Teen seduces for brunette and amateur petite small tits first time private tryouts

Teen seduces for brunette and amateur petite small tits first time private tryouts
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It has been five years since Brad and Alyssa's step sibling love affair began, Brad is now twenty-one while Alyssa's nineteenth birthday is just around the corner. They're both in college now, attending classes at the university of Florida in Gainsville. Brad is in his final year of engineering technology while Alyssa has two more year of nursing school. Alyssa wants to marry now, but Brad being a little older and wiser insist they marry after he graduates and finds a job.

With a little financial help from their parents, Jack and Grace they have rented a one bedroom apartment located a couple miles from campus. Needless to say, as for now at least these passionate young lovers are doing well.

"And we are put on earth a little space that we might bear the beams of love ~ William Blake Chapter 1 It's nine o'clock on a Friday night as Brad sets leaning back on an old but comfortable leather sofa in their apartment living room, watching an episode of Game of Thrones. There's a pleased smile crossing his lips, not a smile caused by the sexy soft core sex scene playing out on the television screen before his very own brown eyes but better yet caused by the feeling of Alyssa's soft warm lips as she slides them up and down the shaft of his extremely stiff cock.

Not caring about watching both his and her favorite show any longer, he grabs the T.V remote fumbles for the off button then finally turns the set off. Placing the palm of his hand on the back of her head he gives her long hair a gentle tug, she looks up showing a clever smile on her full pink lips.

"What's the mater, am I doing it wrong?" she asks. He flashes an approving smile. "No baby your doing it right as always, but you should stop before I cum in your mouth!" "But baby," she flirts. "I like it when you do that." She licks the head of his cock while looking into his eyes. "I love you," she says softly as she stands up lifting the hem of her floral print sundress, pulling the garment off then dropping it to the floor.


She's nude underneath, he smiles letting his eyes roam over her slender body taking in the sights of her firm grapefruit size breast. Noticing the way each pinkish tan nipple stands perfectly erect at the center of quarter size areolas. There's a thin patch of neatly trimmed light brown pubic hair above the lips of her sex, leaving the lower area clean shaved and bikini waxed. At almost nineteen she still has the same curves and slender hips of the younger girl he fell in love with only a few years ago.

She straddles his lap reaching down between her legs guiding the thick head of his cock in between wet soft warm folds of her cunt lips. "Mmm! she moans. "I've been thinking of how good your cock feels inside me all day. Now sit back baby and let me take it for a ride." She leans down for a deep passionate kiss, as they kiss she starts gently rocking her body over his erection. Her kiss mixed with the warm pleasure of her pussy stroking his shaft is such an amazing experience, Brad finds himself wishing these feeling of pleasure will never end.

Pulling away from the kiss she begins riding him a little faster. He places both hands on her hips helping her move in a medium fast pace.

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No one speaks, the only sounds are his and her heavy breathing and creaking springs of the old leather sofa below them. Her body shakes with pleasure, feeling her stepbrothers hot shaft stroking the inner walls of her sex. "Ahh yes!" she moans feeling small trimmers of an orgasm rushing from the walls of her pussy up her spin. She doesn't want this moment to end, because it seems with the busy schedules of their separate classes they never get together like this as much as they would like or as often as they used to.

Now since they've left their home in Tampa, where they once lived with their parents who had allowed them to express their love in this way they have to wait until a weekend such as this to make love as they are now. But in time they're both learning, it is always worth the wait. After letting her ride his shaft for a good while, Brad takes charge pulling her down then lifting her slender young body so ever slight laying her gently down over a pile of soft throw pillows.

"It's my turn." he whispers before placing his lips to hers for a much desired kiss. Their tongues dance together entwining and twisting like the passionate fire burning in their young hearts. Lying over her pron body he begins gently shoving his erection in between the soft wet folds of her vagina. "Ahh yes! Now fuck me!" she whispers feeling the head of his cock slipping past the lips of her sex.

