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Asian mature wants that big white penis
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Maki closed the door of his hotel room and headed down the stairs to the street. The temperatures of the fall night were rather brisk and with the light rain misting down, the air picked up a distinctive chill.

He pulled his head in closer to his body, trying to keep as much warmth as possible trapped in his trench coat and jammed his hands deep into his pockets. The clothing he was wearing led him to being warm, so it was done as a form of habit more than necessity. He walked quickly passing the other night-goers who laughed and talked and hustled up and down the street. He stuck close to the buildings, sliding past those who were on the fringes surrounding the surge of passersby who were headed in the opposite direction.

The overhead lights illuminated the path he was treading, knee high leather boots making very little sound. The night was Maki's haven. There was something about the night sky that brought him solace. Everything about the night was calmer, more peaceful, and the people were a hell of a lot better, too.

Maki preferred the people with dyed hair and "too many" body piercings, enjoyed watching people on street corners and frequenting the night clubs.


He preferred sleeping during the morning hours and being awake in the evenings and nighttime. It wasn't a lifestyle for everyone, and that's the way he liked it. His footfalls slowed as he approached the club and pulled the brass handle on the large wooden double doors in front of him. Two women approached him: one blonde, the other a brunette. They were both dressed very much alike as each of them was wearing thigh high patent leather boots with stiletto heels with what small amount of leg he could see above the top of the boot being covered by fishnet stockings.

The blonde woman was wearing a patent leather teddy with a vinyl miniskirt. The brunette was wearing only a corset, no top, and a pair of thong panties. Slave collars of thick black leather adorned their necks, one single silver ring at their throats.

Maki watched them as they ran their hands over his body and it was difficult for him to tell if they were frisking him or just touching him.

The brunette removed his coat and the blonde gave him a claim ticket. He watched them walk to his right and behind a service counter.

~*~*~*~*~* "What the hell is wrong with people tonight? Seriously. Are there no beautiful people left in this goddamned town?" "Easy, now, Gunnar." Maya soothed, touching his arm as she glided around the counter.

"Did you see the one we just brought in?" "No." Gunnar seemed slightly annoyed Maya hadn't called his attention before the beauty had slipped away.

"Where is she?" "She? It certainly didn't FEEL like a she." She smiled a quirky little smile through her long blonde tresses and filed at a broken nail. "No, he most definitely was a HE." Maya bit her tongue between her teeth until she drew blood. "I WISH I didn't have to be working tonight. I would tie that boy to the wall." Maya dropped off as Gunnar walked out from behind the counter and into the atrium.

"Gunnar, you can't just LEAVE!" He turned to look back at the girls. "You're the ones that have to work tonight. Not me." ~*~*~*~*~ Maki stepped forward onto red carpeting and looked around the atrium that was far too quiet for the club setting he was entering.

The ceilings were vaulted with windows of stained glass, much like you would see in a Catholic cathedral. The designs filling the windows, however, were a different story.

The first window Maki laid his eyes on was of a woman seated on a black couch, clad in nothing more than a pair of evening length black gloves, knee high black boots, and radiant beauty. In each hand she held a leash which attached to one male and one female who sat obediently at her feet. Around her was a brilliant display of color from the different pieces of cut glass.

The second window featured a girl in a long black flowing dress with black hair and black lips, standing with her arms outstretched, her head slightly tilted. The glass behind her was blood red, her skin was moonlight white. The contrast was quite striking and Maki was quite taken with it. He stared at her for a few minutes before inspecting the other windows one at a time.

The artistry was breathtaking! His visual tour stopped on the first window, catching his eye once again. "They're quite lovely, yes?" Maki turned and looked down to a man who had come up on his right. He smiled slightly and nodded his head just once. The man turned his eyes to the window at which Maki had been gazing.

The man continued. "She has the gift of a Goddess, that one." He sighed heavily and rubbed his forehead just above his right brow with the back of his hand, smoothing his hair behind his ear. "When the moon is in the right place, she lights up and it looks as if the glass were a living and breathing thing.

And I'm not the only one who has stood here to look at her." He smiled up at the woman's image. Maki turned his gaze once again to the ceiling and stared into the mural eyes. "Care for a drink?" Maki nodded and then followed as the man led the way further into the club through a second set of doors.

The moment the door cracked open, Maki could feel the eyes of the club patrons on him. It was like that everywhere he went. Everyone had to watch him. He was fairly accurate how long it would take for someone to tell him how beautiful he was.

Three… "My God." The first whispered response. Two… Maki's toes touched the baseboard of the bar. "Look…" another voice, hurried, as though Maki might fly away should they not catch him right then. One… Maki's hip bumped the barstool. "Oh my God you're beautiful…" It was muttered in a breathless murmur at his side.

