Chesty slut eating up a whole dick on gloryhole

Chesty slut eating up a whole dick on gloryhole
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This is a continuation of my Cinderella story, following the life of Snow White. Cinderella was getting older. She retained her looks and her sexiness, but she was still getting older. She would be turning 31 soon, much older than she would have liked.

On one bright morning, she awoke and walked, naked, over to her full length mirror. She checked out her body, admiring her gravity-defying breasts, her curvy body, flat stomach, and shaved cunt. I am still sexy, she decided. I am not happy about getting older, but I am still a sexy little minx. She smiled to herself and stretched, loving the way her breasts thrust out when she arched her back.

She remembered, suddenly, that it was her daughter Snow's birthday. She was turning 14. Oh, joy. That little bitch is going to be bugging me all day for a party or presents. I'll let my butlers throw her a party and avoid her as much as possible. She is too much like her father was, before I chucked his ass off the tower. She is too energetic. Cinderella put on a robe and walked into her Queen chambers, where her four advisers were waiting for her, as they were every day.

"Hello boys," she said seductively, "Who is the sexiest woman in the land?" she asked, expecting the same answer she always got, a unison of "You are, your Highness." Instead, she got a whole lot of silence.

"Well, answer me! Who is the sexiest woman in the land?" One particularly brave adviser spoke up, "Well, ma'am, your daughter just turned 14, and started to develop a few months ago.

She is, quite honestly, sexy as hell. She is also a nice person. That kinda makes her the sexiest in the land." Realizing he had gone too far, the man shut his mouth and avoided his queen's eyes. She smiled at him.

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It was not, however, a loving smile. It was feral and vicious, like the expression an angry lioness has on her face before she finally tackles an antelope she has been stalking for a week. The man knew what was coming. "Thank you for your honesty, Anthony. But to prevent you from violating my daughter," she said, looking at her guards in the corner, "I am afraid you must be castrated and exiled." Without a word, the guards moved from their posts, grabbed Anthony's arms and dragged him, screaming and kicking, to the dungeons.

She smiled, thinking, As if I cared if anybody was to rape that stupid bitch that piece of shit prince landed me with. Damn, now I have to deal with her being better than me. May as well have her exiled, too. That decided, she looked around at her remaining advisers and said, "Well, what are you waiting for?

Take those pants off! I'm horny." She took her robe off and let her admirers drink in her body. Without further ado, the daily orgy began. The queen got on her knees and her advisers approached, their cocks out.

She grabbed one and sucked it into her mouth, while she jerked off the other two. She gave one head for a while, then switched just before he could cum, making him suffer. She sucked the other two in the same way, letting them get painfully close before backing off. She had been doing this for years, so she knew exactly how long each one took to cum.

She soon got bored and ordered two of them to get beneath her. They put their cocks in her pussy and ass respectively and began fucking her brains out while she sucked the other one off. She didn't even care who was fucking her, as long as she got some release before she had to see her daughter. She began to moan, getting closer to orgasm as cocks pounded all of her holes. Fuck, they are rough today.

I love it. Then a thought occurred to her. They are probably fantasizing about fucking my daughter. Damn, I'll have to have them castrated, too. But not before I get their cum. Her orgasm suddenly hit her like a ton of bricks and she tightened up all of her holes. All of her advisers subsequently emptied their loads into her. When they were done, Cinderella was left oozing cum from every hole, her moist cunt, her tight ass, and her skilled mouth. Cinderella stood up and smiled.

She motioned to her guards, who she let watch her get fucked every day, "Take them all to the dungeons, give them the same treatment as Anthony." Her advisers turned pale, but knew they couldn't escape their fate. Cinderella watched them go with a smile on her face, then set about cleaning her holes out with her fingers and sucking the goo off.

She loved eating cum from her own ass, it made her feel so naughty.

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She put on a dress and went about her daily business. Before long, her daughter found her. Damn, I was hoping to avoid her until I could find someone to take her away.

I will NOT have competition in my queendom. She put on a smile and greeted her daughter. "Hey Snow, happy birthday and all that good stuff." "Oh, jeez, thanks mom. I could really feel the love there. Did you even bother to do anything for my birthday?" "Of course, you are going somewhere very special today.


