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Massage Rooms Czech beauty gets full service treatment and multiple orgasms
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Jack My name is Jack Zachary Walker, I'm 17 years old and have dark brown short hair, I play football even though I'm not into it anymore on the team at school, I'm average height and quite fit and muscley because of the footy and the fact that the coach makes us go to the gym a lot.


I have a mum and a dad and then an older brother who is 21 called Hamish and a younger sister who is 13 called Emily. I have a lots of friends that are on the football team and let me just say that they hate gay guys.

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Especially Noah Daniel, Noah is also in our year who came out of the closet in year 9 and since then everyone either teases him or wants to be his best friend, my friends always bully him and it's what really gets me uncomfortable because Noahs not actually a bad guy, we have drama class together, which also isn't something I have told the guys, and his always so easygoing, I don't talk to him often but when we have to his actually fun, but if I told this to them, I would so get it, I would get called gay and probably get kicked out of football and loose all my friends and I'm not gay.I think, honestly I don't know, I just have this thing with Noah, I know his been a dancer since he was little which would mean he would've had a great body and his just so natural and awfully cute with his hair style (shaved short around with thick hair on top), anyway let's get to the story.

"Jack! What are you doing?!

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Get back the ball" I heard someone yell, I whipped back to my senses yelling at myself for getting distracted again, I couldn't help it though, he was there in the stands, Noah was there with his friend Danielle, I kept fumbling and wondering if he was watching me, suddenly the siren sounded, the game was over, we lost "crap" I whispered rubbing my forehead, I walked across the grounds towards the sidelines where my bag was, I just wanted to get out of there as fast as I could, I grabbed my bag and raced to the change rooms, I locked myself in a cubicle and pulled my shirt off throwing it on the ground, what the hell was wrong with me, suddenly I heard voices "you'll get over him soon, don't worry" said Danielle, crap, I was in the wrong change rooms!

I tried to stay as quiet as I could "I don't know though, seeing him today.god he was gorgeous" said Noah, my heart speed, who was he talking about?

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"it's just like the others though, it will eventually go away" said Danielle, I heard the tap run "I haven't stopped liking him since year 7 Dani" he said, I shuffled towards the door pressing my ear against it "I really hate to say this Noah but I don't think his ever going to like you" said Danielle, "I know, I can still think about him though" said Noah, Danielle laughed "you can" she said, I heard the tap come off and they walked out, I sighed slumping against the door.

I walked into drama the next day nervous, we had just had a meeting at lunch and the coach had told me I was on my final strike because of yesterdays game and now I had to face Noah again, I sat down by myself as usual, I spotted Noah by himself as well reading and I remembered that Danielle was away today "ok class, everyone get a partner, we're going to do some role playing" said Miss Franzman, she had a stack of scripts, I hated this part because usually I would have to partner up with her and it's so awkward.

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Most people had a partner now, and I stood up and started walking towards her "Jack, can you go with Noah please" she said, I froze, Noah? As in. "what play do you want to do?" asked Noah behind me, I jumped slightly and turned to him, he looked normal and the little spot inside me that thought maybe he liked me deflated " don't mind" I stuttered "I know, you probably want to hit me now but mums making us take these family photos this afternoon so please not the face" he said grabbing a script and walking to the corner "I don't want to hit you" I said quietly, he looked at me and frowned "your friends do though" he said "I would never hit you though, just because you're gay, they're stupid" I said, he looked at me for a second "huh" he said, our eyes met for a second and then he looked down at the script "have you heard of this play before" he asked reading through it "nope, you?" I said "no, I don't think so" he said "let's just try this" he added showing me a page of two boy's in a fight.


We read through it again and again and it turned out to be a lot of fun, we were both laughing by the end when the teacher told us to sit down, he sat down next to me and took a deep breath "Jack" he said "yeah" I said "do you want to hang out sometime" he said, I looked at him, he looked nervous, I thought I really shouldn't, if someone saw us it would be over but I just couldn't bring myself to say no "ok" I said "really?" he said surprised "yeah, you seem ok" I said, he grinned "where do you want to go?" he said "umm, how about the movies?

