Russian mature group xxx i may be married to friends brother steele but its his dad

Russian mature group xxx i may be married to friends brother steele but its his dad
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Jenna opened her front door to find Mack standing there dressed in a dark blue shirt, jeans and his black leather boots.

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"Tommy gave me your letter," Mack sad as Jenny let him inside. It was already dark out and Mack had just caught her before she was about to slip out of her white blouse, black shirt and stocking.and into a nice hot bath before bed.


Closing the door she turns to hear Mack say hungrily "I can hardly wait to taste your sweet juices." Without warning he picked Jenna up into his arms and carried her over to the kitchen table. Pushing her skirt up around her waist to reveal the black garter belt and the creamy soft skin that went into the tops of the matching black stockings.

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"Very nice indeed." Mack said as he pulled the black panties off, wrapped her legs around his shoulders, and sat down on a chair for better access. Jenna gasped with excitement as she watched Mack's mouth water with lust as he looked at her hairless pussy. Spreading her thighs wider he inhaled deeply, savouring the sweet smell of Jenna's arousal before he pushed his head down between her legs and eagerly began lapping up her wonderfully delicious juices.

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"Such a wet soft and sweet pussy you have," Mack said just before his hot tongue began to probe deeper between Jenna's fleshy folds. Jenna couldn't help but moan as he licked every inch of her mound before gently circling the tip of his tongue around her swollen clit, coaxing it out of its little hood.

"Your loving this aren't you Jenna?" Mack asked her with a grin. "You wanted me to do this to you so badly.didn't you?" Jenna could barely think at all under the waves of pleasure he was giving her and she sat up slightly only to slip her fingers through his hair and push him down again.

Mack smiled as his mouth hovered over her most sensitive part. "What do you want Jenna?" Mack asked her. "I want you to eat me." Jenna said in frustration and pushed him down to suck and lick her clit into his mouth, but again he stopped her.

Bent on making her wait a little longer for the orgasm that was coming. Lifting her legs and spreading Jenna's thighs wide, he now had her puss and ass on display. "You have a very nice pussy and ass Jenna." Mack said as his hands squeezed her ass cheeks and he finally lowered his head again to continue to tongue her into a frenzy of moans. "Mmmmmmmm Jenna," Mack growled softly. "Your pussy tastes so good." Mack slide a hand between her ass cheeks to find Jenna's puckered hole already slick with her own abundant juices, he gently pushed the tip of his finger inside making Jenna moan and wiggle her hips in approval.

Mack slipped then two, then three fingers into her ass and began to finger fuck her with long deliberate strokes while his tongue enjoyed the deeper reaches of Jenna's sweet honey pot.

"Ohhhhhhhh Goddddddd Mack," Jenna moaned louder and louder as his tongue and fingers took her deeper and deeper into orgasm.


"That feels so gooooooood.your gonna make me cum." Mack smiled knowing that only when he was satisfied with teasing her would he push her into the explosion she was headed for. He sucked her into his warm, wet mouth and pushed two fingers deep inside her dripping wet pussy to find the spot that with her him fucking her ass at the same time would drive her completely over the edge of extacy. Jenna immediately started moaning even louder than before, as her hips ground harder and faster to meet his penetrating fingers and tongue.

Mack sucked even harder than before. "That's it Jenna.cum for me like a good girl." Jenna lapped up every delicious second that Mack devoured her and fucked her as she felt the waves crashing upon her one after the other, leaving her gasping for air as she drowned in them.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" Jenna's voice cried out over and over again until finally she screamed as her body began to shake uncontrollably. "I'm cumminggggggggggggg!!!! Mack pins her down hard to the table as he keeps her firmly in place to work her over even more, noisily sucking and licking while pounding both her holes.

Hitting her deepest reaches and lapping up the cumming rewards of his efforts as Jenna's body finally stopped shaking and she slumped back on the table completely sucked of all her juices. Mack smiled as he got up removed his clothes, causing his hard cock to jump out of its very tight restraint. " I hope you still have plenty of energy Jenna," Mack said as he stood naked in front of her. "The evenings only just begun." Jenna looked up at Mack and surveyed the beautifully muscled man before her.

Licking her lips as she looked down to his 10 inch cock, she could see the family resemblance. "I'm pretty sure this Deal will last a lot longer than just this evening," Jenna said as she sat up and stripped off her clothes leaving her naked except for her black garter, stockings and high heels.

