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Horny teen boy giving blowjob hardcore and cumshot
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. . I needed to go for a walk to clear my head so I threw on some clothes and headed out walking briskly. I'm not sure why I ended up there but I found myself walking into Scott's garage.

I started to turn to walk out as I saw so many guys there it looked to be the entire football team. But as I turned to go Scott caught hold of my arm and said, "Where are you going baby we've been waiting for you." I looked at him surprised wondering why they were waiting for me but as I was thinking about that Scott guided me deeper into the garage.

Many of them were drinking beers and I was stunned as Scott said to the group, "Look everyone who has joined us, my girlfriend Tori has decided to join the party." One of the guys handed Scott a beer and he offered it to me but I tried to turn it down saying, "No Scott I can't I'm pregnant." "Its okay baby it wont hurt you," he said and pushed the beer at me again.

"Come on its just one," he said holding the beer in front of me. I took hold of it but didn't drink it and he was handed another and he took a big gulp. I then noticed music playing and it seemed to get louder as I began to listen.

Scott then started dancing with me pushing and pulling me this way and that trying to get me to dance along with him. But I wasn't even sure why I was here and wasn't comfortable with all these other guys here and me the only girl.

While Scott was dancing me around I noticed the garage door slowly closing and I watched it move down and it felt like something inside my tummy was closing down as well as I grew more nervous. Scott lifted my hand with the beer in it and put it to my lips pouring some beer in my mouth.

I swallowed down what he got into my mouth and it tasted terrible and I felt guilty for drinking beer with a baby in my stomach. I was then surprised as he danced with me he began to kiss me and put his lips to mine kissing me passionately.

After he broke the kiss he put both of his arms over my shoulders and was looking me straight in the eyes. "Stick with me baby and you will be the most popular girl in the history of the school," he said and his words surprised me. He still was dancing and he had an odd smile as he looked me directly in my eyes. Then he said, "Let's get you more comfortable." And he began to pull at my shirt pulling it up from my tummy. "Noooo Scott," I protested.

But it didn't seem to phase him at all as he kept tugging my shirt up. I tried my best not to let him pull it off but he somehow managed to pull it up over my head and once he had it there it came off easily.

While it went over my head I felt the hooks of my bra unfastened and as soon as he pulled the shirt off my arms the bra followed. There I was in front of what seemed to be the entire football team topless.

Scott then took hold of my hand and turned me around and around three times spinning me like out on a dance floor.


He then interlaced his fingers with mine and lifted both my hands high over my head dancing very close to me. While he danced with me like this I felt hands from behind me take hold of the waistband of my shorts.

I tried to reach down to grab my shorts to stop them from being pulled down but with my fingers interlaced with Scott's he just smiled at me and held my hands over my head easily and I felt my shorts and panties go down my legs. I then felt him move my arms all the way out to the sides and then finally down at my sides and he wrapped his arms around me picked me up and I felt the shorts and panties pulled from my feet.

My shoes came off with my shorts and there I was in Scott's garage completely naked with what appeared to be the entire football team all of them still fully clothed while I was naked in front of everyone.

Someone put a stool right next to Scott and he lifted me higher standing me naked on top of the stool and then he yelled very loud to the group, "Gentlemen, let me introduce to you my lovely girlfriend Tori, our future Homecoming Queen, Prom Queen and the most popular girl in our school." I was stunned and embarrassed and shocked at what he said but more to be standing up on a stool in front of them all completely naked.

I jumped off the stool and Scott caught me in his arms and I heard them cheer. I felt so ashamed. I was then surprised as Scott looked me in the eyes and then said one of his typical one word sentences to me, "Kneel." As he said it he put both his hands on my shoulders and pushed down. His strength was incredible and I struggled to maintain balance and then had no choice but to go down onto my knees as he just kept pushing down. No sooner then I was kneeling he said another word, "Open." As he said it I watched him open his pants and pull out his cock.