He turned toward the voice and smiled a half smile with just the left corner of his mouth and met her eyes. She dropped her eyes from his and a very faint stain of pink flushed across her cheeks. It was the same statement, different location, always the same story: never handsome, but nearly breathtakingly beautiful.

The first five or six times the compliment was given, Maki was flattered. It began to lose appeal very shortly thereafter and he had since perfected the timing into an art. Maki raised one brow as he accepted a drink from the bartender. "It's a house specialty called Black. I thought it would be fitting." He eyed Maki's attire, almost admiringly. "I hope you don't mind that I bought?" Maki continued his quirky expression, raising it to the man's eyes. His head cocked slightly to the side and slightly forward, questioning.

The man laughed. "Here." He took the drink from Maki's hand and swallowed a mouthful. "I didn't have it poisoned." He handed the drink back and Maki took it, smiling a small, genuine smile.

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The man offered his hand. "The name's Gunnar." Maki took his hand and shook with a firm handshake. "I'm Makiros." "Makiros." Gunnar repeated, his brow furrowed. "Friends call me Maki. Like the mouse." He was shocked at how soft spoken he sounded.

That was something he was going to have to change. Gunnar laughed. "All right. Maki it is. So, what brings you here tonight, Maki?" "Boredom." He blinked slowly and tasted his drink, finding it very much to his liking.

He'd have to remember and ask what was in it. Perhaps other places would make it for him since there were so few drinks Maki could actually stand. "You seem to be a man of few words, Maki." "Usually." His eyes showed amusement. "Hmmm." Gunnar sipped at his drink. It was a 7/7 if Maki wasn't mistaken.

"I haven't seen you here before." He paused as if waiting for a reply and looked up at Maki over the rim of the glass he held.

"Are you new in town or just new to the club in general?" "No, I'm fresh blood. You were right to grab me when you did." Maki sighed and relaxed, leaning back in his chair. He surveyed the crowd nearest his table who were dancing to something he didn't recognize but had a decent beat.

"I caught sight of you when you walked in." He was lying, but didn't exactly care. "Will it surprise you when I tell you that you are extremely beautiful? Or does it embarrass you to have a man compliment you that way?" Maki stifled a laugh that came as a snort. "No, it doesn't embarrass me and I have been half expecting it." Maki stretched his arms behind his head and then pulled his waist length black hair from behind his back.

It swung across the chair back and settled thick and straight. He rested his chin against his hand with his elbow resting on the table in front of him. Maki had worn leather tonight. The top was long sleeved with a mock turtle neck. The pants were all too tight and Maki had laced his boots so they were over the legs of the pants. The leather of the entire outfit had been pieced together and was stitched with obvious thick black stitches. His skin was white: as pale as the image had been in the window glass, although Maki's eyes were dark charcoal colored and only slightly lighter than the pupils.

Maki leaned forward and smiled another of his half smiles. "Then would it be bad form if I kissed you?" Gunnar reached out to tuck a lock of hair back behind Maki's ear. He ran his fingers along his jaw line, down his neck and slipped his hand behind Maki's head, fingers wrapped in the black silk of that long hair.

He closed his eyes and shuddered slightly, feeling the want twist in his belly. He applied gentle pressure against the back of Maki's head, pulling him forward. He leaned around the table edge and their lips pressed softly together sending a jolt of liquid electricity singing between them.

Maki shivered slightly and reached a hand behind Gunnar's ear, his fingers barely touching flesh and parted his lips with the same softness, allowing Gunnar to make the moves. He had been craving this for far too long to let this opportunity slip through his fingers. If he was believed to be passive, making a move that came across too strong would shatter that illusion. Maki was very selective in his male partners and it had been quite some time since he had found anyone who piqued his curiosity.

It wasn't often he got the craving for male flesh, but when the mood struck, he sated the need as quickly as possible. Gunnar's lips broke from Maki's and he blinked very slowly, a smile turning slightly as their eyes met.

"Well, that's… um… not what I expected to happen." Gunnar stated softly. "Should I be offended?" Maki stated more than asked. "Oh, no." Gunnar shook his head. "It was nice, believe me. But that was not how I… that wasn't…" "Expect it to be a lot harder than it was, did we?" Maki smirked. "Well, yea." "So now that we have that out of the way and you are suitably uncomfortable." Maki paused. "Not used to being the dominant in a relationship, are you?" Gunnar blinked.

"I'm generally the dominant. You seemed rather submissive earlier, unless I was mistaken." "I'm a switch. It depends on what strikes my fancy, who piques my interest, my mood, and those I actually see fit to get my hands or lips on. I'm a picky bitch." He grinned from ear to ear. Gunnar returned the grin. "I hate to kiss and run, but I've been summoned." He nodded his head in the general direction of the door they had entered from.