Hearing her demands he begins thrusting inside his lover, the old couch springs squeak while loud moans of pleasure escape Alyssa's lips. At one time years ago in the early days of their relationship they had to be quiet so their parents wouldn't hear them having sex, now alone in their apartment they can make as much noise as they want not caring if their neighbors hear their passion.

As Brad makes love to his stepsister, memories of the night her mother caught them in a moment of heated passion come to mind. Alyssa had slipped into his room that night, being young and careless as they were back then they thought they were being quiet but Grace heard noises coming from his room and decided to investigate.

She became completely enraged when she caught them in the act. He smiles at the memory because even though the encounter with his angry stepmother was painful in more ways then one, in the end with a little help from Alyssa, Grace forgave him in a very pleasurable way. Fond memories of the way she forgave him along with her daughters assistance, in that beach side hotel room only a few years ago cause little tingles of pleasure rushing down his spine to his already stimulated groin.

He slows down trying to quell feelings of an impending orgasm building deep within his twenty-one year old body. Feeling her stepbrother suddenly slowing down just as another small but very pleasurable orgasm flows through her body, her body shakes as the orgasm passes. She wraps her legs around his backside clutching her fingers into his thick dark brown hair, almost screaming. "Don't slow down baby! I was enjoying that. Now fuck me damn you!" "Oh, so you want it harder!" he snarls.

Being as she's pulling his hair, he wraps all ten fingers into her shoulder length brown hair and begins ramming his stiff cock inside her with all of his passion. "Yes!" she screams. "Fuck me!" Pain and pleasure rush through Alyssa's body, she likes how it feels. She has waited all day to be fucked like this by her tall dark haired brown eyed lover.

One of her nursing school instructors yelled at her getting her attention this morning noticing her day dreaming and she was in deep thought of spending a long awaited Friday night and weekend alone with her lover.

Brad has been thinking of her all day as well. Now their day dreams have become realty and there's no one stopping their pent up passion now. Sounds of his hips slamming into her thighs echo throughout the apartments small living room, sensations of pleasure rush through their young bodies.

Tingles of pleasure rush from Brad's groin up his cock shaft, he's fighting the urge to cum but slowly losing the battle. Alyssa's vaginal walls are so tight warm and wet, it feels so good saturating his shaft with its warmth. Her body enjoys every hard thrust of her mans shaft as well, sudden feelings of her own impending orgasm rage throughout her body she cums hard screaming out pleasured moans.

Brad loses his battle feeling her cunt muscles flexing around his shaft, he cums hard flooding her sex with warm seed. Loud grunting moans of masculine pleasure echo from his throat as he continues ramming every inch of his cock inside his lovers flexing vaginal walls.

In the end both lovers lie exhausted wrapped in each others arms. Brad rolls away, Alyssa rest her head on his shoulder. "What's on your mind," she asks letting her intuition run free, something both she and her mother are known for. Brad chuckles knowing this fact.

"I'm not sure why," he replies. "but I'm thinking of the night your mother caught us fucking, ha! She was so pissed at me." "Oh yeah," she giggles "I'll never forget seeing her punch you right smack in the nose." "Oh hey now!

It wasn't so funny being on the receiving end of your mothers hard right hook. As a mater of fact, she broke my nose. Where in the hell did she learn to punch like that.

Oh man! just thinking of that night makes my nose hurt." "My father taught her how to fight," said Alyssa. "He being the professional soldier he was, he taught mom and I a little self defense," she sighs before adding. "I miss my daddy." Brad hugs her a little tighter. "Yeah," he sighs. "I know how you feel, I miss my mother too.

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Now don't get me wrong," he chuckles. "All things considered, Grace has been a very loving stepmother. And at one time in particular in that hotel room, she was a very affectionate forgiving step mom as well." They both break out laughing in unison thinking of that unforgettable day a little over five years ago when Grace decided to forgive Brad for his sexual indiscretions with her only daughter.

