Coroa fazendo uma gulosa para o marido

Coroa fazendo uma gulosa para o marido
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Finding The Best Landscaper by aliveinpr My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Please read and enjoy this fictional writing.

The times can be stressful and exciting at the same time when your husband is promoted with a huge salary increase. But, there is the problem of having to relocate to a new state because of that promotion.

Bill and Sally Wilson were excited, it felt like the beginning of a new life. They were moving from an apartment to a new state and a nice large home. Sally was thrilled when they bought the new house. A large kitchen, large dining room, living room with a stone fireplace and a den on the first floor. One guest bedroom was on the first floor with a full bath and there was a half bath for the den.

The second floor had two more guest bed rooms and a full bath. The most exciting she found, was the master bedroom with another stone fireplace. The best was the large bathroom with an oversized tub and shower enclosure and a whirlpool-hot tub combination on the bedroom side. The house was on three acres of land with trees surrounding it in a forest like setting. There was a three stall garage and a gardeners shed. Sally was in housewife heaven.

Plenty of room for the daughter and son-in-law to visit without the expense of a hotel. The couple were married for 25 years right out of college. They had a daughter that was now married. The only drawback, their daughter would live farther away and the visits would be less. There was a distance between Florida and Ohio. The new climate meant that Bill would have to learn to shovel snow and use the blower. Sally stopped working a few years back, so she took her time to unpack and organize where everything was going to live.

On the first day in her new house, Bill arrived home and said, "I was thinking out loud in the lounge at work that I probably wouldn't have the time to spend keeping the landscape as beautiful as it is.

Then Marcus said that his son, out of high school and 19, but instead of college, he was beginning a career in landscaping and his new company now had seven clients.

I asked him to have his son come to the office so I could interview him as our landscaper." Sally said, "That would be nice, we certainly can afford it and it would give you time to relax on the weekends." After dinner, Sally and Bill retired to their bedroom where Sally had a fire burning in the fireplace, the covers turned down on the bed and the lights dimmed. She told Bill to get his shower and she wanted him to make love to her to celebrate the new home.

Bill knew Sally had a strong desire for sex, she seemed to have a hunger to have orgasms. Bill smiled and quietly said, "Get that pussy ready, we need a night of love making. I'm going to enjoy your body." Bill then stripped and ran to get his shower. Bill got out of the shower and shaved his five o'clock beard for eating pussy.

When he exited the bathroom, Sally was naked in the whirlpool. She had a glass of wine and glass of bourbon waiting for her husband and lover. Bill entered the whirlpool with a full erection and full balls of semen. He wanted to empty his cum into his beautiful wife as many times as he could. Sally seemed to read his mind, as she wanted his cum and cock all night if possible.

Bill didn't get all the way in the whirlpool before Sally grabbed his cock and pulled it to her lips. Bill knew what was in store, Sally knew how to excite and pleasure a man with her mouth. Within five minutes, Bill's cum was deep in Sally's stomach, but Sally was not done, she licked and sucked his cock back to a full erection. Bill lifted Sally up to the side of the whirlpool and spread her legs as his mouth and tongue worked on her clit and vaginal lips until she had her first orgasm with her legs spasming and splashing water.

Bill continued his oral ministrations causing Sally to cum a second time. Bill pulled Sally to the bed and teasingly rubbed his cock against her labia covering her with pre-cum. When Sally begin to quiver, her legs shook as her back arched and sent her body forward to his cock, Bill then rammed his cock deep into her hot constricting pussy. Her eyes became glassy and her hands gripped at the bed sheets as she felt his cock deep into her and his balls hitting against her ass with each stroke.

Sally was now moaning, and her moaning became louder as her next orgasm built. She began to scream, "YES, YES, FUCK MEEEEEEE, FUCK ME HARD." Bill knew the signs and said, "I'm going to cum." Sally then yelled, "YESSSSS, CUM IN ME, FILL MEEEEE.

FUCK MEEEEEEE." Bill's cock swelled as he held her tight to him and then released cum from his pulsing cock.

