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Ladyboy Bella Trix banged hard
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Spreading Seeds Chapter 2 The First Day (Author's note- This is the second chapter of a long story. I invite comments on my work and hope you like it.) Dawn had already broken when I was awakened by Reba's tentative poking, I turned over, and she said gravely, "El Hefi wants you in twenty minutes, she said." She pulled back the alcove drapes and stood there smiling and not looking for a long instant until Astral called her away.

I got dressed in my clean uniform and fresh socks, my boots had been cleaned and were left in the entry way, my field coat had been brushed and my hat too. Astral came out and handed me a cup and a plate of fried something or other, I was still lost on exotic food.

It turned out they were cornmeal around meat and beans and chili peppers. The cup had hot tea of some kind with honey. I put on my boots and ate breakfast on the bench. I put on my coat and hat, put my saddle bags over my shoulder, picked up my carbine and walked out side. The sun was up full and when I went looking for Bob and Roy, I ran into Charlotte and June walking down to the Trading Post.

I got into step with them and listened to June telling Charlotte, "Well then she said I could fell her pussy anytime but…," she stopped when she realized I was there.

"Where did you come from Josh?" June asked. Now June was in her thirties and long over girlishness but when she was with Charlotte, she was different. Charlotte was 24 and serious about the Corps, Tall and strong and serious, but she was not above girlishness. "Oh I spent the night in the Bath house." I said.

"Of course you did." Charlotte said with sarcasm dripping off her chin. "No doubt you worshiped the Goddess before falling asleep." June raised her hands between us and said, "Now Charl, Josh was sent to do a job just like we were, his is just different." Charlotte nodded, "I understand but he doesn't have take so much pleasure in it." "You're just jealous," I said, "But you got to eat dinner, take a bath and got to sleep at a decent hour.

While we poor patriarchs must worship what ever goddess you pick for us. Pleasure and duty may intertwine but duty is always first in my mind." I grinned at her and June laughed. Our discussion ended as we entered the Trading Post. It was like most of the new Buildings in town, beehive shaped and buttressed. One of their saving graces was the ability of Barney to keep alive their cement plant. They had developed a variation of the geodesic dome using cast Concrete reinforced with hemp fiber.

They generally lay over a stucco coat and with dome shape and central roof vents they were excellent shelter if a little dark. Chief Mercer and Sue were looking over an inevitable list, Sarge was starting to unpack the mule loads and I saw he had Matt, Raule, Bob and Roy in the back. I didn't see Able or Ginny. I walked over to Sarge and the girls migrated to Sue's elbow. Sarge was digging out the dining wear, 150 stainless steel mess trays we had found in the remains of an Army base in Arizona.

I helped him put the trays on the shelving as we discussed the day, "Mercer said that the Villagers had poles to cut but with the Ceremony tonight, corral building's out. They'll put out a herd guard and will watch the mules so we can unpack and start making some trades. You get enough to eat then?" "Well enough anyway. What were those things anyway?" "What," Sarge asked? He stopped what he was doing, "What was it you ate?" I told him about the fried cornmeal things and the tea.

He looked at me in the eye and pushed me a little, testing if I'd tip over, I guess. "Well might not mean anything but let me know if you feel weird." "Now you are fuckin' with me Sarge, aren't you," I laughed tentatively.

"No." he said with a straight face. "These people have a very strange culture but I doubt that you're in danger of puking, from the look of you." "What did you all eat this morning??" I asked. "Cornmeal mush with goat's milk and honey, served with cold spring water," he said. "That is why I started with the cooking gear. We need to get our own mess started. These people use a central kitchen for everyone and rotate the cooks.

I'd rather eat my own cooking." "Astral gave me breakfast at the Bath house, where is the mess hall?" "Was Astral the little one you were playing with last night?" When I nodded he smiled. "Oh that's the plot then. She had to wait until tonight and she's feeding you to fatten you up for the slaughter." "Slaughter, nobody said anything about slaughtering." "Just a phrase.

She got so excited when Raule unrolled that tool of his, she ran back into the back room. I didn't see her until you showed up." Raule was known as 'Raule the Tool" because of the size of his dick. Sarge had told me that Mercer had specifically asked for him to come along on this trip. Sarge told me that she always had a preference for heavy equipment. We worked unloading the Mule packs and checking inventory for a couple of hours when Chief Mercer called a break and Sarge passed out some jerky and all of us sat down while Mercer and Ginny Miller briefed us on the situation.

Chief Mercer was about 45, dark hair and generally listened instead of talked and except for her face which was a little weather beaten she was the perfect babe, tall and muscular with a tendency to ride hard. "Ladies and gents, we are in good shape. Except for the corrals everything is ready for us, which surprised me. Ginny has been talking with the Elders here and has some backup information so I'll pass it along to her." Ginny was our Cultural Affairs leader.

She would act as accountant for the Trading post and Historian. She was the one who had stayed behind after Mercer had negotiated the trade agreement last year so I listened to her carefully. Ginny was small and motherly. About 40 she had been in the Corps for a long time and had spent a lot of time in the field, taking the time to have only two children. She was wiry and tough; a redhead with freckles and her hair was longer than usual almost to her shoulders.

"Welcome to Barney. The people here have a class three culture, but with the memory of electricity and good plumbing. The have a small coal mine but use wood for heat. You will find they've extensive water canals and farm about 170 hectares. They take the water very seriously here. Hemp, Corn Beans and squash are the staples, along with goats, sheep, wild game, chickens and ducks will make up our diet.

Hemp linen will be our major trade item, but wool rugs and blankets will also be offered. I agreed to pass on our medicine and health care to everyone, so today at noon the medical staff will hold a sick call in the bath house. Make sure of your diagnosis and conserve our supplies.

