Brazilian wench loves riding on cocks hardcore and blowjob

Brazilian wench loves riding on cocks hardcore and blowjob
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Being a forest ranger was boring often lonely work, that was why for a few weeks every summer she volunteered to come out and keep her father company at his cabin.

This year was no different in that though whens he arrived her father had told her some interesting news.


Apparently a pack of wolves had taken up residence in the forest not to far away. He told her if she was going to go out she should be careful.

This was a family tradition, she had been coming out here since she was a little girl, and had been trained to survive and find her way around by her father, she was at home in the woods as she was anywhere else. She spent her days out in the wood exploring and just enjoying being outdoors.

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She saw signs that the wolves might be in the area, but didn't catch sight of them. She did find a nice large pond though, so clear that she could see the sandy bottom, and it just begged to be swam in.

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She made plans to come out the next day, and she was glad she did the next day dawned hot and humid,a swim in the nice cool waters was just what she needed. She considered putting her bikini on under her shorts and tee shirt, and then decided against it, there was no one else around, no one to see if she decided to go skinny dipping.

The thought of the cool water against her naked skin was enough to make her shiver, and it was definitely not because she was cold. She packed a lunch and took it with her, arriving at the pond a little after midday and happy to see that the area was nice and shaded. She set down her backpack, and took another look around before starting to slid out of her clothing.

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She slid out of her tank top, which was already stuck to her in places because of the humidity the dampness making her small nippled stand out, the soft Cotton of the tee-shirt rubbing against the sensitive skin as she slid out of it and set it to the side.

She had always been rather proud of her body, from the strawberry blond hair that hung past the middle of her back to her long legs.

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Grabbing the top of the Short- shorts she had been wearing she wiggled out of the tight denim pulling her thin Cotton panties off with the shorts letting them slid down her legs and then using one small foot to kick them up onto the rock beside her shirt. Finally she spread out the large towel she had brought with herso that once she was done swimming she could lay out in the warm sun to dry off.

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She had no idea she was being watched. She moved to the edge of the water carefully sticking a toe into it to see how cold it was going to be and was pleasantly surprised to find it cool but not cold, the water warmed by the sun.

She climbed into the water sighing softly as she felt it lap up her legs as she slowly walked deeper into the pond, stopping when it reached her hips. She gasped softly softly as the cool water lapped almost hungrily as her carefully waxed pussy lips and inner thighs.

She couldn't help but run her hands down over her body pausing to pinch her pale pink nippls and cup her large breasts before sliding her hands down lower over her flat stomach, to her narrow hips, and then lower still slipping one finger between her pussy lips and lightly stroking her own clit. Taking her hands away from her own body she dived into the deeper water of the small lake, and for the next hour she swam and played, stopping every so often to run her hands over her body, to slip one finger into her own pussy, teasing herself, keeping herself right on the edge of being turned on, and finally when she was too horny to wait anymore she climbed from the lake and threw herself down on the towel she had laid out earlier.

The sun had moved, spilling golden light into the clearing and the water on her body shimmered as she ran her hands over herself. She pinched her nipples to attention drawing a soft sigh from her own lips before dropping her hands down pushing her own legs apart as wide as she could, the warm sun and breeze helping to tease her.

She started slowly at first using just one finger to lightly tease that little nub of flesh at the top of her entrance making small whimpering noises of pleasure.


that first finger traveled down and slid into her hot, wet pussy causing her to moan and lift her slender hips up off the towel, soon that first finger was joined by a second. She was so intent on what she was doing she didn't even hear them approach, attracted by the smell in the air and the soft sounds of her panting and moaning. her first warning that she was not alone was the hot breath against her pussy followed the a warm wet tongue.

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She jumped opening her eyes and looking around to find herself ringed by the pack of wolves her father had warned her about. She stopped and stared. There were only four of them but they were huge, their bodies covered in coats that were various shades of gray and brown.

She held perfectly still, or least that was her intention until she once again felt that hot wet tongue against the folds of her pussy. She moaned, lifted her hips eagerly against that tongue, a little surprised at herself. She turned her head and blinked finding her face full of the long dark red cock of the wolf that was standing by her head. She blinked reaching out to wrap her fingers around that long, thick appendage, moving her head and licking it, tasting the hot salty taste against her tongue.

She started to lick again but felt he wolf at her hips move, pawing at her body rolling her over. She willingly moved to her knees her legs spread wide, before turning her attention back to the wolf in front of her. She moved wrapping her lips around the head of the cock, starting to play with it with the tip of her tongue making the wolf growl and start to move his hips.

She felt it as the Wolf behind her climbed up over her back, it forelimbs wrapping around her hips and yanking her backwards, at the same time he pushed his hips forward his soft warm fur sliding over the tight, round cheeks of her ass, over her back.

She moaned loudly around the cock in her mouth as the one mounting her from behind slid into her tight, wet body. She gasped as he pulled almost out of her only to shove into again harder this time. The wolf that was in front of her moved turning his body, pulling himself free of her lips and mouth temporarily as he moved placing his paws on her shoulder and forcing her head down holding her there with his paws and he shoved his hips forward pushing his long, hard cock past her soft lips and into her hot, wet mouth.

She moaned again closing her eyes and sucking greedily on what had she was been given. The hot summer air was filled with the sound of her moans, and the growls of the wolves as they proceeded to shove themselves in and out of mouth and pussy the wet sound of their movements joining the growls and moans filling the air.

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She was being fucked hard and fast the wolf behind her driving her forward so that the wolf in front of her cock went deep into her throat almost making her gag on it a couple of times but she just continued to suck and lick at it eagerly as the wolf behind her slammed himself deep within her body over and over again. She had never been this turned on in her life, and it was because she was being fucked by wolves. She couldn't believe this was happening, or how good it felt to be taken by them.

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She felt her body as she drew closer and closer to her climax, felt it building and then with a moan she came her body shuddering underneath them, her juice running down the wolf's cock dripping down between her legs and the only things that kept her from collapsing on the ground was the wolf holding her hips with his legs.

he continued slamming into her over and over again. She felt his growing inside of her, throbbing against her walls, and then at the last moment pulled out of her, and she felt his hotsticky cum splashing over her ass, the back of her legs, and dripping slowly to the ground underneath her.

A moment later her mouth and throat was filled with the salty cum of the other wolf spilling out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin, she pulled her head back, and swallowed eagerly, licking the cum from her lips.

The wolves for their part, now sated turned and walked back into the woods leaving her to collapse sideways on the blanket exhausted, covered in wolf cum. She had taken care of two of the wolves but there were still two others that needed her attention.