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He filled her womb with his seed. Bill had cum for the second time that night and he wanted more, Sally wanted more too. They both laid beside each other while Sally was fondling his cock. Bill said, "You look so beautiful when you are excited being fucked. I love that look." Sally said, "I hope to have that look all the time, I love your cock in me." They finished their drinks and Bill laid on his back as Sally straddled his legs and sank her pussy down on his cock.

She rode him hard until they both had shattering explosive orgasms and fell together totally spent. As they remained connected, they fell into a deep sleep. It was six when Bill woke to the smell of coffee. He donned his robe and shuffled into the kitchen to see his beautiful wife smile and hand him a fresh cup of coffee. They sat as they waited for breakfast to cook. Sally asked, "Who is Marcus?" Bill answered, "Marcus is VP of sales, he's been with the company a bit less than me, and I am his new boss.

We became friends instantly and we spent the first day chatting and getting to know each other along with acquainting me with this office." Sally asked, "Is he married?" "No," said Bill, "he has been divorced for about five years now and he had custody of his son, Andrew, but Andrew is now 19 and on his own.

Andrew is living with him to get his landscaping business going." Sally said, "Married or not, doesn't matter. We should have him over for dinner some time." Bill said, "That's a good idea, after we get everything put away and organized, I will ask him." After breakfast, Bill was ready to leave for work when Sally slung her arms around his neck and gave him a passionate kiss. She dropped one hand to his crotch and said, "Be ready, lover boy." Bill left for work with a hard on.

Sally had already sorted their boxes into rooms where they will be unpacked. She thought the kitchen unpacking should be today. She organized the master bedroom yesterday with an ulterior motive for their first night of sexual bliss.

The kitchen shouldn't be too hard she thought as she was making a fresh pot of coffee. As she looked at the various boxes and cabinets, the phone rang confusing her train of thought. She answered and heard Bill say, "Andrew is our landscaper." "What," Sally asked. Bill said, "Remember I said I was going to interview Marcus' son? Andrew's new landscaping company?" Sally cleared her thoughts and said, "Oh, right, was he there?" Bill said, "Yes, and he is a very savvy young man and will quickly build his business.

I gave him a key to the garden shed so he could use the mower and tools. I didn't want you startled if a strange man roams our yard." Sally thanked her husband for warning her and again reminded him to be ready for some hard fucking after work. As Bill was saying good buy, he adjusted his slacks so his hard on wasn't uncomfortable.

Sally poured another cup of coffee and began to sort the items belonging in the kitchen. She took inventory of the food items she needed to pick up as she was stocking the pantry. At noon, Sally made a small salad, plugged in her ear buds to listed to her music. As she was eating at the kitchen island, she saw movement in the window. She looked again, but thought it must have been a shadow.

Then again she saw movement and this time she saw the top of a baseball cap. She went to the window, but there was nothing there.

She removed her ear buds and then heard the sound do a lawn mower and then saw the rider mower run across the yard again.

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She was shocked. The pilot on the mower was a black man. He was not wearing a shirt as she saw his muscular build. He was a bronze Adonis, but blacker than bronze. He was the most beautiful black man she had ever seen. She thought this must be Andrew, the young man Bill had hired to help his landscape business evolve.

She watched the mower turn around the corner and disappear, so she ran to the other room and watched him meticulously operate the mower in a cutting pattern. She now saw that he was wearing white cut-off shorts and his thighs were muscular. His body glowed with the sweat in the afternoon sun. Sally felt her pussy tingle as she watched him work as a professional. Sally immediately ran to the kitchen, dumped ice into a large pitcher and began to make lemonade.

Sally walked out on the patio and yelled for him. Andrew then saw her and stopped the mower. Sally called out, "You look hot, you need a break and I have some lemonade made. Please come inside to cool off." Andrew wiped his brow and took in the vision before him, a beautiful woman in very tight shorts and what looked like a bandana wrapped around her well formed breasts.

He knew it was time to take a break and get to know this woman, to take advantage of her offer. Sally watched Andrew as he walked toward her.