While I was waiting for you I found that they think most of our medicines are for fertility so be prepared to see a lot of prospective mothers for a while. I tried to give you men a chance to rest last night, but the elders wanted to make sure we wouldn't hold back the semen to pressure them for better prices. I've set up a tracking chart of menstrual cycles last winter so we will know who is eligible for impregnation.

You men will have to adhere to strict control for a few weeks. No quickies behind the wood shed, OK." She looked at Sarge who nodded and grinned. "Tonight we will have a Ceremony for the "Bahia", what they call their girls that will become women tonight. Since it is part of their moon calendar I wasn't able to postpone it. Now there will be 12 Bahia in the bath house tonight so we will need every man on duty. Sue and the med team will check them out after sick call and will give Sarge the roster.

They tried to get 23 into the bath house tonight but I disqualified some of them to prevent overload. Tomorrow night we convert to a normal rotation two of you on and four off. Now as far as security, The Post will be locked; I don't expect we'll see any pilferage as these people consider theft a capital crime, except for men. They will watch the remuda, I picked out 10 girls to ride herd and they are all eager recruits. I promised them that as soon as they were Bahia they would be in front of the line at the bath house.

" Sarge interrupted, "Ginny, what about their men? Do they have a Kiva or anything close to it?" Ginny nodded, "They have 20 men, but only 12 are fertile.

Six of them are too old and two are just kids. They keep them closely guarded and before we came, they practiced a form of artificial insemination. The men masturbate into a bowl and then they inseminate several women. It worked less than a third the time." Sarge and the rest of us men shivered, AI was uncivilized. Imagine cumming into to a cup, never even seeing a pussy much less tasting one. "What about a Kiva?" Sarge asked. "Well they built one, it is kind of small, behind the bath house, they wouldn't let the men use it until you got here.

I guess they were afraid of change. After we break up I'll introduce you around and take you to see the Fathers, that's what they call them. You can negotiate with them but make sure to get me in the loop so I can clear any deals you make with the Administration, Ok? We are on thin ice for a while." "Sure," Sarge scratching his chin. "Do they keep them locked up, the men?" "No but the men keep close to themselves and only the younger ones are seen around the village and then they are escorted." Ginny had gotten to the end of her list.

"Anyway we'll meet again before the ceremony starts and discuss what you find out from the men." Ginny handed off to Sue who discussed assignments and stuff, and then the meeting broke up. June and I rode out to the pasture and checked the mules and horses. The village girls had kept our stock in a group and had surrounded the herd allowing them access to water and grass but kept their stock away from ours. As we approached the herd, a girl on horse back rode over to us and introduced herself as Gloria Bitterwater.

"Are you Maria's sister," I asked her. She had the same dark hair and smooth skin as Maria. "No Maria is my aunt three times removed. Were you the one then last night?" She asked grinning. "Can't say," I replied. "What goes on in the bath house is private." I gave out the stock answer and looked at her.

She was mid-late teens and filling out nicely. She rode a saddle and wore chaps, boots, and a yellow shirt and seemed to have good teeth. She nodded and smiled. "Well we kept all your animals together, if you agree we will move them to better pasture as soon as you pick out the ones you want to keep." "Where is this pasture?" June asked.

Gloria pointed out along the shallow river, "Down there about a mile. The grass is better and there are trees for shade. They look like they all could stand some rest." She said looking over the herd. "OK Josh pick out five horses and any animal you want to keep an eye on then we'll move the herd." June said. I picked the five fattest horses and rode through the mules looking for a couple that had bad feet and would need some ferrier work.

A couple of the girls helped me catch them and tie them to a tree stump. They could graze while we moved the herd. None of them seemed anxious to do more than rest so I didn't worry about them, besides Gloria assigned a young girl to watch over them. She also wore a yellow shirt, like all the rest of them. "What are the yellow shirts about?

I asked Gloria when we had the herd moving. "Ginny had them made for us so we could see each other in the brush. She said we needed a uniform since we are 'printest Scouts now," she said proudly.

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Making some of a new population part of the corps was a way to involve them in the changes that were sure to come from our presence. Ginny had been busy all last winter it seemed. The girls moved the herd smoothly along the river, keeping them out of the crops that were just coming up. We forded the stream and came to a small valley that opened out to the river.

The steep surrounding hills were covered with pinion pine and oaks; the floor of the valley was almost flat and had thick grass. There was more than enough feed I figured. Gloria rode out to check with her girls and came back with about half of them in a column of twos. June and I were dismounted checking the flora and generally looking around. Gloria pulled up and said, "I'm taking half the girls to rest up and eat.

The rest will watch over the herd until evening, and then we'll send out a night watch to replace them. Are you coming with us?" June said, "Why don't you introduce us to your team." Gloria smiled and looked back at her girls, "Form a Line," she called out and waved her arm out to the left.

The girls broke formation and formed a line quickly and dismounted, standing beside their horses heads looking straight ahead. Gloria and June took the lead and with me trailing behind we walked down the line. Gloria introduced each girl to June and then to me. The girls ranged from 12 or so to 15 or 16.

All of them stood at attention, only giggling after we had passed them. They all had on their yellow shirts, although since the shirts appeared all the same size, they hung on the smaller ones.

They appeared to be well mounted; only the youngest rode a pony and even then the girl appeared over mounted. How many of them would really become Scout Traders was a question that only time would tell. When we got back to our horses and had mounted, Gloria called "Mount UP" and the girls all got up and stayed in the line, as we rode off, June and I leading, with Gloria behind us, Gloria shouted, "Column of Twos," and the girls formed up behind her.