She came to see him at his grandparents home in Saint Pete, where he had been sent to live by his father after being caught with his penis buried deep within Alyssa's velvet walls. His once very angry stepmother offered to buy him dinner, saying she was sorry for loosing her temper the way she did. He will never forget the anxiety going through his mind when the older woman drove him to a hotel near the beach instead of a restaurant, nor will he ever forget finding Alyssa waiting inside that room.

And neither he nor Alyssa will ever forget what took place once they entered that honeymoon suit. "Ha," he laughs. "Grace opened that hotel room door and you jumped into my arms wearing that sexy little black lace nightie. And then to top everything off, Grace joined you in giving me a blow job then stripped completely naked and let me fuck her, right beside you on the bed.

That was crazy!" Alyssa gives him a kiss while stroking his cock. "And as I remember, you loved every second of it." She looks into his dark brown eyes while stroking his cock.

"And from the way you're getting hard again I think our little walk down memory lane is really turning you on, isn't it Bradly Wilson?" "Well' hell yeah! it is turning me on," he chuckles.

"But I bet you've never forgotten that day when you decided to seduce my father, thinking your mother wanted you to. Ha! then she came home and caught you and dad getting it on. And as I remember, she punched my father in the nose just like she did me." Alyssa belts out nervous laughter. "Yeah then I let the cat of the bag about what mom did with us in that hotel room.

Oh god I thought their marriage was over right then and their, but to my surprise they worked it out and now you and I have our little sister Amy to spoil when we go home for our visits." "Yep," he replies.

"Our little sister is a cutie and smart too, just like you." Alyssa looks into his eyes. "Yes she is pretty bright for a five year old, but she looks more like you then me. As a mater of fact, maybe a little too much like you. No, just kidding she's your dads kid." "Well yes of course she's my dads kid," said Brad. "Why would you think she could be mine. Grace was on birth control that night when I fucked her, at least hope she was. And anyway, back then I seemed to be shooting blanks because you and I got it on more then a few times without using any protection what so ever and you never became the least bit pregnant." Alyssa has been playing with his cock all during their conversation, feeling he's now completely erect she rolls her body over his.

"Lets not wait to get married until after you graduate," she flirts slipping his hard cock inside her pussy. "We can find a preacher or a justice of the peace to marry us this weekend, then once we've tied the knot we can drive to Daytona for our honeymoon." Seeing Brad about to protest she covers his mouth with the palm of her hand. "Please," she begs pouting her lips. "Just think about it while I fuck you." Her warm sex feels so good, but he doesn't like what she's doing.

This isn't the first time she has asked him to change his mind, he fights anger building within his mind with every thrust of her body.

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As always her warm cunt feels so good the way it clutches his stiff erection. He wants to stop her from seducing him the way she is but he loves the way she's riding him, raising up until the head of his cock almost slips out then quickly sliding back down the entire length of his shaft.

Suddenly finding strength he grabs hold of her waist, lifts her body from his erection then slides from beneath. Standing up he yells in anger looking down at her as she lies on her back looking up at him in dismay. "Dammit Alyssa! No I won't marry you this weekend, and if you fucking ask again we won't get married at all." Her expression turns to anger, she stands up slaps him hard across the face then walks away towards the bedroom crying out.

"Fuck you Brad!" she looks back standing in the doorway. "I'm going to bed, you can sleep on the fucking sofa tonight!


And every night from now on as far as I care," she slams the door. He hears the lock click shut, not being one to go without having the last word he yells out. "That's fucking fine with me! I'm getting tired of you stealing the damned blankets anyway." He falls back to the sofa, yanks a small multicolored knitted blanket from the back rest then begins struggling in frustration trying to cover his six foot three frame.

Finally figuring he can fully cover his body by lying on his side and pulling his long legs up, he lies there looking at the bedroom door rubbing his sore cheek feeling a little foolish. And now there's one more nagging problem, he's still hard.

