiled as she gave me light kisses about my face and neck.

She was in total control and we both knew it. As she unbuttoned my shirt, she kissed her way down to the buttons of my pants, eliciting some quiet grunts from me along the way.


She laughed as she had a small amount of trouble unbuttoning my pants due to my straining cock. When she finally got them undone and pulled them down, my full eight inches sprang out and smacked her left cheek, surprising her. "Oh!" she trilled.

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"You're very large and thick, Lawrence! That's wonderful!" "I've never had any complaints," I said proudly as she began kissing and licking my entire length. "But I've never been this hard before." "All the better for me, my love," she whispered before licking her way up to my bulbous head and engulfing it in her warm, wet mouth. I've had women give me oral sex before, and not a one of them had ever managed to take my full length, though not from lack of trying. Even as that thought crossed my mind, I felt Dao-Ming's chin hit my balls, without any apparent difficulty.

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My eyes rolled up into my skull behind closed lids as I felt all my strength leave me. I fell onto my back on the bed as she slowly pulled back to the tip and then quickly slide all the way back down again. I grunted as I felt my head hit the back of her throat then beyond.

I could feel her throat working as she made several swallowing motions before retreating again. If she kept doing that I wasn't going to last very long. In fact, I could feel my orgasm boiling up even then. As I grunted out my warning, she quickly swallowed my full length again and stayed down. I felt my scrotum tighten up as the biggest load I've ever let loose shot violently down her throat. She took rope after rope of hot cum, drinking it down greedily as if it were all she needed to survive in life.

After what seemed like a full hour of spasms, during which Dao-Ming never let up even a tiny inch, I stopped firing and weakly lifted my head up to look at her in amazement. Her eyes looked straight into mine as she bobbed up and down, gently sucking on the way up in an unnecessary attempt to keep me hard. I knew I wasn't going to go soft until after I was no longer capable of moving, or so I thought.

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Chapter 4 Her sensuous lips gently played their easy way up my cock one last time as she slowly stood up. She shrugged out of her dress and undergarments, which she had, unnoticed by me, undone while deep-throating me. Her flawless porcelain skin, full breasts adorned with small nipples surrounded by perfectly defined areolas, and flat stomach were all revealed to me for the first time.

She literally took my breath away as she crawled onto the bed, kissing my body along the way. I felt my cock jump as it touched her belly when she lowered her lips to my right nipple, flicking it a few times with her tongue before sucking on it gently.

Once again, I tried to draw her close to me, but she grabbed my wrists and forced my arms back down on either side of my head with surprising power. "Just lay back, my dear," she growled. "I'll do all the work for now." Somehow she felt taller than she had earlier as her beautiful tits dangled before me even as she lowered herself, trapping my cock between my stomach and her obviously soaking wet pussy.

I felt her lips part as she rubbed her clit back and forth along my hardness, getting faster and faster with each stroke. Her eyes appeared to light from within just before she screwed them shut as she shuddered and panted through a powerful orgasm as she ground herself on my cock. I felt her thighs clenching my sides in tandem with her shudders as she struggled to catch her breath.

I could barely breathe myself as her grip tightened.

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She was incredibly strong much stronger than someone with her diminutive frame should have been. She had barely stopped shuddering when she quickly slid her pussy up and expertly positioned herself.

I felt the heat from her engorged lips as she ever-so-slowly parted them with the head of my cock. It had long become clear that she was no stranger to sexual activity, but she was proving to be almost too tight as she worked to sheathe my member. Despite her obvious willingness she was wetter than any woman I've ever bedded it was excruciatingly slow going. Centimeter by centimeter, I felt her straining to take me in.

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She seemed to suddenly give way, mouth opened in a silent scream as she impaled herself down to my root. I grunted with some little pain as the walls of her pussy violently clutched at my cock. Even as she seemed to be hurting, I could tell she was also cumming, and cumming hard. Slowly, gently, she began rocking herself front to back, once again stroking her sensitive nub, this time through my pubic hair, as her pussy gradually acclimated to my invasion.

Even as she built up speed, allowing more of my length to slide in and out with each movement, groaning with the effort, she leaned down and bit me gently on the side of my neck, bringing my attention back to her perfect face.

Her eyes snapped open just as she reached full stride, fully revealing what I had only thought I had seen earlier.

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Her glittering gray eyes shone with a bright blue light, locking on to mine as she smiled and groaned through another orgasm. Remember those quiet alarm bells that had been plaguing me since our meeting?

They were no longer quiet; they were deafening. Suddenly, I was very, very scared.