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Sexy kneesocks and brutal anal games
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Chapter 1 : Introduction Heads up : This chapter is sll about the build up and does not have any sex in it. I can't say I really understand why my parents wanted children, my sister, Jessica, and I spent our childhood being looked after by a continually changing line of baby sitters and child minders.

Jessie was three years older than I and so it was towards her that I looked for help and comfort. Our parents were strict they made the decisions about our lives. They decided if and when we could watch TV, what clothes we could wear, what subjects we would study and what we would do in the holidays. When Jessica reached thirteen my parents decided we no longer needed a baby sitter to look after us when they were working or out at night.

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Even though we were left to ourselves we were careful to complete any work and chores mom and dad set us before relaxing. We had few friends and none that we'd dare invite round to our house in case mom or dad found out. Strange things stick in my mind from those times I remember when I was about twelve or thirteen Jessie used to come into the bathroom when I bathed and kneel by the bath and help wash my hair and back.

Nothing overtly sexual would happen, I'd sit in the bath, and like most boys of that age I'd usually be sporting an erection. She would never mention my erection we'd just talk quietly about the things that worried us.

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I think in a way it stemmed from our reliance on each and a need for human contact and love. The baths only happened when our parents were out. I was fifteen when everything changed, Jessica was eighteen and she left home. She went to the states to work at a summer camp I guess she enjoyed the sudden freedom she found because she never came back home.

For weeks I cried myself to sleep, it was three months before I found the letters she had written to me and that my parents had hidden. My parents never forgave Jessie for leaving over the following years they did their best to remove her from their lives. However, I couldn't just forget her, Jessie had been my rock in the storms of my childhood, the one person who I knew loved me unconditionally and I had returned that love with all my heart.

When she left I found myself being dominated by my parents, they had my life planned and intended I should follow their plan. I have one skill that made studying easier for me than for most people, and that is that I have a photographic memory. The result was that my parents pushed me into taking extra exams when I was sixteen. I passed my 'A' levels at seventeen and then went to University. My parents decided which University I was to go to and what courses I would do.

By that point my life was pretty much controlled by them and I could see no escape. The only rebellion I managed was to add some courses to my degree that I wanted to do. It wasn't much of a rebellion though as I never mentioned the fact that my degree profile had changed.

The University was close enough that I could travel everyday, and as my parents refused to help with expenses, it made life easier. I spent the following three years at University trying to make ends meet and not get into too much debt.


The trouble is that a part time job doesn't pay that well, my social life was non existent, if I wasn't studying I was working and despite that when I graduated at 21 with a masters degree, I still ended up owing the bank about £20,000. I was sitting at home a week after finishing University, when the postman knocked at the door with a registered letter, I was surprised to find it was for me.

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The letter was from Jessie, inside there was a first class ticket to Los Angeles, a cheque for £25,000 and a very short letter. Dear Bobby Congratulations on getting your degree. I think it's about time you came for a visit and so here's a ticket, I've arranged a visa through a friend all you need to do is collect it from the US embassy in London. The cheque should pay off your student debts and leave you some spending money.

Looking forward to seeing you. All my love, your big sis Jessie Xxxxxxxx P.S. I'll let you decided what to tell mom and dad.

I was dumbfounded and amazed Jessie must have an amazing job to be able to afford this. I knew my parents would freak and do all in their power to stop me. All our lives our parents had been pushing us and demanding we follow their rules and decisions.

At 18 Jessica had managed to escape, I didn't blame her, but it had meant that for the past six years I had been the sole person to be brow beaten by them. Then Jessie's letter arrived and I saw a way to escape and I jumped at it.

I didn't mention Jessica's letter to my parents, one day while they were out I packed my bags and leaving a note, walked out the door. As the door closed behind me I knew, no matter what happened in the future, that I wouldn't be returning to this house. Less than a week later I was standing in the airport terminal looking for Jessie.

Looking around I noticed a tall, slim, longhaired blonde her back was to me, offering a view of her great figure in a light summery dress. I did a quick double take as she turned round and suddenly found myself smiling as she ran towards me. "Bobby, god it is you, you look great" I laughed as I grabbed her in a hug and kissed her cheek. "You look amazing Jessie, how are you doing" "I'm great, welcome to America" With those words she hugged me close and kissed me, her lips lightly brushing against mine.

"Come on bro, let's get out of here" We grabbed my bags and then she clasped my free hand and led me out to the car park. Just over an hour later we pulled into a driveway that led up to what looked like a redundant lighthouse. As we approached it I realised the old lighthouse had been incorporated into a palatial house.

"This is your place?" I asked as we pulled up in front of a double garage. "I like to call it home," said Jessie with a laugh. "It's amazing, but what the hell do you do? You must have a great job" "Haven't mom and dad told you?" "No, they don't mention you at all. I didn't realise you kept in touch with them" "I haven't heard from them for a couple of years, and then it was one letter sent to the studio" "Studio?" "O god, OK, I'm an actress" "What, god that's great why haven't I seen any of your films" "I make adult films" "How do you mean?" "I'm a porn star" "What?" "A porn star, you know I have sex on film" "O my god" "Look Bobby, why don't we finish this conversation inside, OK?" Grabbing my bags we headed into the house, as I followed Jessie inside I realised she was worried about how I would take the news of her career.

I couldn't deny I was surprised and maybe even a little shocked. I dropped my bags in the hall and followed Jessica into the living room.

"Do you hate me because of what I do, or maybe think I'm a slut?" "O god Jessie no, I love you, I don't care what you do for a living, what's important to me is that you're happy" "Thanks little bro" We hugged each other. "So what did mom and dad say when you told them you were coming here?" "I didn't tell them, I left a note" "O god Bobby, I bet they went ape shit" "Yeah, I bet they did. So what did mom and dad say in the letter? That's if you want to talk about it?" As she told me about the letter she started to cry, without hesitating I walked up to her and enfolded her in my arms.