You are fourteen, after all, and everyone should go somewhere on their fourteenth birthday." Snow was skeptical. Her mother never did anything for her. "Really, there is no trick? You are really going to take me somewhere for once?" Snow had never left the kingdom. "Oh, no. Not me personally, I am too busy. But I will find someone to take you." "Of course mother. You are too busy." Under her breath, Snow muttered "Fucking everyone you see, as usual." Snow was quite aware that the only reason her mother kept her seat of power is because she had sex with every court official, be they male or female.

Snow was just glad she didn't want sex as much as her mother. Snow did want sex, but she had enough restraint to stop herself from fucking everyone.

She was not a virgin, but, even though every male in the queendom wanted her little pussy, she had only had sex once. She was small, about five feet tall, and had curves beyond those of other fourteen year-olds. She had small, B cup breasts and a flat stomach, as well as creamy white skin. Her ass was amazingly tight and round, surpassing her mother's ass and pretty much anybody else's in the land. Men and boys were constantly groping her ass, squeezing, massaging, and slapping it whenever she walked by.

She gave up punishing them because there were just too many of them, and she didn't want to have every man killed. Besides, it made her horny. She often had to go to her room and finger her pussy and asshole until she came, just because she felt hands all over her body whenever she walked anywhere. Her guards never helped, often joining in the groping when they walked through a crowd and could get away with it without Snow knowing it was them. She knew, however, and loved it. She was becoming just as slutty as her mother.

Cinderella was becoming jealous of the attention the men of her queendom lavished upon her daughter, hoping for a chance to fuck Snow's underage pussy.

Are they bored of me? I fuck as many of them as I can, trying to keep their attention on me. I just have to get rid of her. That's all there is to it. As she and her daughter were walking along, she randomly picked a pair of men to take her out to the forest, hopefully never to return.

She said to her daughter, "Would you excuse me for a moment, I believe I have found the perfect people to take you to the special place today." Cinderella approached the two men, who were tall, well built men who went by the names Jared and Matt. Cinderella had fucked them a few weeks ago, and she knew they worshiped her, and would do anything for her.

"Hey, Jared, Matt!" She called, getting their attention. "I need you to do something for me, and if you fuck it up or tell anybody, I will rip your balls off and feed them to you.

I need you to take Snow White out to the forest, as far in as you can, and leave her there. Do whatever you have to to disorient her, just make sure she never comes back. Don't kill her, though. I do have a conscience. You can rape her if you want." The two men went wide eyed, looked at each other, seeing the same ecstatic expression on each other's face. Matt, the more outgoing of the pair, said eagerly, "Yes, ma'am. We will make sure she will never come back. And we promise to fuck her so hard she won't know which direction is up, let alone where she came from." The queen smiled and led them back to Snow, who was waiting patiently.

"Snow, honey, this is Jared, and this is Matt. They will be taking you to a mansion I have in the forest. It is to be yours, and you will have as many servants and teachers as you need. You will have a good time there for as long as you wish." The look on Snow's face was joyful. She finally had a chance to get away from her mother, who was such a whore she was hard to be around.

Ha, Cinderella thought, she's actually buying this! "Oh, thank you, Mom! I'll use it as often as I can!" She turned to Jared and Matt. They seem a little bigger than necessary to guide me through the forest, but as long as they know the way, I'm fine with whatever mother wants.

"What are we waiting for, let's go!" The two men led the way out of the city and into the forest. Snow was so excited, she even forgot her horse and some food. She didn't know how far the pair planned to take her, but she trusted them. *** After three hours of walking, Snow started to worry. Do these men know where they're going at all? We took some pretty random turns back there, I don't even know the way back.

She spoke up, "Uh, guys, is it much further?


Do you even know the way?" Matt turned around and sent her a reassuring grin, "Why, of course we know the way, pretty lady. We wouldn't get you lost." He looked over at Jared and said, "Hey man, do you think we should let the poor girl rest? It will take until well after midnight to get there. We might as well just rest for tonight and continue tomorrow." Jared nodded, ever the quiet one. He was mulling over how they were going to get rid of this girl, after they fucked her, of course.