Tomorrow?" I asked, I knew Tuesdays were always the days that hardly anyone went because I used to work there "awesome, I'll see you at 7" he said standing up to leave, I nodded "oh and could you maybe not mention it around too much" I said and instantly regretted it, he looked at me a bit hurt but then nodded "of course" he said "thanks" I said, he smiled "I'll see you then" he said, I smiled as he walked out, I couldn't believe it, part of me was excited that I was seeing him but another was calling me stupid.

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I was pacing in my room at 6:45 before I was going to the movies, I felt so stupid, I had tried to dress nicely but nothing seemed to work and I couldn't stop imagining someone turning up from school, I sat on my bed in just my boxers and looked around "take a deep breath, get on some clothes and go" I whispered aloud. I put on some jeans, a white t-shirt and then a dark grey hoodie, I sprayed some deodorant around and fiddled with my hair quickly then raced out.

I got to the movies at 7 on the dot, I had my hoodie up with my head down and I quickly slipped in, the windows were tinted from the outside so I shrugged my hood off and looked around.

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I spotted him straight away, he had on skinny jeans and a chequered shirt, he stood up when he saw me as I went to him "hey, I didn't think you'd come" he said looking around behind me "I wouldn't just blow you off" I said "and no ones with you" he said "why would there be?" I said "well, I just thought that maybe you only said yes so you could get your friends and come beat me up" he said looking down "I already told you I wouldn't" I said "yeah, why is that" he asked looking back at me, my heart sped up, but I just shrugged and looked at the movie board, changing the subject.

We ended up picking 'the avengers' and he brought popcorn, we walked into the cinema to find it was empty, I didn't know whether I was happy no one could see us, or nervous that we were alone "back row?" said Noah "as long as where not making out" I said, he laughed as we sat down "why would we?" he said "I used to work here, the back row was for couples who mainly just wanted to play tongue wrestling the whole time" I said, he laughed again and the movie started but of course I couldn't concentrate, I could feel his every move, the way his body was so close to mine, his breath slow and even, unlike mine that I was trying to hold in, he looked at me and smiled at him but he frowned "you ok?" he said "yeah of course" I said quickly "oh I just thought you looked funny" he said "I'm perfectly fine" I said looking back at the screen "I know this is weird" he said "what do you mean" I said "well, your friends wouldn't they kill you if they knew you were here" he said "I still came though didn't I" I said "but that's the thing, why" he said turning towards me in his seat, I blushed "" I said, he waited for me "I don't know if I should tell you" I said "you can tell me anything, I'm not going to tell anyone" he said, I glanced at him "I think.I might maybe slightly like you" I whispered not looking at him, I could tell he was shocked "what" he said "don't make me say it again" I said "no its ok but, I just thought, you're gay?" he said, I stood up quickly "no!

I'm not gay" I yelled "it's ok Jack, we're the only ones here, you can tell me" he said standing up with me "but I'm not friggin gay, I only like you" I said "well maybe your bi" he said "but, I don't get it, it's so hard" I said "I know it is, but it'll get easier" he said stepping towards me making my heart beat faster "I'm just confused, I shouldn't feel this way, I was always told by the guys that being gay was wrong" I said "it's alright, you might not even be gay, it might just be a phase" he said "ever since you told everyone you were gay I liked you" I said "well, as much as I like that, maybe you're just curious" he said slightly smiling "wait, you like me?" I said "of course I do!

I've liked you for ages, it feels like decades" he said "really" I said scratching the back of my neck, he laughed "really" he said "but, I'm just not or maybe I am.I just can't decide" I said "it's going to be ok, I'll help you" he said "but no one can know" I said "ok then, no one will know" he said "alright then" I whispered looking down, he put his fingers on my chin and lifted my head back up to his eyes "Jack, don't be sad, it's ok" he said, I didn't say anything, I couldn't, I was frozen, he leaned forward and softly kissed my lips, nothing much, just a soft reassuring kiss then it was over, he looked at me and I blinked "what are you thinking?" he said "I don't know" I said, but honestly all I wanted was for him to kiss me again "it'll be ok Jack" he said, I nodded "do you want to keep watching the movie?" he said "honestly, I want you to." I started to say I wanted him to kiss me but I was cut off by a voice "Noah?" I stepped back quickly and turned around to see a guy a bit older then us; Noah muttered something "hey" he said louder "what are you doing?

