Lezzie teens licking pussies after wrestling

Lezzie teens licking pussies after wrestling
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I was at my friends 12th birthday party.


His name was Max, and his sister's name was Sarah. He was turning 12, and he had a twin sister. That meant that there would be his friends(males), and his sister's friends(females).

His party was to be at a swimming pool. When I arrived I was greeted by Max, my friend, and his sister, Sarah.

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Soon, the rest of Max's friends and Sarah's friends showed up. The boys went to the locker room to change and th girl's changed in ther locker room.


We all swam in the pool for a while. All of the people there were from my school. As I was swimming and playing around in the water, I couldn't help but look at Sarah's friends in their bikinis. I soon noticed one of her friends that was the hottest and sexiest. Her name was Mary and she was slim, curvy, brown-haired and had large tits for a 12 year old. She was checking out some of the boys and I saw her slip a finger in her bikini bottom.

She was wet, and not from the water. A few weeks earlier I hd seen her in a deserted corner of our school with an entire virbrator in his cunt. I had only talked to her a few times in school but I was determined to get in his pussy. Before I made my move, I got a boner by checking out some of Sarah's other friends. There were about 13 of them, and they were all sexy, but nothing compred to Mary. When we decided to go to the diving board, I was sure to go to the back of the line where Mary was.

I slapped her butt. She smiled, I knew she was a whore after hearing Sarah talk about how much she masturbated a few days before. I told mary in her ear that she looked sexy in her wet bikini. She said thanks, and we got to small talk. I was staring at he bikini bottom the whole time, and I'm sure she noticed.

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She had a small mound in her bikini bottom that was her pussy, and I really wanted to fuck it. After small talk was over, I told her that we shoud have a little fun.

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I could tell she was horny and she led me to a small janitor's closet just outside of the pool room. She told me that she had been hoping to fuck one of sarah's friends today at this party. She kissed me long and hard. When I broke the kiss I wasted no time going down on her pussy. I took off her panties and saw tufts of pubic hair. Her bikini bottom had blue and white stripes and her pussy was soft and had a large mound and clit.

She was already wet and ready for action. Before I went down on her pussy, I saw her yank out a tampon from her pussy. Then I licked her clit and stuck my tongue deep in her. She moaned and groaned rather loudly.

She came in my face and I swallowed all of her juice. She kept cumming and then pissed rightin my mouth. I was so horny, I didn't care what she did. I stuck all of my fingers up her pussy and made a fist.

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I couldn't believe my entire fist fit! I started "punching" back and forth and now she was screaming, half from mild pain, and half from pleasure. I then grabbed a broom and stuck the handle up her pussy slowly.

I wanted to see how much of a whore she was. I grabbed her smooth, soft brown hair and rammed the broom handle up in her pussy hard. She was screaming "aww fuck that fuckin hurts but I love it. Ram it up my cunt!" I did just that. When she started to cum, I stopped and then ripped off her bra. I sucked on her nipples and then kissed her again. I fingered her hairy pussy more and made her cum again.

After she came, she tore off my trunks and grabbed my already hard dick. She sucked the tip and head of it. Then she moved to my balls. She fondled them and then sucked my entire dick. She deep-throated it and gagged on it. Spit erupted from her mouth and covered my dick.

Her thick spit was droolin from her dick plugged mouth.

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She scream "yeah, I love dick!" I moaned with pleasure and allowed to suck it some more. Eventually I came in her mouth.


She licked my anus until I was hard again. Then the led my penis down to her wet, hairy, soft pink pussy.

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I rammed my dick in and out of her pussy. I was a virgin until then, but had masturbated a lot so I didn't cum immediately. I rammed away at her pussy. This went on for about 5 minutes straight. She was rubbing her clit the entire time and moaning. She was whispering "fuck, fuck, awww yeah fck my pussy." I sped up and then She screamed with pleasure and came all around my dick.

She had orgasmed and yelped but I didn't stop ramming her pussy. I kept speeding up and slapping her clit. She orgasmed again and the spams her pussy was making caused me to orgasm and cum deep in her pussy.

She was still wet, but I got soft. So she kissed me and masturbated for me to watch until I got hard. She masturbated by grabbing the broom again and slowly sliding it in and out of her. Then she grabbed her tits and played with them.

She fingered herself and rubbed her clit. Mary had looked hot in her bikini, hut she was amazing right now. When I was hard and grabbed my dick and told me to spit and lubricate her ass.

I was surprised she wanted to do anal, but I did as I as told and then stuck a finger up her hairy ass. After that I stuck my whole dick up her ass relentlessy and went fast back and forth. I went faster and faster and my dick was covered in a light coating of shit, I guess she didn't wipe well after she finished pooping. I was filled with ectasy and loved her ass. I came again deep inside of her ass, although I felt like I was in her very stomach I was so deep.

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When I was done I pulled out and she looked satisfied. We exchanged number and promised to fuck again, but for now we had to leave the closet and act as if nothing had happened.but I had no idea that my day of sex wasn't over yet.

As I walked out of the closet, lexi, a friend of sarah's saw me with a semi-hard dick. She laughed at me but then winked and pulled down her panties, flashing me then pulled them back up and jumped back into the pool.to be continued in part 2, titled wet birthday party part 2: I fuck lexi and have a 7-some