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"Don't you agree Mack?" He smiled as his eyes wondered over her delicious breasts that looked perfect for his hands and the hard rose bud nipples that ached to be sucked and nippled. "Between us I don't think it will ever be done," Mack said as he moved towards her once more.

"Before this night is through I'm betting that you'll be begging me to make this Deal a permanent arrangement." Jenna smiled as she pushed Mack down onto the table, moving her hands down his body til they found themselves exploring Mack's rock hard shaft. "Mmmmm," Jenna said as she sat down in the chair and lowered her head down between his legs.

"Just as much as you'll be begging me too as well." Jenna slowly licked and sucked up and down his shaft from the head to the base and back again, swirling her tongue around his cock's head and not forgetting to move down and take his balls into her mouth for a good sucking too as her hand worked his cock before switching places with her mouth.

Jenna began to devour Mack's cock deep into her mouth and down her throat. No woman had ever deep throated his cock the was she was doing. Making him moan as his breathing started to become more ragged as she took in ever inch of him faster and faster. Her mouth and tongue sending vibrations up and down his shaft in waves of pleasure. "Fuck Jenna," Mack groaned.

"You certainly know how to work that mouth of yours." Jenna smiled as she worked his cock even harder than before, making him brace himself to stop from falling backwards and land flat on his back. "your so fucking good." Mack moaned. "Such a great mouth on you.suck it harder Jenna. Show me just what a good little cocksucker you are." Mack was glad that Jenna's hair was up in a ponytail, so he could see her working his cock with her mouth a whole lot better.

Also allowing him to notice that Jenna didn't have a gag reflex, so she was able to keep his cock in her mouth and down her throat longer than was normally possible.


Jenna sucked and mouth fucked Mack's cock for over an hour, holding the base of his cock whenever she could feel him about to cum. She only wanted him to cum once she was done using his cock, knowing that he wanted to cum so bad. Jenna slipped a hand down to move between his ass cheeks to find his hole dripping with her saliva, slowly penetrating his puckered hole with her finger. Making Mack gasp at the sudden intrusion, as she continued to work her mouth into a rhythm with her finger.

Going faster and faster as Macks moans became even louder. His hands grabbing her head and pushing her down faster and harder, as his hips thrust along with him. Jenna continued to thrust her finger in and out of his hole as Mack's body shuttered and he exploded into Jenna's waiting mouth.

She sucked him hungrily as he spurted again and again. "Ohhhhhhhh!!!!! Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!" Mack cried out as he held Jenna's head firmly on his shaft.

Jenna slowly removed her finger so she could use both her hands to milk him dry. Once she was sure there was nothing left for him to give her, Jenna let his cock slip from her mouth and stretched happily like the cat that got the cream. Jenna smiled at Mack as she began to work her hands on his shaft once more until it was again hard despite the long work over it got previously. "Now it's time to feel really good," Jenna grinned as she climbed up onto the table and mounted Macks now hard shaft.

"I'm going to really enjoy this ride." Mack groaned as Jenna's pussy engulfed his entire cock into her surprisingly tight slit. She slowly began to bounce up and down on him. "Ohhhhhhhhh Mack!" Jenna cried out as she bounced. "Your cock feels so good in me!

Your big hard cock feels soooooo fuckkkkkking good!!!!!" Mack agreed there. "That's it Jenna.ride me baby!" Mack thrust his hips up, bucking to meet her downward thrusts with equal enthusiasm.

Jenna pumped up and down on Mack's cock harder, her breasts bouncing in time with their fucking. Mack reached up and grabbed both of them, pulling her down to suck her nipples as she rode him even deeper than before. Jenna let out a cry as she felt her body begin to shutter, causing Mack to such her nipples even harder.his fingers sliding over her ass to part her cheeks before he had a couple of fingers thrusting deeply into her tight hole to make Jenna cry out again.

"That's it Jenna," Mack said as he sucked her harder and felt Jenna moving even faster against his cock and fingers. "I want to feel you cumming on my cock." Jenna could feel it coming too as she let out more and more moans, from the waves of pleasure her body was enjoying. "Yes!!!!!!!!! I'm cumming!!!!!" Jenna yelled out as Mack felt her pussy clench around his cock and vibrated around him. Mack reached up and grabbed her by the waist, slamming her down on his cock to really let the experience rock them both.

Shuttering and exploding together, their cum mixted together in a dripping sticky mess. Slumping down together on the table breathing together heavily and satisfied that his was only just the beginning of a very delicious deal of partnership.