Who's this?' said the guy, I looked at Noah who was looking down "oh um, just watching a movie" he said "well, aren't you going to introduce me to your friend" said the guy walking past me to Noah "oh right, Jack this is Alex, Alex, Jack" said Noah "so what are we watching" said Alex, starting to sit down "wait, Alex what are you doing here" said Noah "I saw you come in a while ago, but I went and grabbed some lollies for us" he said pulling lollies out of his pocket, I didn't know what to say "but, I'm sorry but I'm here with Jack" said Noah "oh.I just thought you were here by yourself" said Alex "and since there was no one else around, I thought we could." he added, then he winked and pinched Noahs butt, what the hell?

Noah moved away quickly and Alex frowned "is that how you want to be then" said Alex then he stood up and grabbed Noah around the waist and started kissing his neck, I felt a bad shiver run through me, he had a boyfriend?

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I felt a bit angry and sick but before I could react, Noah started pushing Alex away, but Alex was to strong and suddenly Noah tripped over the chair in front of him and fell into the next isle, he landed on his back hard, Alex surprisingly cracked up laughing, I slipped through the seat and kneeled next to Noah "are you ok" I said "his fine" said Alex still laughing, I looked at Noah who sighed "I'm so sorry Jack" he said starting to sit up, I had actually forgotten about it, before I could say anything though he stood up "Alex, I'm here with Jack, you need to leave" he said, Alex stopped laughing "what" he said "I never invited you" he said, Alex looked surprised and then angry "Jesus Noah, take a joke for once" he said then he stormed out "crap, that was embarrassing" said Noah quickly walking up to our stuff, he went to reach for his wallet when I grabbed his arm turning him back "what the hell just happened" I said "I didn't tell you something" he said looking down "his your boyfriend?" I said "was now" he said "why does he treat you like that" I said sternly "I don't know, he has this thing where he likes to be in control" he said "that's bullshit Noah, you fell down and he didn't even care" I said "that's just him though" he said, I sighed "are you ok?" I said "yeah" he said looking at me, I think we were going to kiss again but suddenly the lights in the cinema went on, we hadn't realised but the movie had finished "guess it's time to go" said Noah, I nodded and followed him out.

We went outside and we walked in the darkness for a bit "how are you feeling" he asked "well right now, I really like you and I don't care but in the morning I'll probably wake up and think I'm terrible" I said "but you're not terrible, your amazing" he said, I felt a blush creep up my neck "but my mood about this whole thing changes quickly" I said "well then we just have to use the time we've got" he said, I looked at him who was smiling, I slightly smiled to, he reached out and carefully touched my hand, at first I thought about who would see but no one was around and it was really dark so I grabbed his hand feeling a warm sensation go through my body, suddenly he stopped "you really don't mind" he said "I don't think so.for now anyway" I said, he grinned "that's good enough for me" he said and he kissed me again, crap it was so good, I kissed him back and put my hands on his shoulders, his hands slipped around my waist pulling me closer to him so I wrapped mine around his neck so we were pressing against each other, his tongue slowly probed my lips and I opened them quickly pressing my tongue against his, I moaned deeply loving every little bit, he started kissing my neck which made me grunt and then his hands slipped to my front, he rubbed my dick softly through my jeans, I gasped as he nibbled my neck but suddenly there was a cars headlights in the distance, I broke us apart quickly and then blushed "sorry" I said, he smiled "we probably shouldn't have been doing it here anyway" he said, I was still stuck for words.

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We walked to my house and sadly spilt ways and I bolted to my bedroom to fix my hard on.