One of the two greeters was beckoning. Gunnar stood, but continued leaning down in close proximity to Maki. "I have a feeling I'll be in the show tonight. You'll watch for me." Maki snorted again and shook his head softly. "Of course I'll be watching." Gunnar smiled and headed off for the door.

It was cute the way Gunnar attempted at ordering him. As soon as he was out of sight, Maki took in his surroundings. The people here were all of a darker flavor; fetishists, vampire lifestylers, punks, rivetheads, modern primitives, and the completely normal people who looked like they had just stepped off of the street in the middle of the daylight.

The dance floor was decently full of people stepping, stomping and swaying to the music. The DJ was in a tuxedo with a Phantom mask and was also bobbing along with the music from behind the booth. There were plenty of people crowded around the bar chatting with each other as they sipped their drinks. Waitresses were canvassing the floor or standing at the bar station to pick up their drinks and, not surprisingly, they were dressed much like the coat clerks.

On the opposite side of the bar there were couches and chairs much like one might see in a coffeehouse with bookshelves lining the area. There were people sitting on the two couches reading and discussing while two submissives sat patiently at their Master's feet as he talked with another man sitting on a couch across a coffee table. To the left of the tall oak doors, there was a dark doorway covered by long strips of leather that functioned like a kind of a door.

He could tell there was light behind the strips, but no one had entered or exited the area in the short amount of time Maki had noticed it.

He felt a presence to his right and looked up instinctively. A woman stood beside him in a long black PVC ball gown.

Her skin was as moonlight, her eyes lined in black, and her lips crimson red lined in black lip liner. Maki raised his eyebrows slightly.


She spoke softly but forcefully. "Is this seat taken?" Maki shook his head and gestured to the seat in front of him that was closest to her. She took her seat gracefully and crossed her legs, then tilted her head ever so slightly. "I've not seen you here before.

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Are you new?" Maki nodded in compliance. "Yes. I had heard of this place when I had visited the area once before. My time ran out last time but since I had time tonight, I decided to drop by." "Interesting. So what do you do for a living?" "One might say I am an artist." The woman nodded sagely. "Music is an art lost." She examined her nails, painted the same color as her lips. "You're in town with the tour, correct?" Maki nodded again, taking in her exquisite beauty. Although seeming relatively disinterested with the conversation and Maki, the woman leaned forward slightly.

"What is your flavor?" Maki's brow furrowed. "My flavor?" The woman nodded. "Yes. Your flavor. Are you dominant or submissive?" "I tend to be a switch and it's really dependant on my mood." "I see." Her eyes never met his, but it was not a show of submission. She exuded confidence and raw sensuality. "And what does your mood give us tonight?" Maki smirked.

"I'm feeling rather submissive this evening. Why do you ask?" Her eyes flicked up to his suddenly. "I'm looking for another pet for tonight's show and I was piqued by you." The slightest hint of a coy smile played on her lips, and then darted to her eyes where it danced for a moment.

She sighed. "I wondered if you would be interested." Maki thought for a moment. "What would you have with me?" "I would have you collared as a pet for the evening.

Nothing more, nothing less. I could keep you by my side as a favored pet if you are put off by pain or sissification." He smiled and lowered his head, clearing his throat before meeting her gaze again. "Pain is pleasure and I have worn dresses for sport. I don't think that it would bother me. At all." He stopped to gauge her reaction.

Finding none, he continued. "And I think I would rather enjoy it." Her eyes picked up a dark glee and her lips parted in an expression much like a little girl given a new doll on her birthday.

"You should bring your drink and come with me." She rose from the table and headed toward the leather doorway. Maki picked up his glass and followed her behind the curtain and into a dimly lit room bathed in red light. Inside three women were administering forms of torture to the patrons who had been called inside.

One man was sitting in a chair while electrodes were being fixed to his naked flesh. Another was being whipped against a wall while a third was enjoying needles to his skin. Maki was passingly fascinated by the Dommes at work and wished he could stay and observe them, but followed the woman who led him. She walked through another doorway and into a room with a blue light and sat delicately on a throne. On each side of the chair were shackles large enough for a neck with a length of chain on each to allow for some mobility.

Maki stood in front of her and took a long drink as he waited for her to speak. "Have you been in a dome sub relationship before?" "I have." "And you know what is expected of you." "I do." "I will assume that you will take to this rather well. And since you are a new pet, I will be especially rough with you." "I would expect nothing less.

