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Inked Trini Babe Twerking Nude On Cam
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*This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person living in the past or present is purely coincidental.* The CCD stood for "Community Center Dance", which was exactly what it sounded like. On the Friday at the end of every month, the Buffalo Valley Lions Club held a dance for kids in 9th through 12h grade. The initial fee to get in was $12, but drinks and pizza costed much less.

A DJ was hired to play requested songs from 7-11 o'clock at night while a few parent volunteers kept a close eye on all the kids. Most of the kids eligible for the CCD would try their best to get in, including me. At the end of 8th grade, lots of my friends had gone to other high schools. The CCD was a good opportunity to hang out with them. My name is Emily. I'm a blonde fourteen year old, and I've been in highschool for a little more than five months.

I am usually always slave to my emotions, and I tend to let people push me around. Someday, it will be the end of me. To be honest, there was only one person I ever went to the CCD for. His name was Landon. He was a boyfriend I had when I was in 7th grade. At the time, we weren't really serious, and it wasn't a surprise when he decided to break up with me at the beginning of June. We didn't even go to the same school anymore, and he was three grades above me. Fortunately, I managed to maintain a healthy friendship with him through text.

Although I was already a freshman, I couldn't help but have feelings for him again. I never dared to tell him. Part of me always wondered whether he did, too. Tonight, however, that all was going to change. The CCD later this evening would bring the perfect chance to tell him how I feel. I planned on taking him to the dark side of the dance in an empty corner to preach my feelings.

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If he rejected me, then I guess that would be the end of our relationship. If he returned the feeling… Whatever may happen, it will all be worth it. It's worse to suppress these emotions. It's like trying to smother a flame with your own body; you're saving everyone the drama, but you're burning in the process. It was about 6 o'clock when I got a call from Landon. I had just taken a shower, and was in my closet being indecisive on what to wear. The CCD had the same dress code as the school district which eliminated about half my wardrobe.

I scrambled to pick up the phone from it's charger on the windowsill. "Hey!" I greeted him brightly. "What's up? Still going to the dance?" I managed to hook on a lacy bra whilst I spoke. My hopes were definitely high. "Yup! Sure am." Landon's voice was low and matured, like the sound of a bass guitar. Simply hearing it made me smile with excitement. "That's great. I'm anxious to see you." I said. Perhaps I sounded a little bit too optimistic.

"When are you leaving for the CCD?" He asked. "Um," I said, simultaneously fitting on a pair of dark blue jeans over my hips. I usually had to custom order my pants because my ass was abnormally large. My friends said it was a blessing to have such wide hips because they were attractive, but men of all ages hit on me because of them. "Probably in half an hour. It's a long drive from my house to there," I replied. "Don't take your car. I'll pick you up," he said. "See you soon." "Bye." I ended the call and looked at myself in the mirror.

What did Landon mean? What did he want to talk about? Does he feel the same way? I certainly hoped so. Unlike most of the people I knew, I was comfortable with my body.

Along with my wide hips, I had a naturally hourglass figure. Every Friday, I took yoga lessons which no doubt helped me stay thin. The only thing I wanted to change about myself were my breasts. I had B cups that I wish were larger. Eventually, I decided on wearing a green V-neck to match my eyes and a black skirt that barely passed the dress code.

Afterward, I applied makeup and combed my hair, letting it spill in big, loose, blonde curls over my shoulders. Just as I finished fastening on my heels, I heard a honking noise outside.

Landon was here. I scrambled to my feet, grabbed my purse, and headed outside. Instantly, I wished I had a jacket. The January air was always near freezing this time of year. I didn't waste any time climbing into Landon's car. "Hey," he smiled warmly.

"You look great." "So do you," I said. Landon was just as handsome as last month. He had chocolate brunette hair that was always mussed up. Even better were his light brown eyes which had flecks of gold.

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What I liked best was that he wore a white dress shirt and a tie, with the sleeves rolled up. He always dressed classily, and it earned him respect among his peers.

