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Bondage fuck emo boys gay first time Ultra Sensitive Cut Cock
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Having grown up on a vineyard by the countryside all their life, the twins, Aaron and Ariel were pretty much excluded from the outside world. Their parents, a wealthy couple who had decided to raise their children in the countryside, had since invested in the vineyard and brought up their children there.

Wanting to have as little do with technology as possible, the couple does not have a television or a computer. The family spent most of their time outdoors, running through the fields, horse riding, fishing and pretty much what most kids don't do nowadays.

The story begins on the twin's 16 th birthdays. Before I begin, I'd like to post a disclaimer saying that this story would be an incestuous one between the brother and sister and if you are irked by such stories, read no further.

If you do, I promise a fantastic experience. ****** "Happy Birthday to two!" sang Mr. and Mrs. Brown, their faces grinning broadly. The twins sat opposite their parents, their smiles basked in the candles' glow. "Make a wish!" reminded their mother. The twins clasped their hands and closed their eyes for a moment before blowing out the candles together. They settled down to eat the cake and chatted about the day's events until their mother told them to go to bed at a quarter to twelve.

Aaron immediately ran upstairs, but Ariel stayed behind. Mrs. Brown noticed her daughter standing there and asked, "Is there anything wrong dear?" Ariel looked at her mother for a while before saying, "Never mind." And abruptly went up after her brother, leaving her mother puzzled. When Ariel entered her room, her brother was already brushing his teeth. "Aaron, did you ever feel there was much more to being sixteen?" she asked her brother.

Aaron rolled his eyes, although they were twins, Aaron was older by a minute making him the big brother, thus putting him in charge of entertaining his sister's questions. All the time. "No. Why would you say that?" came the regular response. Ariel lay back on her bed.

"I don't know, I mean sixteen feels special to me, I just feel as though there ought to be more to life." Aaron gargled his mouth and said, "Well life has many mysteries, like mum says, it'll be silly to try to understand all of them." Ariel was not paying attention. "Wonder what mum and dad does for fun?" she pondered out loud.

Aaron yawned as he lay down on his bed. "I dunno. Play poker?" "No no, it's not that. Just now on the way up, I heard dad ask mum if she wanted to do 'it' tonight. Wonder what 'it' means. "Ariel, you're always poking your nose into things. AND getting in trouble." Aaron replied. "I don't care; I want to know what 'it' is. I'll wait till later and sneak a peek into their room." "Well suit yourself, don't come crying and wake me up when you get into trouble." With that, Aaron turned his back on his sister and went to sleep.

Ariel stared at her brother's back, "Typical of him", she thought, "too lazy to find out about things. One day I'll find something good and show him." Ariel lay on her bed and waited.

She waited until she began to hear her brother's soft snoring. She waited until their mother came in to check on them.


She waited until the night was silent before creeping out of her bed, her lean form gracefully landing on the floor without a sound. She then tiptoed to the door and turned the knob gingerly and stepped outside. She heard it immediately. Giggling. Coming from her parent's room. Excitement welling up inside her, Ariel glided across the hall and pressed herself against the door of the master bedroom.

Her weight caused the door to suddenly come ajar. Ariel froze, had she been discovered? But when she heard that the giggling had not ceased, she mustered her courage to peek into the gap of the door. Ariel gasped silently. There, on the bed, was her father, legs spread open, his 'thing', bushy and limp, hanging downwards. He was grinning at her mother, who was donning a robe. She was wondering what was going on when her mother suddenly undid her robe and let it fall to the floor.

Now Ariel saw her mother's beautifully curved body naked and standing in front of her father. Her mother then started to massage her breasts, (Ariel knew because she had them too and had asked her mother about them) hands fondling each as though it were golden egg. Then the most peculiar thing happened.

Her father's 'thing' suddenly started moving! It twitched and then began to straighten and harden! Eventually, it grew upright and that was when her mother slide down onto the bed and in one swift motion put the erect member into her mouth!

Ariel was stunned. Her mother was now sucking the member as though it were a iced lolly. Her head moved up and down on her father's thing and Ariel saw her father's face contort. At first she thought he was in pain and then she quickly realized it was in fact pleasure, not unlike the expression he has when she gives him a foot rub. Her mother sucked again and her father let out a audible moan. Immediately, her mother lifted her head and shushed him. "You don't want to wake the kids!" she motioned to the door.

Suddenly, her head snapped back at the door. "Didn't you close it?" she asked her husband, she got up and made for the door, closing it shut. Outside, Ariel had been quick enough to snap out of her trance when she heard her mother approaching and run silently back into her room. She closed the door behind her and sat on her bed, panting.

So this was what 'it' was. What she had seen made her feel warm with excitement. She quickly got up from her bed and went to her brother's side, shaking him up. "Aaron! Psst!

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Wake up!" she shook her brother. "Huh.what? Are you in trouble again?" Aaron sat up slowly and blinked his eyes. "It's 3am! What do you want?" Ariel could hardly contain her excitement. "I found out what 'it' is." "Really? What's that?" asked her brother sleepily.