However, I do ask for one thing." She raised her eyebrows. "Yes?" "Nothing happens to my clothes. I'm very fond of them and while I would not compromise the show, after my leash was released I'm afraid I would be most upset." The woman smiled.

"I am assuming you are not afraid of being nude in front of a group of people?" "Once I have a collar around my neck you can do whatever you want to me." "I'll hold you to that, you know." She grinned wickedly. "Again, I would expect nothing less." "Then come and sit with Mistress while you finish your drink." Maki smiled slightly and knelt on the floor to her left. He kept his back facing her, folded his feet beneath him and sat on them lightly.

A sudden thought occurred to him. "One more thing." She smiled. "Yes?" "Nothing happens to my hair, and no bruising or cutting to my face." "Vain are we?" "Most definitely." "I never scar my pets or cause lasting marks.

And as for your hair, you have nothing to worry about. That was part of what drew me to you in the first place. I won't cut it or put anything in it that can't be easily washed out." She ran her fingers through a lock of his hair. Maki nodded. "Then I accept to be your pet for the evening." Maki set his drink aside. "I am finished. Collar me before we continue." The woman gestured and a girl walked forward from the shadows. She handed the Mistress a collar much like the coat clerk's collars.

"Lift your hair." Maki did as he was commanded and the collar was placed around his neck. The Mistress slid two fingers between the collar and his neck as though she were fitting a dog, then gave it a yank. "Too tight, Pet?" "No, Mistress." "Excellent." She then spoke to the girl in front of her. "Go and fetch the others. I want to have them all collared and leashed. And make sure that the four Bearers are ready as well. Send in someone with appropriate clothing for our friend." She petted Maki with one hand.

"Yes, Mistress Mora." The girl retreated from the room. "Now, Pet." Mora looped a lock of Maki's hair over her finger and pulled gently. Maki followed by leaning into the direction in which she pulled, eventually turning to face her. He kept his eyes diverted to the ground. "Undress. I want you ready when they bring your clothing for you." "Yes, my Mistress." His voice was soft, gentle and nearly whispered. Maki stood and began to remove his clothing. "Slowly, Pet. I don't want to miss one moment of your beautiful flesh." Maki nodded and followed her order.

As was expected, he watched her, but did not make eye contact. He unfastened the snaps on the neck of his shirt, then unzipped the short hidden zipper along the shoulder. Slowly he slipped the bottom edge of the shirt up as though it were a nylon stocking. Before pulling it gently off of his head, he ran his hand along his belly, enjoying the coolness of his palm against his flesh.

He freed his arms from the sleeves and dropped the shirt gently on the floor. He trailed the tip of his middle finger from his collar bone, down his belly and slipped it inside his pants, unbuttoning and unzipping them.

As was his usual fashion, he was not wearing underwear. He ran his hands along his hipbones, slipped the waistband down from one hip, then the other before finally allowing the leather to slip down his legs exposing soft white flesh inch by inch. Once he was fully undressed, he knelt again in his former position, placing his hands palms down on his knees. Mora stood and clipped a leash on the ring at the front of his collar and gave a short tug.

Maki stood. "I see we are going to get along just fine." Mora grinned and sat back in her seat, tugging the leash again. Maki took his position once again. Several people began filling the room. The blonde from the cloak room brought over a pair of black boy shorts and handed them to Maki. Her eyes lit on him for a moment and a confused smile lit her face.

She turned back to Mora. "It's amusing that you picked this one. He was admiring the stained glass in the atrium. And Gunnar had his eye on him." "Gunnar usually has excellent taste. I suppose it's a good thing that this one will be free after tonight, in that instance.

Else wise I might have to hear Gunnar complain at me for the next week." She turned her attention to Maki. Her voice took the clipped tones he was accustomed to. "Dress. Quickly." Maki spared no time and did as he was commanded. He stood, dressed, and resumed his position at the feet of the Mistress. Four men filed in and were chained to the throne with the neck manacles, one of the men being Gunnar.

His eyes met Maki's for a moment before Gunnar took position and lifted the throne from the floor. Maki felt a tug on his leash and stood. Three other pets were brought in on leashes, each lead by one of the Dommes that had been working in the red room.

Maki glanced over them, making sure to avoid eye contact with the Dommes. "Be gentle with that one, Maya." Gunnar spoke softly as he rested one side of the throne against his shoulder. "I have plans for him later." Maya turned back toward him. "He's Mora's until after the show. You can take it up with her." She winked and turned away, leading Maki out to the floor, the men with the throne containing Mistress Mora following behind.

The curtains were drawn on the stage and the performers took their positions. Maki followed along rather blindly, catching a flash of a smile from behind blonde curls.

