Lucky teacher loves to fuck the tight pussy on this sexy young blonde student

Lucky teacher loves to fuck the tight pussy on this sexy young blonde student
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Jake Ridge groaned out loud as he rolled out of bed while bemoaning the fact that he had to be at work by 8:30 sharp. He glanced over at the his wife's empty half of the bed and smiled to himself while thinking about last night's romp between the sheets.

He stood up on rubbery legs and realized that he had a piss hardon that wouldn't quit.


"Down boy!" he chuckled while stumbling into the bathroom. "I'll just be another minute, hon," his wife Peggy said as she applyed eye liner while leaning over the sink. His hardon quickly intensified as he openly gaped at his wife's incredibly lush body. "Babe, you gotta stop doing this to me!" he moaned while absentmindedly fisting his fat pecker. She glanced over her shoulder and giggled, "Not now, Jake, I'm late for work!" "Now put that thing away and save it for later!" Jake ignored her protestation and quickly slipped up behind her huge white naked ass while gently pushing her down over the sink.

"I can't help it, baby!" he replied hoarsely while running his dick head up and down the length of her by now drooling snatch. Her whole body shivered for a second, and just to let him know that she was ready, she spread her legs farther apart to afford him easier access to her most private parts. "I-I just can't get enough of you," he sighed while his prick slid into her tight pussy.

"I surely can't…………&hellip." From the first time he set eyes on her Jake Ridge was totally smitten. While he wasn't the most experienced guy in the world, Jake never had a problem finding female companionship. His favorite type tended to be tall, lean, and blonde-or to put it another way, your classic Vogue model. So when she stopped into his office to sell him a new phone system, he was completely stunned when he found himself so infatuated with what could only be described as a plumper!

When she slid her big ass into the chair across from his desk he was sure that he would blow his load right then and there!!! Her chest was at least as large as this last three girlfriends combined!

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And much to his dismay he found himself staring like a young school boy. But what was the real kicker was that voice! As she introduced herself he made an audible gulp when he realized she was from the deep south!

A southern belle! Just listening to her speak was like sweet honey dripping onto hot buttered toast. Coupled with long blonde hair that cascaded down onto her broad shoulders and a pretty face dominated by her flashing green eyes that sparkled like diamonds was almost more that this poor Chicago boy could take! So he not only bought the system, ten months later he married her! …&hellip.oh, Jake!!!" she gasped while grinding her heavy bottom backwards onto his shaft.


"Y-you know just how to take care of me!" His head was rolling from side to side on his shoulders as he went totally bonkers while plowing his wife's fresh field. "Sweet jesus, Peg!" he moaned while grabbing a handful of hot ass in each hand. "I'm fuckin' blowing like a fire hose!" Peg Ridge grabbed the edge of the sink with a vise like grip while her massive boobs bounced crazily from side to side as a mind blowing orgasm rumbled through her quaking pussy like the 4:30 express!

As the last vestiges of cum oozed into his wife's crack, Jake slowly slipped to the floor while placing a dozen or so wet kisses on her sweet hot ass as his face passed it by. "You gotta stop leading me on the like that," he sighed while staring up as her freshly fucked pussy and ass. "Leading you on!?!" she retorted while finishing up her makeup.

"I was just standing here minding my own business!" "Yeah," he replied, "but watching you mind your own business drives me absolutely crazy." "Well, then I guess you'll just have to wear a blindfold, won't you?" she said with a giggle while heading off to her dressing room. "Not a chance!" he shouted behind her while climbing to his feet.

"Not a chance!" "Good morning, Mrs. Ridge," her secretary offered with a smile. "Coffee?" "Uh, thanks, no, Betty," she replied while placing her briefcase on the floor behind her desk. "I have an early appointment with the boss, I'll get a cup in her office, but thanks anyway." Peggy made a quick phone call to set up a sales appointment for later in the day before making her way to the front corner office occupied by Laura Faxon.

"Hi, Jill," she said to Laura's executive assistant.

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"I've got an 8:45 with Mz. Faxon. "She said to send you right in," the young woman replied with a smile. Peg made a soft knock on the door and let herself inside of the spacious office. "Good morning, Peggy," Laura said while setting her work aside.