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Ariel bit her lip, then with a mischievous grin, said, "Ok, take off your pants." "W-what?!" came the reply. Ariel was getting impatient. "Do you want to know what 'it' is or not? If you don't I'm going to sleep and let me tell you, you're going to regret it." Aaron looked at his sister's face, excited and impatient at the same time.

Finally, "Ok fine, what for anyway?" he pulled off his pants and there, between his legs, was the same thing she saw between her father's legs, less hair but also limp. 'For now.' Thought Ariel with a grin.

"Ok now what." Aaron asked uncomfortably. Without a word, his sister pulled up the front of her shirt, showing her white cotton bra. Apart from shock, Aaron showed no other reaction to her action. "What are you doing?" he asked incredulously. " don't feel anything?" Ariel asked him. "Urm.weird?" he offered.


"No no, this is not supposed to happen. Here hold my shirt up." He did so obediently while his sister brought her free hands behind her back and undid her bra. She pulled them off, revealing her breasts with a small pink nipple at each tip. They were still developing and were more like an elevated part of her chest then separate appendages like her mother had.

She looked at him again, "Anything?" he shook his head, although her brother's eyes were now focused on her breasts. Ariel gave it another try, using one hand this time to squeeze one side gently. She was about to ask him when she saw it.

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A twitch from between her brother's legs. "There! It's working! Ok keep looking at me." She needn't had ask him, he was already staring at them. Ariel continued rubbing her areoles in a circular motion, at time fiddling with her nipples. Two things happened. One she began to feel very warm and her nipples began to harden.

Two, he brother's thing finally stirred from its slumber and began to grow in size, finally standing upright. "Ok, that's it! Has it done that before?" she asked. "Yea, but it happens randomly." Ariel noticed that her brother's thing had not grown as hard and taught as her father's had.

No matter, she thought. Its long enough. Ariel brushed her brother's hands away and lowered her shirt. She then used a hand and grabbed her brother's member. He started. "What are you doing!" came his hoarse whisper. Ariel shushed him and said, "Just be still, and relax." That said, she lowered her head onto her brother's crotch and opened her mouth. Instinctively, she used her tongue to gingerly swipe the tip of the penis, causing her brother to start again.

Then gingerly, she lowered her mouth onto the erect member. The thing was barely long enough to accommodate her mouth but as she wrapped her lips around it, it suddenly swelled and tightened like the rest of her brother's body. Suddenly, there was less space in her mouth. Satisfied, Ariel began mimicking her mother's actions on her brother and began to suck on his penis.

Aaron's eyes flew open in shock. Ariel sucked it a few more times before looking up at her brother's pleasured expression. She brushed her blonde fringe aside and sucked on it again. She saw her brother's face contort and smiled at the control she had over her brother. Aaron could not believe anything could feel so good. His sister was doing 'it' on him, sucking his penis, it felt weird but it spread fuzzy warmth through his body with increasing intensity.

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He saw his sister's blonde head moving up and down over his crotch and each time, he felt a wave of urgency flow through him. But then it got more intense. She continued sucking on him and looking up periodically to laugh at his helpless expression. Aaron began to feel his member throbbing, the feeling was getting better, but began to feel a build up within his penis. He told his sister.


"Ari, stop, stop, I'm feeling.ah!" His sister had just sucked at the tip of his penis, causing him to sink back into his warm haze. But suddenly, the warm feeling turned into a feeling a great urgency.

It must have shown on his face because his sister looked at his face and began to move faster, building up the pressure in him even faster. "Ari.ah! Ari.ah! Stop.stop! It's too much! Ah.!" his sister just laughed and proceeded to suck his manhood even harder. He tried pushing away his sister's head, but she knocked away his hands and continued to suck. Unable to take it anymore, Aaron's body tensed and his penis shot its first wave of semen into his sister's mouth and down her throat.

Ariel was caught off guard. One moment she was happily toying with her brother's body and the next moment, her brother's thing had suddenly throbbed in her mouth began dumping a large load of salty fluid in her mouth. Startled by the sudden flow of fluid, Ariel tried to pull her head away. But her brother's hand, which had been trying to pull her off, now forced her head in place out of reflex.

Ariel was forced to swallow the sticky fluid. But the flow was too much and it spilled out from the sides of her mouth in white globs. As the semen flowed down her throat, it clogged up her windpipe as well, causing Ariel to choke and cough, causing her face to turn red and eyes to tear. After seven whole seconds of the ordeal, the flow stopped and Ariel was able to raise her head from her brother's crotch. "Are you ok?" Aaron asked her. "I'm sorry, I didn't know this would happen. I did try to warn you." He patted her back and she continued coughing, white lines of semen drooling from her mouth.

Ariel got up and ran into the bathroom. She turned on the tap and tried to wash the disgusting fluid from her mouth, scrubbing the sides of her mouth with a finger. She had not expected her brother's penis to expel the stuff into her mouth, she was disgusted.

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Her brother suddenly walked in and began to tissue off the semen that his sister had dripped from her mouth. He turned to her and said, "Well, if it is any consolation it felt good!" He added with a small laugh. "Shut up." She snapped, embarrassed, her mouth still sticky.

*End of part one*