He felt a step out of synch with reality and it was slightly dizzying, but not unpleasant. It was nice being in a submissive role for once where he didn't have to make all the decisions, give all the orders, and was allowed to blunder through behind someone else. Maya tugged on his leash and he took a step toward her, realizing he had fallen behind. He bowed his head apologetically before kneeling at her feet. Her hand smoothed his hair along the back of his head as he knelt on foot and knee, his head bowed and hair falling to the floor, masking his face.

He rested his fingertips on the floor, his shape resembling a fallen angel. Maya crouched beside him, running her fingers though his hair. "Just make sure your attention doesn't wane from Mistress Mora tonight. She'll direct you as long as you follow her lead." Maki looked toward her, but caught Gunnar's eye instead. They shared a moment that was held just a moment too long before he snapped his attention back to Maya. She smiled and laughed. "You've got the fever, don't you?" A deep bass tone resounded through the club and the lights dimmed.

Maya stood and struck a pose, just as the other Dommes had. Maki noted the other subs were bowed on all fours, foreheads touching the floor, yet he held his pose. He would either be punished or he wouldn't, but as the curtains opened, every muscle tensed and he waited for even the slightest movement of his leash.

Maya's boot stepped directly in front of him, her stiletto heel dangerously close to his hand. She rested her leg against his bowed head. He froze as lights scanned the stage, blissfully missing him.

He listened intently and the clank of chains told him the Mistress was making her entrance. A tug on his leash and he stood, following Maya toward the now resting throne. Mistress Mora's hand was outstretched and the moment Maya placed the end of Maki's leash in her hand, she pulled so very gently, drawing him toward her. He met her eyes, sensing a very subtle cue and climbed onto the platform supporting Mistress Mora's seat.

She gave a gesture with her off hand and Maki bowed his head, kneeling in the same position he had held at center stage, only this time his eyes were focused on the scene before him. Maya was bringing a rather large man up from the audience.

His shirt was removed and he was manacled using hanging shackles. A rather buxom redhead entered the scene with a cat-o-nine, running the lashes of the whip through her hand lovingly. With one hand at each end, she tugged, causing a very faint snap. Maki could swear he smelled the leather stretching, groaning, begging for use.

He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. The first lash of the whip was light, teasing, as the woman spoke. Maki could see her red lips moving, but he was unable to make out what was being said. She struck again, the whip making an audible noise this time, sending a shiver across Maki's shoulders. He tensed slightly as he heard the sing of the leather against the resistant air, the smart sound as it experienced flesh.

He could almost feel the bite of the leather against his skin. Again the scarlet lips moved and she rubbed the handle of the whip like a familiar lover. Maki sucked in a breath as she unleashed a series of lashes, one right after another; each lash slightly harder than the first until he could hear the whip crying in lust with each touch of leather on skin.

He shuddered, realizing he would have given nearly anything to be under her attention, nerves screaming and then going comfortably numb just as another strike touched the already tender flesh. He felt a shift on his leash and looked up. Mistress Mora was smiling down at him. She drew in the length of his leash hand over hand. He followed, closing the distance between them. She patted the section of seat open by her hip. Maki folded his arms on the spot she acknowledged and rested his chin on his arms, looking up at her.

She closed her eyes and sighed, her bosom heaving. She slipped one finger through the bondage ring on his collar and pulled until he rose. She brought his face in toward hers until their noses touched. Her voice was rough and firm in her one word order.

"Sit." Maki nodded, finally catching on and sat. He then draped his body along hers, resting his head in her lap. Mistress Mora reached a hand down and ran her hand along his hair, running it through her fingers. He nuzzled against her and turned his attention again to the center of the stage.

Maya was releasing the first participant and wiping down the manacles to prepare for the next willing victim being ushered toward the stage. The buxom redhead ordered her now welted guest off of her stage and exited the stage.

She exchanged a few words with a tall, short haired blonde who now entered. She selected a paddle from a wall containing many different toys Maki would have loved to experiment with and stalked to center stage. A table was wheeled on stage and the participant was strapped down. Maki wriggled in closer to Mistress Mora. While he wasn't a fan of being paddled, he loved watching it done. The blonde ran her hand across the surface of the paddle, caressing it. She ran her fingers gently over each of the raised pyramid surfaces that lined the back side, tracing their shape as she waited for all restraints to be tested.

As soon as her assistants had stepped back, she swung the paddle back and the flat side landed against her sub's backside with a crack that sent a jolt of sick pleasure through Maki's gut. He bit his lip as she swung again with the same strength, this time causing her sub to cry out. She turned the paddle before her next stroke. As the points made contact with the young man's flesh, Maki twitched. He closed his eyes and began metered breathing, resisting the beginning of erection.