We got back to the Trading Post as a bell was ringing. Gloria and the girls went off to put away the horses taking ours and the ones I had picked out to a corral that was hard pressed to hold them. The bell was calling everyone to lunch. June led me up to the Kitchens where we found most of our crew eating. We had hardly found a seat when a woman put a plate with half a chicken on it in front of each us. Another woman put a bowl of boiled greens and a bowl of beans in front of us smiled shyly and said, "Good Appetite." The chicken was well roasted and still juicy, the greens tasted of goat cheese and the beans had chili powder in them.

Good if slightly strangely seasoned. I agreed with Sarge that we need to get our own mess soon or we would lose our own culture. The discussion around the table was of what people had learned that day. Nothing earth shattering but knowing the lingo allowed me to read behind the words.

Charlotte said that she had visited their Hospital and they were in good shape, some of the ointments and drugs we had they didn't and they appeared to have found a couple of interesting herbal remedies we had never heard of.

Able, our most senior Scout except for the top four said that he had heard of a Machine shop, but hadn't been able to look at it.

Sarge said that he had talked to Council of Fathers this morning and had gotten them to agree to send all of the most eligible fathers to Kiva for training that afternoon.

He looked at me and said, "Josh I'd like you and Able to come with me, OK?" "Sure I said, "Dressed?" "Yeah, we'll wear the Kiva Clans." Able smiled and asked, "Heathen symbols and all?" "Oh yeah all the symbols and as many talisman as you've got." "Really," Ginny said, "are you promoting that pseudo-cult even now?" "Just maintaining our heritage Ginny.

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I'm playing the cards I'm dealt. And don't talk to me about Pseudo-cults when you speak of the Kiva. You know better to denigrate anyone's cultural beliefs just because you don't agree with them." Mercer leapt in, "OK, Sarge play it the way you see it.

Ginny how about the Council of Fathers? Have you talked to them?" "As I said, it took me six months to finally get them to talk to me directly and then they just listened and walked away.

It took another three weeks before they sent me back a list of questions to be replied to in triplicate. I'd just answered all their questions when we heard you were approaching, and they passed the word to me that they would wait and talk to our men first." She gave Sarge the evil eye and he only smiled at her. I was busy with the chicken and beans; I didn't care for the greens so much, and didn't catch what passed between Mercer, Sarge, Sue and Ginny.

Since I was late arriving I was among the last to leave. Able wiped his mouth and looked at me, "Full Regalia in twenty minutes, Josh." When I nodded still chewing the last of my chicken, he winked at me and left.

I finished up, and following Abel's sure lead, had passed by the kitchen to complement them on the meal. I caught up with Sarge and Able in the Trading Post where they were unpacking their personal gear to get their Kiva Coats. I joined them and soon each of us was adorned as Raccoons of the Lone Pine Kiva. The Coats were deerskin each killed and tanned by each of us in a ritual hunt at 16 when we graduated to Raccoon.

Mine was sparsely adorned with only four raccoon tails. One for each woman who had claimed that my sperm had given a live birth to a boy. Since I had only been active for four years and many women couldn't actually say who the father of their child was, it was about average.

Able had 25 coon tails on his jacket and Sarge had 35 and the tail of a mountain lion adorned his collar, signaling at least 100 more boys had issued from his loins. We walked up to the Kiva each carrying our staffs. The staff is emblem of the Lone Pine Kiva, although it is generally made of hickory about the size to fit the hand well and as tall as you were when you cut it at 20 years old.

It is what made you a full Raccoon and according to the hidden teaching of the Kiva was also handy to beat the snot out of anyone who sniggered at you for dressing like a savage. A nervous woman met us at the entrance to the Kiva. She spoke to Sarge and hurried off.

Sarge took the keys she had given him and opened the lock on the door, "Well gentlemen let's see what they have made of the Kiva plans." We entered the Kiva and found as usual the Barneyites had used their cast concrete bee hive pattern, the entry dome was about five meters in diameter and a draped archway was wide enough for three men to walk thru at once made up the back wall. Sarge pulled back the drapes, and we were surprised at the amount of light that the skylights let in.

The main dome of the Kiva was 20 meters or so in diameter and the central room was about 10 meters, in the rear quadrants were two sub domes where we found water heaters, duck boards and three fireplaces. A doorway lead to another sub dome where wood was stacked for the baths. They had used the outer rim to make alcoves about 4 meters deep and four meters wide. A central pedestal held a brazier and many cushions covered in the soft wool of the Angora goat.

All the sub domes had skylights and the main dome had two large glass windows on the north side and one on the south side with a drape of willows that could be rolled down in the summer.

At the peak the Dome was equipped with a valve allowing for ventilation. Sarge was smiling as we explored the alcoves and building that would be our home for the next year or so. There were ten alcoves around the room enough for every one of us to have our own space and four left over for spares.

An arm swung back the entry drapes and a man looked into the Kiva. "We knocked at the door." "Come on in Brother Stewart," Sarge said. Stewart and five men came in to the Kiva Room. Stewart was about 40-45 and thin, not too tall.

All of them were dressed in starched and pressed grey denim uniforms, cargo pocket pants and heavy shirts outside their pants. They looked around the Kiva and followed Sarge as he pointed out the Baths and alcoves and we all ended up on the pedestal surrounding the cold brazier.

"Men we need to consecrate the Kiva as soon as possible." Sarge said. "This is a good place we just need to make it ours." "And get some beds in here," Able pointed out the flaw in the plan to immediately move into the Kiva. Stewart piped up, "No problem there, I'll ask the Administrator for Facilities why there are no beds when the Contract specifically calls for furnishing the Kiva.