Without a word, he took a blanket out of the backpack he always carried, being the ever prepared forester, and set it out for everyone to lay on. He gave everyone some food and water and they settled in for the night. Snow was put in between Matt and Jared, under the ruse of keeping her safe from animals during the night. The cuddled up underneath a blanket Matt carried. Matt's and Jared's suddenly hard cocks pressed up against Snow's ass and crotch, and she was unable to move them, too embarrassed to tell them to move.

She was not unfamiliar with men's particulars, but she did not have much experience either. *** Thoughts of when she was ten made her suddenly horny. The only time she had had sex was when she was touched by an uncle when she was only ten. He had had her sit on his lap and they were talking, when his hand was suddenly on her knee and she felt his hard-on through his trousers. She didn't really know what was going on so she had just continued talking while his hand stroked her bare knee and slowly slid under her dress, which only went down to mid-thigh.

He pressed her down so her ass cheeks had rubbed his cock. She got a little nervous, but since it was her favorite uncle, she figured he wouldn't do anything to hurt her, so she let him continue.

His hand got close to her pussy and she started feeling tingly inside of her. She didn't know it at the time, but she was getting horny. Her uncle said in a reassuring voice, "Your Uncle Ben's gonna touch you now, and it will make you feel good, okay?" Snow had naively replied, "Okay, Uncle Ben." With her permission, his hand had gone all the way under her dress and cupped her pussy, which was bare because her mother told her to never wear panties.

Her uncle had gasped at her panty-less state and began slowly massaging her clit. He slipped his fingers into the folds of her ten year old pussy and began fingering her. She started rubbing her ass on his cock voluntarily because she knew he liked it.

She giggled when he moaned and fingered her harder. She started to feel really good once her handsome uncle really got into it and even let him slip the straps of her dress off her shoulders and expose her little girl nipples, with no real breast to speak of. He became too horny and told her to stand up. He took her dress off and stared at her cute little body. He had always loved little girls, often fucking the daughters of his servants and friends, holding his status as brother-in-law of the queen over their heads to make them give up their daughters.

But none of those little girls compared to Snow White. She was perfect, with small round nipples, a hairless cunt, and a round ass, even at that age. He took his clothes off and let her stare at his hard cock. She didn't know at the time, but he had an average cock, only about 5" long.

She was young and thought it was the biggest thing ever. "Come here, Snow, I want you to do something for me. I want you to bend over that chair right there and spread your ass cheeks for me." When she complied, he knelt and began licking her from pussy to asshole. He loved the way she tasted, especially her ass. He stuck his tongue up her ass and fingered her pussy, which caused her to moan and tremble. Snow started feeling even better than she had when her uncle was just fingering her.

She was approaching orgasm rapidly and her uncle knew it. He tried that much harder to get her off. When she finally came for the first time in her life, he lapped up her cum and slowly stroked his cock. Snow was glowing and asked, "What just happened? That was amazing!" Uncle Ben smiled and said, "You just had your first orgasm.

Your teachers taught you about that in school. Now, I want to have one, so stay in that position." He placed the head of his cock at her pussy lips and pushed gently. He slid into her perfect pre-teen pussy until he hit her hymen. Without warning, he pushed through it. When she whimpered, he said, "Sorry baby, but it's easier if you don't see it coming." The pain eased and he began to fuck her.

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She was so tight and wonderful, Ben knew he would be coming back every day to fuck this pussy. He started pounding his niece's little pussy and she started cumming again. He was glad she got to cum again because he immediately after released a torrent of cum into her young pussy. Long ropes of cum splattered her undeveloped womb, the heat of his seed radiating throughout her body. Ben looked down at his cock, still hard and embedded within her body from behind. He liked the look of her ass, and decided to fuck her there.

He pulled his cock out and Snow looked back at him with loving eyes. "Thank you, Uncle Ben. That was amazing." She noticed that his cock was still hard and giggled at the way it looked covered in cum.

To her surprise, he placed his cock at the entrance to her ass. She didn't mind him licking her there, but that cock was not going to fit in there.