Reaching down he finds his cock saturated with her juices, now not able to sleep and still completely hard he begins jacking off hoping to satisfy his needs and get some sleep as well. Meanwhile in the bedroom, Alyssa wipes tears from her eyes while tossing and turning unable to get comfortable without her lover lying beside her. 'Oh fuck him!" she scoffs in thought 'Shit we've been living together since I was accepted to nursing school, the way I see it we might as well get married and make our relationship official.

Dammit I've seen the way his class mate, Christy Allen checks him out like he's some sort prime cut beef ready to be eaten. If we were married that blond haired bimbo and all the other girls on campus would have to just stand back and wish they could be me' Her jealousy turns to thoughts of reasons why Christy and every other girl they know admire Brad, he has that thick medium length brown hair which always looks sexy rather it's tussled or neatly combed.

Those dammed brown eyes of his always seem to warm her heart even when she's angry at him. And when he smiles those cute dimples appear always sending warm tingles of pleasure rushing from her eyes to her sex.

And then there's that track and field sculpted body of his, she and every girl on campus loves his tall nicely toned body. And although he has a quick temper as she experienced tonight, he's normally a charming gentle soul. But his temper is why she's hiding a secret, fearing he might force her to do something she would hate to do, this secret is the real reason she wants to marry early.

Even though she's so angry with him, just thinking of him arouses her. She lies on her back spreads her legs and begins masturbating, first using only one set of fingers to rub her clit. Becoming even more turned on she adds her left hand to the mix.

With carnal thoughts of her tall dark haired lover going through her mind, her hips begin humping the air as if she's thrusting back against his thighs. She brings one set of fingers to her mouth licking each fingertip tasting her flavor while vigorously stroking her clit with all five fingertips of her right hand, soon enough small pleasuring tingles rush throughout her body turning into one final massive orgasm roaring throughout her body like warm ocean waves. Spasms of pleasure rock her body as she humps the air moaning and gasping enjoying one final moment of pleasure before falling off into a restless sleep.

Chapter 2 A sunbeam shining through a window next to the bed glares through Alyssa's eyelids as she rolls over, she wakes blinded by the light startled by something which only happens when Brad is gone from his side of the bed.

She sits up gazing about the room half a sleep wondering where he is then remembers slapping his face and telling him to sleep on the sofa before slamming and locking the bedroom door and worst of all, going to sleep angry at the only man she has ever loved.

Sliding her legs over the edge of the bed memories of the way he reacted over her ideas for an early marriage bring on a mix of anger and sadness, she stands struggling with worry as she steps to a nearby closet looking for a white terrycloth robe to wear after a much needed shower. She takes her time showering letting the warm water wash over her slender five foot six frame.

It feels good to her nude body but there's something troubling her mind, it's the real reason why she asked him to marry her this weekend, she fears he might loose his temper once she tells him. As she washes her hair, warm water running over her head seems to ease her troubled mind letting her know everything will be fine and she must tell him, rather he wants to hear it or not. Stepping from the shower she hears nothing but silence, guessing Brad is still sound asleep out in the living room she goes about drying off using one of her favorite soft fluffy royal blue towels; of which she keeps a small supply hidden in the cabinet underneath the sink.

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Feeling better now and confident she'll be able to tell her secret, she slips back into her robe then looks in the mirror brushing her hair with deep thoughts on her mind. A sudden knock at the bedroom door startles her, Brad pleads.

"Hey Alyssa, I need to use the bathroom. Come on babe, please let me in!" Memories of him yelling last night come to mind, a smile crosses her lips as she ignores him going about slowly brushing her hair even though every silken strand of chestnut brown hair has been groomed to perfection. He knocks again, pleading. "Alyssa-I'm sorry about last night, now come on baby please let me in.

Let me use the bathroom and take a shower, then we can talk after I'm done." He knocks again, this time a little harder. "Come on now, let me in!" this time sounding a little angry. She takes her time walking from the bathroom across their small bedroom then finally unlocks the door, she peers around the door telling a little white lie.

