Milf julia and teen get banged in sexy threesome

Milf julia and teen get banged in sexy threesome
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January 2nd, 2008 11:52pm Baby has spent the day filling Cunt in on the rules and her new daily routine and duties. I watched them off and on all day via the hidden video cameras in each room of the basement. Baby had Cunt change in to an official slave outfit, which is plain cotton panties, a matching t-shirt, and a pair of socks. This is all slaves are allowed to wear. They may pick from several colors, but they must match, and nothing else may be worn.

She also taught Cunt how to "assume the position" when I come down. There is a locked door at the top of the stairs and another locked door at the bottom of the stairs. Normally, after I come through the top door, I hide that key in a special place, then unlock the bottom door with a different key.

When the slaves hear me coming down, they are to kneel on their knees and rest their asses on their feet, backs against the wall opposite the door and hands on their thighs. The reason for this, besides making them take a submissive position, is so I can see them as soon as I crack the door and to make sure they are not setting up an ambush. About 7:30pm, I went down the stairs, locking the top door as usual, and slowly opened the bottom door. Baby and Cunt were in position.

Cunt was still wearing the collar I had put on her earlier, which was connected to a ceiling ring by a long chain. Baby no longer needs to be chained or take the slave position. She is doing it now to teach Cunt the routine. Cunt's bra-less tits look amazing in her tight t-shirt, her nipples standing out under the thin cotton material. Being a "Tit Man", I can't wait to be properly introduced to them.

I walked in and faced them. "I see Baby is teaching you to be a proper slave." I said. "Yes, Master." Cunt replied, surprisingly upbeat. Maybe too upbeat. "Good." I began, "Today we're going to find out what hidden talents you may have." "Master?" Cunt asked. "Talents, Cunt." I said. "Everyone has at least a few. I need to know what you are good at: dancing, sucking cock, fucking or whatever.

Different masters want different talents, so we need to find out what you are good at, and teach you the things you are not so good at." "Oh." Cunt replied, trailing off and looking around anxiously.

"Stand up, Cunt." I ordered. "First we need to take a look at you to see where your body might need work." She immediately complied and stood up. "Put your hands behind your head and." My sentence was cut off by Cunt screaming. "You are fucking insane!" she yelled as she took the slack in the chain and wrapped it around Baby's throat.

"I will fucking kill her!" This happened so fast that poor Baby had no time to react. The fear on her face broke my heart, and filled me with rage, but I remained calm. This situation could still be diffused with no one getting hurt. "Cunt. stop this." I said calmly. "You cannot escape from here. Let Baby go right now, and I promise your punishment will be light." Cunt pulled the chain tighter around Baby's throat. "Fuck you, you God damned pervert!" she screamed.

"You try to turn me in to some kind of fucking lezzie, now you think I'm going to fuck you any time you want! FUCK YOU!" Cunt pulled Baby up off the floor and stood behind her as she started edging around me towards the door. "Cunt, I'm warning you." I said, "Stop this now, or you will be severely punished." "Unchain me!

Or I'll kill her RIGHT NOW!" She screamed, yanking on the chain. Baby's face was turning red and her eyes were wide open and filled with terror. I stood on the futon and disconnected the chain from the ceiling. "Cunt." I said, trailing off. She circled around to the door leading to the stairs, keeping the chain tightly wrapped around Baby's throat.

"Masterrrppp!!" Baby said, her word cut off by Cunt jerking on the chain. "Baby, its ok, just hang on." I assured. Baby was desperately trying to get a grip on the chain to relieve the pressure. Cunt turned the door handle, and realizing it was locked, yelled "Give me the fucking key!!!" I tossed the key on the ground in front of her. She slowly bent down, never taking her eyes off me and felt around for the key, finally finding it and picking it up. Damn, so what is plan B?

I wondered briefly if I could run over and disable Cunt before she could crush Baby's wind pipe. I decided the situation was not yet desperate enough to attempt it.

There was still the locked upper door, and the locked front door. Cunt walked backwards up the stairs, and upon reaching the top, turned the door handle only to realize that it, too, was locked. "Give me the key, God damn it!" Cunt demanded.