She has lots of beds available. Blankets we may have to swipe from the women. They always have blankets." Sarge nodded, "Ok so we move in tomorrow after the ceremony and then we can start the teaching of our new brothers, alright with you Brother Stewart?" Stewart raised his hand, "That is one of the things the Grandfathers wanted me to talk to you about.

Tonight is a special night and the Grandfathers said that they would like these four to join you in the bath house tonight. They felt that we needed representation in the ceremony. Do you have any problem with that?" "No, Sarge said, "The more the merrier. However since these Brothers have not had any training, I'll assign one of our men to help them and lend advice, Is that alright?" Stewart thought a while then asked, "They'll get to 'dip their wicks' won't they." "Of course," Sarge said "Our men will just stand by lend advice.

But if they can not satisfy the Goddess, my men will have to make sure the women are satisfied. That is part of our creed. We turn no woman away unsatisfied." 'No problem then, this is Luis, Roger, Andre and Floyd." Stewart pointed out the men all in their early 20's, except Luis who was older. "Harry and I will go back to the Grandfathers and report.

We'll leave these four here for you to teach them what you can today and I'll kick that stupid bitch about the furnishings," Stewart said and stood up. He looked down at the four recruits, "Do what they tell you and be respectful to the women." He turned and left taking Harry with him.

Sarge watched them walk out and when he heard the door close turned to Able. "Able I'll leave the new Brothers with you and Josh. Explain what you can. I doubt that they will be capable of more that the Way of the Weasel but we'll backstop them. I have to go see Ginny and Mercer and clear this with them." "Sure Sarge, Able said.

"OK, I'll leave you to it," and Sarge got up and left. Able had us arrange ourselves so that we formed a circle around the brazier facing each other, two of them on either side of he and I.

He looked at me and said, "Too bad we don't have any beer to welcome our new Brothers," I nodded in agreement. "You need beer?" asked Luis. "Well normally we drink a toast to the Goddess to welcome new members." Able answered. "Roger step outside and tell the keepers we need beer, some pinion nuts, and some smoke. We'll make them members of the Barney Brotherhood while we're here," Luis looked at Able questioningly.

When Able nodded Luis pointed to the door with his thumb. Roger smiled got up and left the room. "Who are the Keepers?" I asked. Luis turned and said, "Well they always send two women with each of us when we are out of the Barracks. They protect us from savage women," he smiled to let us know he was jesting.

"Really it's a way for young girls to become used to being around men. They usually send one head knocker and one go-fer." "Gopher?" I asked. "Yeah, a girl, maybe 12-13 or up to 16 some of 'em. She carries a stick but the Head knocker is our protection and pain in the ass. They're big mature women, most of them mothers, they are in charge and the go-fer runs errands and the like." Able asked, "We understood you had nothing like our Kiva.

What was this brotherhood you spoke of?" Roger came back in and took his place in the circle before Luis answered. "Long ago when we men were rounded up and put in one barracks because women would try to steal one of us and go off in to hills. The Administration decided that it wasn't efficient enough for the few men left to just have intercourse so they passed an emergency bill that set up the Fertilization Law.

That law said that women would submit to Artificial Insemination if they wanted to have a baby. It also set up the Keepers and gave the Health Administration the ownership of our sperm, present and future." He stopped and looked at each of us. "Robert Black was our Barracks Chief then, when he heard that we were expected to provide a sperm sample every three days and that they expected us to masturbate, as he put it, 'When ever a woman asked us to," well he said NO!" Luis was joined in the shout with all our new brothers.

I looked at Able and began to laugh, our new brothers joined in, we barely heard the first knock on the door. It was followed by a loud rapping of a head knockers stick on the door of the Kiva. Luis said, "That must be our beer. Roger tell them to bring it in but just the go-fers. No use letting the Head knockers into the Kiva, right?" Able agreed, "Sure, the Kiva hasn't been consecrated yet so no problem." Roger answered the door and came back leading four young girls, "Now make a full circle of the Kiva girls," Roger said to them, "then give Luis what he asked for." The girls very solemnly walked around us on the pedestal and gave the beer, nuts and a large pipe with a beaded pouch to Luis.

He touched each of them on the forehead and said "Thank You" and bowed his head. Roger followed the girls out and closed the door, when he came back he said, "I figured since you guys are so Amerindian I'd make this a ceremonial presentation of an offering to the Great Raccoon." He smiled, "I hope you don't mind?" He rejoined us as Able and I just looked at each other and shook our heads.

Luis took the beers, three a piece and put them around the rim of the brazier then sat an open two kilo box of shelled pinion nuts in the hammered copper brazier. "There," he said opening a beer, "I believe a toast to the Goddess is in order?" Able reach down and all of us grabbed a beer and raised the bottles, "To the mother goddess what ever her name." Able intoned, "What ever her shape, age or color. May she find satisfaction in our arms." We all drank deeply.

The beer was good and cold, as if just brought up from a basement. "So Luis you were telling us about Robert Black and the Barney Brotherhood?" Able asked. Luis began to tell us of his long ago predecessor and how he had staged a revolt over the unconstitutional seizure of a man's most personal property.

His revolt had a catch phrase like all good revolts, "You can have my sperm when you suck it, from, "MY HOT WET DICK!" All the Brothers had joined in shouting the punch line and they all laughed.

Luis continued, "This led to a boycott of the men to providing any sperm samples at all unless; they were collected by a representative chosen from the women who would be impregnated with his seed. She had to spend at least four hours with him and perform the collection using her mouth. The Administration refused to agree to such "Blackmail" and a stand off existed for some time.

