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Big tits and big a hole porn
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it happened on vacation (and continued at home)" pt 9: After Mom had sucked and licked me clean we laid back exhausted, at least I know I was !. We laid there for an undetermined amount of time not talking, touching, spooning or cuddling rather there was space between us and that was fine with me. I just had mindblowing sex and now I didn't feel like touching her or wanting her to nor did she attempt to touch me, I don't understand the ambivalence ?. The sex was as great as my dream had been yet it ended different than I anticipated.

When a word was spoken it was her, "sweetie, we can't stay like this, you better go to you're room", she said. I stood and picked up my clothes then looked at her.

She had rolled onto her side with her back to me. I wanted to say "I love you" but it just didn't seem right.

I do love my Mom dearly but as strange as it seems saying it would have sounded and felt out of context ?. "Goodnight Mom", I said. "Night sweetie", was all she said. In my room I strained to make sense of EVERYTHING. I was jacked up so I paced the room and when I was tired of that I laid down. I had so much in my head I thought it would explode. I laid there thinking what in the world is not to love here. I mean since I was 13 years old I have been consumed with thoughts of sex, sexsex and wishing I had a variety of girls who would just "give it up" and want nothing more than to satisfy me.

In the last two days I have had more sex with different partners than my imagination ever allowed me to have, with the exception of imagining a three way.

I had to sleep but needed to concentrate on something to forget everything else. I needed comfort, I needed satisfaction, I need my sister. Thoughts of her filled my head as I finally dosed off. I woke the next morning feeling better, much better. I had the typical morning wood and wanted to stroke it but I didn't.

After taking a shower and dressing I went to the kitchen. When I walked in Mom was standing at the counter. She had that short robe on and she was on her toes stretching to reach something, causing her robe to ride up. My cock started to rise up as I looked up and down her legs while noticing the shape of her butt which was just above the bottom out of her robe. I drew in then let out a slow breath while slightly shaking my head side to side and let out a low, "mmm, mmm, mm".

She looked back and dropped down on her feet, finished what she was doing then went to the table and sat down. I got a drink from the fridge and when I turned around she looked at me, "Sweetie, we need to talk". I sat down at the table across from her. "Look, about lastnight.", she said. She stopped as if searching for words. "Mom.", I started to say then she cut me off. "Listen, what we did was.I.uh, that is you.(she let out a frustrated breath) look, you are a young man with normal "urges" and,, it "happened".

"Are you saying. "I took advantage of you" ?, I asked. "Oh god baby NO !., I felt I took advantage of YOU" !, she said. "Mom, I.",I started to respond but stopped due to the sound of a door opening. "We'll talk about this later", she said in a whisper while giving the back of my hand a few pats.

My sister had come home. She walked in smiling, full of energy telling us all about the birthday party, they all went swimming, etc. Mom went to get dressed, Sis went to her room and I sat at the table. Mom and Sis came back in the kitchen about the same time. Mom said she was leaving and would be back later this afternoon.

As Sis was standing at the counter I looked at her. She was wearing shorts, (the type most people think are to short yet are the only ones they seem to make for girls), I followed her shapely tanned legs all the way to her full hips and her shorts were tight which defined her generous well sculpted butt.

She looked irresistable. I stood then walked up behind her putting my arms around her waist and pressed into her. Her ass felt so good against my hardening cock. She leaned back into me and moved her head to one side resting it against my shoulder. Her hair smelled wonderful and she felt wonderful. Her neck was begging to be kissed so I moved my head down and munched on her neck while tightening my arms around her waist which elicited a lightly audible, "mmmmmmmm" from her as she stretched her head back to expose as much of that kissable neck as possible.

She started breathing harder while I worked on her neck and slipped my hand over the front of her shorts and down to her pussy. She turned and looked at me, "I missed you", she said. "I missed you to", I responded. She reached down and rubbed the lump in my shorts, "I have a naughty idea", she said with a smile.

"What", I said. She lowered herself down in front of me. "HERE ! ?, are you crazy", I said. "Come on, I want us to do something in every room", she said looking up at me. I lowered my shorts. My cock was hanging low and very heavy. As she sucked me into her mouth it started to rise and expand. She had her mouth stretched around my now fully engorged meat while I had each hand on the counter to steady myself.

I leaned my head down and closed my eyes as she slowly worked on my tool with such care and passion, she was making love to my cock with her mouth. After several minutes of her working on me I needed more, I needed to be in her sweet pussy. "Sis, I want you", I said.

She pulled off of me and looked up. "I need you in me", she said She stood up and led me to the living room. She laid on the couch pulling me down with her as we kissed. She opened her legs as I reached down to guide myself in. She grabbed my ass with both hands pulling me into her as I pushed.

I was laying on top of her with one arm around the back of her neck and the other shoved straight down into the cushion trying to keep my weight off of her as I thrusted in and out. Her breathing picked up and got faster and faster.

I was moaning "UHH, UHH, UHH" and picking up the pace as I felt the pressure rising and squeezed my muscles. Her breaths quickened then she gulped in a fast breath and held it. I felt her stomach tighten then she let out a slight squeal while breathing out an "uhhhhhhhhhh" then my cock was suddenly bathed in hot liquid.

Knowing I had satisfied her I made a few more strokes then held myself deep inside her while easing the grip the muscles had on my cock and let out an, "ohhhhhhhhhhhhh", as the first stream shot into her cunt.

I made a few more strokes, held it in and let out a, "mmmmmmmm", then a few more strokes after that and grunted, "UH, UH, UH" as I squeezed what I had left into her. I held myself off her as much as possible while breathing with relief and exhaustion.

I didn't want to move off of her and even if I did she had her arms around my neck, holding me as she breathed. I looked at down and held her pretty face with my hand leaning down and kissing her deeply, she responded equally.

We started kissing, moaning and squeezing each other as my still semi-solid cock started to harden again. "Oh my god it's getting hard again" she said. "I just can't help it baby", I said. "Maybe you need more than ONE to satisfy you", she said. "ONE what", I asked. She just smiled at me as I continued to look at her. "Come on, ONE WHAT", I asked. "Something I've been thinking about", she said. "You gonna tell me what it is", I asked.

"NOPE, not yet anyway", she said with a smile. Thinking we were taking our chances to continue laying on the couch naked holding each other, which enhanced the excitement, we still thought it prudent to get up and put clothes on. I didn't even bother trying to get out of her whatever it was she was talking about before and figured she's just being a tease. With both of us "satisifed" we watched TV, played video games, and did various individual things around the house.

We were in our indiviual rooms and I was listening to music when my phone beeped a message alert. "want 2 do it ?", read the message. "said i'd text U !", I replied. "later ?", she replied. "will c", I replied. "ok", she replied. I got up and walked down the hall to get something to drink and passing by my sisters room I noticed her feverishly texting away on her phone. She stopped texting and put the phone down when she noticed me looking.

"Have you seen your sneaky little friend lately", I said. "Yeah, she was at the party for awhile yesterday", she said. "Did you mention anything about the "cousin" thing", I said. "NO, what do we know anyway", she said. I just nodded my head and started to walk away and she instantly picked up her phone again and started texting when I stopped and looked at her and she dropped her phone down again. "How close are you and her REALLY", I said. "What do you mean", she said nerviously.

"Well apparently you two shared a lot and I was wondering anything else you two may have "SHARED" "I don't know", she said, shrugging her shoulders. "WHY ?", she said. "Nothing", I said. I started to walk away and she was raising her phone up when I stopped again. "One more thing, I said. She dropped her phone down. "WHAAAAT", she said frustratingly "How long have you been on birth control", I said.

"Since I was 13, WHY !", she said. "Just wondering, making sure", I said with a smile on my face. She rolled her eyes, brought her phone up and started texting. After awhile Mom came home. Sis and I were playing a video game in the living room.

Mom was in the kitchen when she said, "Would you come in here and sit down, there is something serious we need to talk about". Sis and I went to the table and pulled two chairs around where we could sit side by side and across from her. Mom was nervious and fidgety and it was obvious she had something really serious on her mind.

"Look this directly concerns you two and.uh.oh god.uh.I have to stop this".(she looked up and closed her eyes as if to summon courage then took a deep breath). Sis and I looked at each other, she had a fearful look in her eyes, she reached over and put her hand on my leg and squeezed. Mom opened her eyes as she brought her head down looked at us and started again, "There is no easy way to say this but I have to, I just can't deny this anymore.

it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 10. (I'm not altogether sure I'm in the loop on things and I thought I was the one running the show, so to speak. I mean I got it going on for a sex starved teenager and just when I think things will smooth out something comes out of left field and smacks me upside the head. I'm pretty sure all the sex is going to catch up with me in fact I'm afraid it has.

Mom is to fidgety and nervous, we know we have been found out. I'm scrambling in my head on how I'm going to plea and how I will make my case, our case. Sure this is mutual but I'm the oldest and I'm the male. Do I just plead guilty and throw myself on her mercy, plead not guilty by reason of hormonal insanity or plead guilty with an excuse.