"I don't have the key." I replied calmly. "It's in a small box glued to the underside of the step your are standing on." I was lying. Cunt bent down, keeping her eyes on me the whole time and felt for the box.

"It's not here!" she exclaimed, "Where is it!" "It's more towards the back." I replied, "Reach all the way back. over on the left side." Cunt bent down and started taking quick glances under the step but would immediately look back at me. There was no way I had enough time to climb the stairs before she looked back at me. I was starting to get a little concerned.

Suddenly, Baby apparently sensed an opening and jerked on the chain, getting just enough slack to slip the chain over her chin. Cunt quickly realized what was happening and tightened the chain again, but it had now slipped and was going diagonally across Baby's face.

Her face contorted as the chain tightened and twisted across it. Baby reached back over her head and frantically clawed at Cunt, managing to grab her hair and pull sharply, causing them both to tumble down the stairs. "Baby!!!" I cried. They reached the bottom of the stairs with a sickening "thud", Cunt landing on top of Baby.

I quickly untangled them from the chain, jumped up on the futon and ran Cunt's chain through the ring. I got back down and pulled the chain tightly. As I looked at my Baby lying on the floor, barely conscious, my rage took over. I jerked the chain with every ounce of strength I could muster, pulling Cunt across the floor by the collar around her neck.

Cunt screamed with pain and grabbed the chain, trying to lessen the tension. She screamed and kicked her legs furiously as I pulled her across the room, six inches at a time. I kept pulling until she had no choice but to stand up, directly under the chain ring in the ceiling. I kept pulling until she was standing on her toes, arms flailing and still screaming.

"NO! NO! NO! NO!" she sobbed in despair. I quickly grabbed the handcuffs, took her arms and jerked them around her back and handcuffed them behind her.

I then took the ball gag and put it on her. I didn't want to hear anything she had to say. Cunt now being secured, I ran over to Baby and knelt down. "Baby.Oh God, Baby!" I cried, getting my first look at the extent of her injuries. She had multiple scrapes on her arms and legs, a bruise circling around her throat and a long contusion diagonally up her face. She also had two fat lips where the chain had crossed her mouth. "Daddy." she moaned.

She usually only called me that in private. My heart sank upon hearing her say it in her weak, pain-filled whisper. "It's ok, Baby." I said, trying to hold back my tears. Her injuries were not life-threatening, but I couldn't stand to see my Baby girl like this. I walk over to Cunt, grabbed her by the hair and jerked her head up to face me. "You hurt my Baby." I growled, my face contorted with rage. "I *will* be back, and you *will* beg me for death before I'm done with you." "OOOOO!!!

OOOOO!!!" Cunt pleaded through her ball gag. I picked Baby up and carried her upstairs to the bed. I cleaned her up, applied some medicine to her wounds and caressed her head as she drifted off to sleep. I looked down at her sleeping, tears welling up in my eyes. It was at that moment I realized I'd rather be dead than live without my Baby.

She is going to pay for this. January 3rd, 2008 6:04am I went back down to the slave quarters. Cunt still hung there, balancing on her toes for the last 30 minutes. I stood there for a moment and just looked at her. My anger had subsided somewhat as I watched Baby fall asleep, but it started to well up in me again. "Oooo aaaakk eeeee!" Cunt grunted. I didn't know what she was trying to say and didn't care. I grabbed a roll of duct tape and taped over the ball gag.

I don't even want to hear her voice. "Mmm-mmm, hmm-mmm-mm!" she mumbled in a pleading tone. I just kept looking at her, trying to control my anger. I certainly didn't want to kill her, or even physically damage her. There is still hope that she can be broken and sold. I have too much time invested in her to screw it up now.

After staring at her for a little while longer. I decided I need to do something drastic. I walked back up the stairs and unlocked the top door, leaving it open. I also left the bottom door open. I walked up to her and unlocked the chain attached to her collar.