After word got around there were riots in the streets and the Administration finally relented." "So that's when the Brotherhood came into being, after the revolt. And up until the number of males had been reduced to 30, then the Administration had decided to only allow toothless women to collect samples due to an unfortunate accident during a thunderstorm." Luis added and took a sip of his beer and chose a few pinions to pop into his mouth. "During that time the Brotherhood had made education their objective." Floyd said.

"The Brotherhood directed the schools in the Barracks where girls had been allowed to learn from men who had only the pursuit of knowledge to challenge themselves with.


As the number of boys had been small to begin with, few girls got the chance to come to the Barracks, and the mere sight of a man in the general population caused such a disturbance that escorts were provided and men were alienated." "Roger'll tell you, he is Sociology, that this why the men are a mystery to many women. But he will also tell you that it makes the predominate Lesbian economic coupling somewhat fragile and they had compensated by collectivizing the women power to survive at all." "So this would be after what we call the Wild Times," Able asked, "When the ammo ran out and the productive survived and the unproductive failed?" "Yeah, Ammunition has been unavailable what?" Luis asked Roger, Andre and Floyd.

Andre answered, "125 years since the loss of ductile forming." he nodded, "Andre Black, Metallurgy and Machine design, Archer and Poet." Floyd smiled shyly and said, "Floyd Black, Journalism and English, Spanish, French and Languages in general." Floyd was about twenty five and tall. His hair was receding but it just appeared he had grown faster than his hair could keep up. "Able Drake, Anthropology and Medical assistant," Able introduced himself and pointed at me with his beer.

I picked up the cue "Josh Perkins, Agronomy and Animal husbandry" I said. I was afraid I was low man on the pole again. "Anyway explain to us how the sample is collected?" Andre asked.

Luis said, "Another toast first," we all took up another beer and our bottles rose as one, "Welcome Men of the Long Pole Kiva to the Black Brotherhood of Barney." Luis said solemnly, "May your seed fall on fertile ground and rid us of this pernious residual effect of the Great Plague." We drank again the strong brew of the Black Brotherhood of Barney. To tell the truth, a beer and a half had a telling effect on me. Even in my own Kiva at Home, I had never felt the spirit of kinship that the Black Brothers had imparted to Able and I.

I was getting very mellow when Luis brought out the pipe and pouch. I looked at Able, Sarge had warned me of their smoke last night, I assumed Able was aware of the danger. But Able asked, "A Peace Pipe?" "Well we thought it would be apropos, does it offend you?" Luis asked. Able and I grinned, "No, No, Not at all. Your smoke comes highly recommended by our first team." Able said. Luis bowed his head, "We know some agronomy ourselves but are hoping you brought Sativa seeds with you?" He looked up at Able then at me.

"You would have to talk to Sarge about that," said Able. "You cultivate sativa then?" I asked. Luis opened the pouch and extracted a large pinch of fragrant herbage. He offered it to me. "Of course this is processed, so you won't get the bouquet of the green crop." I smelled it and it was moist and dark the rich odor of cannabis sativa green, to the nose and to touch and eye. I smelled a hint of peaches and that exhausted my appreciation of fine smoke. "Very nice," I said how did you get the peach flavor in there?" "We still have peach orchards down the valley and a couple of trees at the Barracks, We make peach brandy and mix it in during the drying process, the alcohol evaporates and that leaves essence of Peach.

It's our marker of smoke suitable for the occasional use that won't blow yu completly away. We still have to perform tonight." Able who had taken the pouch from me smelled it and tasted the smallest bit, nodded his head.

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"Yes I taste the trace of peach." He handed to pouch back to Luis who had packed the pipe. Luis shook the pouch and folded it while the pipe nestled in the crook of his arm. The pipe was long and had a small bowl at the end made of dark wood, it was beaded in green and white seed beads along the shaft and the mouth piece was of horn.

A beaded fringe adorned the joining of the shaft and mouth piece. Luis brought it to his lips and looked at Andre, "I need a light Poet." "Sorry," Andre said and produced a metallic object from his pocket. He flipped it open and ran his thumb on the striker. A flame appeared shielded by a metallic wind guard. Luis took it and reached down to stoke the pipe.

He was tentative and coughed a little until he drew a good breath in to his lungs and exhaled the through his nose in a great cloud of pungent smoke. "Ah," he said, "good friends, good smoke and all those women to fuck. What could be better?" No one in the circle could think of anything and we passed the pipe each taking hit. By the time it got to me it was burning pretty well and I took a good hit, and held it for a moment before exhaling through my nose.

It was mild and soft smoke, not harsh at all. Roger took the pipe from me and took an even greater hit, but he ended up coughing most of it out. Able started laughing and I suddenly realized that I had made another mistake. Trying to impress these formidable gentlemen I had sucked a portion of THC that was ethereal. I started laughing along with everyone. We finished our beer and Able asked again, "Tell us about how the samples are taken?" Luis said "I'm about talked out, Andre you are the self-professed poet, you tell them." Andre cleared his throat and took a good amount of beer, cleared his throat again and began.

"The sipper of sweet nectar, comes anon, her slippers creep ever closer, then a knock, You arrange the light so it is low. 'Enter Grandmother' you call and arrange your cock. She strips her caduceus and in the dim light of a guarded candle she is Myrtle the magnificent born anew. She approaches and washes your parts in warm water, handling you gentle as the mother she is. She brings the scent of outdoors and ever present spring.

The smell of pines or the scent of blossoms in the warm bottom land come off her in waves, sometimes assaulting you senses and other times is just a delicate thing, wafting on the air.