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"I've been looking forward to this for over a week." "Thank you, ma'am," Peggy said while growing slightly red faced, "I've been looking forward to it too." "Good," the older woman said while coming around to the front of her desk.

"Now be a good girl and show them to me, I don't think I can wait another second!" "Do you want to help me?" Peggy whispered in a husky voice. "Oh yessssss!" Laura gushed while unbuttoning her best saleswoman's white silk blouse. "Oh yessssss!" "God there so huge," Laura moaned while burying her face into Peggy's bra encased cleavage. "I just can't get enough of them!" "T-take off my bra," Peggy moaned softly.

"They need a good sucking!" "You reek of hot sex," Laura muttered while unclasping the trembling young woman's brassiere. "Did your husband fuck you this morning?" "Y-yessss!" Peggy gasped as her 44EEE breasts exploded into her boss's face. "Tell me about it," the older woman demanded. "He fucked me from the rear, just leaned me over the bathroom sink and fucked me hard and fast!" "D-does he have a big cock?" she stammered while running her tongue over the large rubbery pink nipples.

"He's huge," Peggy sighed while relishing having her nipples licked and sucked, "it's like getting fucked by a freight train." "Does he love your big fat tits as much as I do?" Laura queried hungrily. "I don't think so," Peggy giggled, "Jake's an ass man." "Ohhhhhhhh, I love your ass toooooo!" the older woman moaned while sliding her hand under the young woman's skirt to caress the bountiful globes of flesh. "So big, so firm, I just love it, I just love it so!" "I have an idea," Peggy whispered.

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"What is it!" her boss panted. "Why don't we both get naked." "God you're beautiful," Laura sighed while slipping out of her panties and kicking them aside.

"I don't know how Jake can keep his hands off you." "He can't," Peggy replied softly while sitting on the edge of the desk with her legs splayed wide open. The older woman unconsciously dropped her hand to her own pussy and began mindlessly fingering herself while the plump young beauty wantonly showed off her voluptuous figure.

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"Do you know what I think?" Peggy asked slyly. "W-what!" Laura managed to croak. "I think that my pussy needs a good hard sucking!" Without waiting for another invitation the fifty something woman quickly dropped to her knees between Peggy's incredibly full firm thighs.

The last thing she said before burying her mouth into the gaping organ was, "God, I can't believe how bushy you are, I just love it!" And bushy wasn't even close to describing Peggy Ridge's pussy! A huge triangle of thick ash blonde hair narrowed slightly as it descended along thick full vaginal lips all the way to her cute puckered ass hole!

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In college and high school she had trimmed it to wear a bathing suit, but since she had married Jake she had let it grow wild and free.

Not only was her husband and ass man, he simply drooled at the sight of his wife's jungle of pubic hair.

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She was a little self conscious of her furry forest, but the moment Laura Faxon's mouth connected with her bulging lips she forgot all about any traces of modesty. Her massive hips bucked forward, momentarily knocking Laura back onto her haunches. But only for a moment as the hungry mouthed cunt lapper dove back in with even more furor.

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"My god!!!" the twenty three year old gasped. "You're eating me alive!" "I can't help myself," Laura blubbered into Peggy's white hot pussy. "You taste absolutely delicious!" Peggy could feel the telltale signs of an impending orgasm building steadily inside of her spasming cunt.

She looked down over the swell of her magnificent chest and round tummy to see her normally staid employer tonguing her fat pussy like it was her last meal on earth!

Peggy didn't know how it was for men, but when Laura raked her super engorged clit one last time, she felt her entire body begin to convulse uncontrollably as wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over her with unbelievable force!

Again her hips bucked forward, only this time the middle aged executive kept her mouth attached to her cunt as climax after brutal climax left her shaking and spent with her legs still spread wide apart. "Oh my…&hellip." Peggy sighed softly. "I think you're trying to kill me!" At that very moment Laura Faxon was in the process of drilling her own pussy with an incredibly massive dildo, but in a very halting voice managed to stammer, "B-but what a wonderful way to go!" THE END