She fell to the floor. I pushed her over on her stomach and unlocked her handcuffs, freeing her arms. I held her down by pushing on her back as I removed the duct tape and ball gag. "Wh. what are you doing?" she asked. "You are free." I said. "What?" she said with disbelief. "You are unchained." I said, unbuckling my belt and sliding it off.

"Both doors are open. All you have to do is walk through them, open the front door and run." She looked at me, looked at the door, and finally looked at the doubled-over belt. "Let's see how tough you are." I taunted. She started to slowly circle around me, towards the door.

"Please, I won't tell anyone, just let me." she stopped mid-sentence and darted for the door. I was ready for her. I quickly lassoed her around the neck with my belt, tightening it as I pulled her down to the ground. I pulled her across the room, dragging her by the neck with my belt, releasing her in the corner opposite the door.

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She scrambled to her knees and looked back at the door, trying to determine if she could make another run for it. She must have decided it was worth a try. She shot towards the door trying to go around me to my right, then changed directions to try and go around my left. Just as she got within reach, I grabbed her by the hair and swung her to the ground. "God damn it, you fucking pervert!" she screamed. Something inside me snapped. I raised the belt and brought it whipping down across her back as she tried to get up on her knees.

"Ahhhhh! Stop!" she yelled, putting her arm up, trying to block further blows.

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I quickly reared back and lashed the belt across her lower back and ass. She jerked up straight, still on her knees, grabbing her back in pain. "Pleeeeaaaseee!" she begged. Over and over I brought the belt crashing down on her soft, young body, welts rising to mark each lash.

She huddled in the corner and raised her arms to protect her face. She passed out at some point, but I continued to whip her limp body until I was too exhausted to raise my arm again. I wanted her to be as sore as my Baby would be.

When she regained consciousness, she was hog-tied and naked. I had dragged her to the punishment room, laid her across a platform I made by laying a board across two wood blocks. She was positioned on her knees and elbows, both arms and both legs were securely tied. Her head was bent back and secured so it was pointing straight ahead.

She was almost completely immobile. The only things she could move were her feet and hands, and even those just barely. I put the anti-biting clamp in place. "Ooooohhh! eeeezzzeeeee!" she groaned. "Do you see not that it is hopeless?" I asked, "Even if you had made it past me and out the door, you would have had to run 10 miles, in the dark, in your underwear, to find anyone to help you." "Eeezzzzeee!" she pleaded.

"And even then, out here in the woods, you would be almost as likely to run in to a bear, or some local redneck that would just keep you locked up in his trailer." I added. "This could have been easy on you." I continued. "You could have cooperated, learned to be a good slave, and been sold to a nice, wealthy gentleman and had an easy life." "As it is, you did the one thing I cannot forgive." I said.

"It would have been better for you if you had attacked me." "So you blew the last chance you had at a nice life. Now you will be nothing more than a sperm dumpster and human toilet." I said, as I stood up and pulled my cock out. I pointed my cock toward her. "Look at me." I ordered. She lifted her eyes to look at me, just as the stream of piss hit her on the forehead. She clamped her eyes shut and moaned, unable to move or do anything to prevent the urine from drenching her face.

I aimed my cock for her mouth. The piss filled her mouth as she gurgled and tried to block it with her tongue. I drained my long-held bladder and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. I opened it and poured it over her head, splashing some in her mouth. I wasn't done with her yet and didn't want her to smell like piss. "Did you like that?" I asked. "I thought you might be thirsty!" "Uuuuhhhhhhffff" was all she could manage to say. I bent over and put my mouth to her ear. "I'm sure you must be getting hungry, too." "OOOOOOHHH!

OOOOOOOHHH!" she screamed and started crying hysterically. "When we're done here, I'll see if I can find something for you to eat." I taunted. She just cried even more hysterically, frantically tugging at her bonds. "Hey, I want to introduce you to someone." I said sarcastically.