"Wait, Uncle Ben, what are you doing?" He smacked her ass gently, watching the way it bounced. She had an amazing ass, even at that age. He grinned, saying, "I'm gonna fuck your ass." Her eyes widened in horror. "Wait, that is not going to fit!" He pressed on her ass anyways, hurting her.

His cock began to sink in to her ten year old ass and she screamed. He clamped his hand over her mouth, forcing his cock deeper. He bottomed out and, to Snow's surprise, the pain began to become pleasure.

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It still hurt like hell, but it was equally pleasurable. He started fucking her ass and she moaned. When Uncle Ben realized his young niece was enjoying it, he released her mouth, letting her moan as much as she wanted. He started stroking in and out quickly, getting closer.

She beat him to the orgasm again, her ass clamping down hard on his cock. To their surprise, her pussy squirted clear juice on his legs. The sight of his gorgeous niece squirting sent Uncle Ben over the edge and he embedded his cock deep within her ass suddenly, causing her to squeak and moan in both pain and pleasure.

He fired another salvo of cum deep in her ass, cumming so hard his cum could practically have reached her stomach. She passed out from the pleasure. Just as he finished cumming, one of Snow's handmaidens opened the door, flanked by five guards.

The handmaiden had heard the pair fucking through the door and fetched the guards. The guards grabbed Ben and slowly pulled him back and out of Snow's ass, so as not to hurt her. Four of them proceeded to throw him out the window to his death. They loved Snow, and didn't think anybody should have taken her virginity before she was fifteen, and were very angry, which is why they chucked him out the window. The fifth guard stayed with Snow, and stared at her.

He looked at her gaping ass and reached out and grabbed her ass. He put his finger in her ass and dropped his pants, sliding his cock into her. The guard was so horny that he came inside Snow White immediately, and she never woke up. The handmaiden noticed him putting his cock away and scolded him mildly, a little amused, and sent the guards out. She woke Snow and told him of what happened to her uncle, thinking he had raped her, expecting her to be happy about it.

Snow started crying, thinking it was her fault, and swore off sex in memory of her favorite uncle, who had been like a father to her. Rather like a father from Kentucky, but a father nonetheless.

** The memory of her uncle's cock deep in her body, coupled with the large cocks of Jared and Matt pressing into her fun spots had Snow dripping wet. When she suddenly felt Jared's cock slowly thrusting against her ass, she didn't even protest. She moaned. Matt had started doing the same thing against her pussy at the same time. Since they had all stripped down to underwear to spread each otber's warmth in the cold winter weather, Snow could feel every detail of their cocks against her bare ass and shaved pussy (again, she never wore underwear).

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She got very moist at the unison thrusting of these two big men, who clearly did this with girls often, judging by how they started at the exact same time.

These cocks were so big and stimulating, she forgot her vow of celibacy. I need cum, Snow thought. I haven't had any since I was ten. "Quit pretending to be asleep you two, and fuck me." The pair were surprised that Snow was going along with it, expecting to have to rape this sexy fourteen year old. They quickly took off their underwear and began fondling her body.

Jared grabbed one breast from behind her while Matt sucked on her other nipple. The dual stimulation from these two well hung studs had Snow moaning. Jared's hand went between her legs to her pussy and thrust into her, fitting three fingers. Jared fingered her for a while, then used the juice from her pussy to lube up her ass for his fingers, immediately shoving two fingers into her.

She squeaked, then moaned. "Oh yes, I like it a little rough." The two men got to their feet and presented their cocks to her face. She eagerly swallowed one as far as she could and stroked the other one with firm, rapid strokes. She switched a few times until they were ready to cum and then stopped. "Can you guys come more than once?" she asked hopefully. When they nodded, she resumed her pumping and sucking. She brought them to the edge, pointed one cock at her face, one at her stomach, and let them cum all over her face, tits, stomach, and pussy.

Halfway through, she stuck both cocks in her mouth and swallowed as much as she could, letting the rest dribble down her chin to her tits. They came a lot.