She dries your parts and shares a jest , then with limber lips suggests you part with the nectar of life." Andre stopped and drank his beer and took a few nuts. "Myrtle was a legend in her own time. She had fallen victim to a gum disease at an early age and was just 21 when she became a collector. I never knew her but Luis," He indicated with his beer, "swears she was magnificent." "She was even after 10 kids she was still pretty solid and sucked a mean peter,' Luis said in nostalgic bliss the smoke had induced.

"And could fuck like a God damn bunny," he said to the memory. "Luis says that if you gave her a quick sample to take to the lab sometimes she would come back and give you another blowjob, or let you fuck her," Andre said grinning. ".Like a god damn Bunny," Luis repeated to himself and smiling. "But most of the grannies you don't want to fuck, a lot are over sixty now, Myrtle was the last of the young ones." Andre said, and pulled on his beer.

"That is why we stalled Ginny last winter. After we learned you had this Kiva angle, we played hard to get with her. She pissed the Grandfathers off so bad with her condcending manner and well, we thought it better to make face to face contact." He took a sip of beer and continued.

"We all talked to Sarge this morning and the Grandfathers selected us volunteers to join you in the Clusterfuck." He said it as if he had visions of being surrounded by pulsating pink pussys each soliciting for a savage stroke. He looked at Abel's shocked expression and added, "Oh sorry, but the whole brotherhood volunteered but we were the lucky ones." "How often are you collected," Able asked. "Two, three times a week, more or less," Andre said, "it is hard to fit into the schedule and there are only a few collectors at any one time." Able opened his last beer and looked around the circle "Well I can't promise you a Clusterfuck but you'll have some prime women if last night was any sample.

Sarge said to teach you the Way of the Weasel so do you guys ever resist giving up a sample?" He made a gesture with his hand, "You know just to feel her lips?" The men laughed, Floyd took up the narrative, "Part of being a Black Brother is being able to withhold your seed. They start taking samples when you are about twelve. At first you do it because it is your duty but we learn young to control ourselves but not exhaust a woman's patience." "I understand," Able said "We have attributed our need for stimulation to the incessant demands of women for babies.

Several of the researchers have reported that men appear to need much more stimulation to even produce an erection and the time is getting longer. "Really," I said "They have data?" "They say they do, a 100 to 300 percent rise in stimulation time since the Brotherhood was founded is what they published." Floyd was obviously proud of the achievement.

Neither Able nor I told him that at The Kiva's House of Giving in Davis you could fuck until you couldn't stand up and still be fucked some more if the Drovers were in town. We didn't want to rub it in. Able smiled and put out his hand to Luis. "Welcome brother and I'll just skim over it. We start by establishing a trade, some token or even some major policy decision between a man the woman, as I understand it tonight it will be a Bahia Token.

I don't know what that is, but we're making this up as we go along. Then we have to wash the woman with soap. Soap is the key; we brought some we'll use tonight. It is mild and does a good job of providing lubrication for the fondling and teasing we provide the woman.

We pace ourselves and try to keep her comfortable. The fire places in your bath house and the water heaters are excellent to keep her warm. I liked the guitar music; we don't get that at home." Andre piped in, "I thought of that. It seemed to fit the idea as we understood it. And there were a few volunteers I had to audition." "Well Reba played wonderfully, didn't she, Josh?" "Great from what I heard.

She was a little young but sweet." I said, "She kissed me and fled giggling." "Yes that's Reba but what about Astral?" Andre asked. I looked blank, "Well I came in late she wasn't playing." Able saved me, "She played for a while then left to do something then came back, the two of them played very well together. I had to ask a favor of these men. "Brothers, I was going to ask Sarge first, but I have to ask you favor." They all looked at me and waited.

"Well I sort of came to an agreement with Astral last night, since she wasn't Bahia that I'd service her tonight. Andre do you mind?" Everybody looked at Andre who smiled and, "You are a guest of the Brotherhood, it would be a dishonor to refuse.

I'll catch her after you are gone." "Thanks," I said. "Besides it means you have to take any others we reject, doesn't it?" he asked. I looked at Able, "What about that? Sounds good to me." I said. Able smiled, "Well there is going to be twelve of them and ten of us so somebody has to go twice, you may end up covering three if they are really ugly," he said.

Everybody laughed and we heard the dinner bell ringing. About that time Sarge came in smiling. "All fixed and I got them to throw in four more girls. All below 20." Everyone cheered the news and Sarge sniffed the air, "You boys have been working up an appetite haven't you?" "We initiated these two gentlemen into the Black Brotherhood and that requires a little ceremonial smoke," Luis said. "They have beer here Sarge," Able said "No shit," Sarge said, looking at the ring of empty bottles around the brazier, "You two going to be alright?

If you fuck this up Ginny is going to have my ass" "No problemo Sarge." Able said. "We were just splitting up the women. The Brothers are all adepts it appears, and aside from a powerful hunger, I think we can handle a few more." "Quality not quantity, Able remember the rules." Sarge cautioned. "Anyway I talked to the powers that be and they want to make a big deal of you participating tonight.

They asked us to wait a while before we eat, to sort of fill the Room." Luis offered Sarge the pipe, "Care to join the Black Brotherhood of Barney?" "Perhaps later after we get this ceremony over with. But I'd take a beer if it were offered." Roger picked up a full one and handed it to Sarge who took a sip then a long drink.

"It's got a kick but smooth, do you brew Pilsner?" We waited in the Kiva for a half and hour, Able and Luis filled in Sarge on the things we had learned while Luis passed the pipe to his mates. I abstained because I didn't want to screw up the ceremony.


I was also a little afraid of not fertilizing Astral after having prepared her seed bed last night. The Black Brothers did show some moderation and to their credit, when we left the Kiva and their Keepers surrounded them Luis made the Keepers keep at least three meters separation so that the women in the village could see the men, and the four of them put on their caps and marched with military precision in front of us to the Mess hall.

