Beauty in stockings feels fat weenie in asshole and juicy pussy

Beauty in stockings feels fat weenie in asshole and juicy pussy
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I hope all realize this is an erotic parody of a popular anime genera and I've tried this before. I hope everyone enjoys and as I also hope it goes with out saying that I condone none of this behavior in the real world.

Magical Girl Sex Kitten Katie Kats was a pop idol with a secret. While most thought of her as a bright young girl and raising star, no one would have realized this reserved, young girl could magically transform into the Lolita, heroine know as Magical Girl Sex Kitten.

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It had all started when she was given the artifact known as Aphrodite's scepter. It was a gift from her publicist and she loved it. The young girl had even gone so far to fall asleep holding it at bed time. That night the secret powers of the scepter where show to her as she dreamed. With the right words the wand gave the pop idol the power to control love and lust as well as a few standard goddess powers.

Now she used those powers and her body to fight evil and help others to love. *** The Stand Off. *** The police had the place surrounded. Dozens of officers were on the site as well many pedestrians being keep at bay but still wanting a look.

As always the Chief was amongst the men. He was a weathered looking older man. He had dark black hair that was showing gray at the roots. He was always cool under pressure but he was feeling the stress right now. It took him a second to notice as the small figure landed next to him.

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Her petite form was just over four feet. She had long blonde hair worn under a black kitty eared bonnet which matcher her lacey black and white trimmed dress. "So what's the trouble, Chief?" She said in a young piping voice. "Magical Girl Sex Kitten! I'm so relieved you're here." The Chief said, the grim look draining from his face. "Three gunmen in body armor are attempting to rob this bank. They're very cleaver men. They set up boobie traps at all the doors. My men could deal with them but not before the gunmen could kill the all the hostages they've taken." "This is a tricky situation isn't it Chief?

But don't worry Magical Girl Sex Kitten has never failed. It would seem we need to get the gunmen out of their armor and distract them until your men can slip past the boobie traps." She maybe short and young but she didn't lack conference. "You're in luck Chief, I've got some boobies of my own and these guys will fall right for them." "Yeah, about that," the Chief asked with a serious look. "How old are you anyway?" "Old enough to understand justice!" She replied with a salute.

"Yeah but seriously, you look like you're elev." "Hey, hey, hey," the small blonde cried, waving her hands. "Haven't you heard it's wrong to question a girl's age. Now I must be off to save these people." And with a small leap the girl flew her way to the roof. Perhaps it was best to leave that line of questioning, the Chief thought, especially since every time she was around he got an unseemly erection.

Seeing her bare young ass under the lacey skirt as she flitted to the roof was really not helping. It took nothing for Katie to slip through a vent and make her way around in the air ducts. It was a matter of minutes to get to a spot she could see the three men. Two were average sized white men and one was a larger black man. They all were all just as the Chief said; covered in body armor except for the helmets they had off.

Well that wouldn't matter shortly. In addition to the men where fifteen hostages, nine women and six men, all were huddled together by the teller counters. "Alright Lust Dust, do your stuff." She whispered to herself as she pulled a pouch from her dress. She dipped out a handful of light glittery dust and blow it threw the vent. It swirled its way to the three men and struck home.

Katie made her way to a nearby office and dropped down out of the vents. It would only take a few moments for the three men to be under the power of the Lust Dust. They would be horny beyond all reason. Now she just had to get them focused on her to keep the female hostages from getting raped. "All right Katie girl, time to do your stuff." She said. Just as one of the men, a chiseled and muscular white guy, with short trimmed brown hair, grabbed a scared bank teller woman, Katie darted from the office.

She was more petite and blonde in her magical girl form so no one would know who she was but she still had all her idol skills. While her best actress voice she cried "No, don't hurt my mommy," There was an eruption of chaos and the men spun around, each wondering where the girl in the lacey black dress had come from. The large black guy and the other white guy with wavy, dirty blonde hair grabbed her. The teller woman was shocked but she caught the girl's eye and knew she had to play along.

Katie was giving her best stage sob as the brown hair moved for word. "Where the hell did she come from?" He yelled. As the other men looked on is confusion, Katie seized her moment.

"Please, Mister," she said in her best little girl voice, which wasn't hard to do.

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"Mom had me in the office and I hide in a vent when I hear everything. Please don't hurt my mommy, Mister.


I'll do anything, and I mean anything." The last was said with a dose of magic suggestion to weave its way into their lust addled minds. "And what would you know about 'anything' girl." Said the brown haired one who seemed the leader. "Well, I can show you if you let me go," she knew she had the audience now. The hostages where all watching and keeping silent. They didn't know what to expect from this young girl but they knew she was their only hope.