I hesitated but as I did he took his cock and slapped it on my cheek and said the word again, "Open." My eyes took a moment to look around at all the guys and I wasn't sure if they were all paying attention to me. Hesitantly I opened my mouth and I felt Scott push his cock into my mouth.

In and out of my mouth my ex-boyfriend stroked his cock working it in my mouth working deeper with each stroke. I felt his hands work into my hair and take hold of my head and soon he was pushing his cock at the opening to my throat. "That's it baby you're so good at this you're a natural," Scott said. I wasn't sure how I felt about that complement being a natural at sucking a guy's cock.

I wondered how much of my noises everyone heard as they seemed to echo in my mind as I head myself slobber and gag and girgle as he worked my face with his cock.

He moved his cock in an odd rhythm going slow then fast and working my mouth hard. It was so embarrassing doing this with all of them there watching. It wasn't very long before he began to cum and I felt relieved that it was going to be over.

"Swallow," Scott said as he squirted into my mouth and throat and I did as I had learned and swallowed his cum down. He thrust his last few strokes and then to my surprised pulled right out.

To my horror no sooner then he pulled out and another guy stepped in front of me with his cock out and ready. Scott still had his hands in my hair and yanked my hair hard and said one word, "Open." I hesitated but as I did he hit my nose with his cock and then each cheek. Scott yanked hard in my hair and again said one word, "Open." I gave in and opened my mouth for a boy whose name I did not know.

He tasted, smelled and felt different but he did as Scott had done and began to stroke his cock in my mouth. As he was moving inside my mouth I felt Scott move beside me and whisper in my ear, "That's my girl, support your team." It sounded so odd for him to say something like that. I felt the boy I didn't know move in and out of my mouth over and over and again the sounds seemed to echo in my ears, girgle, gag gulp, over and over as he worked his cock over and over in my mouth. Then I felt something that didn't register at first until I understood it.

I felt a guy kneel down behind me as I was trying to figure out why he would do that I felt his cock push against my butt cheeks and his hands pull on them. I tried to jerk to get up but with the cock in my mouth and his hands in my hair I couldn't move and I was shocked and stunned as I felt a cock push into my butt.

I felt my face get red and my eyes fill with tears and as I did I heard Scott whisper in my ear, "That's my girl, that's my homecoming queen." I grunted on the cock in my mouth as I felt someone working his cock into my butt. I couldn't even turn my head to see who it was.

I was ashamed and humiliated as I felt the cock work deeper and deeper into me there, his hands on my hips holding me working me forcing his cock into my butt.

I then felt the guy in my mouth shoot a thick shot of cum. I was ready for the next squirt when I felt him pull his cock from my mouth and I gasped for air and then was humiliated further as I felt his second spray of cum squirt directly onto my face.

It hit me at the top edge of my forehead and continued to squirt all the way down between my eyes, down my nose and over my mouth and onto my chin.

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The next squirt hit me on the left cheek and went up across my nose onto my right eye. I turned my face to the side and the last spray squirted into my hair on onto my left ear. Because of the cum on my face and eye I had to close my eyes. I was stunned as I felt someone kneel in front of me and was even more horrified when I felt a cock touch my sex. Again I tried to get up from kneeling but the guy behind me held tight on my hips and before I could manage to squirm away I felt the cock against my sex push into me.

He worked the cock into me more and more and I started to cry realizing I had no idea who it was pushing into me. "Go team go," I heard Scott's voice say in my ear. "That's it Tori support your team my beautiful prom queen," Scott whispered.

I started to beg him to stop but I was shocked when I felt a cock push to my mouth and work its way in and begin to start stroking. There I was kneeling in Scott's garage with three guys inside me.

"Its okay baby, you're doing so good everyone loves you. You're going to be so popular," Scott said. I couldn't believe the things he was saying and I couldn't believe this was happening. I felt so much like a slut. Was this really what he thought of me?