Perhaps it was good he wasn't one of the people he was currently envying, although he longed to feel the wood table crushing his erection with each strike of the paddle against his ass. He flinched. Thoughts like that were going to get him in trouble and that was somewhere he was planning on avoiding if at all possible.

Pressure on the underside of his chin brought his attention to Mistress Mora. She raised his chin so he would have to look at her. She drew his face in toward her, her nose touching his again, the same low, harsh voice met his ears. "What is your poison of choice, Pet? Whips?

Paddles?" "Had I time, my Mistress, I would have gladly brought you my favorite method of punishment." Mistress Mora's eyes met his. "And what is that?" "A design of an old Mistress, Mistress. She made her own toys, Mistress, and when she was unable to punish me with those readily available, she created something to actually hurt me." "Go on." Mistress Mora purred.

"She modified the cat-o-nine. Along with braided leather flails, she included lengths of chain. When I have been particularly wicked, she would use this on me, my Mistress." "You prefer whipping. Would it please you if Mistress whipped you, Pet?" "I exist only to please Mistress." Mora moaned. "Watch the rest of the show, Pet. You will be my finale." She pushed his head back into her lap, positioning him so his cheek rested against her thigh.

Her strong scent met Maki's nose, causing his erection to stir once again. He nuzzled against her, raising his head so his nose rested against her panties and turned his eyes to stage center for the third demonstration. One of Mora's Pets was taken to center stage were Maya waited. A set was brought out to her that resembled an electric chair and an executioners table.

The Pet was secured into the seat and Maya fidgeted with several items Maki couldn't see on the table. She selected one and lifted it, revealing a needle and syringe. The Pet turned back and their eyes met. Maki's blood chilled and he flashed a suddenly very serious look at Mistress Mora.

She smiled a nearly motherly smile at him and petted his head soothingly. Unlike the previous times she spoke, her voice was softer as she purred an explanation. "Gunnar will be fine. He has done this several times before." She seemed confident and Maki really had no say in the matter. He sighed and buried his face in her warm and now wet panties and breathed deeply, trying to settle the unrest that gnawed at him.

He ran his tongue along the black silk very slowly. Mora's hand snaked under his hair and rubbed the back of his neck. Maki purred and wriggled his nose under the elastic band of Mora's panties. Her wetness greeted him, his tongue eagerly gliding along her warm pink flesh. Mora shifted to allow him easier access without being completely obvious and Maki was prepared to take full advantage of the situation.

Keeping his eyes focused on Gunnar, He slipped one finger inside Mora's pussy, making sure to keep his hand resting on her thigh. His finger slipped smoothly in and out. Maki nuzzled again, his hair falling over his hand so he could finger his Mistress without anyone in the audience knowing.

He pushed his finger inside Mora's hot tight pussy and wiggled it playfully. She rubbed the back of his neck again in compliance, giving Maki a spiral of excitement that fired through his veins. He was able to touch the forbidden fruit and he was doing it in front of a crowd of complete strangers.

He turned his hand so his thumb could stroke Mora's clit as he plunged his finger deep within her. If he could have only licked her clit with his tongue as he fingered her! Her scent was intoxicating as more of her fluids leaked down over his hand.

She was so wet and he wanted to taste her so badly. He bit his lip and enjoyed both the freedom and denial that his Mistress was giving him and turned back to the eye candy before him. Maya gestured to two other women who stepped forward and knelt beside the chair Gunnar was strapped into. Maya sat on Gunnar's knee and rubbed an alcohol pad across her scalpel and then his flesh.

She made a small cut first on his left shoulder, then his right. The two women slinked forward and ran their tongues along the cut, then closed their mouths around the wound and sucked gently. Gunnar seemed completely enraptured as the women suckled.

Maya prepared the syringe by rubbing it down with alcohol pads. She had already tied Gunnar's arm with one of the elastic bands phlebotomists used when they drew blood. She inserted the needle, released the band, and drew a small amount of blood.

She then pressed cotton over the needle before removing it, just as a nurse would do. Maki was intrigued, turned on, and sickened all at the same time. He watched as Maya opened the syringe and poured the blood into two silver fluted glasses that sat to the side of the table.

The two women had moved from the cuts on Gunnar's shoulders and were now dragging sharpened finger armor along his chest. One of the women pressed the silver tip against Gunnar's chest and made a small cut. Maki watched the blood well.

A warm wet tongue touched the crimson bead and it spread across the surface. She licked ever so tenderly at the nick in Gunnar's flesh, removing any trace of blood. Maki's eyes drifted to Gunnar's face. He seemed to be in a state of ecstasy. His head was leaned back against the chair and lolled slightly off to one side, his eyes closed, his lips parted just slightly. Maki could remember how soft those lips felt. He longed to run his tongue along that small gap between his lips and feel Gunnar's mouth open in readiness, accepting with the same electric hunger as before.

