Fucking hot inked princess Sasha Rules with sexy glasses

Fucking hot inked princess Sasha Rules with sexy glasses
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I was a young, horny teenager. I was out with my older friends and a couple of girls and we went back to someone's place. I wouldn't say we were drunk, but we certainly weren't sober. Little did I know I was about to become a sex toy. Three of the girls there were drop-dead gorgeous. One was blonde the other two were brunettes. They were in their late teens and they looked horny so I tried to hang around them. I figured I didn't have much of a shot, but hell, why not?

Later in the night, I had just come out of the bathroom, when the blonde girl came up to me. "Hey Sean, come here for a second I want to show you something," she said. She started bringing me towards a bedroom. We hung out in this particular friend's apartment a lot. It was the guest room. Everyone knew if you went in there with someone you were going to get laid. It was the famous "sex room." But for some reason I had forgotten about that… it must have been the alcohol.


She closed the door and the two other brunettes came out of the attached bathroom. I was still very, very confused. All I knew was there were three hot girls looking at me seductively and I was praying I would get to kiss one of them.

The first girl came up to me and my hands instinctively went to her hips. "I need to get fucked Sean, I need to get fucked real hard," she whispered. She pushed me on the bed and was all over me. I grabbed and caressed her ass as she reached down my pants and grabbed my cock. I ran my hands under her shirt up to her large, soft boobs. She flinched as I began to play with her nipples. She sighed with pleasure as I peeled off her shirt and bra. The other girls were only watching from the corner of the room as I removed the rest of her clothes to fully reveal her amazing body.

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It wasn't long before she pulled my shirt off and tore down my pants. We rolled over and I began kissing her neck. I slowly moved down to her amazing tits.

Finally I went all the way down to her pussy. I had done oral before and I sort of knew what I was doing. She pushed my head into her as I licked her out. Her back arched as I went down on her. She was getting wet and I felt her body shake with an orgasm.

I wanted to fuck her. I came back up and let my cock glide over her sweet pussy.

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She reached for a condom and put it on me. Then she hugged me and pulled me down towards her. "Is this your first time?" "Yeah…" I said. I was slightly embarrassed. "It's mine too." I was shocked. I thought she was just some slut, but she was really just super horny and needed a guy to satisfy her.


I was that guy. She grabbed my cock and slowly put the head it inside her. My cock was thick and close to 6 ½ inches. "Ohhh… slowly!" she gasped. I slid my cock into her warm, super tight pussy and her eyes widened as I went deeper.

Finally I was all the way in, and I began to slowly pull out. She was cupping her beautiful tits and staring up at the ceiling. When I was all the way out I reinserted my big cock into her little pussy and I began carefully fucking her. Her long legs wrapped around my back.

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"Fuck me Sean, I want to get fucked really hard!" With that, I started going faster. I rammed my cock deep up her sweet little pussy. The girls in the corner were now naked and fingering themselves to us. I turned back to the blonde girl and started fucking her as hard as I could. Her gorgeous tits jiggled and bounced all over as she moaned and gasped. My cock was already starting to tingle. I felt her going into another orgasm and I came inside the condom as she orgasmed.

I pulled out of her and ripped off the condom and sucked my cock clean of all the cum. I wanted more.

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She looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes, silently asking: "can you do me some more?" I found another condom on the bedside table and put it on. She smiled.

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"I think it's my turn to do the work," she said as she put me on my back. She got on top of me and lowered her amazing ass back onto my cock, which was already rock hard again.

Her pussy was so tight. Tighter than when she gripped my cock with her hand. Her mesmerizing boobs jiggled again as she rode me.

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I reached up and felt them. She loved when I played with her nipples. It was much longer this time before I had to cum and she orgasmed multiple times. Finally I had to cum again and she got off me and began sucking my cock until it came gushing out into her mouth.

The other two girls were still in the corner, just watching us. I couldn't pull myself away from her. My hands explored every part of her body, from her beautiful butt up to her breasts.


She was all mine for now, and I was going to give her a night she would never forget. I went down on her again. My tongue explored her soaking wet clit. She was almost squirming now in pure pleasure as I swirled my tongue around her pussy. She pressed my head into her again, begging me for more. I still wanted to fuck her again. It was as if I would never run out of cum.

To be continued…

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