Is this really what he thought love was about? Is this really what he thought I'd be willing to do to be popular. . "HHHHEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!" I screamed waking my self up, waking from another nightmare. My body soaking wet with sweat. I was sitting up shaking, horrified, feeling exhausted, drained and used.

My mom made it to my room looking exhausted pulling her robe on looking not too happy to be there. "I'm okay," I said to her before she could ask. "I'm sorry," I said sniffling. She came over to my bed and sat down on the bed with me and hugged me to her and stroked my hair. "I think we're going to have to take you to a doctor baby you are having so many nightmares," my mom said.

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I shook my head no that not sounding like a good idea. I closed my eyes and just let my mom hold me a few minutes and I thought about that night. God I had been stupid for going over to his house, especially in the middle of the night. What was I thinking? "Are you okay," she asked and I nodded knowing she wanted to go back to bed. "Okay try and get some sleep and we'll talk more in the morning," she said and patted my back and then got up and headed out of my room turning the light back out.

I reached over and turned on music and listened to the beat and the words trying to put last night and my dream out of my head. How could I have been so dumb to let him use me like that again?

How could I have been so dumb? I got up and went to the bathroom taking my time in there, washing my face. I came back and lay back down on the bed and wondered where Elizabeth might be.

Why hadn't she gone home? I looked at the clock to see if I could try to call but it was still too early. I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep but kept the music in my mind hoping to fend off any further nightmares.

I certainly didn't want to be with the next guy on the football team. The next time I opened my eyes it was 8:30 in the morning and I sat up and grabbed my phone. I dialed Elizabeth's number and listened to it ring four times before going to her voicemail. I then thought about it a few minutes and decided it would be okay for me to call her mom so I dialed that number. Her mom answered on the first ring. "Hello," she said. "Hi Ms. Jones, this is Tori.

. my mom said you called last night and ummm Elizabeth hadn't made it home," I asked? "No Tori she hasn't, do you have any idea where she is," she replied. "No ma'am," I answered. The line sat quiet for a few moments. "Will you have her call me if you hear from her," her mom said. "Sure," I said feeling bad for her mom.

Again thinking how stupid it was for me to sneak out last night. "Okay, thank you dear," she said. "You're welcome, I'll let you know if I hear anything can you let me know too," I asked. "Of course," she said. "Bye," I said. "Goodbye," she replied.

I set the phone back down and wondered where on earth Elizabeth could be. I then decided to call all the girls on the varsity.

One by one I called each cheerleader but none of them had heard from Elizabeth since she left the game. I then realized that I had spoken with her on the phone shortly after leaving the game and I wondered where she was when she called me. I got up and took a long hot shower washing away the sex I had with Scott and Mike. When I got out of the shower I looked at myself in the mirror and it made me want to cry for letting Scott manipulate me into having sex with him again.

Who was I and what kind of person was I to have just kissed Elizabeth like I did Thursday night and then to have had sex with my ex-boyfriend Friday after everything he had done?

I splashed water on my own face and said to myself, "Dumb, dumb, dumb/" I went back to my room, got dressed and put a little makeup on. I decided I needed to act more mature and to try to grow up to not just let people manipulate me. Then I took a deep breath and headed downstairs. My dad was downstairs reading the newspaper sitting in his recliner and I flopped down on the sofa next to him.

"I'm sorry about last night daddy," I said. He looked up at me from his paper. "Member's of this family do not sneak out of the house in the middle of the night Tori," he said and kept on, "We all care about each other and worry about each other and your mom and I try to do everything we can to try to protect you girls but if you're sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night then we can no longer trust you or protect you.

We know that you are growing up and need to learn to make decisions for yourself but we will not accept leaving the house in the middle of the night." "I know daddy and I'm sorry it was stupid and I won't do it again," I answered. "You know and apology is not going to get you off being grounded," he said.