What's my excuse ?, UH Mom my excuse is I love her !, and her immediate response would be in the typical sarcastic motherly tone, "all brothers love their sisters that doesn't mean they have sex with them, would you have sex with everyone you love ?".

There is no way I can win, there is no defense, we are screwed (no pun intended). I braced for the absolute inevitable, my sister was digging her nails into my leg and this time, it hurt). .Mom sat in front of us struggling for words when she started again."I know you two".(letting out a big breath) "YOUR FATHER AND I HAVE SEPARATED !", she said. "I know you two can handle this", she said. I wanted to let out a huge breath in relief but how would that look ?. My sister loosened her grip on my leg but held on.

I looked over at Sis her eyes welled with tears and after a few seconds she let go like a waterfall and started sobbing. After consoling Sis the three of us talked, we asked our questions and Mom, withholding certain details of course, tried to explain the reasoning behind the separation.

She referenced the indifference's, the needed time apart, the possibility of working things out, etc, etc. It was a lot to take in and Sis took it really hard.

It was agreed that she would stay with Moms friend for a couple days and that missing school is understandable given the circumstances. Mom went to her room and Sis went to her's to pack a couple things.

I went to see Sis in her room and we talked briefly as she packed and when she was done we looked into each others eyes. "I thought she knew about us", she said. "Yeah, that's what I thought", I said. "I'm gonna miss you" she said. "Me to", I said. She threw her arms around me and we kissed, a long deep kiss, a kiss that had to last a couple of days. We finally broke our kiss and she turned her head and laid it on my chest with her arms wrapped around me.

I had my arms around her with my head resting on her's, smelling her hair and enjoying the feel of her body as my cock began to get hard. Mom walked to her door, "come on, I'll drop you off", she said. We pulled away from each other and they left. I was alone in the house and after holding Sis and smelling her hair I was horny, despite Mom's revelation. I wasn't sure what to do, then it hit me. Maybe I can kill two birds with one stone I thought.

I pulled out my phone and typed, "meet up ?", and pressed send. Within 30 seconds, "on the way", she replied. I smiled thinking alright, maybe I can get a few answers. and then some. I walked out the door and headed to our spot in the woods. She was already there when I showed up. "You kept me waiting ALL DAY", she said. "Well I couldn't break away earlier", I said.

"Mmm, I bet", she said I stood there looking her up and down. I couldn't help it I mean she looked so dam good. At about 115lbs she was certainly slender and a little taller than most 14 year old girls I knew. She had on those tight jeans which followed the slight curve in her hips as well has her small yet pronounced butt. She had a midriff shirt on exposing her tanned, yet ever so slightly curved, stomach which I followed down as it gently descended into the top of her pants right down to her pussy.

I stood there growing harder, I had an urgent need but I had a few questions first. "How long has this been going on between you and my Dad", I asked. "What you saw was it", she said. "You mean to tell me that was the first time, the only time", I asked "That's what I'm saying", she said. "I can't believe that, they split because of you", I said. "Believe what you want, it wasn't anything I did", she said. I stood there looking at her thinking she's right, there is something else, something more but WHAT ?.

She walked up slipping her fingers in my waistband and pulled me towards her, "Did we come here to talk or what", she asked. I looked at her, "BOTH", I said as I took off my shirt. She pulled her shirt off and took mine, turned and bent down to make a place for us. As she was bent over I rubbed my hand over the curve of her tight little ass. Still bent over she turned her head up, "You gonna just stand there or do you want some of it", she said.

I started taking off my pants as she stood and took her's off. Taking off our pants she turned and bent over to lay them out and I grabbed her hips and pressed my hard on against her ass. She stood up and turned to me, " I have something for that", she said pinching a small tube in her fingers. I pulled my underwear off and she got on her knees and took my cock into her mouth. I ran my hand over the top of her head and down the back applying slight pressure each time she took me back in.

After a couple minutes she knew I was at peak hardness so she stopped, stood up and pulled her panties off. She squeezed some lube directly onto me and worked it all around. Then she applied some to her finger and reached around working some onto her hole. "I don't get it back there as much as I would like, just go slow at first, OK !", she said. She got onto her knee's and bent over supporting herself on her forearms with her head touching the ground.

I dropped onto my knee's behind her and lined up. Oh God I wanted her ass so bad. I started breathing hard just from the anticipation, my cock was aching to get inside her puckered little hole. I was oozing pre-cum as I guided myself closer. Placing my meat at her entrance I pushed in, my squishy head pierced her hole which parted and squeezed my cock as it followed it's contour. My cock felt as it was already fully loaded and ready to shoot as I pushed in.

The thickness of the lube combined with the tightness of her little hole made slight creamy smacking sounds as I continued to penetrate her. I made it in just to the thickest part of my cock when she started breathing heavily. She had been holding her breath as I made my initial assault.

I stopped, allowing her to catch her breath. As her breathing eased she turned her head slightly and nodded with approval for me to proceed. I started pushing in again and she raised her head as the thickest part of my cock eased through then she breathed out dropping her head as I continued to push in, stopping as I reached maximum depth. I gripped her slight but firm hips as I eased out to half way then went back in, slowly working in and out of her at first then picking up speed and lengthening my stroke.

I was sawing in and out of her with almost my full length, stopping just before I was all the way out. I was breathing steadily as she breathed out little, 'uh, uh, uh, sounds. Already feeling like I could have exploded into her upon my initial entry I was really feeling the pressure now which caused me to speed up and bring on that sweet relief. I was pounding against her little ass as I bottomed out on each stroke then I began making, "oh, oh, oh, oh, sounds as I feverishly slammed into her.

I felt the cum suddenly racing up my shaft, "OH, OH, OH, I HAVE TO CUUUUUUUMMMMM !, shouted out. I tried to squeeze closed but my muscles were not responding to my command nor could I stop pumping in and out of her as my cum started to flow, I was powerless to stop it.

I let out a loud, OHHHH, OHHHH, OHHHH, as my cock muscles suddenly and involuntarily kept opening and closing as I was shooting into her while continuing to pump in and out. Finally willing my cock muscles to close I kept pumping in and out of her and built some pressure then I pushed deep into her ass and released my muscles letting out a last satisfying stream while I breathed out an, "OHHHHHHHHHHH !".

I held myself in until I knew I was done. I pulled out and sat back catching my breath as she stayed bent over with her head on the ground, her body less tensed as cum dribble out of her hole. After a minute she sat up with her back still to me she took in a breath, "You like it don't you" as she turned her head back to look at me. "Dam right I do, as much as I like the other", I said. "You convinced me", she said.

With that we got up and started getting dressed. As we finished getting dressed she said, "we'll have to do THAT again". "And then some", I said, looking right at her. "Absolutely", she said, nodding her head.

As she turned to walk away she said, "text me". I looked at her as she walked away and after a few seconds, "Count On It", I replied. With my sexual need filled (for the time being anyway) my mind was clear to focus on other things.

I took my time walking back home and thought about everything that was happening, everything I was doing or thinking about doing. After about an hour or so I made my way on home. Mom still hadn't made it back yet so I fixed something to eat and watched TV. It was getting late in the evening so I went to take a shower. Being alone I left the bathroom door slightly opened and had just stepped in the shower when I heard movement, "MOM", I called out.

"Yeah, it's me sweetie", she said. "Are you OK !", I asked. "I'm.fine", she said. "You sure", I said. There was a bit of silence then, "Honey I want to talk to you about.last night", she said. I was silent, I didn't know what my response should be so I just stood there under the running water and waited for her. "I'm sorry baby, I'm so sorry.for.what I.

did", she said sobbing. "MOM, you didn't do anything that.", I said as she cut me off. "Honey, your a young. man and I understand. the urges can be.overwhelming.

I should have.stopped", she said between sobs. "I was so sad and lonely. it felt so holding me.looking at me. Honey I haven't had anyone look at me like that. in a long time. It made me feel. good and needed.wanted !, she said still sobbing. I was getting frustrated with her taking the "blame" and talking to me like a stupid kid that didn't know what he was doing or one who couldn't control himself.

With me in the shower and not facing her I felt brave in speaking out. "Mom, I knew what I was doing OK !. I think your a pretty, sexy woman. I wanted to hold you, to feel you, to.I mean who the hell wouldn't want you.

I'M NOT SORRY AND I'D DO IT AGAIN !, I responded in a raised voice. I stood there thinking, "OH SHIT", seems I can't control my dam mouth. It was dead quiet except for the water running, I continued to stand there thinking, "I'm Toast". Thinking I really "did it now" I began to soap up and finish then I would deal with the aftermath when I was done and got out. I was wetting my hair when the shower curtain opened. I turned as she entered.

She stood before me as I ran my eyes up and down her wonderful tanned body. I noticed she had a dreamy look in her eyes as I took her all in. She loved the fact that I was practically drooling over her glorious naked body. She put her arms on my shoulders and walked up to me then stopped when my cock poked into her stomach.

She quickly looked down then slowly back up as I was looking back at her with desire. She kept her eyes locked on mine as she descended to her knee's. With neither of us breaking eye contact she took my rock hard shaft in her hand and held it as she slowly brought her mouth close and took me in.