Of course, he was seventeen, so he was much taller than me. I watched as his eyes fell to my cleavage, and I pretended not to notice. "What did you want to talk about?" I asked. He lightly pressed the gas, gently moving the car forward. At that moment, I wished I could drive. "Well," he said. "I think you're very beautiful, Emily. Nothing would make me happier if you'll take me back again." I felt my cheeks turn red.

Was this really happening? "Of course, Landon!" I said. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't help but smile. "Actually, to be honest, I was going to ask you out tonight." Landon kept his eyes glued to the road as the car gained speed. He turned a couple a streets until he was on the highway. "Really? That's great!" His grin was wider than I had ever seen it. "But you have to promise that we can see each other more often." "Right, right, of course," I said.

"We can LIVE together. I'm just so glad you asked me." He sucked in a breath of oxygen. "Good." We caught each other up on the latest news of our lives, and we chatted about meaningless things like the weather.

This was the start of something wonderful. Soon, he pulled into the parking lot. When he pulled the key out of the ignition, he looked into my eyes and pulled me into a kiss. This was the first real kiss I had in a long time.

Landon's hands cupped my jaw as he hungrily pressed his lips against mine. I ran my fingers through his hair. That was when he began slipping his tongue into my mouth to massage mine. Then, as quickly as it arrived, he pulled away. I must have looked hurt, because he assured me that we would get plenty of opportunities to do that again. We stepped out of the car and entered the building.

Like a gentleman, Landon paid my fee to get in. As we entered, the first thing that hit me was the scent. Sweat and cheap perfume overwhelmed my nostrils, making me wrinkle my nose. Someone must have spiked the drinks, because many of the girls were passed out on the chairs bordering the room. The music was so loud that I could feel it shaking the floor. Immediately, Landon lead me to the center of the dance floor so we could, well, dance.


We started by grinding on each other. He was so close to me that I could smell the mint on his breath. For a few minutes, we moved to the beat of the sound. Apparently, he couldn't handle the tension anymore, because he sealed the space between us with a kiss lustier than the last.

Like last time, he spoke in between breaths. He had to shout over the music, but I couldn't understand him, so I just nodded and smiled. Landon's hands crept their way under my shirt, running tingles throughout my entire body.

Was this what I agreed to? His palms were cold on my abdomen. They traveled up to my breasts and slipped underneath my bra. He cupped them gently and began squeezing them. I felt my nipples harden at his touch. I let him have his fun for a minute, but then he grew rougher. He started squeezing my breasts with a harder and harder grip until I yelped. Even then, he continued fondling me.

"Landon!" I tried to shout, but the heavy music covered my protests.

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Then, I took his wrists and removed them from my love handles. I shook my head, giving him the look that read stop. He frowned, disheartened. I could tell that he mumbled something as he pushed past me, disappearing into the crowd.

Damnit! What had I just done? I maneuvered my way throughout the dance for a long moment, searching for him. I asked the DJ and every parent volunteer if they had seen them, and all their reports were negative. It took nearly twenty minutes, but I found Landon sulking in the hall where the bathrooms were. A redheaded girl stumbled outside of the girl's restroom and flashed a drunken smile at me. I brushed past her and toward my new boyfriend. "There you are!" I said.

It was quieter here, and much easier to hear. "I'm sorry, all right?

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You were just.a little too rough." Landon looked up. "Oh, okay. Are you mad at me?" I shook my head, and he smiled. "Good," he nodded. "I have something to show you." He took my hand and lead my further down the hallway and past a random door. It was a janitor's closet, which smelled faintly like bleach.


"Why are we here?" I asked. This was not very romantic. "Because," Landon turned the lock on the door. "We can kiss here and have no one interrupt us." At that moment, he pulled me closer to him.

Now this, by far, was the best kiss I had ever had in my life. His lips were pressing hard against mine, and his tongue fought with mine for dominance. I pressed my chest against him and stood on my tiptoes so that I could reach him better. Landon's teeth brushed lightly against my bottom lip. He pushed me against the door. I hit my head a little hard, but I didn't want him to stop. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. Landon's kisses trickled down my jaw and along my neck.