"He's very special to me. Lex!" She stopped crying and tried to look around. "Lex! C'mon boy!" I shouted. Lex, my male, retriever-sized mutt, came running down the stairs and looked in to the room. "C'mere, boy!" I encouraged. Lex walked over to my side. "This here's my boy! Me and him are like this!" I said, holding up my first two fingers wrapped around each other. "Uhh, uhh, uhh!" Cunt panted. "Yeah, he's my boy." I repeated, pulling Lex's front legs up to my chest and wrapping my arm around him to hold him in place.

I turned Lex around to face Cunt as I reached down and grabbed his cock. "AAAAAAAAAGGGGG!" Cunt screamed, as the horror of what I was doing sunk in.

I started rubbing Lex's cock to get him going. Cunt stared at his cock, her expression becoming more terrified as the red tip of Lex's cock started to emerge. "athter! ather! eeezzee! oooohhh!" she begged. "It's too late for begging." I said, walking Lex around behind Cunt.

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I helped Lex up to mount Cunt and walked back around to face her. He probed around with his penis, struggling to find an opening. "C'mon Lex, you can do it!" I cheered.

"Eeeezzzzeeee!" Cunt pleaded. Suddenly, Cunt let out the most horrible scream I think I have ever heard. Her eyes bulged out and her nostrils flared. "AAAAAARRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!" "Lex, did you find the wrong hole again?" I asked, taunting Cunt.

I walked around to take a look and then walked back to face Cunt, who was gasping and screaming with each thrust of Lex's cock. "Yep, you sure did!" I chuckled. "AAAK.AAAK.AAAK.AAAK" Cunt screamed in rhythm with Lex's movements. "Well, I don't want Lex to have all the fun!" I said, pulling my cock back out.

I got down on my knees, crawled a step or two over to Cunt, and with one smooth move, rammed my cock completely down her throat.

Her face turned red and she looked up at me as if I she was going to die. I pulled my cock most of the way out and before I could ram it in again, puke shot out of her mouth on to my cock. "Well, that was unpleasant." I said, reaching over for a towel and wiping us both off. I put my cock back in her mouth and jammed it down her throat again and just held it there for several seconds. She continued to attempt to scream with each of Lex's thrusts, which were rapidly picking up speed. I then started pumping her face.

"C'mon, boy. Let's fuck this bitch together!" I said, trying to match Lex's rhythm. I soon realized that I could not keep up with Lex, who was furiously pumping Cunt's ass as he gripped her waist with both paws.

So I quit trying and just concentrated on filling her stomach with come. It did not take long for me to shoot my load straight down her throat, bypassing her mouth and any chance of spitting it out. She gurgled a bit as I removed my cock from her mouth and sat back down in the chair.

Lex was desperately trying to get the knot in his cock in to Cunt's asshole, but it was just too big. He dismounted her and paced around in frustration. I called him over, pointed him away from Cunt's face and swiveled his cock out behind him. I pointed it at Cunt's face and jacked him off until the come started flowing. It splashed in her face as I continued jacking him off. By this time, Cunt was just lying there with a blank look on her face, and barely making a sound.

I aimed for her mouth and Lex's come pooled behind her bottom teeth and under her tongue. Her only reaction was to move her lips just enough to let the come spill out on the ground. Lex was finished and quickly lost interest, running back upstairs. "Well, wasn't that fun?" I taunted. Cunt did not respond. "I hope it was," I began, "because this is your life now. every day. until you die." "Now," I continued, "I'll bet you are starving!" Cunt finally showed some reaction.

"Ooooohhh!" she moaned weakly, then closed her eyes and fell silent. I looked up and Baby was standing there at the door. I have no idea how long she had been there. "Baby!" I exclaimed. "You should be in bed!" "I'm ok, Master." she replied. "Really, I'm OK, just a little sore." "Cunt and I are almost finished." I said. "You should go back upstairs and get something to eat." "I'm fine, Master." she responded. "Please Master. I think Cunt has had enough. Please let me talk to her." "We're not done yet!

Go upstairs and I'll be up in a little while." I ordered. Baby pulled me towards her and lowered her voice almost to a whisper. "Please, Master. Daddy. I'm OK. Cunt has had enough. I forgive her. Let me handle it from here. please." I hesitated for a few seconds and then walked back and knelt down to look Cunt in the face. "You owe this girl your life." I said. I closed the door and walked back upstairs. January 3rd, 2008 9:14pm After the episode with Cunt and Lex last night, Baby was a bit concerned about her.