I was taking deep breaths now as we continued to look at each other while she began taking me in and out. As she reached the halfway point of my throbbing cock and increased her suction I rolled my eyes up while leaning my head back and brought my hands to each side of her head.

She starting taking me deeper and deeper until she had me in her throat. She was talented and experienced, she was showing me her appreciation regarding my reverence of her body.

She kept throating me and I was surprised that I didn't feel the need to cum already. I was thoroughly enjoying the work she was expertly performing on me. After several minutes she pulled off of me and stood as I looked at her, now I was the one with the dreamy look in my eyes. Her lips formed a slight but proud smile as we continued to look at each other.

With our eyes locked I reached behind me to turn off the water. I was worried if my eyes left her's at just that moment then a spell would be broken and realizing what happened we would come to our senses and refrain from what was to happen next.

I reached and opened the curtain then broke eye contact before we stepped out. I grabbed a towel and began to dry her off, as she turned around I dried her back then began giving her kisses starting at the back of her neck then across her back then on top of each shoulder all the while running my hands down each side of her body and around her waist.

I brought my hands up to her beautiful soft boobs and squeezed each one while I continued planting kisses on her shoulders as she leaned her head back. I stopped and she turned around, she wasn't looking at my face, rather she was looking at my chest, "honey, maybe we shouldn't.", she began to say. I cut her off when I put my fingers under her chin, forcing her head up to look at me. I wanted to look in her eyes to see if she REALLY didn't want to.

Confident, I grabbed her wrist and turned around pulling her with me and led her to my room. I sat on the bed with her wrist in my hand while she stood there. I tugged a little and she turned and sat next to me while looking straight out as if willing her need to stop.

I was intent on continuing so I leaned over and began kissing her shoulder while my arms went around her. I gently forced her to lay back. I turned up the heat when I positioned myself and started to suck and bite her nipples while I reached down ran a hand over her mound. As her breathing picked up she began to let out squeaky little moans that sounded like, "oh, oh, oh, oh", (which may have been no, no, no, no) but I continued to work my way down while kissing her stomach.

Her legs still laid straight out so I began to move them apart as I leaned down to lick at her slit. She wasn't helping yet not resisting as I opened them up enough to allow myself the access I wanted. I gently lapped at her pussy while her breathing became labored.

Her hands where on the top of my head and she was lightly pushing. Knowing I had her sufficiently wet I was ready to be inside her. As I positioned myself and began to mount her she brought her hands to my chest, pushing with light pressure and kept murmuring, "i'm weak, i'm so weak.i'm so weak. I reached down and placed my cock at her entrance and pushed in and immediately began to pump. Her breathing picked up more and she pushed on my chest a little harder.

With no willpower left she finally succumbed to her desire, her need, and picked her legs up and back, "TAKE ME BABY, TAKE CARE OF MOMMY", she said. Her legs now opened fully, plus her words, drove me into a fury. I started stroking deep into her. I was holding myself up with my arms straight down at her sides and her hands were now around my back just under my shoulders and she was dug in.

I was going at her in full gallop as I got closer and closer. "OH BABY YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL COCK", "FUCK ME BABY, FUCK ME, FUCK MOMMA'S PUSSY WITH YOUR BEAUTIFUL COCK, she screamed. I increased my thrusts, slamming into her pelvis each time I bottomed out. "OH HONEY, YOUR GONNA MAKE ME CUM.I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING, "UHHHHHHHHHHH", she moaned. I felt her cum wash over my cock as I pounded into her.

I was there but holding it, trying to delay it as long as I could so I could enjoy it and shoot as much as I could and as deep as I could inside her. "MOM, I CAN'T HOLD IT, UH UH UH, I HAVE TO.", I said, as she cut me off.

"HONEY I WANT TO TASTE YOU, CUM IN MOMMIES MOUTH", she said. I pulled out and moved up her, as she picked up her head I guided my cock to her mouth. As she opened her mouth to take me I let go, "OHHHHHHH", I screamed out, just as the first stream shot into her mouth.

She wrapped her lips around my cock and started sucking hard as I threw my head back and let out another, "AHHHHHH MOMMA, EAT MY CUM", as I blasted into her sucking mouth. I leaned my head down concentrating and holding as she sucked more and I let out a final, "OHHH, OHHH, OHHH", as I squeezed the last of it.

Out of breath I stayed there on one knee leaning over her holding myself up with one arm while holding my cock with the other as she had her lips wrapped tight around my cock, sucking every last drop she could get.

Finally spent I pulled out and fell beside her. She laid on her back, "MMMMM baby, you taste goooood !", she said, as I could hear her slightly lick and smack her lips. I don't know why but this time I didn't mind that we were touching in fact I felt I needed to, heck I wanted to touch her, touch and feel her more. I rolled on my side towards her as she rolled putting her back to me. I snuggled up behind her putting an arm over her and pulling her back to me while planting soft kisses on her back.

This was my appreciation of her and for her. I wasn't sure if this was a portent as we laid in that position and fell asleep. As I was drifting off I hoped after sleep wouldn't come regret. There was none from me however, you never know what the other person is thinking, will think or will do. it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 11. (WOW. I really have a situation now. It started by having sex with my sister. Now Dad and Mom have split and I'm having sex with her. I have my girlfriend then of course I have my little "hook up's" with the girl who is not only my sisters friend but presumably our "cousin".

I'm really stretching it so perhaps I should consider thinning the herd a bit or if nothing else perhaps I need to take a break !. Sure I'm thinking I need a break at this moment as I lay here feeling completely spent after our session.


Perhaps I will feel different in the morning after all, I'm young and I can rejuvenate quickly. I also think differently when I "need relief". It's amazing what you can do, let alone what you can justify, when your "under pressure", so to speak). I woke up just as I fell asleep, snuggled up to her back with my arm draped over her. I don't think either of us moved an inch, except for my cock, which has a mind of it's own.

As usual it was rock hard and now and it was wedged between the bed and her butt. Now that I was awake I was uncomfortable with it like that so I eased back and it sprang up. I scooted towards her and my cock poked at her butt. I pushed into her crack as it slid down and nestled in.

She moaned then moved her hips forward slightly. She reached back and grabbed my cock, stroking it just a little. "Oh honey lets take care of that", she said. She rolled over then scooted down and took me into her mouth. I laid there and moaned out a soothing, "OHHHHHH", and as she worked I put a hand on the top of her head pushing.

I I wanted to cum and I wanted to be as deep in her mouth (or pussy) as I could but just as long I was was relieved. I rolled onto my back then after a minute she pulled off and straddled me. She raised up and guided me to her pussy then sat back, impaling herself on my shaft. My hands went to her butt and I pushed as she rode me up and down.

"OH BABY YOU ARE SO HARD", she said. I was almost wheezing from the stimulation as her soft inner folds encased my throbbing cock. I was pushing her up as far as possible, wanting to feel her with every inch of my rock hard shaft plus I was getting close already. Close hell, I was there. "UH, UH, UH, UH", I moaned loudly as I pushed, begging her to pick up the pace. "MOM, I'M GONNA CUUUUUUMMMMM., OHHHHHHHHH", I shouted, as I began to shoot into her. "CUM IN ME BABY, FILL UP MOMMIES PUSSY HONEY", she said.

"AHHHHHHH, AHHHHHH, AHHHHHHH", OH MOM, I groaned. "OH BABY, I CAN FEEL IT SHOOTING IN ME", she said. She sat back with me still in her and squeezed as she extracted the remainder from me.

When it was done I let out a final, "uhhhhhhh", oh that felt good, I really needed that", I said. "Well I know how young men are in the morning, it's nice to get a little relief first thing, makes for a great start to the day", she said She pulled off and stood up,"You need to get ready for school and I have to go to work", she said. Thinking I may get out of it for a few days I thought it better not to argue so I got up and headed for the shower.

Afterwords I dressed and headed out the door as I heard her in her room showering and getting ready. Trying to stay focused in school was tough, it was almost impossible.

I was consumed with thoughts of, well you know "the usual", plus I was trying to prognosticate. With things in constant flux it was pointless to even try and predict what could happen next. It wasn't as much as trying to predict but where I was steering this, where did I want this to go, what future did I want, what future was I making, etc ?.

In between classes I ran into my girlfriend. She kissed me then pulled back looking at me, "mmm, I need you", she said. I closed my eyes trying to stay out of sex mode. Like I needed this stimulation, said my inner voice sarcastically. "It's been crazy, I know we haven't had a chance to talk and."stuff", I said. "I know, sorry about your parents" (the bell rang) "gotta go, she said as she ran down the hall. I stood there looking at her run with her ass jiggling slightly while I was thinking, "mmm, I have to get me some of that", then it hit me, "how the hell did she know about my parents, we haven't talked ?".

I opened my mouth to ask then thought there isn't enough time. I finished out the school day while thinking about my girlfriend.or girlfriends, I thought, as I laughed inside. After running into her earlier, with her being suggestive and all, plus all the nice pretty things walking around school all day and my own thoughts and needs, I was as stimulated as I could get right now. School was done, FINALLY !.