She was sure to notice that his crotch was well stuffed and her mind wondered to the vision of a large cock. "Hi, Mrs. Wilson, I assume you are Bill's wife." "Yes," Sally said, "and you must be Andrew. I'm glad to meet you, but you look hot. Come and cool off as she stepped aside to allow him to enter the house.


As Andrew was walking in, Sally had a bath towel and threw it over his shoulders and began to dry his back and waist. Sally's body was tingling as she was touching him with the towel. She became highly aroused at the smell of his sweat and pheromone mixture.

Andrew turned and took the towel and he dried his chest and abdomen as Sally gawked at his body. Andrew sat as Sally poured glasses of lemonade. She said, "I understand you are beginning your business. Do you plan to go to college to help you with a business plan?" "Mrs. Wilson," Andrew said, "In about two years, I will take ag classes at the community college, but right now, I know lawns, I've been working for friends and family since I was 12.

I want to build the business where I can buy my own equipment. Right now I have to use my customers mowers, edgers and trimmers, but I also let them know that I will care for their machines and make any repairs for them, I've worked on small engines. I use my dad's trailer right now until I can buy my own to carry and haul brush." Sally wasn't really listening as she was enamored with this young man. Her pussy was getting wet and her body tingled with the excitement of his well defined body and especially the bulge in his shorts.

She stopped and told herself, 'you are happily married to a fantastic man, why are you thinking this way? Why are you drooling over a kid, he's 19 and you are at least 20 years older. Quit thinking about him. Your husband is the lover you chose and you enjoy the way he makes you feel.' Even as she was trying to calm her nerves, her pussy was getting wetter and her mind kept reversing her thoughts and wanting to grab his cock, to get his cock in her pussy.

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Andrew put his empty glass down and stood. "Thank you Mrs. Wilson, the lemonade was a good refresher, thank you." Sally then said, "Please, Sally, not many people call me Mrs. Wilson." Andrew smiled and said, "OK, Sally, and if you want, you can call me Andy." Andy returned to his job as Sally retreated to her bedroom.

Sally then watched Andrew from her window as she stepped out of her shorts and masturbated. She closed her eyes as her fingers strummed her clit as she visioned his hard black cock deep in her pussy. After a very strong orgasm, she was once again scolding herself of her thoughts, the thoughts of infidelity. She loved Bill and she knew it was wrong that she felt that way toward Andy.

After dinner that night, Bill said, "Andrew did a great job on the lawn. He trimmed around the trees and walks. I think he will have a very booming business." Sally said, "Yes, he is very intelligent and well mannered. I gave him some lemonade to cool off and he discussed his plans. I really like him, he knows what he wants." Bill smiled at his wife and took her hand leading her to their bedroom. Once again Bill was able to ejaculate three times deep into his wife.

She too had fantastic orgasms, but her mind was once again on the thoughts of Andrew and what his cock would feel like. Sally was no virgin when she met Bill, so why would she be thinking about another cock, why was she obsessed with Andrew's cock, one she has never seen. It bothered her that she was envisioning what the bulge was like in Andrews shorts.

What would his cock feel like when pushed deep into her vagina and pumping his cum deep into her. Each time Bill ejaculated into her, she had visions of being filled by Andy's cock, a pulsing and pumping cock belonging to another man. Her thoughts were running away as her husband caused shattering orgasms.

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A week went by and again Andy was working on the yard. I was cooler now and Sally had no excuse to call Andy in for a cold drink. She was working hard on controlling her urges but it was hard with a seeping pussy. She was busying herself with laundry when she hear the door bell. When she opened the door, there was Andy smiling and she felt her legs tremble. Andy asked, "There are some trees near the house and some of the branches should be trimmed away before Winter.

I was wondering if next week it would be OK to have a friend work for me to help trim them. I would have to charge a little extra so I could pay him. Talk to your husband to see if it's OK." Sally said, "I'm sure it would be alright, but I will be sure to tell Bill." Andrew thanked her, smiled and turned and left. Sally watched him walk away and was proud of herself at her restraint, but she could not control her weeping pussy.