With a gesture the other men let her free. She kept up the fake sobs as she spoke. "Well I think you were going to use my mommy's body for something naughty," as she spoke she pulled her arms from her dress. "So I figure if you don't hurt my mommy, you could do those dirty things to me." With that she tugged down her top to expose her half orange sized peach colored titys topped with hard pink nipples. There was a muffled gasp from the hostages and the leader gave a low whistle.

"Well, well, you do know a little about 'anything' don't ya?" He couldn't help himself as he reached out and pinched her nipple. "I'll do more if you want," She said and with that she bent over pulling up her lacy skirt. The men and the hostages were treated to the view of her sweet young ass with her tight pink anus and hairless little closed pussy lips. "Hot damn!" The other white guy said. "Oh yeah, we got a hot one here boys." The leader said.

"Well Benny, don't keep her waiting." Benny, the other white boy, wasted no time. He had his hands over running all over her young exposed ass. Then he roughly pulled her dress from her, leaving her a naked little cherub. So far her plan was going well. Benny started pulling off his armor as the black guy grabbed Katie by the arms, both wrists in the same hand, and pulled her up to her tip toes.

Despite her acts of fear, inside Katie was ecstatic. She had always been a horny little girl and the power of the scepter and her role as Magical Girl Sex Kitten had given her the ability to indulge in all her sexual dreams. While he held Katie up he ran his hands all over her body. His massive fingers flicked her hard nipples and caressed her flat tight stomach trailing down to her hairless pink pussy.

Katie shivered and thrilled at the contrast of his ebony skin against her peaches and cream complexion. She had had so many men since gaining her powers but never a black man, and never a man this large and powerful. Benny, now free of his armor and pants, looked at the girl and stroked his hard nine inch cock. "Alright ya little cunt let's see if you can suck a dick.

Let her go Jack." Jack unceremoniously dropped the girl. She was smiling on the inside, one man was already out of his armor and all eyes were on her naked body. Even the hostages where riveted at the coming violation of this lithe young thing. She crawled forward, adding more wiggle then she needed and leaving her round little ass high in the air. She got on her knees and got eye level with Benny's thick bobbing cock.

It was hard to fact reluctance as she wrapped her hand around the shaft and guided it to her mouth.

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It was so thick she could barely get her mouth around it and once she did Benny started slamming it in hard. The magic of the scepter didn't offer her any protection from a fat dick shoved down her throat. No, that ability was all from practice. She maybe young but she learned to relax her throat.

Still she didn't want to appear too good at this, she was supposed to be a scared innocent little girl and men really seemed to enjoy the rough treatment of her tiny form. Threw squeezed out tears Katie was able to get look around. All the men in the room where riveted and she knew their cocks where hard from watching the semi rape of her young self. Several of the women were even squirming their legs together. The Jack pulled her up by her ass leaving her standing at a right angle with Benny's cock pistoning her mouth like a cunt.

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"God damn, man." He said in a booming deep voice that sent a thrill through Katie's pussy. "This little cunt is wet as hell." One of his massive fingers started splitting her sweet puffy lips. "Fuck me," the leader said as he started stripping his armor and clothing.

"I gotta get me a piece of this young little cunt." With her ass still in the air, the leader walked up behind Katie and kneeled down behind her. She stifled a moan as she felt him start tonging her asshole and then down her slit to her tiny clit.

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He did this for a few minutes and then pulled her away from Benny. Katie gasped for breath and she caught a look at the leader's dick. It was even thicker than Benny's and likely an inch longer. She didn't have to long to look as her eyes closed and she cried out in pain as he roughly stuffed two fingers into her tight pink fuck hole. "Holy hell boys, I think this little sluts a virgin." The leader said.


His fingers rubbing her hymen. This was one aspect of her power that Katie had mixed feelings about. No matter how used her little holes were, no matter how ravaged by giant cocks they were, she healed up to just as tight and virginal as ever. This was nice in that her poor little pussy didn't become a loose mess.

This however had the side effect of nearly every time she was penetrated it felt like being deflowered all over again. "If ya lay down mister, I'll ride you real good. I promise." She said in the same innocent little girl voice that was getting such a lustful reaction from the men. "Well let's see what you can do." He said as he lay down on the floor. Katie, naked save for her kitty eared bonnet, black socks and tennis shoes, walked slowly over to him.

She bent down and took his erect dick in her mouth lubing it up. Then she straddled him slowly lowering her waiting pussy to the rock hard member.

She grabbed his cock and started rubbing the head between her wet pussy lips. After a moment she worked the throbbing head into her tight little pussy hole.

She could feel it stretching her virginal cunt and let out a little moan as the head popped inside her. "Oh god, it's so big in me," she cried out. She squatted nine inches above the leader's body. "God damn, I should fuck girls your age more often.