I walked looking for my girlfriend figuring she would be in the parking lot. I pulled out my phone and texted, "where u", then pushed send. After a couple minutes my phone beeped. "had 2 go c u later !", she replied. FUCK !, I said on the inside. I was horny but now I'm pissed. I wanted to text a reply but didn't, I just began to walk.

I wasn't in the best of moods now. All I could think was "Dam that bitch". I walked as if on automatic, not even cognizant of where I was being consumed with extracting some revenge and all.

I walked along, eyes to the ground thinking next time I'll just "hate fuck" her. A voice broke my concentration, "Hey mister", she said. I stopped, picked my head up closed my eyes and drew in a breath.

No longer horny but in pissed off mode I opened my eyes as I breathed out then turned and my mood immediately softened. She was wearing shorts and a spagetti strap top, both of which displayed her tanned and lean slender body. "You seem a little stressed, maybe I can help", she said as she raised her eyebrows. I stood there for a few seconds without reply. "Yeah, maybe you can", I said, nodding my head.

I walked towards her then she turned and walked as I followed. As I admired the view before me it didn't take long to get back into horny mode, I was getting stiffer as we walked. I wanted EVERYTHING she had. As we rounded the dense foliage that provided the privacy for "our spot" I saw a blanket on the ground. She was already prepared I thought as she stopped and turned to me. She got up close and said, "we have plans for you".

I caught movement from the corner of my eye as she grabbed my wrists and started walking backwards, pulling me with her. My immediate thought was "shit, this is a trap of some kind". I stood there aprehensive but my tension eased after I looked from one to the other as they both smiled. As I was letting myself be pulled down to the blanket by this slender little seductress, "your quite the stud muffin", I heard from behind me.

Then I was descended upon. I thought "this can't be happening, please let this is be happening". I willfully complied as I was being stripped naked. My cock was being engulfed by one as the other planted her pussy onto my face.

I lapped at that cunt like a dog while running my hands up and squeezing those soft titties. I was busy with my dick being sucked while I had a dripping cunt mashed down on my face then after a few minutes of licking, she began moaning, "oh, oh, oh. She reached down and grabbed my hair, pulling my face in deeper as she began rocking her hips and moaning, mmmmmmmmm, then she caught a breath and let out a, "UHHHHHHHHHHH !" as I was rewarded with a drenching bath of hot jizz.

I laid there with jizz coating my face and dripping off my chin as she rocked on my mouth and finished squirting while I felt the other one with her sweet little mouth pull off my cock. Being done, she let go of my hair got up and pivoted around to straddle me. She raised up and fully grabbed my cock with her hand. Sufficiently wet she plunged down taking me all the way in. She leaned forward placing her hands on the ground and rocked on me taking as much of my cock as she could while I had my hands pushing on her ass.

As I laid there being fucked I looked to my side as the other girl pulled her shorts and spagetti strap shirt off. I eyed her lean slender body while she looked down at me smiling. "You enjoying this mister", she said. "OH YEAH", I said. She stepped over me and lowered to her knees, her little cunt hovering just above me. "Now it's my turn", she said. She lowered herself to my mouth and I started licking.

I moved my hands and now had them running up her back and around the front to rub across her tits. She kept herself off of me as I teased her little cunt lips while alternately flicking my tongue across her clit. I was in bliss having my first threesome. Looking up at her she had her head level, eyes lightly closed and mouth slightly open taking in shallow breaths.

I licked at her sweet little pussy for several minutes and continued to run my hands up and down her slender body as she slowly leaned her head back while her breathing stayed steady, she was getting close. Sensing that my light teasing of her lips and clit was what she wanted I didn't increase rather I stayed steady with what I was doing.

I was close myself, the pressure was built up inside my shaft but I had complete control and kept myself closed tight as I saivored the feel of my cock pistonning in and out. I looked up again as I licked, her head was all the way back now, she had her hands on her legs and her breathing picked up. She never made a sound she only started taking quick breaths as it built up in her. She took in a last breath and held it. I raised my head up and placed my open mouth over her mound and licked her slit as she let out a slow breath.

Instead of a gush her sweet juice dripped into my mouth. I pulled my head back and licked her entire slit trying to get as much as I could. I rolled my eyes back and loosened up and let out, "UHHHHHHHHH", as a stream of cum shot from my peehole. She kept rocking on me as I squeezed closed then let loose and and moaned, "AHHHHHHHH", as another streamed of sticky cum coated the inside of the cunt my cock was in.

With a final, OHHHHHHHH, BABY !", I let loose what I had left. She slowed then stopped rocking on me as I finished licking the pussy that was above my face. She pulled off of my cock breathing and turned around and took my slowly deflating cock in her mouth.

I was soaked down there, a mixture of juice and cum dripping off my balls as she worked to clean me off. Before she pulled her pussy from over my face she looked down at me, gave the side of my face a few pats with her hand and said, "your good". Then she stood up and started to get dressed while I was still having my balls and cock sucked and licked clean by the other.

My sisters friend finnished dressing then look down at me, winked and mouthed a silent "later" then turned and walked off. I didn't figure this happening. I laid there in amazement while remembering my thoughts from this morning about predictions, what can happen, what I want to happen, where am I going with this and how to steer things, etc. STEER !, hell I'm not sure if I'm doing any driving. I don't know where it's going but I sure like the ride, so far. I sat up and looked down while shaking my head side to side.

With a smile on my face I finally looked up at her, "You are SO naughty", I said. "I KNEW you were able to handle it", she said grinning back at me. "You know I have a ton of questions", I said. "I know you do", she said. "OK, tell me about you two girls", I said. She just looked at me, keeping me in suspense.

it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 12. I couldn't believe it. I have dreamed about it and fantasized about countless scenarios but did I ever think I would have sex with two girls at the same time.

It was easy to imagine my sisters friend being into it but my girlfriend ??. I thought my sister may have been cooking up something like this, hell I was hoping she was, but what just happened took me by complete surprise. I sat there after having my first three way with my sisters little friend and my girlfriend. My girlfriend just smiled at me, keeping me in suspense regarding my question which was "how in the hell did those two even know each other". I couldn't have imagined my girlfriend being a participant in a three way with me.

We got dressed then sat back down on the blanket and talked. Turns out that my girlfriends brother knows my sisters friends brother and thats who's house she stopped at when her and I were on our way to go swimming the other day. She explained to me that her and the girl have been talking and they kind of just "hit it off".

She said she found the girl to be quite provocative for her age and when the subject of sex came up she said they found they shared similar interests. I wondered what else they shared ?. She also explained that when her and I stopped at that house to drop something off for her brother the other day is when the girl saw me in the car and they put it all together as to who knew who and things took off from there.

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She also heard through the girl that that my parents had split. That made me wonder what all my girlfriend did know, what else had she been told ?. Looking at my girlfriend I nervously asked, "so what is it exactly you heard that you think I'm a "stud muffin", as you put it".

"I know about you and her, duh", she said. I dropped my eyes to the ground with some relief that her and the girl didn't share EVERYTHING. As she started to speak I looked back to her. "She told me all kinds of things, like how much you enjoy getting a girl in the ass, she said you were aggressive which I certainly knew and we both like that but also figured you needed some in return", she said. I just smiled and rolled my eyes.

I know about you and your sister", she said. I looked at her wide eyed, not knowing what to expect. She just looked at me and shrugged her shoulders like "no big deal". "Its' nothing a lot of us haven't done or experimented with", she said. I looked at her just nodding my head while thinking is she making some kind of confession with that statement ?. "I figured if you had that much action going on, that I know about, then you could certainly handle the two of us at the same time", she said.

She mentioned that she liked what happened but did still want one on one time with me. We finished talking, she offered me a ride home but I declined. I started walking home and thinking about our conversation and all the revelations. I pulled my phone out and texted Sis to check up on her. We texted how much we missed each other plus that she would be back home tomorrow and she emphasized the need for her and I to "spend some time together", which I certainly agreed.

I've been having plenty of sex but I needed something that only she could give me, that we could give each other. We needed to make love. I started growing hard. By the time I got home Mom was there and in the kitchen, busy at the counter. She had just arrived a few minutes before I did and hadn't even changed from her work clothes.

She had been recently promoted at work and had to wear more business type attire. She had on an outfit I haven't seen before. She stood before me in a black business dress, which conformed to her shape and accentuated her waist and hips. The low cut shirt certainly didn't help hide her ample breasts plus the blazer she had on conformed to her waist and upper body.

She had on high heels, her dark hair was pulled back and fastened and she wore a pair of black rimmed glasses. I just stood there looking her up and down.

"So what do you think", she asked, as she held her arms out and spun around. "Oh Mom, you look so HOT !". She frowned and rolled her eyes up, "Typical guy", she said, as she turned back to the counter to continue what she was doing.

"Don't BS me, thats the reaction you shoot for by wearing an outfit like that", I said. She turned her head slightly and had a smile on her face. I walked up behind her pressing my groin against her ass while running my hands around her waist. She smacked my hand. "Go get a shower you are sweaty and smelly. I'm going to change and finish supper", she said.

