Sensual Aya Saito really craves for cock in her twat

Sensual Aya Saito really craves for cock in her twat
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As she walked down the dimly lit streetlooking for a phone booth, she regretted driving through this seedy neighborhood. How was she to know that her car would break down, and her cell would have no signal?

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The hour was late, so all of the store fronts were dark, bars on the windows to keep out the undesirables who wandered here at night. She felt a chill as a toothless old drunk eyed her scantily clad body and she wished that she had not chosen such a short dress to wear to the party tonight. The black clingy material barely covered her panties and she shivered crossing her arms over the low cut bodice.

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Finally she glimpsed a phone booth the next block over. She prayed it would work, quickening her pace and keeping her eyes straight ahead, afraid to look at any of the men who occupied the mostly deserted street.

Almost to her destination, a big man stepped out from between two buildings, blocking her path.


Her heart stopped in her chest and she froze, taking in his huge frame, muscles bulging from his too tight shirt. She let out a small squeak, eyes wide, feeling like an antelope in the eyes of a hungry lion. She turned to run, but her heels tripped her up, and her reached out one big arm, easily snaring her. He pulled her between the buildings and into a dark alley, roughly shoving her against the wall.

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His giant hands roamed her body as he leered at her saying, "Look what I found, a little slut. Dressed like that you're just asking for it baby, and I'm going to give it to you, and then some." She could feel a scream locked in her throat, but knew that no help would come in this evil place, so she decided to let him have his way with her, hoping that he would let her live after wards.

He roughly pushed her dress up over her body, revealing her black lacy panties and her naked breasts.


His fingers toyed with her nipples, which hardened in spite of her fear. She felt him reach down and brutally rip her delicate underwear off, exposing all of her treasures now for his probing examination. His hand went between her legs rubbing her little nub, and sending shock waves through her.


Her traitorous body responded, and she pressed her now damp pussy against his invading hand, letting a small moan escape her lips. She heard a catcall and turned her head, mortified that they had drawn a small audience of homeless men. She recognized the drunk, who had his dick out of his pants and was slowly stroking it as he watched her molestation. She felt the man's fingers working in and out of her now heated cunt as he continued to manipulate her throbbing clit with his thumb, and she shuddered, soaking his hand with her cum.

" Yeah I knew you were dying for it you little whore." The man said, as he roughly turned her, shoving her face first into the wall. She heard as he unzipped his pants, and soon felt him rubbing the head of his enormous cock up and down her dripping slit.

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He gripped her hips in his huge hands and ruthlessly slammed into her, causing the scream she had been holding in to rip out of her throat. This just caused him to fuck her harder, ramming himself deep into her tight little hole.

Over and over he mercilessly punished her hot, moist cunt, driving into her forcefully and grunting like an animal. She found herself moving her hips, now hungry with an aching urgency, backing up onto his unrelenting dick. He plunged his thumb into her ass and she screamed again as her body was wracked with wave after wave, the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced.

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She felt him pull out of her battered hole and he shoved her to her knees.Ordering her to clean her mess off of his still rock hard dick.

She wrapped her little mouth around his pole, sucking and licking her own juices as his hands wrapped in her hair. He slowly fucked her face, telling her what a good little slut she was.Her mouth was stretched wide, tears running down her face, as he gagged her with his dick. She was horrified when she heard him call the old man over, telling him to finger her already abused pussy.

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The old man smiled with glee as he toyed with her clit, his other hand still busily working his own member. She was even more ashamed as she felt her body responding again.

His fingers artfully caressed her tingling clit sending shivers of desire and revulsion through her small frame. He pressed his face against her slit, siding his tongue into her dripping hole. She was shocked when she felt him move his face higher, flicking his tongue across her asshole and plunging his fingers into her soaked cunt, his thumb still frigging her now electrified clit.

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Against her will she came yet again, and the old drunk was delighted to lick her juices off of his dirty fingers before he sighed and shot his load on the ground behind her. She felt her assailant go rigid as he spurted load after load of hot cum into her mouth.

He stroked her hair then, telling her what an excellent job she had done. She gratefully rose on shaky legs, pulling her dress down over her sweat soaked body. He picked her up then and her arms wrapped around his neck as she kissed him deeply.

A small smile played across her face as they walked back to the car together.

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Her master always had the best ideas.