"Yes sir, I just wanted to apologize," I said. "Apology accepted," he said back. My mother heard us talking and came into the den and sat down on the sofa next to me. I took a deep breath and then asked the question I knew they were both waiting to talk to me about. "So what do you think I should do about. . my condition," I said pausing. My dad folded the paper and set it down and they both looked at me. "Well young lady, honestly the decision in the end is yours. What do you think," he asked me?

I took another deep breath and slowly blew it out. "Well I don't think I'd want to. . end it," I said softly and then looked into my father's face and then into my mother's. Their expressions were stoic and they both just nodded slightly. I continued, "I'm not sure I'd want to give my baby away to strangers." "So you think you'd want to have and keep the baby, Tori you're too young," my mom said.

I nodded knowing how old I was. "I know, I just don't like the other options very much," I said.

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"Do you have any idea how much work having a baby and being a mother is," my mother asked? I decided it better to shake my head no rather then to try to make them think I had a clue.

"And is your boyfriend willing to accept responsibility for his child if you keep it," my father asked. This question made me swallow hard. I wanted Scott to be the father of the baby. I prayed Scott was the father of the baby but I knew he was not the only boy who could be the father.

I wasn't even close to ready to have that discussion with my parents yet so I just shrugged. We sat quiet a few moments then I decided to ask another question. "Will y'all help me with the baby," I asked?

"What I want you to do Tori, is to think about just one day with a baby, think about what it will be like from the minute you get up and for 24 hours and I want you to write it out everything you think about because I want you to understand how much your life is going to change with having a baby," my father said. "Yes sir," I replied. My mom put her arm around my shoulders and shook me lightly and playfully. "We love you Tori," she said. "I love you too," I replied.

And with that I hopped up and headed back up to my room. I flopped down on my bed a little relieved to have had that conversation with my parents but I also knew we would have to talk about it more. Then I began to wonder where Elizabeth might be.

She was too secure to run away and certainly she would have said something to me if she was thinking about it. I just didn't know what to think. I picked up my phone and dialed her number again. It rang four times and went to voicemail. This time I decided to leave a message, "Hey where are you, I.

. I'm not mad at you, please call." With that I hung up the phone. The rest of the afternoon was dragging by and I started to work on my paper for my father. We all had lunch together and talked small talk I was very surprised to hear my sister ask my mother if she could go out with a boy named George that night.

George was also a senior like my sister but he was not a jock. Apparently he was in band and a science geek. My mom hesitated a little bit and that set Sherri off. She argued and yelled at my mother and honestly she was right about what she was saying that I had been going out and she was older.

She took a dig at me saying that she wasn't going to get pregnant like I had. I looked at her angrily for taking the shot at me but she did make her point and mom gave in and said she could go out on a date that night. I was bored with the conversation and went back up to my room and began listening to music and throwing around one of my stuffed animal bears. The hours drug by slowly and we had dinner except Sherri who went out on her date. As we were finishing up dinner the doorbell rang.

My father answered the door and let two police officers in. They asked to talk to me and I thought it had to do with my rape but I was shocked at their questions.

They asked me, "Did you have an argument with Elizabeth Jones?" "No," I answered more as a question then a statement. "Then why did you leave her a message saying you weren't mad at her," they asked?

My mind scrambled to think and then I answered, "Because. . Elizabeth had announced in front of a bunch of people that I was. . pregnant." "Where were you last night at around midnight," they asked?

"I was here. . then I went over to Scott's house," I answered looking at my parents and they looked very unhappy at me for that. This time I did not wait for their question and asked one of my own, "Where is Elizabeth did you find her?" They answered my question with a question, "How did you know she was missing?" My father answered this one telling them her mother had called our house looking for her.

"She's in the hospital. She was assaulted badly last night and spent the night in a field until she got help," the officer answered. He continued, "Are you aware of anyone who would have wanted to hurt her?" I thought about his question and the events of last night went through my mind. The only person I could think of was Scott, but I was with him last night so it couldn't have been him, right? I just shook my head no not knowing how to answer that question. The officer nodded looking at me like he could read my thoughts and I felt sick.