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"I'm sorry Brad, the bathroom door was shut- I didn't hear you knocking. Come on in." Their eyes lock as he enters, she notes a small slightly red hand shaped mark on his right cheek with slight scratches where her fingernails made contact as well. He rushes past just as she's about to apologizes for doing something he has never done to her, even though striking her may have crossed his mind a few times since meeting her.

But most of these temptations occurred way back when she was his stepsister, not a lover as she is now. It seems in no time flat he's disappeared inside the bathroom, she hears a relieved sigh echo from the room as his urine splashes over toilet water. He drank a few beers last night and it appears he really needs to go after holding a full bladder all night as he slept, she steps over to the bathroom and leans against the door frame.

After giving his penis a couple shakes he turns finding her watching, her green eyes roam over his nude body, there's a slight smile seeming as if she's trying to hide the fact she likes what she sees.

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"Well," he says flashing a smile. "I see you've showered, that's too bad because I was hoping to share one with you," he steps a little closer folding his arms around her. "Do ya wanna take another one. I'll make sure you're nice and clean in all the right places, if you know what I mean." Thoughts flash through her mind. 'Oh damn you, your fucking smile is so tempting.

But I'm still angry so no way baby' She pulls away giving one of the oldest phony excuses to refrain from sex a woman can give. "No sorry sweetie I have a killer headache, maybe later okay," she spots that tel tail hand print on his cheek and suddenly feels horrible for what she did.

She hugs him adding a quick kiss before touching his cheek. "I'm so sorry about slapping you last night-Please forgive me." He smiles and those damned dimples send warm tingles throughout her body. "Oh yeah!" he says touching his cheek. "You did hit me last night. Yes I forgive you sweetheart. And to tell the truth I kinda deserved it being as I yelled at you the way I did. But babe, do you understand why I got angry with you. Even though a little weekend trip to Daytona would be nice, we shouldn't get married just yet.

Don't you want a nice fancy wedding with our parents and relatives watching. Why do you wanna hurry it so much? If I remember right, you've brought this subject up about fifteen times this week." She bows her head then looks into his eyes, what she should say doesn't come out.

"I wanna tell you why, but I'm not ready just yet. Hey," she says with a smile. "Go take your shower and I'll go brew up some coffee and make breakfast. We'll talk at the dinner table, okay?" Brad wrinkles his brow. "Alyssa! why in the hell are you being so secretive." She backs away replying through a nervous grin.

"It's nothing really, but you're not fully awake just yet so go take your shower and I'll tell you over breakfast." He cocks his head to the right showing puzzlement "Okay we'll talk after I'm done here," he chuckles before adding one last thought.

"My dad told me something about you Dean woman, he said you're both beautiful but just a little crazy as well. And you know what my dear, the longer I know you two I'm beginning to believe he's right about the crazy thing." With that said he reaches inside the shower, turns the water on, adjusts the stream to a perfect temperature then steps in closing a glass door behind him. Steam rolls out over the door, he like his showers hot when he showers alone.

A mischievous thought flashes through Alyssa's mind as his last words echo though her head. She sneaks back in careful not to be heard then flushes the toilet, knowing the results of her actions will be priceless to say the least."Eeeeahhh!

Dammit Alyssa. What the hell!" He screams in shock as his hot shower turns cold She giggles leaving the room giving him a piece of her mind. "Yep my stepfather is right about us Dean women, we do have a crazy side-That's why you guys love us. Bye, see you at the breakfast table." She walks away smiling from ear to ear, feeling a little more confident then before.

Chapter 3 A short while later Brad arrives at the kitchen doorway, finding Alyssa standing next the oven with her back turned to him, she's busy tending to a frying pan full of home fried potatoes along with a pan of sizzling bacon. He sneaks in wanting a little revenge for the prank she pulled on him thirty minutes ago, coming closer he admires how the short white terrycloth rob she's wearing exposes every fine curve of her almost nineteen year old body.