She saw that tight ass in his shorts as he walked away and her mouth began to salivate along with her tingling pussy.

She did talk with Bill, and Bill said, "I can leave that with you. I trust your judgement when it comes to things around the house.


If he needs to have extra help, you can give him the OK." Sally thought, 'Yeah, judgement, I'm having a hard time with my morals, my husband and I love each other and I must not stray and cheat. There love making again that night was spectacular as Sally had mind wrenching orgasms.

But again, Sally was fantasizing of Andrew. She had visions that his cock was large like the cocks she has seen in porn movies. Every time Bill pumped his ejaculate deep into her, she imagined it was from Andrew.

Her body shook the entire time her husband was pushing his cock into her. Ass, pussy, it didn't matter to her, she worshiped cum filling her. The next week, the yard work included Leon, where Andy and Leon worked on trimming the trees and loading the brush on the trailer. Sally, being a good client, went out to check the progress and secretly eyeballing both black men. Later she took out coffee to the boys and Andrew introduced Leon to her.

As she shook Leon's hand, she mentally scanned his body and looks, another good looking black man, although young, about the age of Andy and a nice bulge in his pants. Andy informed her that Fall was here and he would only be working next week on cleaning the last of the leaves. It would be Winter soon and he would be out of work until spring. He saw the sad look on her face and knew he would miss seeing this beautiful woman for a few months.

She exuded sex and he was turned on by the looks she gave him. He had become obsessed with her beauty and often masturbated at night imagining his cock buried in her pussy. As Andrew promised, the next week,he finished his work mulching the leaves. Sally went out as he was getting ready to leave and asked, "Why do you mulch the leaves and not rake them up?" Andrew said, "The mulch gives a blanket layer on the lawn during the cold weather and then the decomposing leaves serve to fertilize the lawn in the Spring.

It also saves the landfills from the extra compost." Sally was very impressed with his knowledge and gave him a hug and quick kiss on the cheek. Andrew asked, "What was that for?" Sally said, "I just wanted you to know you are special and I really like you. I will miss you until Spring." Andrew smiled and finished loading what tools he had and drove away. Sally stood and watched him until he was out of sight. She sighed and thought, 'It will be good he won't be here as often, I can clear my mind and stay faithful to my husband.' Those thoughts didn't keep her from masturbating once inside the house.

That night, she fucked Bill silly, totally exhausting him as she now had visions of two black cocks ravishing her body.

The next morning, Bill entered the kitchen and Sally was at the table, her head down and crying. Bill tried to get her to tell him what the problem was, but, being a woman, she said, "Nothing, just a little depression.

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I'll be OK." Bill finished his breakfast and left for work. Marcus made his regular visits with Bill and he commented that Andrew was a bit sad that he couldn't work on the yards because of the Winters in Ohio. Bill began to think that maybe Sally was depressed for the same reason.

He recalled that she was quite peppy and spirited on the days that Andrew worked on the yard. He knew Sally liked Andrew and often talked about his progress in building his business. She was his fan, cheering him on to win and succeed. Bill thought it was time to invite Marcus for dinner and to bring Andrew to cheer them up. He phoned Sally and asked her when he should invite the men. Sally said cheerfully, "Tonight, or any night. I would be happy to fix dinner for the two bachelors." Bill chuckled and said, "I'll tell Marcus, 7 pm tonight." Sally hung up the phone and rushed around to plan dinner.

She was giddy that she would see Andrew and finally meet his father. That night, before, during and after dinner, Sally was very 'touchy-feeley' with both Marcus and Andrew. Bill was pleased that she was such a fabulous hostess to make their guests welcome. There were times when Bill felt a stir in his pants at the way Sally give them hugs as she laughed at their jokes.

He also noticed how Marcus and Andrew would look at Sally with her short flaring dress and low cut bodice and there were times that she would spin and her panties would show. He was enjoying how they were leering and several times he noticed they seemed to be semi-hard when looking at her. He was proud on his wife. She was still sexy at her age and he loved her flirting.