My mother broke the silence with a question, "What hospital is she in?" "Baptist Hospital," the officer answered. "If you think of anything that might help in this investigation do not hesitate to give us a call," he said handing all three of us a card and my father walked them to the door.

As soon as they were gone I turned and looked at my mom. "Mom can we go to the hospital, I need to see if she's okay," I asked. My mom nodded and said, "Get your jacket." I hurried to get my jacket and get back downstairs.

And mom and I headed out to the car. My mind was racing trying to think or figure out what could have happened to Elizabeth. The car ride seemed like it took forever. And I know I was driving my mother crazy as she got parked as I kept hurrying her trying to make her walk faster. We walked into the hospital and found the information desk and my mother asked for Elizabeth Jones.

The receptionist told us the floor and wing and how to get there and which elevator we needed to take. We headed up to her floor and walked down the hall and my poor mom was struggling to walk fast enough to keep up with me. We made it to the wing and found the nurses' station and were asking for Elizabeth when her mother must have seen us and came out of the room to see us. Her mom looked horrible and distraught and I could tell she had been crying.

She thanked my mom and I for coming and said to us, "It was horrible, really horrible." I couldn't wait any longer and asked, "May I go in and see her?" Her mom paused and looked at me a minute and then spoke to my mother not me. "She can, but she needs to be ready for what she is going to see. Elizabeth is bruised and swollen and has tubes in her arm and to her nose.

She doesn't look herself and you need to be ready for that if you go in because I don't want her to see you freak out. I don't want a visitor to freak her out," she said. "Do you understand that Tori," my mom asked and then continued, "You have to prepare yourself before you go in so you don't react and upset Elizabeth, do you understand?" I looked at them like they were both nuts and replied, "I'm not a baby." Ms.

Jones patted my arm and said, "Okay go on in." I couldn't believe the big deal they were making of this like I would somehow frighten Elizabeth. I turned around and headed into the room. The lights were on low and there were all types of machines beeping and making noises. My thoughts that Ms. Jones had made too big a deal out of it went right out of my mind as I got a look of Elizabeth. Her face hardly looked like her face.

It was swollen and very puffy with bruises and scratches and even some bandages on it. There was a tube which I guess was oxygen going to her nose.

Her eyes were swollen and looked horrible. She was in a hospital gown and had covers over her but her arms were out and bare and they were all bruised and marked up as well. She had a bag of medicine on a pole going to her arm with a tube.


Her beautiful black hair looked like it had some of it cut off and pulled out and looked to have mud in it. I walked over to her slowly stunned by what I saw. I couldn't believe this was my best friend. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. But I did remember what Ms. Jones had told me and I told myself not to react and I walked closer to her.

I very carefully put my hand on her hand and it felt good to feel some warmth in her fingers. She even had a device on one finger with a light on it. I was looking at her face holding her hand gently when I was surprised and I saw her blink a few times and then open her eyes. She blinked a few more times and then kept her eyes open and looked me in the eyes. I'm not sure how she managed it but I am pretty sure she smiled at me. I tried to smile back and said, "Hi." Her mom must have seen that as she came into the room and walked to the other side of the bed and said, "Tori came to see you honey." She nodded slightly and said very softly to me, "Thank you." I smiled back at her and as carefully as I could leaned down to her slowly and as lightly as I could kissed her forehead and then said to her, "I love you." She very softly said back, "Love you too." Right after saying that she closed her eyes again.

"They have her sedated for pain so she's been sleeping a lot," her mom said to me. I looked at her mom and nodded.

I looked at her a few more moments and heard her breathing soften and guessed she had gone back to sleep.

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Then I felt strange and I felt heat rush through me, then cold and then I felt sick. I turned and walked quickly out of the room made a bee line over to the nurses station found a trash can and bent over it and threw up. I did so over and over until I had nothing left and then I collapsed to my knees and begin to cry harder then I ever had in my entire life. I can hardly express to you the deep horror and sadness and regret I felt inside my body.