This is the tightest bucking' cunt I've ever been in." The leader said as Katie worked the first two inches of his dick in and out. "Enough of that shit. Let's see how it feels all the way in." Katie only just registered what was said as he clamped both hands on her hips and brutally pulled her down on his fat shaft.

There was nothing fake about this scream of pain. She could feel her tiny tunnel being ripped open by his violent rod.

He didn't let her have even a second before he lifted her and dropped her reburying his dick deep in her cunt. He finally let gone pinch and twist her puffy pink little girl tits with both hands. Katie was sure any non-magical would be bruised from it. It did take long for pain to fade and pleasure began to take hold. Katie loves being fucked, even before she became Magical Girl Sex Kitten she would masturbate as of as possible. Now she was going to show this guy exactly what her tight young pussy could do.

She pushed down until his whole shaft was inside her and began grinding her pelvis against his, who knew her little body could even hold ten inches? Still it would have to hold more if she was get her mission done. As Katie was riding the leader Benny stepped back up to the plate and shoved his cock back down her throat.

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Well that was two of them but still one left. She had somewhat hoped it may come to this; she would have to use drastic measures. Pulling Benny's cock from her mouth but still jacking it she said looked over her shoulder at Jack. "How bout you mister, you gonna get some?" This brought a snort from Jack. "No really mister I got another hole you can fuck. I'll take all three of you if you wanted," and with that she went for broke. She took Benny's cock back in her mouth and then put both hands behind her and spread her white round ass cheeks exposing her pink little anus for Jack to violate.

"Come on Jack; show this little white cunt what your big black dick can do." Benny goated him on. "Fuck yeah, I'm gonna tear her little white ass up." And Jack started stripping his body armor off.

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Benny hair and gave a rough yank, twisting her neck around so she Jack awe inspiring member. Katie's mouth dropped open with shock. It was a foot long if it was an inch and nearly the size of a soda can. Benny pulled her back to his cock and all Katie could do was spread her lovely little ass cheek and wait. Katie could feel Jack behind her and just as his enormous, bulbous cock pressed against her pink little asshole the teller women spoke up.

"Wait!" She yelled, "at least use some lube, you'll kill the poor girl. I have some in my purse." She pulled it out. "Here, ya go." "Well make yourself useful slut and put it on." Jack said. The teller girl wouldn't admit it to anyone but there was a tingle in her twat as she spread the lube on that big black cock. Then she turned to Katie. "Sorry, Honey, but it'll help." She whispered to the little girl as she dribbled the lube on her pretty pink anus. She couldn't resist using a finger to dip it inside her.

"Alright bitch, hope you're ready." Jack said as he started shoving his massive dick up her asshole. "Oh god!!!" Katie screamed around Benny's cock. She felt like he was splitting her open as he stuffed her back passage. Katie almost blacked out. The little girl had her mouth pussy and ass all stuffed with cock and group of hostages watching her being violated.

She couldn't be happier! All she had to do was keep the happy until the police arrived. The three men picked up there pace. There dick sawing in and out of young Katie's magical fuck holes.

She could feel orgasm building in her. She was so full and satisfied that she couldn't think straight. She just began moaning and thrusting, like a young little whore.

Finally she couldn't take it anymore and the orgasm ripped through her tiny body. Her pussy, her ass and her puffy flat titys all sizzled like livewires as she started moaning and screaming into Benny's cock. He pussy and asshole clenching the other two men violating her holes. Benny was the first to break and with a loud grunt shot a load in Katie's lovely mouth. He then pulled back and shot a wade of cum right on her face and then on her small tits. Jack was next and after a few shots up her tight little asshole sprayed more on her ass and back.

With the men free she started riding the leader harder. Rising up until his cock was almost out of her and then dropped herself back down. After a few of those he couldn't hold back and bust inside her silky cunt. He pushed her off and she landed with her legs to the side her thighs open. Looking at her sweet innocent, smiling face framed by her blonde hair, he couldn't help but fire several more loads on her face and tits.

There she was, all cute and covered in three men's cum, with some dipping from her asshole and cunt.


"Well I hope you enjoyed fucking you guys. Cause it'll be a long time before you get pussy where you're going." She said. "And where's that?" Benny said. "To jail!" It was the gruff voice of the Chief. A dozen officers had filled the room all with guns drawn. "You did a great job Magical Girl Sex Kitten." With a salute and a smile that shot out a burst of pink hearts she said "It's all in a day's work." "Are you hurt at all?" The chief asked.

"Don't worry Chief; my powers will have me healed up in no time!" Then she looked down at her cum covered tits. "But my powers won't get me a shower." She giggled. And with a thunderous laugh from the police and newly freed hostages, Magical Girl Sex Kitten left the building and flew off to save another day.