She thought I was too hard on Cunt, and she was probably right. After I left the room, I watched them on the video monitor sporadically all day. Immediately after I left, Baby put the collar chain back on Cunt and attached it to the ceiling, then untied her and lay her down on the bed. She applied ointment over Cunt's body to soothe the pain from the belt, and treated her asshole, which had some superficial bleeding.

Baby spent most of the first few hours trying to console Cunt as she lie on the bed facing the wall and crying. After a few hours, I walked down to see how she was. When I walked in, Cunt became hysterical. "NO! NO! NO!" she cried, pulling her body up in to a ball in the corner of the bed. Baby led me back out of the room and closed the door behind us.

"I think we will need a few days, Master." Baby began, "She's definitely broken, but she's on the edge of cracking up. I believe she will be OK, but I need some time alone with her." Later that day, Baby finally got Cunt to sit up and eat a sandwich.

I decided to give them three days. January 5th, 2008 4:23pm Wayne called today. I told him about Cunt and that she would not be ready for at least a month. He said that should not be a problem, but that his friend had already scheduled his wife's overseas trip for January 15th, so it was "do or die" time.

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He was sure his friend wouldn't mind waiting for Cunt, but we had to take his wife on the 15th, if we were ever going to do it.

I told him I'd let him know tomorrow. January 6th, 2008 1:03pm I phoned Wayne and told him we'd take the guy's wife. I knew it was a risk, but the money is starting to get low. I need this guy to buy Cunt, but he can't if I don't take his wife off his hands.

Baby made the rounds to the runaway and womens shelters in town tonight. She has a couple of prospects, but nothing very promising yet. It looks like we'll already have two slaves on the 15th, so there is no hurry for more. January 8th, 2008 7:50pm The three days I gave Cunt to recover are up today. I told Baby this morning that I expected Cunt to be ready today. I know Baby has been working with her quite a bit. I told her I'd be down at 4pm.

At about 3:45pm, I switched on the video monitor and watched them for a while. Cunt appeared to be doing OK. Baby seemed to be reassuring her and petting her head a lot. I turned the sound on. ".will be OK. I promise no one will hurt you again if you do exactly as you are told, and are respectful to Master." Baby assured her. "Master will be here soon, and I need you to tell him what we talked about.

Don't forget to get permission to speak first." "Yes, Mistress." Cunt answered. "And do not talk back, make bitch faces, sigh loudly or anything like that. Always smile and say 'Yes, Master' no matter what you are asked to do." Baby added.

"Yes, Mistress," Cunt replied, "I will do my best." They sat on the edge of the futon, awaiting my arrival. They were both in slave outfits, Baby in light blue, Cunt in green. At 4:05pm, I grabbed my clipboard and headed down.

As I unlocked the bottom door, I heard them scrambling around. I cracked the door open to see them both in position against the far wall, looking down towards the floor. Neither one looking up at me as I entered the room. Good so far. I walked over to the recliner and dropped my clipboard on the table. Cunt jumped slightly upon hearing it hit the table.

I stood in front of the recliner and faced them. "Cunt!" I said forcefully. "Yes, Master?" she replied without looking up. "Step forward." I ordered. Cunt stood up and took one step towards me, not looking up. She was now about two feet in front of me. I walked up to within a foot of her, paused a few seconds and said "Down on your knees." "Yes, Master." she answered, immediately complying.

"Look at me." I said. She looked up at me, shaking her head slightly to get her hair out of her eyes. I hadn't noticed before how pretty she actually was. Baby had made her remove all of the studs and other crap from her piercings and helped her with her makeup. Her green eyes were her best feature. "Are you ready to cooperate now?" I asked.