I walked away thinking, if she only knew how I got sweaty and smelly. I was laughing inside as I headed to the bathroom. The rest of the evening was typical. We ate, she did some work, I surfed the internet, we watched TV, etc, until it was time for bed. I was anticipating "getting some" but I couldn't interpret her level of interest and resigned myself to let her be the lead. She turned off the TV and got up and started to head towards her room.

Thinking it's not going to happen tonight I got up to head to my room up. I got about two steps when she said, "Honey, you want to stay in here tonight". I turned and she was standing at her door looking at me. "Sure, I'll be right there", I said. I didn't have anything I needed to do but I headed to my room to give her a few minute plus I didn't want to look assumtive.

I walked back to her room and I heard her busy in her bathroom. I undressed and got under the covers. She walked out with a very sexy nightie on and stood there while I took her in. "You like", she said. I just laid there still taking her in as she crawled up on the bed straddling my feet, reached up and pulled my cover down.

My cock sprang up as the cover was pulled over it. She looked down at my cock slightly rocking back and forth then she looked up and our eyes met, "Yeah, I think you like", she said. Pulling her nightie off over her head and tossing it to the floor she crawled higher, turned around and positioned herself for a 69.

She took my meat deep into her mouth as I pulled her cunt to my face. I reached out to tease her with my tongue and gave her little flicks up and down her slit. She started taking me in deeper then pulled me back out, sucked hard on my head then plunging back down throating me.

She then begun to flex her hips in the typical fuck motion. I started fully licking her cunt from top to bottom and she pulled off of my cock and let out an, "OHHHHHHH !, MMMMMMMM, UHHHHHH !", then it was like she stopped breathing then with an, "AHHHHHHHHH !", she flooded my face as I continued to lap at her drenched cunt.

I scooted from under her and positioned myself behind her, placing my hardened tool at her sopping wet gash. I pushed into her and kept going until I bottomed out. I stopped to enjoy the feel of being deep in her with her cunt gripping my cock. I grabbed her hips and started pumping in and out of her. I thought I was doing just fine when she raised her head and started fucking back at me and rocking her hips.

I n a desperate voice she said, "FUCK ME, I JUST NEED YOU TO FUCK ME". I immediately dug my fingers in, picked up the pace and started slamming into her, HARD. I was fucking her with all I had and which caused her to shudder then start moaning, "OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OHHHHHH, OH BABY YOUR FUCKING ME !", then I felt her get wetter as she came again.

I had different intentions so with my mind on other things I didn't feel the need to cum, YET. While I fucked her I rubbed my thumb over her anus then inserted a finger. I could tell she had plenty back there in the day and I was aching to have my cock in her ass. I slowed the beating I was giving her pussy with the intent on making the transition to get my cock in her puckered brown hole. I was pumping my finger in and out of her ass while I fucked her pussy.

I felt things were ready plus I was breathing hard from the anticipation of what was to come. I stopped and pulled my cock out of her soaked cunt and placed it at her asshole. "OH BABY, I WONDERED IF YOU WERE EVER GOING TO DO THIS", she said. She remained bent all the way over and had her head on the bed. I stayed on one knee and planted my other foot beside her then raised up as high as I could to line up then push into her, she had no problem taking my girth as I pushed to the fattest part of my cock then I stopped.

"DO IT", she said. With that I pushed in to my entire length. I pulled back to start pumping her when she said, "GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE IT TO ME BABY". I got off my one knee and planted my feet beside her in the squat position.

I moved my hands up to grasp her waist and I started fucking deep into her butt. I was taking FULL strokes and was in instant heaven. She kept moaning, "UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, UH, as I fucked in and out of her hole.

After a minute I felt it rise within me and I started fucking her harder and faster. Without additional lube things were beginning to dry out. I was close, there was no stopping me. I pounded away wanting nothing more than to shoot deep inside her. "HONEY, YOU NEED TO FINISH UP", she said with a strained voice. "I"M GONNA DO IT MOM, UH, UH, UH, UH, UH", I moaned out. I concentrated on shooting and my legs were burning as I pounded a little harder to bring it on.

"HURRY BABY, HURRY IT UP", she screamed out. "I HAVE TO CUM, OH MOM I"M CUMMING, UH, UH, UH, UH, OHHHHHHHHH, I moaned out as I thrust deep and held it as I blasted thick sticky goo into her.

I continued to hold it in as another equally powerful blast shot deep into her guts. I continued to hold it in as I squeezed a few more squirts into her before pulling out and sitting back.

She slid forward and laid out with her arms stretched out to each side. I finally fell back breathing and stretched my legs out to help dispel the burning in my calves. After several minutes we recuperated and got under the covers. She talked about how she had the need but hadn't had sex like this in a long time and how much she enjoyed what I did for her and to her.

After a while we drifted off to sleep. When we woke up in the morning she got on top and took care of my morning wood before we had to get ready for school and work. I knew this was going to be another tough day trying to concentrate on school, Sis was coming home today. Between the time school got out and Mom made it from work Sis and I only had an hour and a half or so, and of course we could sneak some in tonight when Mom slept. With school finally done I walked home. Upon walking in it appeared I was the only one home, I wonder where Sis is I thought.

I went to my room and when I walked in the door shut behind me, I turned to see Sis standing there naked. She has certainly been spending time naked in the tanning bed I thought, not a tan line anywhere She walked up and threw her arms around my neck as I ran my hands down her sides the let them drift over the curve of her butt and I squeezed her cheeks as we kissed.

"I've been about to explode, I've missed you so much", she said. I pulled a hand around and ran it over her pussy while leaning my head down to kiss her neck and top of her shoulder. She pulled me closer and whispered in my ear, "make love to me". I pulled back and began to undo my pants as she unbuttoned my shirt. She was helping me, rushing me to undress.

We stood before each other naked then we got on the bed and while she was on her knees I got up behind her and reached around to massage her titties while I kissed her neck and back. She was leaning back against me with her head leaned to the side reaching her arms behind her to grab my waist and pull me closer. I continued kissing her back then started to run my hand up and down her wonderful body. As I reached her pussy and ran a finger along her slit, she took in a breath.

She was wet and the sensation of my finger touching her clit sent shivers up her back. She was ready so I stopped and leaned back. She turned and began to lay down. I followed her down and positioned myself on top of her. I reached down and worked my cock up and down her cunt then stopped at her entrance and pushed in. With me on my forearms we locked fingers and stared into each others eyes as I started to work in and out of her.

This felt so good to me, to have her body touching mine, to be in her, I just wanted to melt. My eyes explored hers and as the intensity of our lovemaking picked up we began kissing, deep soft kisses as I continued a steady rhythm in and out of her. I was fully enjoying the feel of being inside my sweet little sister.

We closed our eyes and pulled our hands apart. She put her arms around me than ran her hands down to my lower back and began pulling me into her. I've been wanting her, needing her for days and I wanted to hold off but the passion, the feel of her body and the action of her cunt made it impossible. I tried to get it off my mind but the need to cum was quickly overpowering my want to delay. We stopped kissing and I sped up just a little to bring on the inevitable. She moved her hands to my shoulders and began to gently dig her nails in.

My back straightened as my thrusts picked up even more. Cum fill my shaft but I held it as the pressure built. Her hot juice flooded my cock just as I was near the point of release. "Cum in me", she said softly.

That was it for me, I let loose and began to spray inside her. "I LOVE YOU", I said, as the first spurt left my cock. I pumped in and out as I continued to spray inside her until I was spent. When I was done we began to hug, kiss and lay there wrapped in each others arms as we confessed our undying love for each other.

Enjoying the feel of each others body we took note that 40 minutes had passed and that we didn't have long before Mom would be home. The passion began to pick up again as we continued to hold each other and started to kiss. She pulled her head away and with a smile, "I know what you like, I know what you want", she said. I ran my hand down to her nice plump butt and caressed it as we looked at each other.

"It's like your reading my mind", I said. We broke our hold, she rolled out of bed and said, "be right back". She went to her room and was back in an instant with some lube in her hand. She got on the bed and knelt facing me and worked some lube onto my cock. She worked her hand up and down my shaft, it felt so good.

"MMMM", I moaned, as she continued to work me until she knew it was rock hard. She turned her back to me and straddled me.

She moved up as high as she could as I had one hand on her butt pushing her up higher and the other hand on my cock to line up and she eased down onto me. She was tight and hasn't had it much back there so I held my cock steady as she lowered herself down. As the head of my cock was being flattened by the pressure she applied I watched as her hole began to stretch and I pushed up and entered her and let out an, "ohhhhhhh".

The feel of her anus snapped tight around my cock was intense. I placed each hand on her hips as she began to ease herself down. She started rocking and I didn't try to force any more into her I just let her get used to it.

After a few little strokes I was ready for more and was about to increase my grip and pull her in as I pushed up but she suddenly sat more upright, which helped the alignment, and taking a breath she lowered herself down more. She took me in past the thickest part of my cock and continued to work herself up and down. I was breathing very hard now from the feel of her incredibly tight hole squeezing my cock.