Again, Bill was fucked senseless as Sally drained his balls four times. He woke early with Sally sucking his cock and when his eyes opened, she straddled him and coaxed him to fill her pussy with more cum.

Bill had the feeling that Marcus and Andrew had something to do with her sexual desires and somehow it thrilled him that she flirted with them in a sexual manner, strangely, he got an erection with those thoughts. Christmas was nearing and Marcus planned a company party at his house.

Bill informed Sally and she then said, like a woman, "I have nothing to wear, I'll have to go shopping." With shopping in mind, Sally was looking for very alluring clothes.

They were getting ready for the party. Bill was waiting in the living room when Sally descended the stairs wearing a translucent royal blue dress with the hem about three inches above her knees, thigh high nylons and 4" heels.

You could make out that she wasn't wearing a bra, and she was wearing black string bikini panties. Bill had an instant hard on and said, "You are going to be a hit with the men. Are you sure you want to wear that dress?" Sally answered, "Sure, you know I'm a tease, besides it will insure the men will keep my glass full." They got to Marcus's house and she was a hit.

Men were like puppy dogs following her every where. Sally cornered Marcus and asked, "Where is Andrew?" Marcus told her that Andy didn't want to have to socialize with the 'old geezers', so he went to play pool with his buddies.

Sally said, "I was hoping to see him, now I know only one person to feel comfortable with." Marcus smiled at her statement. Sally noticed that Marcus was very obvious in watching her and she felt proud that she still had sex appeal. The party progressed for about two hours and Sally was careful in her drinking and only had three glasses of wine.

She was leaning against the door frame to the kitchen when Marcus came up behind her. He pressed into back her and said, "God, you are so hot.

It's true what I overheard Andy and Leon talking." Sally turned her head toward him, there noses almost touching, she asked, "Is that a secret or can you tell me what they were saying?" Marcus said, "They said you were a MILF." Sally giggled and asked, "What do you say?" Marcus said, "You are truly a MILF." Sally the asked, "What is a MILF?" Marcus said, "A 'Mother I'd Like to Fuck', and I agree with them." Just before Sally said anything, Bill came up to them and saw Sally's glassy eyes and knew she was sexually aroused.

Bill kissed her and told her she should enjoy herself as he pinched her nipple. He then walked away. Sally now felt Marcus's hand on her ass and she thought she should slap him or walk away, maybe both.

His touch was inappropriate. She couldn't get her legs to move, but instead, they slightly parted, she froze where she was and unthinking, pushed back at his hand. She then felt his hand slide down her ass and pinch the hem of the bottom of her dress and slowly rise it up to her hip.

Again Sally knew she needed to run, to get away from this man, but her legs would not move. Her pussy was tingling and oozing her juices. Her head hung back on Marcus' shoulder as she felt his hand entering her string bikini panties. She felt the panties falling on her legs as the strings broke free. Again she wanted to run, but when Marcus' fingers entered her pussy, she fell against him as her panties fell and pooled at her feet.

Her eyes were half closed when she spotted Bill across the room. He was looking at her with a smile. Marcus's fingers were now moving in a scissors like motion inside her pussy and she began to ooze more and more juices, He then pulled her with his fingers in her pussy back and down the hall to a bed room.

When in the bedroom, Marcus pushed Sally over the back of a chair and pulled the dress up over her hips. Within minutes, Sally felt his cock sliding into her very wet pussy. Her vaginal muscles clinched at his cock as he pushed in further. Her body shuddered when the bulbous head of his cock struck her cervix. Her body was in full sexual arousal now and she began screaming with a shattering climax. She no longer cared that this man fucking her was not her husband.

She wanted this man to fuck her hard and deep, to spray his cum deep into her womb. Marcus was fucking in and out and then whispered in her ear, "Andy and Leon both want to fuck you. Do you want that?" Sally's legs began to shake as she said, "Oh, yes, I want them to fuck my pussy." Marcus then thrust hard and pulled her ass tight to his groin and said, "I'm going to cum." Sally yelled, "YES, YES, FUCK ME, FUCK YOUR CUM DEEP INTO ME.