For them it was a parade, Sarge, Able and I followed them not marching but keeping sort of in step. The Black Brothers entry to the mess hall was met with silence then a buzz ran through the crowded room. By the time they had marched to the head table and taken their seats cheering had broken out and they acknowledged it with a flourish of raised caps.

Andre shouted something but since I had just entered, I couldn't tell what he said. We made our way to the front of the room in our Kiva jackets and staffs, and got a polite hand all around. The rest of the Davis men had put on their regalia and Stewart and Harry were sitting with our men at the table in front of the stage.

On the stage Mercer and Ginny sat with the village Administrators. They were all smiling but a few of them appeared to be faking it, particularly Ginny. The Chief Administrator got up to the podium and hammered her gavel and the room quieted down to hear what she had to say.

Her voice was high and brittle but her heart was definitely in it when she welcomed us to the village and hoped that we could help them overcome the residual effects of that long ago plague. Dinner was then served and the menu was beef, greens, a salad and some sort of corn pudding laced with honey. Beer was served to everyone and the bottles were considerably larger that what we had at the Kiva, so I drank moderately giving half of mine to June.

After the dishes were cleared many of the women left the room for a while, I thought to use the privy, but from their giggling when they returned, I realized they had gone out for a smoke. The stage had been cleared of the table and the podium moved to the side of the stage. The head administrator rapped her gavel and spoke up in her shrill voice, "We are here tonight to welcome 23 new Bahia into the ranks of motherhood.

Please join me in welcoming these new women, girls no longer." The girls soon to be women trooped up on the stage and formed a line each of them was dressed in a robe that had been decorated with beads and turquoise. Astral was in the middle and I waved to her but aside from a smile to me, she kept her place in line and the girls began singing while Reba and two other girls played Guitar and violin.

The song they sang was of motherhood and laughing babies that they would bring to the village. The women moved in a pattern that gave each of them a chance to be the focus of attention. Each stepped out from their sisters and bared her chest, offering her breasts to nurse the next generation of Barneyites.

She would then join the dance with her breasts still bared. The girls would sing a chorus of the song and the next girl would bare her breasts and make her offer to the crowd. Each girl got a round of applause and a few shouts of encouragement or appreciation for the beauty or size of her breasts. After all 23 had made their offer to put her breasts at the service of the community, they all formed up in a line with their breasts exposed and sang another song, then they filed off the stage and formed a line at the door.

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The villagers filed out shaking the new women's hands and pinching their nipples. A few times I saw a women kiss a nipple or two or fondle a nubile breast. The Bahia seemed to take this in stride with a minimum of blushing and a lot of laughing. After the crowd cleared a bit Chief Mercer got us up and we followed the Black Brothers to congratulate the women. Brother Stewart made a point of kissing the first girl on each cheek and on each nipple, before he went to the next.

Harry and to rest of the men did the same and I noticed Andre also fondled each and every breast that was exposed. I was too far away to hear what he told them but they all smiled at him and a couple of them kissed him full on the lips. Chief Mercer, Ginny and Sue just shook their hands, kissed them on the cheek and passed down the line quickly.

I watched Sarge closely when he got to the first girl. He kissed her cheek and said something, I didn't hear what but the girl laughed and lifted her breasts for Sarge to kiss very lightly. He did the same all down the line and our men followed his lead and kissed each woman and each nipple to welcome them into the new world.

Not all the Bahia were stunners but there were no really seriously ugly ones. I made my way down the line and a couple made me sorry that that I had agreed to take the leftovers if I could service Astral. Astral was laughing and blushing when I go to her. Her eyes were bright and when I went to kiss her cheek she moved and kissed me with her mouth then lifted her pert breasts so I could welcome them to the service of the community. I kissed each lightly and they were stiff and smelled of desert blossoms.

I said, "I'll see you later," and went down the line. We formed up outside with the Black Brothers and got out of the crowd that was waiting to cheer the new Bahia when they came out.

Sarge formed us in to a column of twos and we moved off following the Black brothers who marched in tight formation. We got to the Bath house and went in. Ten of us filled the entryway pretty good and it was a while until we had all undressed and went into the bath. Sarge called for our attention. "Gents when I went to see about more women the Chief agreed to four more but when the Administration heard about it they insisted we service the whole class of 23.

Plus they added a 24th. I don't know who she is but she is older and a mother, the administrator sent her to watch out for the Bahia, I guess. Anyway everyone is going to have to cover at least two maybe three, so conserve your soap." That got a big laugh. Sarge continued in a more serious vein, "Remember we have an objective tonight to impregnate at least 70% of these women. They are counting on us to do our duty.

This day means a lot to these women and I hope you will greet them as the Patriots that they are." The brothers all circulated and introduced themselves. A few made good the chance to take a leak and a few shaved. I hadn't noticed last night but there was a covenant urinal shaped to fit either man or woman that jutted out of the wall near the duckboards. Tonight in the better light I could see the way that it was made with a gooseneck and you had to flush it with a bucket but it was better than going outside on a cold winter night.

"Sarge," I said, He waved at me to come over to him. Sarge and Luis and a couple of the guys were talking but quieted when I arrived saying, "I hope to ask a favor of the Kiva Brothers." I waited for Sarge to put on his Kiva face, the one where he looks down his nose at you. Sarge said, "Perkins the Brothers were just explaining to me the favor you're asking, and why you're asking it. It appears that you have damaged a young girl's reputation by your actions last night." "I had what?" I asked incredulous that I hurt Astral in any way.