I felt and heard a nurse and my mother holding my arms talking to me but I could do nothing but cry. I cried so hard I was shaking and I can not tell you how long I cried. I couldn't believe that was my Elizabeth looking like that. Finally I felt my mom and the nurse get me to my feet and walk me over to a waiting area and they had a cold washcloth on my forehead.

I had never felt so devastated as I did that moment and hoped I would never feel it again. Even after the rape, I was in shock and felt numb so I did not feel the absolute emotion that I felt right now.

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Who could have done such a thing to Elizabeth? My mom suggested that we go home but I shook my head no vehemently. She then said to me, "Then you have to calm down you're disturbing the entire wing." I looked up at her and listened to her words. I had no intention of leaving there right then so I took her words to heart and told myself to calm down. I put my face in my hands a few times, trying to calm myself down.

Knowing my mom and the nurses would make me leave I finally got hold of myself. But it didn't fill the hole in my heart that I felt for my best friend. How could anyone do that to her? I exhaled a few times hard getting my composure and finally got back on my feet and went over to her window looking in at her.

She had her eyes closed and was sleeping I assumed. Her mom saw me and came out of the door and said something very nice to me, "She really looked happy to see you." I nodded and said, "Thank you." Her mom stroked my hair softly with her hand and I could tell she was struggling with her own emotions.

I took hold of her hand and decided I needed to try to be strong for her and Elizabeth and told myself that I would not break down like that again here at the hospital.

Mom and I stayed till visiting hours were over and then we had to leave. On the way down to the car I told my mom thanks for staying there with me. When we got into the car and were headed home my mother began to tell me what Elizabeth's mom had told her while I was in with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth had been found on the side of the road out in the country along a small farm road. She had no clothing on and her body was bruised and bloody and covered in mud. She had been found shortly before noon and she was delirious and ice cold.

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The doctor indicated that she had been physically and sexually assaulted by more then one perpetrator and she had internal injuries in addition to the injuries I could see.

She had hypothermia when she was first brought to the hospital but she was doing better since she had been warmed up. She was only on the oxygen to make breathing easier and she had been given blood because she had lost quite a bit before getting help.

The police had found her car and her cell phone several miles from where she was located and that was how they knew I had left her the message. I rode in the car silently listening to my mom tell me what she knew. After she finished I sobbed softly not hysterically at the horrible news about my friend. My mom put her hand on mine and it was pretty quiet in the car the rest of the way home.

When we got home we went inside and went to the den. My mom then explained to my father everything that we had seen and heard. He looked very stunned and his eyes were soft and he looked at me often seeming to know how badly it hurt me.

He shook his head in disbelief and also said, "That explains the police visit this afternoon." We all sat there numb for a few hours with the TV on but I don't have any idea what program was on it. We were all surprised when the door opened and Sherri had gotten home from her date. She snapped at all of us angry seeing us all up and said, "You are not all seriously waiting up on me?" But before anyone could answer she looked at my face and saw something else was wrong.

"What now," she asked almost sounding cruel. I couldn't take hearing the story again so I just got up and headed up stairs to my room as I heard my mother begin to tell her the events of the evening. I couldn't listen to it again. Instead I went up to my room and put on some music and as hard as I tried I could not put the image of Elizabeth in the hospital out of my mind. Slowly my mind fought against me and made me try and think why or how this happened and words I didn't want to hear, or think about or accept came rushing into my mind.

I remembered after the game Scott rushing over to both Elizabeth and me, going off on us both saying such horrible words. Words that made Elizabeth lose her composure and yell out to everyone that I was pregnant.

But the words that bothered me the most were the words from Scott's mouth, "I hope you get what you deserve." That didn't make sense to me though, as I knew where he had been as he could not have done this to Elizabeth because I knew exactly where he was. .

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in his garage with me and Mike. But no matter how hard I tried to think to myself that he couldn't have done it his words echoed over and over in my mind. "I hope you get what you deserve." To be continued.