Maki wanted to kneel before him and taste the trickle of carnal bliss that seeped down his chest unnoticed blazing a scarlet trail in its wake. His mouth watered for the metallic tang on the tip of his tongue and he wetted his lips in anticipation. Maki jumped as Mora's hand closed over his now painfully hard erection. He realized he had been breathing rather heavily against her thigh and closed his eyes, awaiting Mistress's next movement. She hadn't specifically ordered him to not be aroused.

Although his flesh begged to be whipped, he would have preferred she allow him to capture the sweet droplet that looked to be lost as it sat on Gunnar's heaving chest. Mora shifted under him and her breath brushed his ear like the whisper of butterfly wings as she rubbed the tip of his member with her fingertips.

"It's your turn to perform, Pet." Maki grudgingly retrieved his fingers and righted his Mistress's panties before she planted one hand on his lower back and pushed him to the floor. She stood, tugging his leash and he followed her from the throne platform to the manacles from the first attraction.

Unable to contain himself, he slipped his finger into his mouth, sampling his Mistress's nectar. She was as delicious to taste as she was to smell and to touch. He had never felt like such a dirty little slut in his life and could feel the eyes of the crowd on him as Maya took his hands and fastened the manacles around his wrist.

"Too tight?" she whispered, her eyes darting from his eyes to his groin. Maki's throat was almost too tight to speak. "No, too loose." Maya's fingers crept into Maki's boyshorts and touched him gingerly.

"Wrap your hands around the chains and don't let go." He nodded and tried hard to swallow. "Are you nervous?" Maki smiled. "No. That last staging left me a bit." His eyes flashed down. He smirked and quirked a brow at Maya. She bit her lip and grinned up at him.

"I just wish I could have gotten some straight from the tap." Mora's hand snaked around Maya's shoulder. "Are we ready?" Mora's voice was hoarse. Apparently Maki wasn't the only one affected, although he really didn't need any more proof than he had already tasted.

"Always for you, my Mistress." Mora flashed a big grin and brandished the whip she held in her hand. It had several strips of leather much like a scourge, but interspersed with them was a thin white plastic. Maki's eyes lit up and he looked to Mora with an excited expression.

"You know what this is, Pet?

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This," Mora fingered a piece of the white plastic filament, "is the same thing they use in lawn trimmers." Her voice took was like acid. "It stings like a bitch." Her eyes took on a gleam of a woman who was completely in love with pain and Maki shivered in excitement.

"Please punish me, my Mistress." Maki begged like a spoiled child craving candy. "I have been so terribly wicked." He wrapped his hands around the chains of his restraints and pulled. "Beat me harshly, Mistress." His voice dropped to a guttural whisper. "Make me bleed." Mora growled and dug her nails into Maki's neck, then turned on her heel and took her position. Maki could hear the cording cutting the air and waited with anticipation for the first fluid sting, his dick throbbing and tight inside his boyshorts.

He could hear the whip hit for several seconds before the pain set in. His eyes teared from the wicked sting as each cord tip made contact with his skin.

His body had just begun to react to the pain when he heard the second lash against his flesh. He was shocked that she didn't even allow him any time for adjustment before she was lashing him again. Four, five, six lashes- his eyes full of tears, his lip bleeding from where he had bitten into it out of agony and ecstasy. His back felt as though she had lit it aflame and he quivered, pulling hard against the restraints.

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He was praying for even a swift respite from the onslaught Mistress had bestowed upon him. He had begged punishment and it appeared he would be receiving it in spades. A light touch against his back caused him to jump and cry out.

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He glanced over his shoulder to see Maya, her tongue running the length of each of the welts lacing his back. Mora was masturbating her whip with the eagerness of a new school teacher. A second tongue lapped across his scalding flesh, a third, then a fourth.

Maya's voice came quickly in his ear. If you have had enough, Mora doesn't take vocal cues. Once you have had enough, you are to snap the chains. There is enough give in them that you can easily jerk them." She bit his shoulder playfully and was gone.

His flesh was tingling and burning, but was beginning the blissful numb. Maki wished he could reach his dick. He would have loved to touch himself as she whipped him. His breath caught in his throat as pain seared his back. Mora was ruthless in her punishment and Maki loved every minute of it. He moaned against his better judgment as she lashed him again and again, each strike gaining in intensity until the sensation was more likened to broken glass being rubbed into his flesh.

He lost count of the lashes in his exquisite torture. He sagged against the restraints, the metal cuffs chewing into the delicate flesh of his wrists. "Have you had enough?" Mora's voice rang in his head.

