My cousin loves to fuck with me

My cousin loves to fuck with me
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They sat there enjoying dinner, and she pondered how to ask Sue to spend the night. She didn't want to ruin the friendship when Sue learned the real reason for the sleep over. She took a sip of her coffee, swallowed hard, and nervously asked.

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"Sue how'd you like to spend the night at my place the next time Bradley is out of town?" Sue giggled. "You know that is not a bad idea as I hate to be alone in that big ole house. I'm sure he wouldn't mind it." "Great we'll call it the girl's night out.

We can watch movies, eat popcorn and gossip. Oh I forgot, you're a preacher's wife." "Ahem, I'm not Miss Goodie two shoes, I gossip too, even though I shouldn't." She tried not to look too excited. "Oooh we are going to have so much fun!" If she gets her way it will be a hot time in her king sized bed also.

The dinner ended and Sue decided to call Deana the next time Bradley was going out of town.


He will be happy to know she wasn't alone, that always worried him, even in the small hick town. For the first time in ages she fell into a restful, peaceful sleep with dreams of her unexpected pleasures with the preacher's wife. The next day all she could envision was what Sue and she would be doing in bed. However she wondered, would Sue be shy, unsure, reluctant, and afraid of what might happen if Sue enjoyed herself.

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Would the woman's religious values interfere? Deana was busy doing housework when the phone rang. "Hello.

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Oh hi Sue, what's up?" "Oh really, this coming Friday, let me check my calendar." She paused to get out her phone and checked her schedule. As usual empty as a cookie jar after the kids raided it.

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"Nope there isn't a thing on my date-book, why? Oooooh really." "I thought I'd bring pizza and a movie, and you can provide the popcorn and drinks. Holy cow, it's been ages since I had a girls night out." "Cool, well I'll see you around 5pm'ish Friday night." She felt her nipples harden and panties moisten, 'I cannot wait to get into your panties Sue." She hadn't felt this aroused in eons. She threw the dust rag down, and headed for the bedroom. Time for some relief; her sexual desires just went into overload!


As she entered the room she discarded her clothing. Following that she climbed onto the bed, reached for her vibrator in the chest next to the bed and purred. In her mind the two of them were lying on the bed, naked, kissing and touching every inch of each other. As one hand toyed with Sue's swelling nipples the other inched into her throbbing pussy. "Ooooh Sue, you taste so divine!" "Oh my god, Deana, I forgot how good it felt to receive a woman's touch. Make me cum baby!" It didn't take long for Deana to cum, her orgasm exploded all over her fingers and toy.

She lay there basking in the afterglow.

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"Mmmm, if only Sue was here." It was then that she decided to get out her favorite porn movie, Erotic Girls; The video shows the actor Abby Winters with a group of lovely and engaging British babes! And if you know anything about Abby Winters, you know she consistently provides the best lesbian content out there today.

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They are happy, healthy and naturally sexy girls with no makeup, no fake breasts, exploring their salacious desires for other girls. No script, just pure unadulterated girls having sex exactly as they want to, with real orgasms and passion. She was tempted to put the video in but decided to save it as a surprise for Friday. She'd have it in the DVD player and flick it on, accidently as they prepared to watch Sue's movie.

Deana prayed it would not send Sue screaming home, for the comfort of conventional sex as a preacher's wife. After all, sex is fun; there should be no limit as to what happened behind closed door, whether it be heterosexual or bisexual. That evening when returning home, Sue told Bradley she had a wonderful time visiting Deana. "We are becoming BFF's, I'm best to have found such an honest, compassionate woman, whose is kinky-hilarious like me." He raised his eyebrows, "Yeah you're kinky alright.

I wonder what she'd think if she knew you once were bisexual?" "Oh honey, she knows, I told her you converted me," she lied. She was no more converted than Satan. She had her fantasies in bed and in the shower when her husband wasn't around. Still she wondered, "Would Deana think I'm a prude, a hypocrite, for being Bi?" Her whole body was aflame with desire, she needed to have sex and cum hard. After all, Bradley didn't have to know what she was thinking when she climaxed. She walked over to him, sat on his lap, kissed him hard, and purred.

"Brad, I'm going to take a shower, care to join me?" "Oh honey you sexy thing, you are so delectable and tempting. I'd love too, but I need to work on my sermon, I'll join you soon." "Spoil sport. Oh don't worry, I can read that mystery novel while I wait." Book hah, I can think naughty thoughts of Deana while I wait.


That night she and Bradley had one hot sex session, he had no idea it was Deana makes her climax as he ate her pussy. Her mind was screaming, "Ooooh this overnight with Deana should be very interesting to say the least." However, would she be able to go through with it, after all the church made it law that in God's eyes, it is a sin to display Gay, Bisexual behavior.

Or was it? Sue was so excited she could hardly concentrate all week. Finally Friday was there, and she wondered what would really happen behind closed doors at Deana's? She prayed Bradley would not sense her enthusiasm and ask why. She packed a small overnight bag, and then assisted Bradley to get ready for his trip. They hugged and said their farewells. With a supreme pizza in her hand, and her favorite movie; "Journey to the Center of the Earth," she headed towards Deana's, more nervous than a school girl on her first date.