Relativ und olivia saint gangbang Mädchen

Relativ und olivia saint gangbang Mädchen
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So much screaming! Was that all for us? A few mates and I, with guitars and a drum kit?

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The lights suddenly went up, bathing us in blinding glory. The screaming got even louder, apparently it was for us. I clocked a bird right at the front, an absolute babe with my name on a tight t-shirt, which showed off her great tits.

she had done us all the courtesy of not wearing a bra.

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With her long red hair and a nose ring, I knew she'd definitely be the one I'd bang after the gig. But as I started my epic drum roll intro, it wasn't Miss Nipples that got me going. Our singer, Zak turned towards the back of the stage and caught my eye.


He gave me a wink that sent shivers down my spine and into my crotch. And there the guilty pleasure lay throughout the gig. After the gig, I spotted Miss Nipples hanging about backstage.

A minute later, she was pressed up against the wall of my dressing room. She didn't have to say a word, I knew what she wanted. A quick shag with a famous rock star, and then she could get to fuck.

My hands caressed her thighs, her tight stomach, her enormous breasts. It didn't take a lot of effort before the tiny t-shirt with my name on was on the floor.

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Her hands were stroking my crotch, unzipping my jeans. Before I knew it, she was on her knees. There was no mistaking it, I was hard. She gave a soft moan as she slipped my boxers down past my ass, she wanted it. So I let her have it. My hands were in her hair as she lightly kissed around my abdomen, teasing me. She laughed as I pushed her down towards my cock, now I wanted it.

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Badly. Then she looked at me, straight in the eye and as I looked down on her she began to lick like a kitten.

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At the feeling of her tongue on my dick I let out a gasp and pulled at her hair more tightly. I then felt her sliding her hand up my thigh, and around my cock as she closed her mouth around it.


Just at that point, my dressing room door opened. "Hey Jay, great show man that intro was just - " Zak looked at me, then to the slut that was blowing me and back again to me. He actually looked hurt. "Oh. I see your busy at the moment," he attempted a laugh then turned away to leave us.

Fuck, I thought, Instant turn-off. I didn't stay at the after party for too long, Zak trying to avoid me made me feel like shit. I trudged up the hotel stairs to my room, thinking about how much of an idiot I am. As I dragged myself past Zak's room, I noticed that the door was slightly open. I didn't even hesitate before I went in.

I looked around and spotted his hoodie on the floor so i picked it up and held it close to me. Even the smell of him made the blood rush around my body. I'm pathetic, I thought as I sat down on his bed clutching his clothes. I try to distract myself with girls but it just doesn't work. Just as I was thinking this, Zak came out of the bathroom bollock naked.

I tried to hide my instant boner but there was not need. He came closer to me, not even attempting to cover himself. Without a word, he pushed me flat on the bed and kissed me desperately.

I clawed at his back as his tongue slipped gently into my mouth and we tongue wrestled for a few moments before I felt his erection jab into my stomach. He pushed me back onto the bed gently and whispered to me, "I love you so much Jay, since the first day we met." "I love you too Zak." I whispered back before resuming tongue wrestling with him.

I reached down between us and grabbed his thick cock in my left hand. Zak moaned gently into my mouth as he reached down and began pulling my t-shirt off of my sweat soaked body.


I started tugging his cock, making him groan with pleasure. I rolled over so I was on top of Zak and started pushing my way down his body towards his rapidly approaching cock. I flicked my tongue over the head of his stiff eight inch cock before engulfing the whole thing in my mouth, sucking and stroking fast and hard.

Zak was groaning very loudly and after ten minutes of this with some deep-throating and some tea bagging thrown in Zak came right down my throat. The load was too much for me though and I jumped off his cock and some off his semen hit me in the face and got in my hair.

Zak came down next to me and started licking his cum off of my face, while tugging my jeans and my boxers off of me. Zak grabbed my cock roughly and started sucking me off to get me rock hard before getting off and climbing onto the bed on his knees, motioning for me to climb up with him. I took position behind Zak and lined up my rod to the entrance to his ass. I began pushing into his tight little ass while he groaned with pleasure as my head penetrated him and my shaft followed.

As I began fucking my way in and out of him he started moaning and groaning louder and louder until it was more like screaming and the pressure in my balls was building while his cock was swinging rapidly between his legs. I reached through and grabbed a hold of it and began stroking it to get him ready for my asshole. I kept on fucking into Zak until the pressure became too much and I rammed my rod in balls deep and came deep within his dark crack.

I pulled out with a wet smack as my cum leaked out. Zak was moaning with pleasure and exhaustion and turned round to press his lips and tongue onto my mouth. He grabbed me and dragged me around into the position he had been in moments before and began roughly fucking me up the ass with his thick cock.

I screamed loudly as he rammed it deep inside me.

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He kept on fucking until he came like I had, while we both kept on screaming and creaming. "So much screaming eh Jay?".

I could only gasp and nod in delight.

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