She continued to work and was taking me in deeper and deeper with every descent. I was pushing against her butt to get her up as high as possible then letting her come down on me then I pushed my hips up as she came back down and my cock was buried in her ass. To be deep inside my sisters plump ass as she worked herself up and down my shaft was more than I could take.

She wanted me as deep in her as much as I wanted it. She was driving me wild the way she was riding me and when I couldn't stand it anymore, I tensed up and, "UH, UH, UH, I HAVE TO CUUUUUUM", I shouted. I pulled her hips and thrust myself up into her as I let go. It felt like I shot a continuous stream that slowly lost pressure and when it quit I gave my cock a few squeezes with my muscles then she tightened up and slowly pulled off of me.

I laid there catching my breath as she got on her side next to me and started running her hand over my chest and giving me little kisses on my shoulder.

She laid there looking at me, finally caught up I turned my head to face her, "that was incredible", I said. "There's going to be more of this, a lot more, I LOVE YOU" she said. "I LOVE YOU TO", I said. She got up and went to the bathroom and I figured I better get up and clean up a bit before Mom got home. As I waited for Sis to get out of the bathroom I started to wonder how all this was going to work out. Mom and I had our sessions when nobody was around but how is that going to work now that all three of us are home.

Will Mom want to sneak in some late at night and what about Sis and I. I never even thought about the logistics of it all until this moment. I wondered about the implications of not only Mom finding out but what would Sis think, what would she do, what would I do. I just laid there thinking how is this going to work. it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 13. (What was a boy to do, what am I going to do ?. I was so consumed with sex well, young lust for the most part that I have created a situation ripe for disaster.

You know the saying: "don't shit where you eat". I feel I've done just that and my only hope is that my shit will be like fertilizer and something beautiful will grow from it. One one hand it's not like Mom and I have talked and worked out "the details" of how, when, where or even IF we would continue our rendezvous.

Sis wouldn't expect a different late night routine so maybe things would work out ?. This kept going through my mind during and after Sis and I cleaned up from our last session). Mom arrived home and the three of us performed the usual routine of dinner, which Mom seemed to be unusually quiet while we ate.

Afterwords we all went to the living room and watched some TV. Being a horny teenager I couldn't help but eye the two females around me.

Mom kept on her business dress, complete with high heels and glasses, which was driving me crazy. Sis wore her typical jogging shorts and a tank top, looking so delicious.

I thought who wouldn't want a couple of hot females under the same roof. I let my previous worries slip away and fantasized about these two who I loved the most and having one then the other or even.!, I shook my head and thought "not likely". It was a nice thought and it would be so HOT !, I was getting myself worked up.

As we sat watching TV I looked at Mom who was still quiet and contemplative. She finally got up and went to her room to shower and change which would give Sis and I an opportunity to talk. I was about ready to speak when her phone beeped and she started texting, I just sat back watching TV until Sis finished and I was getting ready to speak when Mom came out of her room. There she stood freshly scrubbed, her long dark hair glistened with moisture and she had that short robe on.

I looked over at Sis who was on the couch, already scantily dressed she had her knees up to her chest and feet planted apart, which drew my eyes right to her crotch. I looked back to Mom as she walked to the couch and sat down, her robe riding up showing plenty of leg.

She just sat there looking pensive. I couldn't take it anymore as my earlier thoughts about each of them, combined with their attire and posture, was causing my cock to rise.

Being a teen I was used to the frustration of observing some eye candy while conjuring up sexual scenarios then go pound one out. I jumped up and, "I'll see you two later", I said. Neither of them said a word as I headed out the door.

I walked as my girlfriend and I texted back and forth for a little bit then wrote she was busy with "family stuff" and she had to go and we would get together soon. After her and I finished texting I started to put the phone in my pocket then pulled it out to send a message to my sisters friend and typed: "want 2 meet up ?" and pressed send. The anticipation of getting a quickie with my sisters friend didn't help my condition, then my phone beeped: "cant", she replied. That answer actually helped soften my raging hard on.

"2 bad", I wrote. "tell me bout it", she replied. "another time", I wrote. She replied with a string of smiley face emoticons. I just kicked around a bit more then went back home. When I walked in I heard Mom and Sis talking in the living room, I turned heading towards my room when Mom said, "Could you come in here". I walked into the living room thinking, "oh boy, what is it".

I sat in the chair across from the couch where Mom and Sis were sitting. Mom had a different demeanor now, she seemed "pleasant", I glanced at Sis who also had a pleasant look on her face.

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Seeing their faces and manner put me at ease. I wasn't currently in the mood to speak, let alone listen but I resigned myself to sit there and get through whatever this was. Mom seemed almost thrilled to talk as she looked at me and began to speak. "Prior and recent.uhhh, happenings have created certain.mmm, challenges for us. While this still brings .uhhh, implications for the near future, things are what they are and they can be dealt with", she said.

I sat there thinking "why is she dragging out whatever it is, just spit it out and lets go on". My eyes were focused on the couch and not on either of them but I noticed Mom and Sis look at each other then Mom looked back in my direction. "Honey, it was decided that we should share", she said. I looked up at her with a blank stare, "uh huh", I said as I continued to look at her while waiting for clarity.

I glanced at Sis who had a smile on her face then she rolled her eyes, looked at me, "She knows.WE KNOW !", she said. The blood felt like it drained from my body and I went numb. My eyes darted from Mom to Sis and in between. I searched for a sign that what I heard and was thinking was actually something entirely different, something I haven't caught on to yet.

Mom spoke up, "Honey it's OK", she said. I looked at Sis who just nodded her head at me, she glanced at Mom then got up and walked to her room.

I turned my head to follow her as she passed by me. Looking back to Mom, "it's time for bed", she said and cocked her head towards the bedroom door. I sat there for a minute before walking into her room. I was still in disbelief as I walked into the bedroom. Mom was coming out of her bathroom with something in her hand, "come here, there is something you need to know", she said.

She showed me a pregnancy test, my eyebrows raised, "Sis" ?, I asked with raised eyebrows. She shook her head and my mouth dropped open. "You mean, YOU", I asked. She nodded, "That's right, daddy !", she said. "Are you sure that it wasn't., I started to ask then she cut me off.

"He had a vasectomy long ago, so long that I forgot about the possibility of even getting pregnant", she said. I didn't know what to do or say but along with my expanding disbelief came a certain stirring inside, this was kind of HOT !. "Honey, I've known about you and your sister for quite some time and she's the love of your life, isn't she?", she asked. "YES", I said. "And with what happened between us you love me to, don't you sweetie", she asked. "VERY MUCH", I said.

She looked down and smiled while lightly shaking her head side to side, then in a soft tone like she was talking to herself, "the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree", she said. "How's that", I asked. "I guess I expected you would follow in your fathers footsteps, maybe its genetic", she said.

All kinds of scenarios were running through my head at that point. What exactly did she mean, what was she referring to and is it even in context to anything I'm thinking. "Mom, what are you talking about", I asked. "I figured you and your sister to fall for each other, that's what happened with your father.

and me", she said. My eyes went wide, did she say what I thought she said, is she saying what I think she's saying. You mean you and Dad are.BROTHER AND SISTER ?", I asked as Mom nodded her head yes.

I stepped back and sat on the bed, my head was spinning yet, oddly I thought, I was also filled with desire and some pride. I mean Mom was still young at 33 yrs old so having a baby at her age was fine. She sat down next to me, her robe riding up exposing her smooth legs caused a natural reaction in me, I was getting hard. "Lets lay down and relax, I know this is a lot to take in", she said. Se got up and switched off the light as I stood up to undress. I looked on the other side of the bed as she stood and took off her robe while silhouetted in front of the window.

Seeing her profile made me even harder. We crawled in bed and she scooted closer to me and reached out, brushing my cock with her hand. "MMMM baby, just like your father, nothing can keep you "down", she said while squeezing my boner. With that she lowered her head down and positioned herself. "This will relax you and help you sleep", she said, as she took me into her warm wet mouth. She began to gently take me in and out.

I place my hands on each side of her head and let out a barely audible, "ohhhhhh mommaaaaa". She was soothing my aching cock, gliding her tongue along the bottom of my shaft, teasing my head with the tip of her tongue then sucking me back in which cause me to loudly moan, " OHHHHHHHHH GOD THAT FEELS GOOOOOOD".

She worked harder with every moan and grunt I was making. With many years of practice she enjoyed the appreciation she received for her talent. It was feeling really good and the pressure was rising, I knew my cock was swelling in her mouth but I had control and was intent on enjoying this. She really knew what to do and I could of taken it longer than she was able to give.

Appreciating the the work she was doing and my pressure building caused me to moan, "OH MOM YOU REALLY KNOW HOW TO SUCK COCK", I said. I was holding off but she was getting tired. She started to tease my balls with her fingers and as my breathing picked up she pulled back and began to suck hard on my head while working her tongue on my frenulum. My body tensed up so quick from the sensation I thought I would spring up and off the bed.

My hands dropped from her head and what was in once in my control was now in hers. The pressure instantly built like a wave behind the column of cum that already filled my shaft, "I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING", AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !", I shouted, as an eruption of boiling hot liquid shot into her mouth. The pressure was greater than I thought, as I blasted it almost hurt yet the relief was oh so good.