She lets out a little surprised yelp as he folds his arms around her upper chest yelling out. "Got ya baby!" he nozzles her neck whispering. "Now I'm going to have my way with your hot little body, right here in the kitchen." He opens her robe fondling her breast, she wants to resist but soon becomes possessed by his touch. Her nipples grow erect being gently pinched between fingertips.

After turning each stove burner off she turns around, his lips cover hers they kiss with unbridled passion. Grasping her bottom with both hands he lifts her up siting her down on the counter top next to the oven. Thinking of her strange behavior shown before his shower his seduction comes to a complete stop, she looks into his eyes asking perplexed.

"Why did you stop? I was enjoying what you were doing." "Well my dear I'm stopping because I wanna know what your secret is.

So tell me, and if I like what I hear I'll continue. What's up Alyssa, are you like seeing another man or something?" She smirks. "No Brad I'm not seeing another guy. You might not like what I have to say, but here it is. I'm pregnant!" The last of her statement came out blunt and to the point, the moment slips into quiet eternity.

She peers into his face and eyes trying to figure out what he's thinking fighting back tears fearing the worst. All of a sudden the expression on his face morphs from solemn to a look of pure joy, he throws his head back laughing out loud then looks into her eyes exclaiming.

"Oh wow! This is fantastic, you're carrying my baby-I mean you're carrying our baby. But babe, why were you being so secretive about this? This is great news, did you think I'd be pissed at you or something." Tears stream from her eyes, she bows her head in shame then looks up pouting as she explains. "I thought you might be angry with me, because you told me a while back way before we moved to Gainsville that you wanted to wait until after we were married to have children.

I feared you might want me to have an abortion or something and I just couldn't do that, because of what I saw my friend Kayla Morrison go through when I went with her to that clinic back in Tampa a few years ago." He kisses her cheek. "No baby, there's no way I would ever make you do something like that.

Although having a baby will be a major change for both of us we can deal with it, so you just hold those tears back okay sweetheart." He kneels down opens her robe then kisses her bare tummy. "Hello in there little person I'm your daddy and I just wanna let you know, I'm really looking forward to meeting you in about nine months. Hey little person cover your eyes for a few minutes because daddy needs to give mommy's pussy some very special attention." His playful little chat with their unborn child turns Alyssa's tears to joyful giggles.

He looks up with a big smile on his face.

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"You can spread your legs nice and wide now, our baby has his or her eyes covered." She spreads her legs giggling. "Oh Bradly Wilson, you're such a! Oh yes! That feels so good! Yes lick me right there!" she moans watching him kissing and licking her clit while spreading her open using two fingertips, plunging one long index finger deep inside.

She begins rocking her hips, forcing her cunt against his lips tongue and fingers. His hard cock pokes from the opening of his black terrycloth robe, tasting her sex causes this to happen every time. He spreads her lips wide circling her clit with the tip of his tongue lapping up drops of her sweet dew, sucking it in as it flows down her cunt lips.

He looks ups licking his. "Mm! Baby you always taste so sweet- I love eating your pussy." He goes back to works, driving her crazy vigorously fingering sex while licking her clit. Moving his lips to the soft flesh of her right inner thigh he sucks her flesh giving her a third hickey mark nearby two older marks. "Hey," she complains giggling. "Don't put anymore hickeys down there, they show when I wear my bikini bottoms." He kisses her clit.

"Ahh! Yes you can put a hickey right there anytime." He stands and begins caressing the head of his cock over her sopping wet labia, her body trembles. "Please stop teasing me baby, just fuck me!" she pants. "I need you inside me!" She's so wet entering her sex is almost too easy, her vaginal walls flutter feeling his long stiff erection stroking her sensitive inner flesh. "Mmm, yes that's just what I need baby-Now fuck me!" she begs breathless.

He begins thrusting inside her, fucking her harder with every thrust of his hips. It feels so good to both lovers; its make up sex but as always make up sex for these lovers and everyone else for that mater is always the best.

He stops for a kiss leaving his cock buried deep inside, their young bodies tremble during the kiss. Pulling away from the kiss he grabs hold of her slender hips and begins ramming his stiff cock deep inside her warm body.