Luis put out his arm to me and said, "We put no fault at your feet.

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We believe that you did not know that Astral was just supposed to play guitar last night. Andre said, "It was she who transgressed our custom so we will ask recompense for her actions and offer her full acceptance now that she has become Bahia." The women arrived and Andre picked up a guitar and began to play, we waited behind the curtains anxiously.

With 23 of them and the mothers, aunts and cousins there was little room and soon a few shy women in robes came thru the drapes, Sarge and Luis went over and welcomed them, starting them around the room introducing each of them to each of us. As they came back around to the door Sarge and Luis picked a man to escort her back around the Kiva and soon each man was escorting more than one or only one as some of the women gathered around Andre as his dark good looks and flying fingers attracting them.

Steve had attracted a number of ladies as he explained how he had fathered seven boys in the last year. No body corrected him or called his bluff for he had indeed in the last year sired seven boys and forty five females.

You can do that when you work the Kiva's House of Giving in a town of 4,500 and the pilgrimage trade of several thousands annually. Astral came in and Sarge had put Able in charge of showing her around. I didn't see her come in and by the time I realized she was there, Andre stopped playing and Luis called for our attention and stood in the middle of the pedestal amid the cushions.

"Let me have your attention. Please form a circle around the house with the men evenly distributed, put you arms around one another." There was some scurrying and I managed to snag Astral around the waist and put her under my right arm. She looked up at me smiling and laughing. Her robe was embroidered with sun flowers and delicate floral tracery. Most of the women had elaborate robes, while the men had made do with the wool robes provided by the house. We joined the others and the girl on my left was tall and built solid.

She was a blond, her eyes blue and her features regular with a solid jaw. Her robe was of very fine cloth and seemed block printed in reds and yellow. I felt her firm flesh and she laughed at me playfully. We turned our attention to Luis who was laughing and pointing out where he was going to enter the circle.

He looked around and said, "Andre has a matter that has to be addressed before we begin the ritual of," Luis pointed to Sarge. Sarge suggested, "The Worship of the Goddess?" Luis nodded, "Precisely so, the Worship of the Goddess. I'll let Sarge explain that and direct that phase of tonight's festivities but Andre, come up and announce the decision of the Administration this night." The women were very agitated but as Andre took the floor carrying his guitar they quieted down.

"My fellow citizens of Barney and honored Guests." he bowed low to the room. "There is a matter that must be dealt with this night lest we allow the transgressions of girlhood to tarnish the perpetrators future" He certainly had the attention of the room but no one knew what the hell he was talking about.

"I have been delegated to pass the verdict on and so, Astral Desoto will you come up here please." Astral had no idea what was coming she came up on the pedestal and Andre handed her the guitar.

"You transgressed our custom last night and you must answer for that transgression. Will you freely admit your transgression?" Astral held the guitar and turned to look around the room everyone was waiting for her answer. She hung her head and started to cry. Andre took her in his arms and put her head on his shoulder, "Now, Now this is not the time for tears. Astral wiped her eyes on his robe and stood up. "Now Astral will you freely admit that instead of just playing Guitar last night to entertain our guests that you also participated?" That brought a gasp from the room.

Another came when she nodded, adding, "I only took a bath, I didn't fornicate." That brought a lot of laughter and even Andre showed his obvious amusement. "Never the less a transgression occurred and you must bear the consequences of your actions.

It is the judgment of the Council that you can not be impregnated tonight," A gasp came from the room; Astral's eyes opened wide and she look at me beseechingly.

'That is," he added, "until you play guitar for us while all the others are bathed. Then you may join the Bahia in motherhood." Andre continued, "But first you must ask pardon from all assembled here." Astral turned slowly around the room, looking at all of the girls she had known all of her life.

She had played with them and worked with them and she had betrayed them last night. She spoke finally, "Please excuse the folly of a girl who had been seduced by her fancy. I never meant to hurt anyone or to break my vows, but when I saw Josh I convinced myself that it was right." The blond girl on my left squeezed me and said, "I think she was right to want you," in my ear. I smiled at her and turned back to Astral.

"I humbly beg your pardons and I will try to adhere to all our customary ways and laws." Andre took the guitar and said, "Let us all welcome Astral back into the family of the lawful. Each of us shall give her a kiss as pardon for her transgression, while I play." Astral moved around the room receiving a pardoning kiss from each. Andre played and as Astral made her way Sarge followed and selected the first women to be washed and the team of men who would do so.

They made their way to the bath area and the rest of us gravitated to the pedestal and waited our turn. Astral came around the room finally, her robe was loose and she was smiling and many kissed her and caressed her breasts that she had just dedicated to the service of the community. She came up to me and the two women I was talking to and asked each of them for Pardon and kissed them. The blond kissed her a long time and stroked her bush and Astral reciprocated. Astral was hot by the time she made her way to me and asked my pardon, "Josh I'm not really sorry for wanting you but I am so very sorry for deceiving you last night." She said with her face close to mine.

She radiated heat, I stroked her breast and then ran my hand down to her bush and felt that her clit was extended and she smiled and pushed her clit to my fingers. I smiled at her and said, "I forgive you. I have only four sons but I hope to change that tonight with you." She laughed and kissed me.

Andre came over and said, "Astral, now you must play like you mean it. I want all your emotions to come though the guitar." She turned from me and mounted the pedestal and started to close her robe but Andre stopped her, "No tonight it will be only Astral and her music," he took off her robe and handed her the guitar.

He led her by the hand to a stool that had been placed in the center of the pedestal and kissed her on the forehead. "Now." he said, "play a tune that brings you joy." Astral started playing while Reba and another played back up from an open alcove.