"OH MY GOD, UHHHHHHH", I said, as another blast of molten lava sprayed in her mouth. She continued to suck and tease as I clamped down then, "OHHHHHHH BABY", I said, as released yet another spray of white hot cum searing the inside of her mouth.

She finished swallowing the loads I shot into her mouth, made sure I was clean then laid down turning her back to me and I scooted up behind her, reaching an arm around and squeezing one of her boobs and nestled in for the night. "Sweetie, in the morning when you wake up with your usual "condition" your sister is going to take care of you, OK", she said.

Yeah I thought, the fertilizer I laid has started something beautiful to grow. it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 14. The Final Part.

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(So what am I to make of the revelations from Mom last night. She is pregnant with my child plus her and Sis intend to share me then on top of that my Mom and Dad are really Brother and Sister !. I know growing up we never had much contact with family or even ever heard Mom and Dad talk about family that much other than occasionally hearing bits and pieces of them quietly conversing with each other.

All Sis and I knew was that any family we had were on the west coast and with us being on the east coast visits never happened, nor did phone calls ?. Yeah, seemed strange to Sis and I.

It was like we were isolated but over the years we just accepted that our family wasn't that tightnit or close and we had grown accustomed to things as they have been). I woke up with Mom facing me. She looked so pretty laying there, especially knowing she was pregnant with my child.

I moved a little and she opened her eyes and smiled, "sleep good", she asked. "Uh Huh", I said. It was still to early to get up so I asked her about how it came to be with her and Dad. She explained that they were the only children and living in a rural part of California there wasn't much to do in the summer. They either stayed around the house or would play in the woods and climb hills. There was a small lake nearby where they fished, skipped stones or played in the water. Since it wasn't far from the house her brother (my Dad) was allowed to camp out in a small tent there.

She pitched a fit and begged to go camp out and her brother reluctantly agreed. Mom was the youngest of the two. They were 11 and 12 yrs old when this started happening. She said the first time she was allowed to go camping was the first time she ever saw a penis. Some settings are just conducive for "things to happen" and it felt like a boy and girl alone together it was just "natural" or it was "supposed" to be this way.

It was as if these situations were meant for exploration and to satisfy ones curiosities. She said they were in the tent and he had to pee and when he got up she saw his shorts were "pushed out". When he came back in she asked why it was like that and if she could see it. He laid back and pulled his shorts down and of course she wanted to touch it and was amazed at how it started to grow again.

They began to explore what each other had and that Dad wanted her to let him put it in her mouth. She wouldn't do it but she liked feeling his penis and she liked it when he touched her. She said it wasn't like either of them hadn't inadvertently walked in on their Mom and Dad when they were "doing it" and of course what they had heard around from friends or on TV they each knew the fundamentals.

She really liked him rubbing her pussy but he was getting agitated playing around and his penis was really hard and it hurt. He begged her to put it in her mouth but told him they could try what they had seen their mom and dad do. She got on her knees and he got behind her. She was kind of wet and when he he tried to put it in it hurt a little but it also felt good.

They worked at it and he "got in" a little and it felt really good until he reached a certain point. Everytime he tried she said it hurt her to much. She said he didn't break her that night but they continued to do it and he suddenly squirted into her which made it very slippery and after that his penis didn't hurt anymore. She explained things were different from that point, they discovered something new, fun and very exciting.

So they found out what they could and began to explore further and would sneak into one or the others room at night and this is when she sucked his dick and he licked her pussy.

She said as good as that felt along with what little bit he was able to get inside her then if he got it all in her then it should feel even better. So with information they were able to obtain they planned another camping trip, prepared with some vasolene and towels to clean up. She remembered he was so excited when she got into position and globbed vasolene on his penis and they began to "do it". After some in and out action she was ready and on her command he shoved it in and she screamed from the pain and begged him, "take it out, take it out, take it out", He told her he couldn't stop and just kept going.

She said the pain gradually drifted to soreness as they "did it" and the feeling she anticipated deep inside happened and it felt good.

He got to a point he was pounding her like a jackhammer she said. He went faster and harder until he moaned and she felt him squirting inside her. She also said he held and caressed her afterwords and was sorry that he hurt her but that he just couldn't stop.

After that things changed for both of them, they loved each other anyway and liked what they were doing and things took off from there.

"Interesting story", I said. She reached down and felt how hard I was.

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"Yeah I see that, go see your sister", she said. I rolled out of bed and strode out of her room and across the living room with a great big hard on leading the way. I walked into my sisters room, my cock was so stiff it could penetrate steel. Sis sat up and had a huge smile on her face as I walked to her bed.

Hey, DADDY", she said. I already had enough conversation, I needed relief right now I thought to myself. My cock felt as if it could bust out of it's skin, it hurt. She leaned forward keeping her eyes on mine as she started sucking my cock.

The instant it was in her mouth my eyes went closed and head leaned back, "AHHHHHHHH", was all I could get out as I grabbed the back of her head and kept pulling her onto me.

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After a minute of her sucking I was ready for pussy, I was ready to FUCK. I let go the back of her head, she pulled off of me and turned to get onto her knees. She bent over in a tight fashion keeping her legs together while supporting herself with her forearms on the top of her legs. She was dutifully offering herself to me, giving me what I desperately needed.

I positioned myself behind her with one knee on the bed and my other foot planted on the floor and lined up. Placing my aching cock in her slot I pushed in just past the head and met the typical resistance from her not being properly warmed up but I badly needed to bury myself inside of her.

I began to quickly work in and out pushing in more of my cock which caused her a few grunts and groans as I worked. When I hit bottom I started fucking her slowly with long strokes.

It felt so good to be inside my sister, something about her just satisfies me like nothing else. She needed to be wetter and as I worked she let out a breathy, "mmmmm", and I felt a warm wetness around my cock and I was able to pick up the pace now.

I began to slam against her butt, my cock was like a steel rod pistonning in and out of her pussy, that sweet sweet pussy. I was close, so close to the release I needed. As I pounded away the cum raced up my shaft and I moaned out, "UHHH, UHHH, UHHH, UHHHHHHHHH", then I shoved in and shot a stream of thick sticky hot goo deep inside her.

"OHHHH, FILL ME WITH ALL YOUR BABY CREAM", she screamed. I pumped into her a few more times then threw my head back and let out a, "OHHHHHHHHHH", as I let go another stream of thick rich cream. "OHHH BABY, KNOCK ME UP, KNOCK ME UP", she screamed out.

I was breathing hard from fucking her as well as from tightening every muscle as my body tensed for each eruption. I was suprised at how much I felt I still had in me.

I pumped her some more and as the pressure peaked I grabbed her hips pulling myself as deep into her as I could, "OHHHHH SIS", I moaned as another powerful stream of rich incestuous sperm coated her womb. I pumped a few more times then, "OH GOD I CAN'T STOP CUMMING, AHHHHHHHH", I said as I pushed myself deep into her again, squirtng and squeezing my muscles as she worked her cunt to milk me.

Finally finished I stayed inside her while my once fully engorged cock began to deflate. I pulled out and sat down behind her as she spun around and threw her arms around my neck and began kissing my face all over and then my lips, we locked in for a long deep kiss.

She pulled away looking at me, "it's going to happen, I just know it is", she said excitedly. "What, what's going to happen", I said.

"I'm going to have your baby", she said with a big smile. "Sis, your on birth control.RIGHT ?", I asked. "Mom has been buying it but I haven't used it in a loooong time", she said. Sure enough a couple weeks later she was sick one morning and the test confirmed it. It looked like Mom and Sis would deliver about next June, just in time for summer vacation. I'm not sure what it is maybe female hormones or whatever but just after they knew they were pregnant their sex drives slowed for a few weeks but mine didn't diminish at all in fact, it kicked up a notch and WHY ?.

Maybe it was the knowledge that I wasn't shooting blanks or that I had a choice of pussy on tap under the same roof but whatever it was my need had increased.

This wasn't much of a problem for me anyway because either Mom or Sis dutifully took care of at least my morning wood, in one fashion or the other during their lull. I do see my girlfriend and we have been fucking. She really seemed to have "come out" since our three way, she likes to get nasty. She loves it when I cum on her face or on her titties. Her and I were texting and she had mentioned expanding on the three way scenario some, I think she either wants to or already has been with another girl, I'm not sure but she wanted some more "action" as she put it.

That was fine by me, if anyone knows of anything hotter than some girl on girl action during a three way then I would like to know about it. It had been about a week or so since her or I have seen or heard from my sisters little friend other than an initial text that she was leaving on a trip and would be back. My girlfriend wanted another three way BAD. She said she had to go but would text me tonight about planning another "get together".

Later my sisters friend texted me that she was finally back and couldn't wait to meet up. I asked about the three of us getting together but she texted that she just wanted me right now. We met in our usual spot, she beat me there, and had the place prepared with a blanket on the ground. She was laid out on the blanket but jumped up onto her knees as I walked up. "I've been waiting to have you for over a week", she said.