They trailed down my chest until he reached my breasts. At this point, I didn't care what he did with my boobs. I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it aside. Landon's eyes studied my chest for a moment before continuing to kiss my body. He easily unhooked my bra, which made me think that he had done this before. My breasts fell loose from their restraints. Landon circled my pink nipples with his tongue before swallowing them. He suckled and licked my supple breasts until they were red as they were before.

I moaned. This was the farthest I had ever gone with somebody, and I wasn't about to stop. "Emily," he suddenly stopped. "May I touch you?" His chivalry turned me on. I nodded.

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Landon's fingers slipped under my skirt. My blood turned to ice as his fingers caressed my pussy lips. I hadn't noticed that I was wet. He carefully massaged my wet cunt through my thin cotton panties. Soon, those were damp with my juices. I suppressed another moan, fearful that it would be too loud. Then I remembered where we were, and I let out an audible "Aah!" I felt my knees go weak as he worked my panties and my skirt off of me.

I managed to kick off my heels before we continued. Now, I was completely naked. Before I let him touch me, I took off his shirt. He had a well chiseled body with defined muscles in all the right places. Landon pressed his bare chest against my breasts. His fingers returned to my pussy. He carefully worked around my clit before slipping a finger into me. I gasped. I was no stranger to masteurbation, although I had never been able to reach orgasm.

I had never had sex either. My tiny, delicate fingers were incredibly tiny compared to his. I bit my lip, urging him to go further. He started to move his finger in a rhythmic pulse. He stuck a second finger, then a third. It ran chills throughout my entire body. "Emily," he breathed. "Do you want to…?" "Yes," I huffed. "Don't stop, Landon, doooooooooon't&hellip." I felt the orgasm start in my toes, then travel throughout my entire body.

I screamed, letting my juices flow out of my cunt. Suddenly, Landon changed. His eyes were animalistic. Quickly, he unfastened his belt and let his pants drop to his ankles. He stepped out of them. Landon's cock was already erect.

It stood at a proud seven inches long and almost two inches thick. I suddenly grew very afraid. How was he going to fit all of that into me? "Lay on the floor," he barked. I reluctantly sat down and leaned back. "Slut," he muttered. "Cockthirsty, are you?" "Landon," I said. "I don't think we should be doing this." I kept my knees together, not willing to open them. Whatever I said didn't get through to him. Landon got onto his knees and hooked his arms under my thighs to lift me up and spread me wide.

I felt the head of his cock positioned at the opening of my pussy. "Landon!" I shouted. I struggled to change my position. "Use protection! Don't--" He pushed slightly into me. I let my lungs use all the power they had to scream. It was then I realized no one could hear me.

"LANDON!" I cried.

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"STOP! PLEASE!" No amount of pleadings swayed him. In one swift motion, he plunged himself into me. Something inside of me tore, flooded pain throughout every inch of me. I felt tears rise into my eyes and spill down my cheeks. I wriggled as much as I could, but Landon was just too strong.

He moaned. He started fucking me as hard as possible. His balls slapped into me, and I felt his cock hit my cervix. I could feel each vein in his dick pulse inside of my wet caverns. His steady tempo of thrusts transformed into a constant jackhammering into my cunt. My tits bounced to the same beat. There was nothing pleasurable about this.

He penetrated me without my consent. I was only fourteen! I screamed as much as possible, but no one bothered to check what was happening. There was a tingling at my toes. Like before, an orgasm was rising within me.

What the fuck? What kind of victim enjoys her attacker? Me, apparently. His cock pumped inside me for a solid few minutes before the orgasm hit me.

It wracked my body, and I writhed in pleasure and pain as he continued to fuck me mercilessly. I had two more orgasms before he finished. Wave after wave of his seed shot inside of me. The creamy substance filled my cunt completely. Landon pulled his cock out. It was covered in blood and his milky cum. "Clean yourself up," he muttered. I sat motionless as he put on his clothing and left he naked in the janitor's closet.

Oh God, I thought. I was pregnant.