"Fuck me harder baby!" she gasps He begins fucking her so hard, sounds of his hips slapping against her inner thighs echo from the kitchen walls. Smells of sex mingle with scents of fried bacon, eggs and potatoes. He feels an orgasm building deep within his groin along with small sensations of pleasure he's been feeling since entering her more then a few minutes ago.

Alyssa experiences so much pleasure of her own, memories of her lovers positive reactions to learning she's pregnant bring on even more pleasure.

She cums, yelling out. "Oh god! Your cock feels so good. Fuck me harder baby!" He keeps ramming his shaft deep letting his hips smack hard against her thighs, as always he wants their love making to last forever but he's slowly loosing the fight with each deep thrust of his shaft.

Now all too suddenly he cums flooding Alyssa's velvet walls with warm seed. His knees go weak, it takes every ounce of his strength to remain standing. He speaks out of breath with his cock buried deep, gazing into her eyes. "I love you Alyssa Dean." "Or maybe you should get used to saying, Alyssa Wilson," she replies with a sweet giggle Brad eyes both frying pans, one filled with potatoes the other bacon. "Hey did you fry any eggs, we can't have bacon and fried spuds without a couple eggs over easy." "So big boy I guess you've worked up an appetite, okay help me down from here and I'll fry up some eggs." As he helps her down from the counter, she looks at her bare feet.

"Huh!" she smirks. "I might as well get used to being a barefoot and pregnant wife, now how do you want your eggs sweetie?" A short while later they're sitting across from each other at their small dinner table chatting while sipping coffee. Alyssa places her bare foot between Brad's legs getting his full attention, fondling his cock with her toes. "So," she flirts. "What should we name our child, if its a boy?" He lurches feeling her toes touching his spent cock.

"Oh uh, how about Clint," he replies She chuckles. "You mean like, Clint Eastwood. No way. How about Scott, that's a good name isn't it?" He snickers. "Well yeah, I like that name but it's kinda wimpy compared to Clint." She rubs her toes around his now semi erect cock, small tingles of pleasure rush over his groin.

She giggles. "No I like Scott better and beside that, Clint Eastwood has a son named Scott. He looks just like his daddy did when he was young," she feels his cock growing harder. "Oh so I see you like our future sons name now!" She wiggles in her chair feeling his big toe diddling her cunt. "Hey! We've never played footsie like this before- I kinda like getting toe fucked.


Mm! keep doing it baby!" A broad smile rolls over Brad's lips. "Okay," he adds. "Now that we've agreed on our possible future sons name, what if our baby turns out to be a girl. What do you think her name should be?" Alyssa squirms in her chair feeling his big toe stroking her clit.

"Um-I-I've always liked the name Sarah. Mm!" she moans. "Do you like that name baby-Mm! I sure like what you're doing to me." "Yes!" Brad stammers enjoying her attention.

"That was my real mothers name-I like it." They both break into laughter still fondling each others genitals using their toes. Brad feels her juices soaking his big toe, she begins rocking pushing her crotch against his invading digit. His spent cock grows completely hard stretchering out over her soft toes spreading slippery precum over her toenails.

No longer able to take her foot fondling he stands then moves swiftly to her side of the table then leans down planting a deep kiss over her mouth. She strokes his cock."Well!" she gasps. "Your hard again, how do you want me this time, big boy." He glances at the dinner table.

"How'bout I bend you over the table, we've never done that before." She chuckles fulfilling his request standing then laying chest down over the table top.

"Do it baby, take me right here," she exclaims excited to try something new. He kneels behind her spreads her butt cheeks then begins licking and kissing her anus along with her pussy as well. Her ass is so clean after her shower, he loves doing this little deed whenever he gets the chance. And she loves having it done as well, she moans and rocks her ass feeling the tip of his tongue rimming her tight anus.