She anxiously began to pull at the waistband of my shorts. As she pulled my shorts down I dropped my underwear and she literally inhaled my cock into her mouth, sucking harder than she ever did before.

I just lightly laid a hand on the top of her head as she feverishly worked, taking me in as far as possible and it was feeling really good. "OHHH, YOU LOVE MY COCK DON'T YOU GIRL", I said. She replied with a muffled, "UH HUH", as she continued to bobb on my dick. After another minute she pulled off with an audible "POP". She caught a few breaths then looked up at me, "I want you in my pussy", she said with lust in her eyes. She pulled off her sundress then laid back and took off her panties.

She spun around on her knees and bent over as I lowered myself down behind her, "I'm ready, she said. I guided my meat to her little pussy, running my cock up and down her slit I found she was right, her cunt was wet. I pushed into her and as my cock split her cunt lips apart and her hole stretched she loudly moaned out a painful sounding, "OHHHHHH". She was tight, like she hadn't had it in a while.

Wanting to get inside her real bad I pulled back and pushed in again, "UHHHHH", she moaned, which sounded like a mix of pleasure and pain. She wanted it as bad as I did. She picked her head up off the ground and got up on her hands. This lined things up better so I pulled back again and thrust sliding in deep, "OHHH YEAHHHHH!", she said.

With my cock now fully coated with her juice I started fucking in and out of her and she began a constant, "UH HUH, UH HUH, UH HUH", as I pumped her. I hadn't seen her quite like this before and her cunt had really good action. I started sawing in and out of her with full strokes. I noticed she dropped her head slightly then let out an, "AHHHHHH", and my cock was drowned with her hot jizz.

Her juice flowed out around my cock and as I fucked her it began making slapping noises, she was REALLY WET now. I started fucking her hard and fast, she picked her head up and shouted, "OHHHH FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME. She was driving me crazy and turning me on more and more. I was already holding back but she was so dam hot that I just had to cum in her NOW. I pounded her as I worked up more pressure, "UH, UH, UH, UHHHHHH, "OHHHH.OHHHH.OHHH", as I squeezed three shots of greasy pent up cum deep in her hot little pussy.

"OH MY GOD, I FEEL YOU SHOOTING INTO MY STOMACH, she screamed. I held myself deep inside as she moaned out, "UHHHH.,UHHHH, UHHHH" as her little cunt confulsed around my shaft. With my muscles relaxed I let her cunt action milk me. When we were done I reluctantly pulled out of her still gripping pussy and we laid back on the blanket side by side catching our breath.

After a minute I turned my head to her, "Daddy huh, you been talking to my sister I guess?", I said. "No, we haven't texted since before I left ?", she said looking back at me "Oh, well I thought that maybe you two.uh.that is.uhhhhhh, ahhh nothing, I stammered.

I turned my head away and was looking up. She rolled on her side facing me and propped her head up on her elbow and reached over with her other arm stroking my chest. "You are a Daddy", she said. I turned my head to look at her and she was smiling at me. "Thats right stud, I'm pregnant, she said. "WHAT, Noooo !", I said. We talked for a bit and I asked the usual questions like how she knew I was the father, etc. She said it was way more than a 50/50 chance unless something went wrong because her brother always wore a condom since she wasn't on birth control.

Knowing how she is I obviously asked her about the possibility of it being anyone else but she maintained her brother and I were the only two she fucked.

She admitted she's been "around" but just giving blow jobs. I'm not sure I can believe that, how can I ?. We finally parted and I walked back to the house in a daze.

Walking into the kitchen I was greeted with a simultaneous, "HELLO DADDY" from Mom and Sis. I rolled my eyes and sat at the table. "Mom, I been meaning to ask you about the "cousin" you mentioned weeks ago", I said. She suddenly seemed nervous then glanced at Sis who was standing next to her. "Well, since you two know about your Dad and I then I guess this needs to come out to as well", she said.

She began to explain that just like my father did, I fell for my sister. Furthermore just like I did, my father also had sex with his mother and got her pregnant with twins when Mom was pregnant with Sis.

She said when those children were born they ended up living with other relatives and unbeknownst to anyone they ended up moving to the same town we are in, it was just a fluke. They always talked about if family ever did get together then they would explain that we were all "cousins". I sat there thinking to myself, "no wonder Dad was calling her "baby girl" when she was blowing him.

How was I going to tell them that I now MAY be the father of my "cousins", "half sisters" or "whatevers", baby. Well maybe keeping it in the family is a genetic thing or if nothing else there is trend so maybe telling them will be easier than I figured. "MMM, what if they give birth to girls.this could be an interesting future I thought. With all the fucking I get three family members pregnant and my girlfriend is the odd one out, I chuckled at the thought.

How the hell am I going to explain all of this to her, I may have to at some point. I sat there thinking how all this even got started. I had my girlfriend, my sister did her thing and I did mine. I just don't know how ALL this began and took off like it did. As I sat there pondering I noticed Mom and Sis looking at me with a gleam in their eyes, "we have something special planned for you tonight", said Mom.

I glanced over at Sis.


"UH HUHHHH", said Sis, nodding her head. My eyes darted between the two as they smiled at each other then back at me with a wicked look in their eyes. I guess what had left them the last couple weeks had come back. "Come with us, DADDY", said Mom. They both turned and headed to Moms room. Sis was trailing behind Mom and as she walked she looked behind her with that wicked smile motioned "come here", with her index finger.

A smile grew on my face and I began to grow hard as well, "oh boy, we're gonna get nasty", I said to myself. I got up and walked to her room and both were sitting on the bed, Mom patted the spot on the bed she wanted me to sit, which was right between them. I sat down, each one leaned in an began to tongue my ears, they know this is one of the things that gets me lit. My already hard cock got even harder and as they tongued me Sis reached down and started rubbing my cock through my shorts.

They pulled away from my ears, pushed me onto my back and started taking my clothes off, practically tearing them off. They needed this badly. Mom and Sis stood and began to take their clothes off then Mom walked up to Sis and began to carress Sis's shoulders then pushed her back on the bed beside me. Sis looked at me, "I want to suck your dick", she said. I got up and knelt beside and leaned over her and guided my cock to her mouth.

I looked down her body and Mom had started licking Sis's pussy. I grabbed Sis's hair with one hand and run the other over her tits. I was fucking her mouth as Mom licked her pussy. The whole scene was so hot I thought I was dreaming. This is to good to be true and if this is how it's going to be then I'm in for some fun.

With her mouth full of my cock all Sis could do was eek out muffled, "mm, mm, mm, mm, mm" as she obviously liked the licking Mom was giving her. Mom picked her head up and, "MMM, MM, MM", sweet pussy, she said. I pulled out of Sis's mouth and laid back as Mom straddled my face. I reached my tongue out and went straight for her clit and teased it. She moved her hips forward indicating she needed some attention to other areas other than her sensitive clit.

Sis climbed up on me, grabbed my cock and placed it in the right spot. She impaled herself onto my now iron stiff shaft with an "uhh. Oh God her sweet pussy felt so good good on wrapped around my cock. I licked Mom's slit while I reached up squeezing her wonderful boobs. Instead of drowning my face she controlled her jizz as well as her movements.

She occasionally rocked her hips back when she needed me to tease her clit then thrusting forward so I could lap at her cunt lips while Sis rode up and down my cock and squeezing her cunt tight now and then. She brought herself off with an, OHHHHH", as I felt her juice trickle down my shaft and onto my balls, it was very warm and slippery.

I was building towards an explosion myself and began to moan as I lapped at Moms cunt while Sis rode me. Mom pulled off of my face and kelt back next to Sis. As she rode faster I belted out, "OH, OH, OH, OH I'M GONNA CUM, then Sis pulled off and spun around. Mom took me into her mouth and began sucking my rippling cock then with a roar, "I'M CUUUUUMMING", I shouted as Mom pulled off of me. They both leaned close to my cock and opened their mouths. I let out an, "AHHHHHHHHHHH!", squirting gobs of goo that splattering their lips and faces.

I reached down and pumped my shaft and, "OHHHHHHH!", as I sprayed another load onto their faces. They licked there lips as I pumped a few more times and, "OHHHH MY GOD", as another spray left my peehole spattering their mouth and lips. I let go of my cock and laid my head back with my eyes closed in sweet bliss. Mom and Sis worked at licking and alternately sucking my cock to clean and extract all the cum they could. A high pitched scream pierced through the bliss, "WHAT THE FUCK !", a voice shreeked.

I picked my head up as Mom and Sis turned to look behind them. There was my girlfriend standing in the doorway, eyes and mouth wide open with shock. Standing just beside and behind her was my sisters friend. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE", I said in a raised voice, looking right at my girlfriend.

"I"M PREGNANT !!!", she screamed. Surveying the room my sisters friend said, "MMM, this looks like fun", as she looked at my girlfriend. Mom and Sis looked at each other as I dropped my head back and closed my eyes.

How did it get to this, how did this happen: it happened on vacation. and continued at home. I just laid thinking that you never know what the future holds, and a huge smile grew on my face