It seemed strange to be so much taller than Jessie, the last time I had seen her she'd been the taller one, but now I toward over her.


As we hugged her tears slowed and finally stopped, we stood there a few minutes just holding each other. Finally Jessica pulled away from me and wiped her eyes.

"Sorry about that" "That's OK" "So Bobby would you like something to eat?" "What I'd quite like first is a shower to wash away the grime of the flight" Jessie led me upstairs and showed me to my bedroom. "This is your room, I'm just down the hall, and the bathroom's just opposite" "Ok thanks" "Why don't you get unpacked and I'll grab you ." I missed the last of the sentence as she headed out the door.

It didn't take long to unpack I hadn't brought too many clothes, planning to restock while staying with Jessie. After all who wants to pay around £48 for a pair of 501s when they are less than half that price in America. I stripped down to my shorts and headed to the bathroom, I opened the door and stopped in amazement.

The bathroom was great; a large tub filled a good third of the bathroom, as soon as I saw it I thought 'fuck the shower I'm going to have a bath'.

You may think that's strange, but when you're six foot four there aren't many ordinary baths that you can lay down in. Either your legs are out of the water or your upper body is, but this looked like a bath made for relaxing in. As the bath filled I thought about Jessie, I didn't have a problem with her career, my problem was that when I'd last seen her she had been a full figured 18 year old, and suddenly here she was, 24 and with a body to die for.

I was finding it difficult to relate this drop dead gorgeous woman to my sister. I was still pondering this when I switched off the taps, dropping my shorts; I looked down at my eight inches of throbbing erect cock.

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"I guess I know your thoughts on this," I said as I stepped into the hot water. "Talking to yourself little brother" I looked towards the bathroom door, Jessica stood there holding a towel.


I saw her eyes move from my face, down to my erection. "I brought you a towel. Wow, I guess I shouldn't call you little brother anymore" I felt myself blush and quickly lowered myself into the bath.

"I didn't mean to embarrass you Bobby" "It's OK" "The baths great isn't it; in fact it's big enough for two" I suddenly had an image of my sister climbing naked into the bath with me. "You OK" "Huh, what?

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Yes I'm fine just jet lagged" Rather than leaving Jessie sat beside the bath. "Is it OK if I stay and talk? We could catch up with each other, unless you'd rather be alone" I looked at her sitting beside me and saw the happiness in her face as she looked at me.

"No that's fine" As we talked I relaxed in the hot water, I was very aware that she would be able to see my erection. "I'm sorry Bobby" "What for?" "Leaving you alone with mom and dad" "God I don't blame you for that, you had the chance to escape and you took it; I'd have done the same thing" "Has it been bad?" "You know mom and dad, you will do this and you will do that.

I'm 21 years old and if your letter hadn't come I don't think I could have got away" "I'm sorry I didn't give you the chance to escape sooner" "That's OK, when I go home I'm not going back there, there's got to be something better" "Don't talk about going back Bobby. You can stay here as long as you want, for ever even" "Jessie, I don't …" "Shhh, don't speak" We sat there for a while in companionable silence.

What finally made me move was the water cooling down. "I think I'd better get washed before the water gets any colder" "Can I wash your hair?" I smiled, "I guess" I slipped under the water soaking my hair, as I sat up Jessie poured shampoo onto it, her hands massaging my scalp as she lathered my hair.

"God this brings back memories," said Jessie "I was just thinking the same thing" As her hands moved through my soapy hair my cock quickly rose to an erect state. "OK swill" I ducked my head beneath the water as Jessica ran her hands through my hair, swilling the soap away. I sat back up as she grabbed a sponge and some soap and washed my back. "Just like old times I see," said Jessie as she eyed my once more erect cock "OK little bro, I'll leave you in peace" As she left the bathroom my eyes watching her pert arse and long legs.

'Stop that' I thought to myself 'she's your sister'. I shook my head trying to clear thoughts of Jessica from my mind and then quickly washed myself in the cool water.

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As I stood I couldn't resist wrapping my fingers round my throbbing cock, I swirled a soapy hand around my cockhead while I pumped the shaft with the other. Standing there I pumped my cock while my soapy hand slid over the purple head and moved down to cup and squeeze my balls. As my pleasure peaked in an orgasm and my sperm shot into the bath I moaned in pleasure, my mind filled with images of my sister. "O Jessie, Jessie, Jessssiiieeeeee" It wasn't until my orgasm passed that I realised the bathroom door was still wide open.

I felt embarrassed when I realised Jessica may have heard or even seen me masturbate. After getting dressed I headed down stairs, I could hear Jessica singing to herself towards the back of the house. I found her in the kitchen preparing a light dinner, a large bundle of paper sat on the counter and I reached across and picked it up. Discovery By Alice and George Cornwall © Pandora Studios, LA "That's the script for my next movie" "When do you start filming?" "Three days time, give me a hand with my lines and I'll let you come and watch" "OK" We had dinner and then grabbing a bottle of chilled white wine we sat in the living room and went through the script.

The first thing that surprised me was that it was a pretty good script with an interesting storyline, the second thing was realising that my sister was the main star.

As we read the script it was obvious that Jessie new her lines, and when we had finally read our way through it I also new her lines and those of everyone else.

By the time we had finished it was getting late, and so I kissed my sister goodnight and headed to bed. I spent the night dreaming of Jessie, the Jessie I'd known as a teenager and the new Jessie, I can't deny I'd loved them both, the teenage Jessie and the woman she had become. It was a very restless night as I tossed and turned trying to clear my head and ignore the ache in my balls. Please let me know if ya'll like the plot and if i should continue with the rest of the story