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She was shouting so those in attendance could hear. He laughed out loud. "My Mistress, I have been so terribly wicked. Please, Mistress, I have not suffered enough for you. Beat me until I have paid for my crime against you." Mora grabbed his arm and turned him to face the assembled crowd. Her hand enveloped his cock through the thick fabric of his shorts. "You ARE a wicked boy!" She massaged his cock roughly. "What a dirty little SLUT!" "Yes, Mistress." "Don't you DARE cum, you fucking cunt.

Do you understand me, bitch?" "Yes, Mistress." "Gunnar, come." Mora looped a finger through the bondage ring on Gunnar's collar.

"I want you to make sure this filthy whore takes his punishment and I want you to make sure he doesn't disobey Mistress. If he even twitches, you will notify me IMMEDIATELY." Mora turned Maki's back toward the audience again.

"Yes, Mistress Mora." Cool tongues across his flesh were nearly more than he could handle. It was like a cold drink on a ninety degree summer day.

His cock throbbed, wanting so badly to be touched or even better licked and sucked by one of the mouths that greedily trailed his flesh. He gasped as he felt fingernails clawing into the painful welts striping his flesh. He took the weight from his wrists and stood upright again. Fingers slipped into the waistband of his shorts, exposing his bare backside. He tensed instinctively, awaiting the paddle.

Gunnar stood in front of Maki, his eyes dancing. "You are one tough son of a bitch, you know that?" Maya slipped in front of Gunnar and knelt in front of Maki. She flicked the tip of her tongue across the head of his cock.

His eyes rolled back in his head and his mouth gaped. "He's not going to take too much of that My." She grinned a wicked grin. "She just said he couldn't cum. She didn't say ANYTHING about orgasm." Her hand slipped inside his shorts and cupped his balls and rested the head of his cock against her lips.

"I love shaved men." The feeling of her breath and the movement of her lips was nearly enough to make him cum. He swallowed and breathed deeply. "I don't know how much more I can take." "You've GOT to give me at least one good one before you stop her, Maki." Maya looked up at Gunnar. "Besides, Gunnar has dibs on you, remember?" She grinned mischievously. Maki jumped. Mora wasn't using a paddle, it was definitely a crop.

Maya popped Maki's dick into her mouth as the next lash contacted the soft flesh of his ass cheek. Maki's eyes rolled back in his head. Her mouth was soft and wet and cool as compared to his sweat drenched skin. Her hand fondled his balls as she sucked on his cock making a soft humming noise as her lips slipped over the shaft. She let her teeth graze the ridge of the head, never allowing it outside of the sweet release of her mouth. Each time her tongue reached the head, she would swirl it over the tip, her tongue ring catching lightly in the slit.

Coupled with the sting of the crop as it bit into his stinging skin, it was difficult to maintain consciousness, let alone coherent thought to stop himself before he managed to cum. Maya's grip tightened on his balls no longer rolling them gently in the palm of her hand, but instead massaging them.

She kept the same rhythm but slowed her pace. Maki looked up to Gunnar in time to catch him signaling Mora. He blinked hard. The whip. He heard it before it hit, this time clipping the backs of his legs. Maki stiffened, sensing the pain that would follow. The next strike was across his shoulders. Maki cried out, pulling on the chains.

As much as this hurt, it sent a spike of arousal through his entire body. He prayed Mora wouldn't stop until he had peaked. Again the whip bit into his tortured flesh followed by a burst of desire.

He watched Maya's mouth as it glided across his dick, feeling the pressure building. "Don't stop." He whispered. "Neither of you." Mora began her fevered pitch, one lash following on the heels of the next. Maki could feel the blood running like small rivers down his back, his orgasm building.

His breath was coming in rasping labored pants as he clamped his jaws shut to keep from begging to cum. He wanted to cover Maya's beautiful tits with his pearly white cum and rub it in with his face as he fingered her.

As if on cue, Maya's pace and suction increased and she maintained a firm grip on his balls. "I'm cumming." Maki wasn't even sure he was intelligible. Maya wrapped her fingers around the shaft just under the head and applied gentle pressure, her tongue lapping at the tip of Maki's dick until he had finished. She grinned up at him as he snapped the chains.

Mora called for him to be released. He felt several hands releasing the manacles and helping him back to the throne. Mora welcomed him, one arm outspread, the other holding one of the silver glasses. Maki collapsed against her in the position he had taken to watch the show, his body completely spent. Mora smoothed a hand over Maki's head as she raised her glass in a toast and then drank.

"Good evening, dear guests. Please enjoy the rest of your evening!" The music dropped off, the lights dimmed, and the curtains closed.