Warm shivers of pleasure rush over her body. "Oh baby! This is so fucking nasty-I love it when you do this to me-Ahhh!" She grasps the edge of their small dinner table tight with both hands, rocking her anus up and down forcing it a little harder against Brad's tongue, enjoying the way his warm breath feels caressing its unseen fingers over her sopping wet upturned anus. He begins vigorously licking her anus and upturned pussy while stroking his fingertips over her clit.

"Oh Wow! It feels so good!" she gasps, almost falling backwards. Brad stands up behind her grasping her by the hips keeping her from falling. His cock is so hard now it aches, but it begins feeling so much better once he shoves it between the pink folds of her cunt lips. Her body trembles as she admits."I'm addicted to your cock!" He begins fucking her slow at first with hard thrust, her body trembles feeling weak but very satisfied.

She holds the tables edge tight, almost loosing her grip every time his hips slam against her ass cheeks as he keeps thrusting again and again deep inside her sopping wet pussy.

He enjoys feeling her silken walls flexing around his stiff shaft, warm pleasurable tingles wash over his stiff shaft every time he shoves in deep. Seeing her wet little anus in plain view he inserts his thumb, she emits a surprised gasps as an orgasm passes over her body. "Do you like that baby?" he grunts thrusting inside her. "You've never done that before, but yes I like it." she replies breathless He pushes it in a little deeper while fucking her harder.

The table begins scooting across the kitchen floor as he rams in harder and harder. Their scooting table knocks his chair over, plates with scraps of what they had for breakfast fall off and break along with silverware and their coffee mugs.

One breaks in pieces as it hits the floor the other; which happens to be Alyssa's favorite mug just happens to stay in one piece. They ignore everything as it clatters to the floor, Brad's mind seems to be on some other level. His eyes are closed not seeing he's causing the table to slide across the kitchen with Alyssa's bare feet dragging across the floor as well.

And she's enjoying her lovers cock too much to care, feeling it stroking deep within her cunt and even getting off on having his thumb shoved deep inside her rectum. But she at least opens her eyes just in time to remove her fingers from the edge of the table, keeping them from being crushed before it collides with a set of nearby kitchen cabinets.

Brad opens his eyes as the table comes to a stop but he doesn't stop fucking her. Hearing her moans of pleasure he keeps thrusting inside her tight pussy. At this point warm tingles of his own orgasm start deep within his groin, suddenly unable to hold back he grunts out of breath.

"I'm cumming!" Hot sperm floods his lovers vaginal walls. Alyssa cums along with him feeling his shaft throbbing inside her body. Almost too weak to remain standing, Brad staggers back six feet then plops down in Alyssa's dinner chair.

She pushes her spent body up from the table then turns around looking completely bewildered as she walks towards him, leaving her white terrycloth robe hanging wide open lying halfway off her shoulders as she staggers over to where he's sitting.

His eyes roam over her half nude body as she walks his way then falls into his lap gasping out breath looking completely exhausted. She looks into his eyes speaking in a meek little voice. "That was fantastic baby, but What the heck got into you." He smiles shaking his head. "I'm not sure," he replies. "But I think in some way or another it was all your fault, because you know something my sweet little stepsister.

I am completely addicted to you." She kisses the top of his head. "I'm addicted to you and your addicted to me, we sure make one hell of a couple don't we big stepbrother?" She peers over the mess on the floor. "You sure made one hell of mess my dear, so here's the deal you clean up. It's only fair being as I made breakfast." Seeing her coffee mug lying on the floor she kneels down to pick it up.

"You're so lucky this isn't broken buddy," she says with a playful smile shaking it in front of his eyes. "I'm going to pour me another cup of coffee then go take a shower," she giggles feeling her sex. "Oh yuck, you got me all spermy." With that said she licks her fingers, walks to the coffee pot, pours a cup, adds creamer then walks away.

Brad sits back watching her walk away thinking. 'I'm one lucky man to have such a fine looking stepsister and lover all wrapped up in one tight little beautiful pregnant package' THE END ?