She sighed in contentment, rubbing their cum into her skin. "God, I needed that. I haven't seen an ounce of cum for four years. You guys can still fuck my ass and pussy right?" They nodded eagerly. Their cocks had not deflated at all. "That's great. Get beneath me." They gladly obeyed. Matt was going to fuck her ass, since he had the smaller dick by an inch, but Snow stopped him.

"Wait, I haven't had a cock up my ass for four years, I want it to be the biggest cock I can get my hands on. Jared, you fuck my ass, Matt, my pussy is all yours. If you can do it again tonight, you can switch.

But, for now, I want a really big cock in my ass." It wouldn't have made much difference, Jared was 9" and Matt was 8", she wouldn't have sat for a week either way. The two men grinned, liking what the princess was turning into. Jared grabbed some oil out of his pack and spread it on his cock and Snow's ass. What did I get myself into?

Snow thought, That is a huge cock, and I am tiny. This oughta be good. Jared began pressing against Snow's little rosebud, while Matt unceremoniously plunged his cock into her pussy. Snow hissed, since she had never had anything so big in either hole. She felt good, though, and ready to be fucked. Jared's cock popped into her ass and he slowly pushed, the oil doing wonders for easing the pain.

Jared bottomed out in her ass and could feel Matt pounding her pussy through the thin wall separating her ass and pussy. Jared picked up the pace as Snow began to rock on them, moaning.

Jared was soon able to match Matt's pace and they pounded away at young Snow White. Since they had just cum a minute ago, they were going to last quite a while. Snow, however, had not cum in about a week and was cumming constantly.

She could barely breathe she was panting so hard. The two cocks fucking her most private orifices were so big they were stretching her to the limit. It seemed that all she could feel was cock, all she ever wanted to feel was cock, and there was no point to life without cock.

Her vision blurred through the haze of sweat and pleasure pouring off all three of them. I am fucking complete strangers, Snow realized, And I love it. Oh my God, I am my mother. I see why she does it so often now. Why did I waste four years not fucking? My uncle was nice, and I loved him for shooting his sperm up my ass and pussy, but he was not worth missing this! Snow started screaming, realizing she could be as loud as she wanted this deep in the forest.

"Fuck, YES! I love COCK! I LOVE SEX!" She came again as Jared and Matt pummeled her holes mercilessly. I'm only fourteen and I'm getting double teamed. This is amazing! She suddenly felt the two cocks inside her swell to even greater sizes and release floods of cum inside her tiny body. She could not get enough, and screamed, "Yes, Yes, YES! CUM INSIDE ME!" The pounding continued throughout her orgasm and theirs, and finally everyone was spent.

The boiling hot cum inside Snow felt so good and she just lay there. Snow collapsed on top of Matt, both cocks still inside her. She giggled and yawned, "I think my mom gave me a great present. You two are amazing." Matt laughed, "No my dear, you were amazing. You were the best fuck I've ever had, way better than your mother. Thank you." With that, everyone fell asleep. Three hours later, Matt and Jared woke up and switched places, waking Snow slowly by fucking her holes.

This continued for another hour or so before everybody came again, Snow getting another coat of paint inside her, and squirting all over Jared. They pulled out so Snow could taste herself on their cocks. She loved the taste, especially when she tasted her own ass on Matt's cock. ** Jared and Matt, however, were loyal to their queen, and, despite the fact that they totally adored this girl and her budding sluttiness, they had to go.

Jared slowly pulled his cock out of Snow's ass, where it had ended up after more fun with Snow, as Matt pulled out of her cunt. Jared, in a rare moment of talkativeness, said, "I can't just leave her like this. I'm gonna leave my pack for her." Matt nodded, then noticed how sexy she looked, spread eagled, totally blissful. His cock twitched, so he stroked it.

Jared did the same to himself. They stroked faster, until they came all over Snow, covering her pussy, stomach, tits, and face with cum all over again.

They left, but not without looking back. They felt guilty about abandoning such a lovely girl in the forest, but it could not be helped. They did what had to be done. ** Snow White awoke to an interesting sight. She was covered with fresh cum, totally sore, and naked.

But what was truly interesting was the seven muff diving lesbians having an orgy not ten feet from where she lay.

To be continued.