FUCK MEEEEEE." She then felt Marcus begin to pulse as his ejaculate shot into her womb. When his cock stopped throbbing, she expected him to pull out so she could suck his cock clean. But, Marcus stayed buried in her pussy and soon she felt his cock hardening again and he pumped another load of cum into her.

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Sally threw her head back, her legs buckled and shook as Marcus held her. Her orgasms were strong. She had never been fucked this way. Again, Marcus kept his cock in her pussy as her pussy muscles constricted around his cock.

She was flowing heavy and there was a mixture of cum with her juices oozing from her. Then to her surprise, she felt him fully erect again and was pumping more cum into her. She fell forward on the chair as her orgasms drained her strength and Marcus's cock then pulled from her and she slowly discharged their mixed juices.

Marcus whispered to her, "I will fuck you again tomorrow, and I want you to be sure to fuck Andy and Leon every time they come to work in the yard." Sally said, "I loved the way you fucked me, yes, I will accept you anytime and the boys don't have to wait for each week.

You and the boys can fuck me any time." Marcus asked, "What will Bill say?" "I don't know," said Sally, "I love him and don't want to lose him. I have to be honest with him and take my chances." Marcus then left the bedroom and Sally smoothed her dress down and without her panties, exited the bedroom to find Bill standing close in the hall. She looked at Bill and said, "I think we need to go, please." Bill smiled and led her by the hand to the car.

During the ride home, the two were silent. Bill opened the door to the house and led Sally inside. Sally went to the kitchen, put her head down on the table and began to cry. Bill went and rubbed her back and asked, "What's wrong, didn't you have a good time at the party?" Sally looked up at him with tears streaking down her cheeks and she said, "You need to know the truth, please don't hate me. I love you very much and I want us to spend the rest of our lives together." Bill sat down across from her and smiled as he said, "I love you too, you need tell me what's wrong." Sally then looked at Bill for a few minutes and then said, "Bill I have to confess, I cheated.


I cheated with Marcus as he fucked me three times. I'm still flowing his cum and I feel ashamed that I violated your trust.

I was unfaithful and he made me promise that Andrew and Leon could fuck me." At that revelation, Sally put her head back down and cried harder. Bill reached over, put his hand on her head and said, "Look here." Sally lifted her head and saw her panties in Bill's hand.

She was shocked and asked, "You knew?" Bill said, I had a feeling, but when he took you into the bedroom, I peeked and watched your convolutions as he was ramming his cock into you. I also want you to keep your promise, but tell me details when the boys gang up on you. I would like to watch, but I know there will be times I won't be around to watch." Sally dried her tears and then went to the bathroom and washed her smeared makeup off.

Bill came into the bathroom and helped her out of her dress and marveled at her naked figure as cum was running down her legs. Bill cupped her pussy to catch the cum dripping, then held his hand up to Sally. She licked her lips and bent forward and licked the cum from his hand.

Bill and Sally laid in bed as Bill fingered her pussy and she fondled his cock. Sally then said, "Bill, it was strange, but his cock wasn't much bigger than yours. It's not true when people say black men have big cocks. It was nice and he felt good in my pussy, but I can't get over the fact that he could get hard again without pulling out." Bill asked, "Did you enjoy it, and do you want him to fuck you again?" Sally didn't have to think of the answer, she just blurted out, "God yes." Bill spread her legs and pushed his cock deep into her and slowly fucked her to another orgasm.

Bill whispered, "I think I will invite then and we can fuck you all weekend." Sally's back arched, her legs shook and her arms spasmed as she had a shattering orgasm. Bill's cock slipped out of Sally as he reached over and dialed the phone.

When the party answered, she heard; "Marcus? It's Bill, bring the boys with you. Sally wants all four of us to fuck her all night. Ten minutes, OK." Sally's eyes were wide as she looked at Bill. Sally said, "How lucky can a woman get with a wonderful husband like you." She kissed him and began to suck his cock erect again.

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