"Yes, Master." She said, her tongue popping out and licking her bottom lip. It was a completely unintentional, nervous action on her part, but still incredibly sexy. I was lost in her eyes for a few moments until she snapped me out of my trance. "Master.?" she asked. "Yes?" I prompted. "Master, I am very sorry for what I did to Baby. I did not mean to hurt her." She began, genuine contrition evident in her voice.

"She has been good to me and I would never try to hurt her, or anyone, ever again." She then bent down and kissed my left shoe. "Please forgive me, Master." she begged. I was stunned. "I promise I will be a good slave and never defy you again." she exclaimed, kissing my right shoe, then sitting back up on her knees and looking down at the floor. I looked over at Baby, unable to hide the shock on my face.

Baby put the back of her hand over her mouth to hide her smile and lowered her head, trying to suppress her laughter at my reaction. "That's. that's good to hear, um." I stammered. I found it hard to call her 'Cunt' after that performance. "And for my part, you will find that I am a fair and loving master." I assured her, lightly grabbing her chin with my right hand and tipping her head up to look at me.

".to my obedient and loving slaves." I stood there looking in to her eyes for a few seconds, then broke away and sat down on the recliner. I can't afford to get emotionally attached to this girl. "So. you need a new name to suit your new attitude." I announced. "Do you have any ideas?" "Master? I. no. I mean. can it be anything I want?" She asked. "Within reason." I responded, adding "But it shouldn't be a normal name that you average person would have. It should be descriptive of you." Baby stood up and walked over to Cunt, pet her hair a few times and said "How about 'Flower'.because of the way she has bloomed for us?" "I like it!" Cunt exclaimed excitedly.

"I mean.I like it. Master!" "Then 'Flower' it shall be!" I proclaimed. "Baby, from now on, unless she gives us a reason to change it, Flower shall have full slave privileges: TV, futon, refrigerator access and the rest." I said. Flower looked at Baby and they smiled at each other.

Baby knew which of my buttons to press.

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I think they were playing me like a fiddle. I gave Baby a playful "You're in trouble!" look. She just smiled and looked away.

"Ok, Flower." I started, getting up from the chair and standing a few feet in front of her. "It's time for your evaluation. Stand up." "You will be inspected and we will grade you in several different categories." I explained. "Remove your shirt." Flower immediately crossed her arms, grabbing opposite sides of her shirt near her waist and pulled it off in one smooth motion.

Her firm tits bounced a few times, coming to rest in a nice, high position. "Very nice!" I commented, handing Baby the clipboard. "Baby, please continue the inspection." My mind wandered as Baby poked, prodded and squeezed Flower, assigning scores to her different physical features, and taking notes on areas that may need improvement via focused exercises, a little extra makeup here or there, etc.

Normally I would have done the inspection myself so I could fully explore my new girls body, but I am becoming very worried about the finances and my mind is just not in to it tonight.

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I barely notice Baby putting lotion on her finger and checking Flower's vagina for tightness. If Wayne's friend doesn't buy Flower, we're going to be in serious trouble. The current state of the economy has really hurt my business. The work has all but dried up, and the money I got from Wayne for Star is almost gone. Baby has Flower bend over as she puts a rubber glove on and coats her finger with lotion.

I'm very worried about the deal with this guys wife. It's just too risky, but I don't really have a choice at this point. "AHHH!" Flower cries. I turn to look and Flower is bent over, Baby has her left hand on Flower's lower back and and her gloved right index finger up her ass.

"I'm sorry, Honey!" Baby says, pulling her finger out. "I know you are still a little tender down there." What if he doesn't like Flower? I mean, she's young. firm. pretty. what's not to like? Still, you never know. "Different strokes" as they say. I need a backup plan.

"We're done, Master." Baby announced. "Thank you, Baby." I said, taking the clipboard from her. "I'll look over this in a bit. Why don't you two take the night off, have some ice cream and watch TV." I turned to walk up the stairs and Baby caught up with me.

"What is it, Daddy?" she asked, in her soft whisper-voice. "Nothing, Baby." I replied. "I'm just a bit preoccupied tonight. Go have some fun with Flower." I went to my computer to check my email and browse for any possible work leads. Nothing. I need more girls. and more buyers.